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Dear BSIS Family, It is with great sadness that the BSIS community; encompassing its professors, current students and alumni, will have to unwillingly bid farewell to an academic institution which has produced high quality research, excellent academics and top notch professionals. The Kent administration decided to shut down its Brussels branch without warning, due to financial problems - this will greatly impinge on the current professors' jobs, the current students' completion of their course and the questionable credibility of the alumni's qualifications. Therefore, this petition signifies the alumni's utter disappointment when it comes to the decision that was taken. By signing the online petition (ONLY FOR ALUMNI), you are signing this letter, which we will be sending via email to the University of Kent before April 17th, when Kent officials are supposed to meet students in Brussels (no great expectations here however). If you want to get in touch with the students to offer additional help, here is the email address you should use: bsis.demands@gmail.com.     Read more

Petra GrechMalta
419 supporters
Created April 4, 2023
Petition to E U COMMISION
I'm raising awareness on behalf of my late Dad and Our family it has recently come to our attention that my fathers picture of when he was on life support machine fighting for his life a picture of him in ICU at basildon hospital on ventilators appeared on the back of a tobacco product to which none of my family had agreed to this at all let alone even let them take pictures of him. This has caused so much heartache to us all and the circumstances that we found out#justicefordaveRead more

Kelly SimmondsPurfleet, ENG, United Kingdom
128 supporters
Created April 24, 2017
Petition to Ambassador Sarafa Isola, Catriona Laing, Iain Walker
and dogs in Nigeria - I’d naively thought it was ‘just’ in China and Korea.  Warning: upsetting the pictures I saw on Facebook as I found them extremely upsetting and don’t want to distress anyone else by adding them. Read more

Becky MaUnited Kingdom
3,234 supporters
Created February 8, 2022
Petition to Youtube, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), google , tiktok
YouTuber, instagrammer and tiktok user ssoyoung collects aquatic life just to torture on camera for views. Pulling large animals from a tank and dropping on the floor repeatedly and suffocating these animals for fun. Taking bites out of a scared , suffocating innocent animal for a laugh. Finally putting a stop to this person would put others who are inspired by her horrific acts to a stop. Signing this could get her off YouTube and save countless animals the experience of a cold hearted , senseless , torturous slow and painful death. Hopefully , this will stop more you tubers from starting similar channels.     Please , sign this. Please spread this and please, do not watch her videos and give her more views. She needs to be stopped, normalizing and supporting animal cruelty is not something we can stand by and except. The mentality spreads when most YouTube views are impressionable kids. take a minute. Sign it an pass it on. Please .Thank you so much for your compassion and consideration. Together we can make the changes we all need to see.  please report on all three sites for animal abuse instagram ssoyoung_mukbang TikTok @ssoasmr youtube ssoyoung :)Read more

Didi tPort Orchard, WA, United States
234,893 supporters
Created March 24, 2020
. As a reader this is VERY upsetting. Yes, Amazon’s return policy allows it. However, that doesn’tRead more

Reah FoxxUnited States
79,411 supporters
Created March 30, 2022
Petition to The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP
rifles. Even after all this time, I still find it deeply upsetting to find swans so cruelly andRead more

Wendy HermonBerkshire, ENG, United Kingdom
219,697 supporters
Created December 3, 2018
Petition to RSPCA
articles, including a video of the event (viewer discretion, some may find upsetting): httpsRead more

Eleanor BrightPraze-an-Beeble, ENG, United Kingdom
63,705 supporters
Created May 2, 2019
Petition to China Leather Association, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
the foreground of the upsetting footage. PETA Asia's investigator saw workers peel the skin off dogsRead more

Dhruvil ShahCanada
89,439 supporters
Created December 4, 2019
Petition to Kevin McCabe - Chairman Of Sheffield Utd Football Club, Prince Abdullah Bin Musa'ad Bin Abdul Aziz
Warning: This petition contains information about sexual assault that may be upsetting to someRead more

Jean HatchetLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
169,394 supporters
Created April 18, 2014
Petition to Mr. Wei Tao, Yulin Mayor
this horrific festival -- warning, the following information may be upsetting. The Yulin Dog MeatRead more

Paul FongSunnyvale, CA, United States
5,053,072 supporters
Created May 15, 2014
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