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Petition to Queensland court of appeals
many as possible to sign this petition to upgrade the charge from GBH to attempted murder. We demand aRead more

Rach MacPerth, Australia
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Created September 17, 2019
Every other night lovely carers who earn peanuts arrive at our flat to shower my husband and help him get ready for bed. He would not be able to continue to live independently without them. They are unfailingly gracious, cheerful and kind. Within moments they establish a rapport, they chat through an incredibly intimate task and always manage to make him feel comfortable about the process- an incredible set of skills which, as a society we do not acknowledge or reward. If we are to save our NHS we need 1000s more of these wonderful people but, honestly, why would take on a job like this?. If you agree that our carers need a proper pay structure and better status, and if you agree that the only way to ease the pressure on our NHS to take caring seriouly please sign this petition. Thank youRead more

Janet RichPeterborough, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created December 9, 2022
Petition to Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma, Sh. Arjun Ram Meghwal, Mr. Nitin Ahlawat, Sh. Smriti Irani, Sh. Priyank Kanoongo, Ms. Ranjana Prasad,
upgrade the children complex rooms and give space adjacent to the court building entirely for the Justice and President of Delhi Bar Association Tis Hazari,  to upgrade the area for the ParentingTime andRead more

Richa ChadhaIndia
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Created January 8, 2019
Petition to City of Johannesburg
be spontaneously proposed or approved: Lenasia Central Business District Taxi Upgrade. Phase 1 of 3.          The upgrade presented by architects/designers lacked definitive studies and impacts as marked and monitored since the upgrade in 2007 which creates high stress on traffic around LenasiaRead more

Lenasia Residents AssociationSouth Africa
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Created October 27, 2020
Petition to Tim Kaine, Ralph S. Northam, Colin Stolle
KKK member Patrick Fontaine Creath Jr shot his white daughters black boyfriend, three times June 19, 2020 in Virginia Beach VA. The 43-year-old Patrick Fontaine Creath Jr., stayed at the scene. He was taken into custody and charged with felonious assault and use of a firearm in commission of a felony. The outcry for justice on social media is great. Pictures of the black young mans injuries have circulated showing the tragedy that took place on the afternoon of June 19, which are horrific.  Patrick Fontaine Creath Jr was released from jail on $5000 bond. His behavior was a hate crime and should be prosecuted as such. This petition is to bring change to the injustice to the young man that sustained injuries due to racism. Had this situation been vice versa, the black young man that was shot would still be behind bars without the possibility of bond. This story also has not received the attention it deserves on local or national news. The charges should be upgraded to federal hate crime charges with no bond. Please sign the petition to bring justice to the injured young man. The time of turning a blind eye to racism and hate is over. No longer will we tolerate being treated as less than human. We demand justice!Read more

EMMANUEL BOOTHPortsmouth, VA, United States
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Created June 29, 2020
Petition to John C. Smriga, Kevin T. Kane
To: John C. Smriga, State’s Attorney - Fairfield Judicial District and Kevin T. Kane, CT Chief State’s Attorney, On January 15, 2019 Heidi Lueders - President of CT-based Bully Breed Rescue, Inc - was arrested for the starvation to death of 5 dogs in her home, where their decomposed and skeletonized remains were found in a house in deplorable and filthy conditions. Additionally, evidence of drug use was found throughout the house and prior to her arrest she had fled police to a drug treatment program.  Despite the extreme nature of the conditions of her home and the excessively cruel deaths inflicted upon her animals, Lueders has been charged with only misdemeanors for the deaths of the dogs in her care. Without a doubt this incident is why we have felony animal cruelty laws in CT: for the punishment of wanton, willful and extreme cruelty such as Lueders has committed.We respectfully request that the state update her charges to felonies as provided for in CT law. Further, we request that charges be brought relating to the drugs found in her home and a complete investigation be conducted to determine if she had redirected donated funds from her organization, Bully Breed Rescue, to pay for her drug habit and personal expenses. CT created laws specifically for situations such as this: the cruelest, the most depraved, the most heartless, the most indifferent to suffering. We ask that Lueders be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law, not only for her wanton cruelty, but for her violations of the public trust as the leader of a CT non-profit.https://www.ctpost.com/policereports/article/Woman-arrested-in-Fairfield-on-5-counts-of-animal-13538185.php Thank you.Heidi Lueders' first court date has been moved to 13 Feb 2019. Read more

CT Residents For JusticeFairfield, CT, United States
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Created January 21, 2019
Petition to Mayor Joseph Estrada
This photo was taken inside Reception and Action Center, Manila (RAC) on 12 October 2014.  It shows a child who is clearly severely malnourished and very unwell lying naked on a cement floor.  On the date this photo was taken this child had been under the 'protective custody' of the Philippine government, specifically the Manila City government, for seven months.  He had received no medical treatment.  Upon release to Bahay Tuluyan he had a black eye and bruising and initial medical reports indicated he had 'multiple injuries secondary to mauling'.  The conditions inside RAC are abysmal.  Children are detained in this center without charge yet are treated worse than criminals.  They are denied the most basic rights - adequate food, clean water, bedding and even clothing.  Moreover not only are children denied contact with their families but their families are often not even notified that they are being held inside RAC.   Children inside RAC are brought there by government officials, police or barangay tanod, often after having been beaten or mistreated.  Most of the time the children do not even know why they are being taken to RAC, with workers citing various reasons for admission; 'rescue', 'curfew' or commission of an offence.  Accordingly, children accused of committing offences are detained in the same quarters as those who have supposedly been 'rescued' for protective purposes.  The beating and abuse continues inside RAC with children being both physically and sexually abused by both staff and fellow chidlren.  Bahay Tuluyan, along with its many partners, has been advocating for better conditions in RAC since 2008 (refer especially to Sagip or Huli: Rescue of Street Children in Caloocan, Manila, Pasay and Quezon Cities, 2009) and has involved the Manila City government, DSWD and CHR in various discussions about the above mentioned concerns.  Despit this there has been no change in the conditions in RAC during that time.   This horrific treatment of children can not continue.  Adequate policies and laws exist in the Philippines to regulate the running of child care institutions to appropriate standards yet this insitution, run by government, falls far below those standards.   We request you to IMMEDIATELY SUSPEND the operations of RAC until it meets DSWD standards of accreditation and can assure that children will be treated with the dignity tha they deserve. Read more

Bahay TuluyanPhilippines
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Created October 23, 2014
Petition to Ocean County Prosecutors Office
Christopher Gregor has only been charged with 2nd degree child endangerment regarding my son Corey Micciolo. Corey passed away in April from blunt force injuries with cardiac and liver contusions and acute inflammation and sepsis. Essentially he was hit so hard that he had cuts on his internal organs which caused an infection in his blood. Here are the facts I know: -Corey was abused by “father” for a year and a half, since the day he came into his life. All documented by Dcpp reports, photos, police reports, etc. -Weeks before Corey’s death there was an investigation into the abuse and DCPP was beginning to see that Corey was being abused and from what I could tell they believed me and Corey but they didn’t work fast enough. -Corey disclosed to his pediatrician about the abuse he endured less than a day before he passed and somehow his “father” found out that there was a disclosure. -the “father” didn’t want me taking Corey to his abuse exams. Tried everything he could to make it not happen including calling the police on me. -13 days prior to Corey’s death, “father” was caught on surveillance camera abusing him. -the day of Corey’s passing, when “father” realized the physical state he had put him in, instead of calling 911 he decided to put Corey’s almost lifeless body into his car and drive him 15-20 minutes to the hospital. -“father” refused to tell me where Corey and what was going on. Didn’t answer calls from me or police. -left Corey while he was dying at the hospital. -went home and packed his car up. Had a conversation with neighbor about how he was leaving town. Seemed nervous and was shaking. He left his home 15 minutes before police arrived. -was found in Tennessee, had a lawyer even before he was accused of anything. -when questioned by police he gives no explanation into what could have happened to his son. Won’t answer any questions. You were known to physically abuse your child the day you entered his life. And he dies from injuries that can be consistent with being physically abused….    Read more

Breanna miccioloEnglishtown, NJ, United States
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Created December 14, 2021
Petition to Ray Morgan, Joanna Killian, dave.hill@surreycc.gov.uk , Cllr Dave Bittleston
to upgrade our local playground on West Byfleet Recreation Ground. Nothing has happened with this our schools and the safety of our children.  We ask, instead, that you take action to upgrade theRead more

Rebecca BradshawWest Byfleet, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created June 15, 2018
Petition to Philip Jansen
. Furthermore, rural communities will be hit hard by this upgrade. While urban areas generally have during the initial stages of the upgrade, can provide a reliable backup option during emergencies and telephone upgrade in 2025 should be approached with caution and care. The elderly and ruralRead more

Asani AndrewsBasingstoke, ENG, United Kingdom
121,389 supporters
Created July 26, 2023
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