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Petition to Childhood and Early Childhood Studies students
Due to recent strikes and now current health issues, we have missed 5 weeks of teaching on a module that is vital towards our dissertation next year. We would like an extension deadline on our assignments and extra sessions provided to make up for the sessions that we missed. Also, we kindly ask that lecturers take this into consideration when marking our assignments and mark with caution. Thank you. Read more

Rachael BurkeSheffield, United Kingdom
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Created Mar 15, 2020
Petition to Department of Education, Dr Maree Sainsbury, ACT Health, NSW Health
rostered practice.  Please sign the petition if you agree that University students undertakingRead more

Tara BergsmaPamerston, Australia
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Created Jun 13, 2019
Petition to Josh Frydenberg, Scott Morrison
The Federal Government at the start of the COVID 19 emergency saw nightly vision on the news of people lined up outside Centrelink office across Australia to get assistance packages,  Centrelink was obviously not up to the job without substantial funding injection. The Government took option B and handballed the work load to Accountants and Bookkeepers.  With their client struggling for cash it was a moral impossibility to charge out this work to clients on a fully commercial rate, so these businesses work loads doubled overnight but income only increased fractionally. The government has saved hundreds of millions of dollars in processing costs, some of that money should be paid to these businesses to compensate them somewhat for the burden they have undertaken.   In NZ the government there have recognised the invaluable role these professionals play during and afterwards and provided funding of $2000 per business client helped by the professional advisors.  When is the Australian Government going to step up and help share the burden as well.  To date these professionals have not even rated a thank you from anyone in Government. Read more

Michael KirbyMelbourne, Australia
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Created May 23, 2020
Petition to Chancellor of the Exchequer
aid law. In particular, section 187/19 Article 2 (18) sets out rules concerning an “undertaking in Interuption Loan Scheme. Please remove the "difficulty in undertaking" clause and inform lenders toRead more

Andrew BrushCheltenham, United Kingdom
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Created Apr 30, 2020
Petition to Shri Jagan Mohan Reddy, Shri Narendra Modi, Smt Nirmala Sitharamanan, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan
Public Sector Undertaking which runs Visakhapatnam Steel Plant(VSP). This decision must be taken backRead more

Ram Mohan Naidu KinjarapuSrikakulam, India
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Created Feb 6, 2021
Petition to Brisbane city council, International Animal Rescue, Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers, Animal ACTion Network, Change.org Support Admin, Brisbane city council, Colin Jensen
10 years old Brisbane girl begs council officers to save her beloved German Shepherd and let it come home for her birthday! Katie is a 6 years old German Shepherd, highly intelligent and much beloved family member was ceased on 30th May by council workers, taken to shelter and already been kept there since then in a tiny cage with only up to 60 min a day out of it! It suffers from depression and refuses to eat. Her health is deteriorating rapidly. Whilst in a park and been provoked by another small dog Katie allegedly (the only witness of this action was the complainer) followed her protective dog’s instinct and bit it on her leg. Despite the allegations of “severe attack” the claimant’s dog is being seen in the park everyday with its owner enjoying the freedom and being happy. Meanwhile Katie is held in a cage, away from loving home indefinitely from 30 th May and facing “destruction order” just for demonstrating dog like behaviour. Katie is not just a dog. It is a much loved and missed family member who became a victim of human cruelty, negligence and greed. All attempts to get a civilized discussion with council officers and get explanation for their cruel actions towards animals get no results. Owners continuously encountering disrespectful and dishonest behaviour from the BCC animal team who is determined to order “immediate distraction” without proper investigation or any discussions with the owners and meanwhile busy sending skyrocketing bills.We are animal lovers and Katie is not just another pet. It is much loved and missed family member! My 10 years daughter asks me every day after the school: “Mummy, when is Katie coming back?” Please help us stop another crime against animals from happening!Read more

Katie SumBrisbane, Australia
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Created Jul 6, 2019
Petition to The Hon. Julie Bishop
operation in Thailand. Australian Medic, Dr Richard Harris, repeatedly risked his own life undertakingRead more

Matthew IrvineBathurst, Australia
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Created Jul 11, 2018
Petition to Max Benjamin Rowland Hill QC
In the early hours of the morning on Sunday 6th May 2013, Julian and some of his friends who were enjoying a night-out at Elements Nightclub on Mill Street in Bedford were asked to leave.  Initially they walked away but then Julian, seemingly intent on requesting a refund, ran back to the club. Crucial moments of what took place as Julian ran back to the forecourt of the club is not captured on CCTV, however it is known that he was forcefully taken to the ground twice; on the first occasion by a  member of the club security team and police officers then on a second occasion by police officers only. After being pinned to the ground by the police officers the CCTV then clearly shows Julian limp and seemingly unconscious as he is dragged across the road by the police officers in the direction of a police van. Julian was manhandled into the back of a police van and a police sergeant made a decision to take him into police custody rather than refer him to hospital for emergency treatment. He was driven to Greyfriar’s Police Station. He remained unresponsive in the van and after a period of time an ambulance was called. Julian had suffered a broken neck and a severe spinal cord injury; these injuries then resulted in him suffering a cardiac arrest and a serious brain injury due to a lack of oxygen reaching his brain. He is now paralysed and has brain damage. He has spent the last 5 years in a residential care home, where he remains in a vegetative state. On 22 October 2018 a police misconduct panel composed of John Bassett, Superintendent Sue Jameson and Diane Carter reached a verdict that three officers of the Bedfordshire Police Service, who were involved in the arrest and detention of Julian Cole, who suffered catastrophic injuries were found guilty of gross misconduct and were immediately dismissed by Bedfordshire Police. The fourth officer, PS Withey, was found guilty of misconduct in relation to his failure to direct that Julian be taken to hospital ahead of a police station. He received a final written warning. PC Hannah Ross, PC Nicholas Oates, PC Sanjeev Kalyan and PS Andrew Withey faced gross misconduct charges arising from their failures to conduct any adequate welfare checks on Julian after two periods of restraint, before manhandling him into the van, or whilst he was in the police van. PC Hannah Ross, PC Nicholas Oates and PC Sanjeev Kalyan were also accused of making false entries in their pocket note books on 6 May 2013 and providing fabricated accounts of events in interviews to give the impression that Julian was able to support his own body weight, walk to the police van and chat with officers.  This hearing was not formally about who caused Julian’s injuries, however, the outcome confirmed the family’s belief that police officers gave deliberately dishonest accounts in order to avoid criticisms of wrongdoing and their behaviour that demonstrated a callous disregard for Julian’s wellbeing. Please support the family’s calls for the officers to be held to account for this conduct in a criminal court. Below is the link for Julian's GoFundMe page to support his medical care: SUPPORT JULIAN COLE & HIS FAMILY Visiting Julian Cole: the man paralysed after being tackled outside a nightclubRead more

Zayneb BenyoucefUnited Kingdom
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Created Jun 5, 2020
Petition to Crown Prosecutor and Honourable Judge, BC Provincial court
undertaking, cruelty to animals, wilful neglect of animals and possession of stolen property in a case inRead more

Charlene MyersKamloops, Canada
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Created Sep 8, 2015
Petition to UK Parliament
undertaking their duties despite their clear ability to pay from their own food from their substantial incomeRead more

Christopher Spencer-smithFerndown, ENG, United Kingdom
62,732 supporters
Created Oct 22, 2020
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