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Petition to Congress
on the spectrum can be a challenge. But rather than attempting to deal with it peacefully, the employees beat AJ until police came. Upon arriving to the scene, the police further mishandled the parking lot, with a bag over his head, as they knelt on his back. AJs mom took him home where he died only failed to share the report and any footage of the incident (from both the restaurant and from their-being. Demand reform. Demand change. Demand justice. First responders need to be well educated inRead more

Sophie MosleyAtlanta, GA, United States
270,033 supporters
Created June 27, 2020
Petition to Juan Sanchez
It was only four months into my job at a shelter for child migrants that I decided to quit. Three siblings had just arrived to the center after being separated from their parents at the border and understandably distraught, but my manager told me I needed to separate them. “They can’t hug,” he said government to safely house and care for migrant children. Join me in demanding that CEO Juan Sanchez testify before Congress about how the organization uses government funds. Children in SouthwestRead more

Antar Davidson de SáTucson, AZ, United States
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Created June 25, 2018
Petition to nsw
what happened in my home was different to any other family home, as a child how could I have known,emotional or physical) , I wanted help ,but didn't know how to get it. If I had known any better, my that's when i realised how serious domestic violence is. I began to develop major  mental illnesses with severe depression  years before that and nobody had a clue,and my two other brothers had to cope by putting on a brave face.After nine horrible months,we found a house and moved in with mum and myRead more

Josie __Australia
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Created April 11, 2015
Petition to Amazon, Amazon​.​com
and restore lives. The testimonies of thousand and thousand of people shed light on how important weights into the shadows with their latest policy. We need your help to reverse this decision devices as “adult products” or “sex toys”. This decision will have a massive impact on consumers’ ability to access safe FDA-cleared pelvic health solutions. Pelvic floor conditions touch 1 in 3 people at some point in their lifetime. From poor bladder control to discomfort with tampon use and evenRead more

Amanda Olson, DPT, PRPCMissouri, United States
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Created October 13, 2021
Petition to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg
to know how they were exposed to Russian disinformation and propaganda. Facebook should provide this data to users in an application that makes it easy to understand.  Users should be able to see howFacebook enabled Russian interference in the United States election in 2016, but refuses to provide a full account to the public. In fact, it has recently removed data that allowed independent researchers to understand the nature and scale of the problem. American citizens that use Facebook deserveRead more

Justin HendrixNew York, NY, United States
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Created October 13, 2017
Petition to Air China, Liu Xiaoming, Cai Jianjiang
on their airline. Here it is: "London is generally a safe place to travel, however precautions are travelling."  We call on Air China to withdraw this "travel advice”, apologise and revise this to inform has written to the Chinese Ambassador on the issue, which we hope will encourage Air China toAir China is reportedly giving blatantly racist travel advice to its passengers flying into London tourists not to go out alone at night, and females always to be accompanied by another person whenRead more

Priyanka MogulLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
28,495 supporters
Created September 7, 2016
Petition to YouTube , Susan Wojcicki
an over-reaching effort to combat child predation on their platform. They have chosen channels at/communities on how long the comments will be disabled or if the action is permanent. We at SBSK are our full open letter to YouTube below: Dear YouTube, On our channel, comments aren't just "an while I believe there is a need to further protect minors on your platform, there has to be another way creators. Their actions were not all encompassing, rather many channels (especially those tied toRead more

Alyssa PorterUnited States
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Created March 13, 2019
Petition to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
Until now, you and I could use the internet data we paid for, to do anything on the internet. If telephone companies get their way, they will dictate what, how and when to browse the internet. And my petition and ask TRAI to not allow differential pricing of services on the Internet and let the consumers choose how they want to use Internet. If thousands sign my petition, we will make waves in Vodafone, Airtel Idea are trying to pressurise the Indian government to regulate certain Apps andRead more

sandeep pillaiKollam, India
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Created December 24, 2014
Petition to Nintendo
this petition with anyone you know that loves the game, and remember to use #RemasterThousandYearDoor to help spread the world on Twitter. yet to see a remaster, remake, or digital re-release through services such as the Virtual Console and to communicate to Nintendo that a great number of its customers would be thrilled to buy an HD million units, and since then the game has achieved cult status and has been spread to millions more people through used sales, word of mouth, YouTube content, etc. The relative return for the effort toRead more

Arlo StuffUnited States
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Created July 26, 2019
Petition to Shurbir Singh, Manish Sisodia, Parameswaran Iyer, Satyendar Jain, Arvind Kejriwal
(ActionAid).  Which is why I am asking the Delhi Government to conduct an audit on the usability ofIf this was the last toilet you had to use, would you?  For someone born with a kidney disorder urban poor has to think twice before relieving- at all times of the day?  I work as an urban planner, and I understand the immense issues that are attached to the lack of facilities. Open defecation). These numbers are shocking, to say the least.  “Over 9 crore toilets have been constructed acrossRead more

Mahak Agrawalभारत
204,714 supporters
Created June 28, 2019
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