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Petition to Congress, United States Senate, DoorDash Tony Xu, National Governor's Association
, not all tips are transparent, so they are basically lying to us. Also they could be stealing tips goals, and (iii) tips from consumers, which Dashers receive 100% of on top of base pay and promotions. The base pay amount, any promotions, and any tips that the consumer chooses to include atRead more

Christopher VanSciverOaklyn, NJ, United States
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Created Jul 11, 2021
Petition to Dan Schulman
place for tips verses payments for services and goods. The consequences include the loss of tip companies and also by tips given to us by generous people who want to support the broadcaster/entertainer. One of the only ways to receive tips electronically is through PayPal. If a person wants to tip me warning about tips being non-refundable and other important information, a place to put the amount (broken up into 3 different tips) from a person who enjoyed my broadcast. This is a large amount, but notRead more

Mike TVSBOHKingston, Canada
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Created May 10, 2016
Petition to Air China, Liu Xiaoming, Cai Jianjiang
Air China is reportedly giving blatantly racist travel advice to its passengers flying into London on their airline. Here it is: "London is generally a safe place to travel, however precautions are needed when entering areas mainly populated by Indians, Pakistanis and black people. We advise tourists not to go out alone at night, and females always to be accompanied by another person when travelling."  We call on Air China to withdraw this "travel advice”, apologise and revise this to inform tourists about the blend of cultures London has to offer. As an Indian living in London, I was shocked to read this "travel advice". The Indian, Pakistani and Black community have contributed so much to London. Lumping us all together in some kind of "dark-skin = crime" community is deeply offensive. I have always loved London for its acceptance. Until today, no one has ever made me feel like a criminal in this city because of the colour of my skin. Travel advice is intended to be helpful, what Air China printed is not. It generalises entire communities based on the colour of their skin, with no evidence to back up their claims. I’m not saying that there is no crime in London. There is. But is crime restricted to "Indian, Pakistani and black people" areas? No. Crime happens all over London - and Air China will surely know that crime also happens in China. This is not linked to the colour of any person's skin. Londoners have taken to Twitter with outrage -many pointing out that this city is proud of our multiculturalism. In fact, it's the best thing about it. We won't stand for companies that attempt to create barriers and spread hate between our communities. Labour MP Virendra Sharma has written to the Chinese Ambassador on the issue, which we hope will encourage Air China to rethink the mentality behind what they printed. At the very minimum, Air China owes all Londoners - and tourists travelling on their airline - an apology. The racist "travel advice" must also removed from their in flight magazine. If you believe London deserves better, please sign this petition. Today it's Air China, tomorrow it will be someone else. Unless we come together as a community and begin challenging the mindsets that think it's ok to print material of this kind.Read more

Priyanka MogulLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Sep 7, 2016
Petition to Susur Lee
or sendbacks out of their own tips. This is 100% illegal under Ontario Law. When questioned, aRead more

Canadian Restaurant Industry EmployeesToronto, Canada
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Created Aug 22, 2017
Pulcherie Gbalet, signé cette pétition.  Merci  Edo Tips (une ivoirienne qui aime son pays)    Read more

Edo TipsBelgium
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Created Aug 26, 2022
Petition to Universal Pictures
movie website that Dr. Seuss would be proud of. We recommend a “Lorax Tips” button shaped like a Truffula seed sharing ways people can help the planet. Maybe a Truffula Tree overflowing with tips and perfectly with the hopeful end to the story. Also, could you put green tips into your television and adding a “Lorax Tips” button. Universal, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’sRead more

Park School Paper ClubBrookline, MA, United States
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Created Dec 16, 2011
Petition to The United States Cong, Ro Khanna, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, President of the United States, U​.​S. House of Representatives
, tips are the saving grace for workers who serve .  Our tips are not only what gets us through, they are a gift for our service! Tips are not a wage, and not an excuse for businesses to pay us under the!! This is an outrage!! Tips are a gift for good service NOT A WAGE! Gifts are not taxable up to the first $10,000-$15,000 and I believe with your help we can change the policy surrounding tips and the way they are classified by the IRS. Tips are a gift not a wage! Managers get paid their salariesRead more

Christopher RayPortland, OR, United States
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Created Aug 8, 2021
Petition to Reddit
Make Sam o nella bring back tips Tuesday to his YouTube channelRead more

Ian GaynorClaremont, CA, United States
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Created Nov 7, 2019
Petition to Everyone who signs this
frosted tips would help me out a lot with this problem. Just think of it like this, imagine being someone who doesnt have hair, wouldnt you want frosted tips? Exactly. It might not solve world hungerRead more

Everett HuntUnited States
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Created Mar 27, 2019
Petition to Bill Morneau
Stop the taxing of tips in the service industry! We need your support to make this happen. The CRA has already targeted casino employees and have required 100% declaration of tips on their taxes. Before long servers, bartenders and other employees of the service industry will all be targeted! Tips minimum wage is virtually impossible.  The government has no right to tips which are given for good service. Without tips rent alone is not even conceivable for most living on minimum wage, never mindRead more

M SEdmonton, Canada
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Created Jan 29, 2018
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