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Petition to Sadiq Khan, Nadhim Zahawi
Practice Review was made public detailing the horrifying experience of a Black British school girl. The 15-year-old student, known as Child Q (to protect her identity), experienced harm at the hands of demeaning breach of Child Q’s rights and invasion of her body autonomy highlights the failure of misogynoir biases, the result of anti-Black racism. It is imperative that all professionals are held accountable for their actions. What Happened? The Humiliation of Child QTeachers at Child Q’s school wronglyRead more

Vinna Bestlondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Mar 17, 2022
Petition to Jeremy Miles
about the horrific incident under the username of @muslima_vegan about her son, Raheem Bailey whose realise the extent of what he was going through until an incident this week. On Monday, Raheem called, Raheem was attacked and beaten by a group of children whilst in school. He was pushed to the ground me of the incident. The school told me that the ambulance wouldn’t arrive for 2 hours, but advised, his finger had to be amputated. From the day of the incident until now Abertillery learningRead more

Vinna Bestlondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created May 21, 2022
Petition to Gillian Keegan
College at the intersection of Stanwell Road and Salcombe Road around 2:30 PM. The victim, the her hair pulled by a group of white girls and adults. Meanwhile, the headteacher, Richard Beeson committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, and we expect all school failed in their responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the student under their care deeply concerning that a teacher, who is entrusted with the care and education of young peopleRead more

Vinna Bestlondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Feb 8, 2023
Petition to Philippines Pres. Rodrigo Duterte
Best Island in the World - TripAdvisor These accolades continued not just to increase the influx of online publications are the trending factors:    2012 - No.1 Best Island in the World - Travel, and Leisure  2013 - No.2 Best Island in the World - Travel, and Leisure  2014 - No.12 Best Island the World Balabag - TripAdvisor  2015 - 7th World's Best Beach - TripAdvisor  2016 - No.1 Best Island in the Best Island in the World - Condé Nast Traveler's 2017 Readers’       Choice Awards  2017 - No.24Read more

Jay GarminoLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 11, 2015
Petition to twenty one pilots, Fueled By Ramen
them live. We are all fans of the band and this album, and supporting the band by purchasing their copyright laws, since a few songs were remade on Vessel they now own the rights to those songs and can no longer release Regional at Best. I would like FBR and their parent labels to reconsider their stance on the albums existence, especially since the band still acknowledges the songs by performing music legally is important. Since the album is no longer available people have resorted to downloadingRead more

Bekky RosenzweigAustralia
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Created Mar 23, 2015
Petition to Satyendar Jain
within the first hour gives the infant the best chance of survival. It triggers in the mother the“I was robbed of the precious first moments with my baby. The hospital’s staff whisked my baby away come when a new-born feels the comfort of her mother near her. This terribly mismanaged start by the understand the benefits of immediate exclusive breastfeeding. Immediate skin to skin contact with practice followed by traditional cultures across the world for centuries, is backed by plenty ofRead more

Neha MisraDelhi, भारत
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Created Jul 18, 2019
Petition to Eggland's Best
Did your eggs come from tortured hens? If you buy Eggland’s Best, the answer is likely yes. How do video footage of the conditions. The misery and suffering these animals endure is the stuff of pledges because people like you are outraged by the millions of egg-laying hens suffering in filthy suffer from feather loss caused by rubbing against the bars of their tiny wire cages. Countless dead I know? Because I worked undercover at several egg factory farms that supply Eggland’s Best and tookRead more

Mercy For AnimalsWest Hollywood, CA, United States
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Created Jun 22, 2016
Petition to South Bend Indiana
more detailed description in the words of Mike's girlfriend Lindsey: "A year ago it was indicated from that this is no longer the case, per the sole decision of the elected Sheriff. Flash will be amount of time it would take for a new handler to bond with the dog, it will be past his years of. He has spent the majority of his life coming to trust, love and work with his handler. He wasn’tOfficer Beigelbeck has worked for the county for several years, putting his life on the line forRead more

Tammy WestawayKingston, IL, United States
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Created Jun 11, 2018
Petition to Sadiq Khan, Waltham Forest Council
, ASK THE MAYOR OF LONDON TO REVERSE THIS DECISION. £780million will be spent on this scheme which could go on targeted schemes with better outcomes, such as replacing the entire bus fleet, instead of on penalising the poorest and must vulnerable residents of London.  Labour’s Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has confirmed plans to charge drivers of older vehicles £12.50 falling and this measure will make no difference to pollution in the long term. It will alsoRead more

Emma BestLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 21, 2018
Petition to Shri K Chandrasekhar Rao, Shri K T Rama Rao, A Indra Karan Reddy, Shri P K Jha, Shri Nitin Gadkari
offered assurances that they would do their best to save the trees, it appears that more than 700 of the uprooting because of the proposed expansion of this national highway. The NGT-recommended committee will consist of a senior officers from Indian Road Congress and PCCF nominees (not below the rank of Chief Conservator of Forest). While the NHAI too has been included, the petitioners are hoping to underscore the risk of conflict with their inclusion. The committee is empowered to invite any otherRead more

Nature Lovers of HyderabadIndia
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Created Apr 30, 2019
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