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Petition to Democratic National Committee, Police excessive force
I’m making this petition because of police misconduct and excessive force by obstructing someone’s airway causing them to pass out and lose consciousness ultimately leading to their death. There should be a federal law passed not allowing police officers to use excessive force by placing their knees on someone’s necks or putting the suspect in a chokehold obstructing their airway. Too many people have lost their lives to officers excessive force and misconduct using this procedure. We have seen several videos of alleged suspects being murdered by Police officer statewide using this procedure of placing Their knees on necks or chokehold the suspect watching them beg for their lives saying they can’t breathe but no one taking into account of the suspect begging And pleading for their lives. A lot of these police officers know that this procedure can cause a suspect to go unconscious later succumbing to their injuries ultimately leading to their death but officer still continue to use these excessive force practices even when the suspect is not resisting arrest just like Eric Gardner in New York City and George Floyd from Minneapolis. These videos are hard to watch!!! Something needs to be done Justice needs to be served this law needs to be passed. Read more

Ebony HallCleveland, OH, United States
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Created May 27, 2020
Petition to GLA university
Good Evening Sir,              I want to ask a question that which university we want whether to utilize our time or waste it.I know our university is putting its full efforts to utilize students time in present situation,but before implementation of this platform at least it should be properly tested on some students because we face bunch of problems on the platform. In one hour of study we even can't study 10 min properly due to following issues :1--- network issues it disconnected many time.2--- Platform crash.3--- Unwanted echo.4--- Sound is not proper.5--- Many times it shows error.6--- Some disturbing elements of class i.e some students. So we can't study properly and our time gets wasted. And we have to attend it any how due to attendance criteria. This affects our selfstudy also. If university really wants to help us please implement this after resolving these problems or by uploading the recorded lectures on youtube . So we can study properly inspite of wasting our present time.Read more

Tarun RathoreIndia
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Created Mar 27, 2020
Petition to Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
part they played in the pioneering techniques founded by Dr J. Sims and to recognise the priceRead more

Heidi DownesUnited Kingdom
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Created May 5, 2019
Petition to techniques of differentiation homework key
techniques of differentiation homework answers Techniques Of Differentiation Homework Key >>> http://bit.ly/2EJPmt9> 1 Aug 2013 . Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises. 6 . TECHNIQUES OF the process simpler than having to use the.. View Homework Help - Techniques of Differentiation homework answers from MATHEMATIC Calcul at Walled Lake Northern High School. Techniques of.. 30 May 2018 . Techniques of Differentiation "Homework" Packet: #3,5,6,11,16,26,31-33,40. For the followingRead more

Amanda LewisРоссия
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Created Dec 25, 2018
Petition to Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development
Rice is incredibly important.  According to Masayoshi Kubo, a professor at the Niigata University of Health and Welfare, “Rice feeds half of the world’s population. Rice supplies 20% of all the calories in the world” Kubo et al. (2013)  Rice, is the staple food for 3 billion people in the world. Total consumption of rice amounted to approximately 477.77 million metric tons in 2016/2017. China itself consumed around 146 million metric tons of rice per year and is by far the world’s leading rice consumer. Normally, we eat this food because it is nutritious and it gives us lots of energy, not to mention it is delicious. Nutritionally, they provide us with plenty of carbohydrates as well as fibre, although, too much is not the best for the human body. We eat this grain because we find it to be healthy and delicious, it is also easy to cook and prepare for a huge dinner. Since it is so popular worldwide, a more efficient and faster way to grow and produce rice should be invented. Traditional methods include farmers going to each individual seed and picking the rice grain out of the plant. We are way past that now with machines, but sometimes we are unable to produce huge amounts of rice to support the population. Rice will need to be sustainable and efficient in order to provide food for the 3 billion mouths in the world.   Visit our website to learn more about rice! https://sites.google.com/s/1b59qFqZmKvak-wD-z-LfMpfStkrJEfGf/p/1GX8EtbYpO2QmY34g8GW4k2udmNG2NdU_/edit Read more

Jerry ZhouCanada
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Created May 2, 2018
Petition to Katricia G Pierson, Adrianna Lancaster, Jerry Forbes
We want to continue an attractive program with a high success of job placement in the fields of study, that also adds diversity and valuable resources to the enrichment of the University and its mission.Read more

Jason MeliusBelvedere Tiburon, CA, United States
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Created Aug 9, 2017
Petition to Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, UK Parliament
During the UK General election (2019), the British public became the victims of a serious disinformation campaign which threatened our democracy. A Twitter account belonging to the Conservative party was edited to resemble a fact checking website during a televised debate A video of Keir Starmer was edited by the Conservative party to look like he could not answer a question A website was set up containing a fake Labour party manifesto, and was boosted by payment to Google so that it appeared at the top of the search rankings Jeremy Corbyn shared a leaked document linked to a Russian disinformation campaign Boris Johnson regularly repeated various claims which had been fact-checked and proven to be false A series of sock or bot accounts on Twitter tried to discredit a true story about a young boy with suspected pneumonia who couldn't be offered a bed in hospital 88% of the Conservative party's adverts on social media were found to be misleading 7% of the Labour party's adverts were found to be misleading The Liberal Democrat party misrepresented facts presented by a bar chart. Disinformation and fake news was so prevalent during the election that many people stopped looking for the truth, assuming that they couldn't trust anything they read. Trust in politicians has hit rock bottom. People still believe in the saying, "There's no smoke without fire". Something being said, even if immediately discredited, sticks. Those who want to believe the lie will repeat it, those who don't will challenge it. Either way, it becomes a talking point which distracts from the truth. Trying to untangle fact from fiction has become too complicated for the average voter, meaning empty sloganeering and obvious smear tricks were easier to consume and more influential than they otherwise might have been. Jenni Sargent, the managing director of First Draft, said disinformation campaigns seen in the British election appear designed to be easily discovered, provoke outrage and distract the news media. She said that whenever journalists questioned Conservative Party representatives about the questionable tactics, they used the opportunity to criticize opponents in the Labour Party. (New York Times, 12/12/19) Similarly, trust in the media and the press is in a bad position. The BBC has come under serious criticism for failing to maintain its impartiality after being caught editing footage, failing to properly vet audience members at debates and a series of errors involving political editors and interviewers. The winner of elections should not be determined or even influenced by who has put the most money into deceiving and manipulating voters. We believe that in order to demonstrate respect for voters, all politicians should actively engage in a serious and urgent discussion in parliament over the following recommended ideas: A discussion of whether Purdah is still viable The different rules surrounding broadcast, print and online media A review into social media's ability to undermine fact A pledge from all political parties to no longer engage in disinformation campaigning A pledge to no longer pay for the services of disinformation campaign managers and teams An investigation into an independent fact-checking body whos findings during elections have immunity from Purdah to ensure news outlets can, without restriction, report on the truth If politicians cannot agree on a course of action which satisfies the voters, we will consider further action, but we have faith in our politicians that they respect democracy and will agree to cease this democracy damaging behaviour.Read more

Jamie ChestersStaffordshire, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Dec 21, 2019
Petition to President of the United States
of dog-friendly nonviolent training techniques. All trainers must be subjected to eligibility abusive training techniques the trainers have been subjecting dogs. These violent behaviors only harmful effects. We must be the animals' best friends and put a stop to all abusive training techniques the use of violent training techniques and pain-causing equipment throughout the United States.Read more

Emek EchoLos Angeles, CA, United States
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Created Jan 13, 2022
To the local government of Doral, Florida, We, the undersigned, urge you to create a law to reform tipping policies in the Doral area. Specifically, we urge you to: Ban tipping on self-service restaurants and cafeterias. Tipping has become an unnecessary and confusing practice that puts undue pressure on customers and can lead to unequal treatment of workers. By passing a law to ban tipping on self-service establishments, the government can help ensure that workers are paid fairly and equitably for their services, and that customers can enjoy a straightforward and stress-free dining experience.Ban secondary "additional tip" or during signature additional tip areas. We urge you to eliminate the secondary "additional tip" or during signature additional tip areas on receipts and payment systems. These areas can create confusion and pressure on customers to tip beyond their original intention, leading to unequal treatment of workers.Correct the default tip percentage to 15%. We urge you to ensure that the default tip percentage on payment systems is set to 15%. This will help ensure that workers are paid fairly and equitably, and that customers are not pressured into tipping excessively or inadvertently undertipping.By passing these reforms to the tipping policies in Doral, Florida, we can create a fairer and more transparent system for both customers and workers. We urge the local government to take action and pass a law to reform tipping policies in the Doral area. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Citizens of DoralRead more

Jorge PerezMiami, FL, United States
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Created Mar 6, 2023
Petition to School Board
I  struggle because of that. Most teachers teach using mathematical techniques and all I want is forRead more

Gabi DavisOmaha, NE, United States
5 supporters
Created Nov 4, 2019
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