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Petition to All schools in Jeddah
People with special needs are as capable as us. When we don't include people with special needs be it Trisomy 21(Down syndrome) in our schools and workplace, we begin to draw a line that limits people with special needs from reaching their full potential. To start off, we would like all schools in Jeddah, whether public or private,to include education for people with Trisomy 21 in their school system. When we begin to include them in our school and workplace, misconceptions and false stereotypes are broken down so that the truth can shine. Once we begin to teach our children that people with special needs (esp. Trisomy 21) are capable and not inferior to us, we begin to build the staircase to reach the epitome of equality. People with Trisomy 21 have one difference compared to us-an extra chromosome. Will we let something as little as a chromosome block us from forming true friendships and letting them achieve the dreams they CAN achieve. Sign this petition in order to provide people with Trisomy 21 the right to have a good education and showcase their abilities . We have a special request for Nobles International School to consider this petition and we hope that it will include special needs education in its school system. We believe Nobles International School is a suitable school for this petition as it has a very low rate of bullying and all its students and teachers have a harmonious relationship - they are like family. Help us make people with Trisomy 21 be included in our school and workplace so that their true abilities can be revealed and the misconceptions about them be forever concealed.  إن المجتمعات المتقدمة تفتخر بترسيخ مفاهيم العدالة الاجتماعية بين أفراد المجتمع.هذا ما يجعلها تتفوق على مشاكل اجتماعية مثل التميز العرقي و الطائفي أو الإنساني بكل أشكاله بحيث تحترم حقوق و قدرات كل أفراد المجتمع ومن بينهم الأشخاص ذوي القدرات الخاصة الذين كانوا معرضين سابقًا للإهمال من قبل المجتمع .فقد استطاعت هذه المجتمعات أن تعيد الإعتبار لهذه الفئة الإنسانية و ترفع من مستواها وذلك من خلال تأكيد حقوق التعلم و العمل و التجربة دون أي عوائق. إنه حريٌّ ببلادنا أن نقتدي بهذه التجارب الإنسانية الرائعة و نعيد التكريم و الإحترام لأولائك الأشخاص الرائعين-و خاصة أشخاص التثلث الصبغي أي متلازمة داون- لفهم إمكانية تطوير قدراتهم و عدم دفنعا في غياهب النسيان. فهم أشخاص لهم قدرات إذا تم إحتضانها و تنميتها تتمكن أن تثمر بشكل إيجابي في اندماجهم السليم بمجتمعنا. وذلك يكون بتوفير بيئة تعلم طبيعية و سليمة تحترم قدراتهم و تعزز إمكانياتهم في تطوير ذاتهم.  نحن نقدم التماسًا خاصة إلى مدرسة النبلاء العالمية أن تأخذ هذا الإقتراح بعين الإعتبار و نأمل أن تمنح لأصحاب القدرات الخاصة الدخول في نظامها المدرسي.  إن مشاركتكم و توقيعكم على هذا الإلتماس على موضوع الترحيب بقبول ذوي متلازمة داون في المدارس العامة والخاصة هو ، و لا شك، يعتبر دعمًا لهم. مما يؤكد احترام هذه الفئة الانسانية و احترام لقدراتهم و حقهم بشكل آمن و متوازن و حضور كريم في مجتمعنا. تذكروا: نحن متشابهون جميعًا في الإنسانية  Read more

Naya AslanJeddah, Saudi Arabia
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Created Mar 31, 2018
Petition to AICTE Chairman Anil Sahasrabuddhe
This petition is about awareness of Indian knowledge systems. It will empower people with systems, rather aim at syncretic thought, it is desirable that freedom of expression may be given to all disciplinary frameworks and systems.     Read more

Shashi Balaभारत
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Created Sep 28, 2018
Petition to President of the United States
systems. PABs free government dollars for allocation to other troubled areas of the economy, andRead more

Robert HirschFairfax, VA, United States
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Created Feb 11, 2016
Petition to Dominic Raab
After years of searching, we now have a plan to protect school children in Syria. On August 26th, 2013, I was witness to a war crime. I was in northern Syria on a medical mission when a school full of children was aerially bombarded with an incendiary weapon and dozens of severely burnt children came flooding through the doors of the hospital I had helped build. The school was called Iqra, in the Aleppo countryside and there were 100 children in attendance that day. Many were severely injured. 11 did not survive. It is one of 1,103 schools - an estimated 40% - that have been deliberately destroyed as a brutal tactic to terrorize populations by sending a message to parents that their children will never be safe. Syria is the most dangerous country in the world for children with nearly 30,000 killed since the crisis began. After 10 years of conflict the Syrian regime knows the world has turned its eyes to other crises. They have been bombing schools with impunity, aided by Russian military support. We must show we are watching. There is hope. A cutting edge early warning system using artificial intelligence has been developed that will give Syrian schools an average of 7-10 crucial minutes of warning before the bombs land. Those critical minutes will save students and teachers’ lives, giving them a life-saving chance to get to safety. All it costs is £1,300 for an early warning system for one school. For less than £900,000 — a tiny drop in the bucket of what they spend on other crises — the UK government could protect 890 at-risk Syrian schools right now. Everything is in place to rollout the system, which will also include electricity, internet, safety training and counseling support for kids who have only known a decade of conflict and fear. We can provide hope and save lives.  Dominic Raab leads the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and has the power to quickly authorize funding for this protection system. Join me in calling on the UK to stand by its pledge to do all they can to protect schools and children in conflict by providing the funding for this program. World governments have been hopeless at taking action to stop the bombs falling in Syria. If they aren’t going to stop the bombs, at least they can give the kids under them a chance to run for their lives. Ask the UK Foreign Secretary to give Syrian students those 7 minutes to get to safety. I vowed that day to do all I could to prevent school attacks and protect those children. We finally have a plan that will keep students safe and possibly even deter attacks. Join me and tell the children of Syria, “We have not forgotten you. We care. We are here.” — Dr. Rola HallamRead more

Rola HallamLondon, United Kingdom
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Created Mar 10, 2021
Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives
When a parent sends their kid to school, the last thing they should worry about is whether the water in a school's drinking fountain could be contaminated. And yet at public schools nationwide, lead levels in water are not only higher than they should be -- they're dangerously high. Our schools have severely outdated infrastructure that is putting millions of kids at risk for drinking water contaminated with lead. This year alone there have been 8 schools in Virginia, 5 in Austin, 16 in Tallahassee -- and the list goes on and on -- that have reported lead-tainted water. Schools in at least 20 states have reported lead contamination in their water, and yet only four states in the country require that schools test their water for lead. More than 25 U.S. Senators have signed on to a proposal that would give funding to test lead in water in public schools around the country. Send a message to lawmakers that we need this testing to happen now. Lead exposure has been linked to IQ loss, impaired hearing, impaired formation of blood cells, shorter stature, and learning disabilities, to name a few. Just a few years after 8,000 children in Flint, Michigan were exposed to lead contaminated water, school infrastructure across the entire country points to signs that millions more children may be at risk. That's why we need immediate funding for testing of water in public schools, and where lead contamination appears, funding for filters and other preventative measures to make sure kids aren't exposed to lead in drinking fountains at school.Read more

Campaigns LabNew York, United States
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Created Jun 13, 2018
Petition to Alberta Government, Canadian Government, Justin Trudeau, Alberta Ministry of Education, Minister Adriana LaGrange
My name is Kiaira Julieanna, I am 19 and from a small community in Alberta, Canada. I have Spastic Hemiplegia  (Cerebral Palsy), I started this petition in hopes of changing the amount of uneducated people that are not familiar about Disabilities. I grew up in a town that was uneductated and I always felt like I had to explain my disability and even the basic information about disabilities.  My goal with this petition is to eventually change the school system to fit the disability community better. To educate more people to be informed and more knowlegable about different disabilities and the basics of how to treat and talk about disabilities. I think  the school curriculum should include disabilities. It is disapointing that in 2021, The disability community is still struggling to be welcomed in society. We could help the world become more accepting by starting to teach and allow kids to ask those uncomfortable questions about disabilities, to feel safe on asking any question without being scared. If we taught about disabilities in the schools, It would help normalize disabilities, so kids and future adults would never feel weird or uneducated when it came to being exposed to a person with a Disability. This affects everyone. The people apart of the disability community needs your help. We need to stop the discrimination that most people with disabilities face EVERYDAY. The only way to stop the discrimination and hate is to educate as many people as possible and if we start teaching our kids and informing them.  Thank you for your time and I hope you support this fight.Read more

Kiaira JulieannaCanada
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Created Apr 10, 2021
Petition to Dale Mulder, Liz Bazner, Jodi Garrison, Sarah Blasi Mueller, Ron Lewis, Bill Fry, Jeana Banks, Paul Martino, Kevin Bazner
(สำหรับภาษาไทย คลิกที่นี่)(Untuk Bahasa Indonesia, Klik disini)A&W is well-known in Thailand and Indonesia for its signature root beer, waffles, and kind-faced brown bear mascot. This multinational fast-food chain from the United States has been doing great in catering to Thais' tastes and cultural preferences. And we know they can do better! We want A&W to be kinder to animals and fairer to Thai and Indonesian consumers! A&W uses eggs in a number of their products, such as their waffles. With the growing awareness towards animal welfare and food safety standards among Thai and Indonesian consumers, it would be great if A&W could assure their customers of animal welfare and food safety standards by announcing the commitment to stop sourcing eggs from farms that keep hens in battery cages. Battery cages are small cages commonly used in the Thailand and Indonesian egg industry. This system is harmful for humans and hens. Major studies conducted in the European Union reveal that the risk of salmonella contamination in cage farms is significantly higher than in cage-free farms. According to the World Health Organization, one of the most prevalent types of salmonella "is estimated to cause 93.8 million cases of acute gastroenteritis and 155,000 deaths globally each year, approximately 85% of which are estimated to be foodborne." Hens suffer immensely in battery cages. A hen who spends her life in a battery cage has to share the cell with 4–5 other hens, so she gets a space smaller than an A4 paper to live. She will spend her entire life standing on the wire cage floor with her bare feet, barely able to spread her wings, let alone walk around to exercise. Her body might get caught in the metal cage, leaving her with painful injuries and feather loss. She has to endure this life simply because she was born a hen, which is not something she chose. What has she done to deserve this? A&W already knows battery cages are outdated and cruel. This is why it has already announced its commitment to stop sourcing eggs from cage farms for the entire supply chain in Canada. We invite A&W to extend its commitment to the supply chain in Thailand and Indonesia as well. Can you help us help hens? Let's ask A&W to be kinder to animals by announcing its commitment to stop sourcing eggs from farms that keep hens in cages. Sign this petition and share it on your social media accounts!Reference:Salmonella control in poultry flocks and its public health impact Read more

Sinergia AnimalThailand
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Created Jun 21, 2021
Petition to Sec. Leonor Briones, Comm. Virgilio Almario, President Rodrigo Duterte
writing systems from above, and even to use divisive politics in each ethnic region to achieve writing systems of Philippine languages which have already been developed by the native speakers currently making efforts to develop their writing systems, and protection from intervention by outside Philippine languages to take and maintain the lead in developing their own writing systems where noneRead more

J. RamSan Pedro, Philippines
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Created Jun 29, 2018
Petition to New Zealand Government, New Zealand District Health Board
Mental Health systems in New Zealand are understaffed, underfunded and overcrowded. I have sent reaching their full wait period. There is opportunity for these systems to be improved however, the pleading for them to make a change. To devote more attention towards our systems, to help the wellbeing of so many people and to ensure the future of our mental health systems are headed in a more our systems for the better, New Zealand's approach to mental illness will continue at this rapid decline. Read more

Jade VarneyNew Zealand
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Created Jun 23, 2021
Petition to Sri Narendra Modi gi, Prime Minister of India
principles of modern medicine and ayurveda by which different systems of medicine are mixed to make a have contributed immensely in health care systems, globally . Any dilution in this sector by mixing different systems will ruin the scientific  temperament of this country .  NITIAYOG  has appointedRead more

Dr​.​sulphi​.​N NoohuIndia
23,844 supporters
Created Dec 6, 2020
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