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This promotion has proven to be reliable, affordable and one of  the tools to initiate development through communication in our broken economic situation. Scholars, businessmen, etcetera are able to communicate effectively. This development has shown us how the majority need access to affordable internet.Read more

Chalumah PatrickMalawi
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Created Apr 21, 2022
Petition to MP Hugh McDermott
applaud you for your solidarity but hope that you sustain your sympathy with our community.  Mr. MPRead more

Vijaykumaran MuruganCanberra, Australia
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Created May 23, 2020
Petition to Everyone
In favor of Bill 53-35 to prohibit fishing with the use of scuba and other underwater breathing apparatus. Fishing with the use of scuba, especially at night, is contributing to the reduction of fish populations on Guam because many species sleep at night which makes them easy targets. This method of fishing also removes the depth refuge which often protects large females.  Large females can produce 100 times more eggs than the smaller females.  The Tanguisson Wrasse (aka Humphead Wrasse) were valuable for dive tourism which provided a much greater revenue to Guam than the commercial fishing industry. However, many fish including the Bumphead Parrotfish and Humphead Wrasse have declined at an alarming rate and have all but disappeared from Guam's waters even with the establishment of marine preserves.  63 countries, states, and islands have banned fishing with scuba and other underwater breathing apparatus. All of our neighboring islands have enacted the ban: Saipan, Rota, Tinian, Palau, Yap, Kosrae, Pohnpei, and Chuuk. As a result of banning fishing with Scuba in American Samoa since 2001, populations of parrotfish have been recovering. We, the people of Guam must protect and preserve of what we have left of our natural resources. This is not a restriction on fishing, but a step towards a more sustainable future. Read more

Marine ManiaMangilao, Guam
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Created Oct 14, 2019
Petition to New Mexico Governor, New Mexico State Senate, New Mexico State House
? Then please support us. Sign the petition to show your support to sustain tuition-free college and career training for every New Mexican.  Read more

Reach HigherNew Mexico, United States
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Created Jan 12, 2022
Petition to Barbara Creecy, Jeff Radebe, Fikile Mbalula, Ebrahim Patel
To accelerate South Africa's transition to sustainable energy. By doing this we will decrease South Africa's carbon footprint and increase employment. In South Africa there is only one energy utility named Eskom, which has a monopoly on the generation, transmission and sale of electricity in the country. According to US AID (https://www.usaid.gov/powerafrica/south-africa) 91% of energy generated by Eskom is from coal and according to Wikipedia Eskom alone emits 42% of South Africa's total greenhouse gasses! The impact on unemployment Since 2014 Eskom has not been able to generate enough electricity for the country and SA has experienced what is known as "Load Shedding". Definition = "action to reduce the load on something, especially the interruption of an electricity supply to avoid excessive load on the generating plant". Basically they shut the power off for hours in certain areas to decrease the amount being used by the country in order to match it to the amount which they are able to produce at the time! Unemployment since 2014 to 2019 has risen from 24% to 29% and this is before Covid19 struck. Fast Forward to 2020 and the private sector in SA is still not allowed to privately produce and sell large enough quantities of electricity to make large scale sustainable/renewable energy projects feasible. If however this is allowed, it would have a major impact on the pace of change to sustainable energy and in turn reduce emissions and create employment! Furthermore if the ~90% import tariffs on electric vehicles are removed or reduced it would greatly accelerate the adoption of the public to electric vehicles. For more information please visit our campaign website at https://igg.me/at/SustainSA/x/23683288#/Read more

Bennie JordaanLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 30, 2020
Petition to Ontario Government
The Ontario government is allowing water bottle companies to extract far too much water for such a cheap price. The overexploitation of this water can have serious negative impacts on the future of Ontario's watershed and can also have serious health risks associated with the water. We hope that the Ontario government keeps establishing tougher regulations on water bottlers to discourage them. However, currently, we just want to ensure that water bottle companies are following regulations and the money donated will be spent on the installation of more efficient and "green" pumps.Read more

Water BuddiesCanada
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Created Jun 14, 2018
Petition to Mr. Murray
This duct tape tower we have built on this once disgusting table is now a show of innovation and creativity in solving the problem of the substance that was in the hole and now Mr. Murray want to bring it down as if it stands for nothing this tower stands not only for the safety of the people of his class but also as a symbol for creative liberty throughout the world so I beg you please sign this petition so that we might keep our security and creative liberty!Read more

Jack BuschEdmond, OK, United States
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Created Dec 7, 2021
Petition to Carl Sargent, Editor
The Welsh Government has unexpectedly closed down the 6 year Environment Wales Management Grant with no consultation with the many projects across Wales adversely affected by this decision.  The consequences for many of the third sector and social enterprises is dire, including: loss of jobs; loss of support for volunteers and therefore loss of hundreds if not thousands of hours of volunteering opportunities; loss of the positive environmental impacts made by all the projects; loss of training opportunities and routes into qualifications and employment; the destabilising and possible extinction of some of the organisations affected, who had built this grant into their overall longer term business plans. As the next round of European Social funding starts, with its emphasis on volunteering, routes to employment, and action to support the environment, it seems incredible that a decision has been made to arbitrarily end projects that were achieving exactly these aims, in a way that reflected local needs and opportunities.   Every organisation affected had worked hard to develop a sustainable model using this funding stream, which has been described as one of the more 'intelligent' sources of funding due to its longevity and its 'stepped' approach, which truly reflects the time it takes to become financially sustainable.  Through no fault of the organisations they find themselves facing a decrease of up to £48,000 over the next few years. Those that sign this petition are requesting that this arbitrary decision is reconsidered, and those projects that are currently in receipt of funding are allowed to continue to the end of their full term.    Read more

Gill ByrneLlan-non, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 2, 2015
Petition to Thomas Farley, Jim Kenney, Caroline Johnson
As of November 20th 2020, the City of Philadelphia completely shut down all fitness facilities without showing valid transmission data or providing funds to keep our business afloat. The mayor has cut off the #1 tool our community uses to maintain their mental and physical wellness. If this continues it will be a death blow to an already decimated industry, eliminating jobs and income for thousands of employees. The Philadelphia Fitness Coalition, is a group of over 30 gyms and fitness studios established to speak for the local fitness industry with city and state officials. We collected data on over 260,000 indoor visits from July to Nov 2020 and ONLY 30 reported cases walked into our locations. There was a 0% transmission rate traced from person to person. Not a single person contracted COVID from our facilities. The data doesn’t lie. When fitness facilities employ effective, CDC, state and local approved guidelines – gyms are a safe and healthy place to be. Our members’ health is our #1 purpose. We have adhered to the strict restrictions already suffocating our businesses and developed extensive protocols to ensure safety. Industry association studies in both the United States and Europe show extremely low transmission rates. In 3 months time, 49.4 MILLION visits took place among 2,873 US fitness providers with a recorded .0023% infection rate among those users, with NO direct evidence that the positive cases originated from the gym. (sources: IHRSA and MXM)  Have we forgotten that exercise is the best medicine? Exercise, nutrition and being fit is the #1 way to build a healthy immune system and counteract the increasing stress, substance abuse and deteriorating mental health during the pandemic. Many top medical professionals agree that fitness should remain open as an essential service including ex Deputy Surgeon General, Kenneth Mortizguru. The Chicago Medical Society sent a letter to their Mayor requesting greater opening hours for fitness providers so that their own hospital workers, who would not put themselves in risky situations, could get the mental and physical benefit of effective exercise. With the Winter cold and darkness we can no longer provide services outdoors in early mornings and evenings, nor are online/at-home services as effective at motivating exercise. Philadelphians will be sedate and isolated this Winter if we remain shuttered.  The Philadelphia Fitness Coalition has the following reasonable requests to ensure our industry’s survival in Philadelphia: Open discussion and consideration with decision makers in the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, the Mayor and the Chamber of Commerce within 2 weeks. Name gyms and fitness studios as essential health service businesses. Allow gyms and fitness studios to reopen immediately under agreed upon restrictions and safety protocols. Expedited city and state grants to fitness providers to bridge us until restrictions can be lifted fully. Passing The National Health & Fitness Recovery Act (H.R.8485) to provide funds for our failing industry like they did for banks and airlines. Signing this petition shows your support for making fitness providers an essential category of business and that you, by and large, feel safe using our services with the current restrictions.  We all appreciate your love and support.Read more

Philadelphia Fitness CoalitionPhiladelphia, PA, United States
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Created Nov 22, 2020
Petition to "Armidale Regional Council"
We need your help Save the Mother of Ducks Lagoon Puddledock Dam was designed and constructed in 1928 by the Public Works Department as the water supply for Armidale city and the surrounding area. Following the completion of Malpas Dam in 1968, Puddledock Dam was taken out of service and is now used as an emergency water supply only (100% full as of 20/4/2020). Malpas Dam is located to the south east of Guyra and to the north of Armidale. It was built as the major water supply for the city of Armidale. Its construction was completed in 1968 and currently has a storage capacity of 13,000 million litres with expansion capabilities to 26,000 million litres (54.25% as of 20/4/2020). Guyra's water supply system extracts water from the Gara River system with two dams located on the river north of Guyra. The first dam was constructed in 1957, with a second dam added in 1967 to supplement the supply storage. Water is pumped to the Council’s water treatment plant and then the treated water is pumped to the two town reservoirs. The pump line to the treatment works had augmentation works completed in 1981 with the addition of the second larger town reservoir to meet the town requirements at that time. Council has made improvements to the water system in Guyra with the implementation of fluoridation of the Guyra water supply. The fluoridation dosing equipment was installed in 2008. Other improvements included the relocation of the activated carbon dosage plant to the water supply reservoirs to improve the quality of the taste and odour of the water (100% full as of 20/4/2020). Armidale Regional Council drilling numerous bores around the township of Guyra, I have been told that 3 will be for extracting water (Izzard Park, Oban Street & Showground) while 4 will be for testing (Izzard Park, Showground, Caltex sports ground & Yarrawonda Street). These bores were drilled under section 39A approval - state government emergency bores. The council has not got permission to draw from any of these bores.I believe they do not require this permission, Armidale & Guyra are both still on level 5 water restrictions and 1 dam is at 100%, emergency supply dam is also 100%. Why have the council started a pipeline to connect bores to our water supply, we do not require the bore emergency water, don't turn them on. When talk was original started about the bores my concern was we've exhausted the above ground water please don't let us exhaust the below ground as well. Why do we need 3 advised extracting bores not just 1. Placement of bores could have been better thought out when one was placed at the lagoon right next to the Laura Creek overflow. As humans we are extremely wasteful and a lot of us think what we want, rather than need. An Environmental Impact statement should be obtained as this WILL destroy the Mother of Ducks Lagoon, not only still trying also to recover from the horrendous drought, but also helps to regenerate underground water. It is also a fantastic tourist attraction for the town of Guyra. These are facts that I have gained as well as my own opinion, my concern is as rate payers we are going to let this greed go ahead of what we all really know is right.Read more

Kathryn BrazierGUYRA, Australia
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Created May 8, 2020
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