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Petition to Tom McNamara, Maurice West, Sr., Sam Schmitz, Jessica Jones
It is an unfortunate time that we are in, that we must come together to protect those that have come together to protect us. Recently Dan O'Shea has been brought to public attention for a 3 second sound bite from a month or so ago. We are all residents of Rockford and understand the grave situation we face regarding violent crime. And it is unfortunate that we will not save everyone. It is unfortunate that we have to focus on saving younger teenagers from violence on the streets of Rockford, but we all watch the news and understand these to be facts. When someone commits a violent crime, we simply as a society cannot tolerate it regardless of age. In no way has Dan O'Shea ever been tasked with acting as a father figure for these young children. And unfortunately by the time a child makes it to the police chief's organization it is already arguable too late, regardless of how young they are. I think everyone can agree the violent crime rate in Rockford Illinois is extremely and dangerously high. I think we can all agree that unfortunately anyone, regardless of age should in fact go off to prison, and that is all we have for them. In my neighborhood a family was just sitting in their living room when it was shot up from the outside by unknown shooters exchanging gun fire. I think if you were in this family, you would agree, prison is where people that shoot at other people belong at. PURPOSE: The purpose of this petition is to show support for Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea.  That you want to keep him as police chief and you vote. "Local Democratic Caucus members and City of Rockford Aldermen have expressed that Chief O’Shea must be held accountable for his words." This means that local Democrat alderman have expressed a desire to see Dan O'Shea fired. By signing this petition, if the police chief is replaced that your dissatisfaction will be expressed through your vote in the upcoming elections.Read more

Travis StockwellUnited States
2,923 supporters
Created Jun 24, 2020
Petition to Everyone in Malaysia and the whole World..., Education ministry Malaysia.., Malaysia.
Please support Ain Husniza and her campaign to make schools safe... From prejudice, discrimination and pressure on students. In solidarity with students, boys and girls.. Pressure is mounting on her for making a police report. Her father and family are bearing the brunt of criticism for their police report and a stranger has threatened to rape her. Some people are just taking that threat as a joke. The youth are our future... They must be nurtured, protected and allowed to grow... To make choices for harmony and have a right to be heard, respected and given an environment to live, learn and decide what is best for them. Rules and regulation must not curb the youths in school, both young boys and girls from given the room to grow, think and develop themselves to the best of the ability. Justice is for all and irrespective of gender, age, race. There is just one language... The language of harmony, joy and living in peace. Lend your voice, your vote for Ain Husniza. She is just a kid. Don't taunt her. Don't criticise her. Don't judge her. Don't punish her. Listen to her. Help her live well. She is the voice of her generation. The future is here and now with her and the young. We just borrowed this world and need to give it as a better place to the next generation. Read more

Daniel PhilipSubang Jaya, Malaysia
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Created May 2, 2021
Petition to Louisiana Senators & Representatives
The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was first passed with bipartisan support in 1994. This legislation is designed to prevent sexual violence, protect the rights of survivors, and hold perpetrators accountable. It sets baseline laws to protect survivors' rights and fund programs for primary prevention, victim services, and public safety. In the last year, through VAWA funding, the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault (LaFASA) & our member centers have: Served 2,431 survivors Answered 10,800 hotline calls  Trained over 26,000 people in sexual violence prevention & response. We, the undersigned, strongly encourage you to support a robust, inclusive, and well-funded VAWA. Under VAWA, state organizations like LaFASA and the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement allocate funds to communities for prevention and victim service programs. VAWA saves lives in Louisiana!  Read more

Tori PlaconaUnited States
1,971 supporters
Created Mar 2, 2017
Chancellor Banks is asking all Superintendents to reapply for their jobs this year. Please show your appreciation for the BEST Superintendent in all of NYC by signing this petition of support!Read more

Jennifer FurlongUnited States
3,258 supporters
Created May 9, 2022
Petition to Office of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra
support him for our great future. this petition will send to CMO to take note of this -Nagpur People wants and supports him.Read more

Anonymous SupportIndia
2,884 supporters
Created Jun 12, 2020
Petition to Industry Leaders & Vendors
proud founder and host of The Photo Cookout that celebrates and supports Black photographers andRead more

Tomayia ColvinHouston, TX, United States
51,247 supporters
Created May 29, 2020
Petition to Mark Rutte, Ursula von der Leyen, Roberta Metsola, Members of Dutch Parliament
Yesterday we woke up in a nightmare; Russia started invading Ukraine. We are struck by the powerlessness that we find ourselves in. We have been clustered to our screens, searching for information, looking for a (hopeful) update on the situation in Ukraine. A continuation of our normal study days feels alienating. Thursday night, the EU, together with the US, the UK and other countries, came up with a tough sanctions package against Russia; however, in our opinion, this does not go far enough. What Russia is doing is an attack on our way of life, freedom, and democracy; we must never tolerate this. To put maximum pressure on Russia, we ask you to lobby for Russia’s exclusion from SWIFT, put in effect secondary sanctions to exclude Russia from the world economy, freeze all assets of high ranking Russian officials, and send all the Russian diplomats away. Putin has shown there is no space for dialogue anymore. It is in these dark hours that Ukraine needs our support the most. Therefore, we must provide more supplies to the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian people directly. We should guarantee food, water, and medical distributions, as well as observers on the ground. We call for fast admission procedures and shared responsibility for Ukrainian refugees all over Europe. We are aware that the sanctions entail great costs, but now is a time of war. The loss, resulting from impactful and damaging sanctions, by far outweighs the cost of not doing enough now. There is a war in Europe. If we do not stand for our core principles of sovereignty, democracy and freedom now, then when? How would one ever be able to explain to their children that we did not do enough? That we saw the Russians commit crimes against humanity, but we wanted to protect our own purchasing power figures. At stake are the lives of innocent civilians, brave people who are risking their lives to stand up for their freedom and democracy. It seems we are disconnected from our eastern neighbours; which is why we would like to remind you that Lviv is even closer to our city, Maastricht, than Valencia. A three-hour flight will bring you to the sun of Spain, or to the rockets of Russia in Ukraine. We have forsaken them for too long already, now is the time to show to the world and ourselves who we are and what we care about. It is not too late yet. Read more

Willem van der MeeMaastricht, Netherlands
866 supporters
Created Feb 25, 2022
Petition to Alabama State House, Alabama State Senate, Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey, Mike Rogers, Terri A. Sewell, Mo Brooks, Martha Roby, Adline Clarke, Mike Millican, Allen Treadaway, Randall Shedd, Tom Whatley
The Alabama Legislature is considering an Animal Bill that PROVIDES PROTECTION AND SUPPORT for people involved in ABUSING ANIMALS.   ALABAMA SB196 - Presented and supported by Mobile and Baldwin County State Representatives. The bill states: 1. If you report animal abuse YOU can be arrested 2. If animal abuse IS found the investigator can give the abuser "10 business days to CORRECT the alleged abuse." 3. Animals found in dangerous, abusive situations can ONLY be removed after an impound hearing held within 10 DAYS  of the discovery. 4. NO PHOTOS of the crime scene, animals or abuse can be shared with the public. 5. If a charitable organization (animal rescue) helps the abused animal they can be liable for up to 3 times the "projected revenue of the animal" if the animal is sterilized (spay or neutered). A copy of the entire bill can be viewed at:  http://alisondb.legislature.state.al.us/ALISON/SearchableInstruments/2020RS/PrintFiles/SB196-int.pdf Contact your state reps and tell them to vote NO. ...TO CONTACT: http://www.ccofal.org/alabama/alabamalegislature.htmRead more

Patricia MoorerMobile, AL, United States
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Created Feb 19, 2020
Petition to Utah State Board of Education
Enough with the red tape that hinders our children and their rightful opportunities to be in inclusive settings. The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) is voting this week on new rules that have a direct and negative impact on the special needs student population in Utah. USBE R277-324 includes language that takes paraeducators out of the classroom, or where they remain, severely limits the interaction they can have with a student who is differently abled and needs access to a modified curriculum. For many students in Utah with special needs, the only way they can access a general education setting, or in other words a fully “inclusive” education, where they attend school with siblings, neighbors, and other community members, is with the help and support of a paraeducator. Paraeducators are essential in helping a child with special needs to access a modified general education curriculum. In the absence of paraeducators in public schools, those children will be sent to different schools and warehoused in segregated classrooms. IDEA is a federal law that states:1. Every child no matter their ability has the right to a public education. 2. Access to this education cannot be denied based on funding.3. All students regardless of academic abilities cannot be excluded from a classroom of same-age peers. The USBE claims they are in favor of inclusive settings for children with special needs. But this rule further pushes these children into segregated classrooms. The USBE has been disregarding IDEA law for decades by segregating differently-abled students and denying them access to their neighborhood schools. The USBE does this by creating policies and rules that are in direct conflict with IDEA, but which “govern” local Utah school districts. Simply put - we do not need more rules which marginalize and limit Utah’s children. We need to come out of the dark ages and stop segregating differently-abled populations. We need the Utah State Board of Education to start putting children first. Please sign this petition to stop these new “rules” from being passed. We do not need segregation. We need opportunities and inclusion for all children who learn differently from a young age so that they grow up to be a part of Utah’s future communities. This rule, if passed, has the capacity to: 1 -Prevent full inclusion in the classroom for students with disabilities2- Handicap a paraprofessional from performing helpful and necessary small group instruction3 – Prevent them from effectively assisting the teacher in providing individualized help to students. NO NEED TO DONATE, PLEASE SHARERead more

Wayne BonnerUnited States
4,971 supporters
Created Aug 31, 2021
Petition to Tullahoma School Board
“You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” Please share! On June 17, two of Tullahoma City School System’s teachers’ jobs will be presented to the school board to determine whether or not they will have the opportunity to continue their career in Tullahoma. Because of one lapse in judgement, their entire career may be nullified. A punishment that does not fit their crime. No one is denying their judgement was right, but majority would agree that they would deserve a chance to right their wrong. Majority may even have done the same if they were placed in their shoes under the same circumstances. A chance to benefit a special needs child. Tullahoma City Schools are blessed to have such amazing educators in our area who would do JUST. ABOUT. ANYTHING. to have their students and/or children of their own, succeed to the highest of expectations! It is clear that a review of policy is needed, however, terminating great teachers is not the answer. Please sign to make it clear to the Tullahoma School Board we as Tullahoma citizens do not believe in firing great teachers! Read more

Jaclyn ParksTullahoma, TN, United States
693 supporters
Created May 30, 2019
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