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Petition to The Department for Health and Social Care
Ethnic (BAME) patients who are receiving healthcare in the UK. 'Nude coloured' items supplied by theRead more

Jess BryantUnited Kingdom
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Created Jun 6, 2020
Petition to The Government
I believe that the sale of Fireworks should only be available to organised persons who own a Licence to prove that they are holding an organised Fireworks display. Every year thousands of animals suffer due to the noise and some animals have even suffered fatal heart attacks. I believe that the Government should put licences in place and hefty fines should be given out to anyone not holding a licence and setting off Fireworks without one. Many households with pets suffer each year trying to control their animals which are scared and stressed, also wild animals outdoors suffering.  I have just read an article that a town in Italy use silent Fireworks and believe that this is a way forward here in the UK and across Europe  organised displays. I also feel that there is a high risk factor in not holding a licence or running an organised event as Fireworks can be very dangerous in the hands of people who do not know how to properly handle them resulting in alot of accidents. Please help me by signing this petition. Read more

June RobsonNewcastle upon Tyne, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Nov 5, 2018
Petition to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon (Secretary General of the United Nations)
investigation of food garbage being supplied to the meat dog breeding farms.  Proper food and clean complete investigation into food garbage being supplied to meat dog breeding farms.  Only you can endRead more

KoreanDogs​.​org TeamSunnyvale, CA, United States
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Created Sep 18, 2015
Petition to Alfred Nzo Municipality and the South African Government, Alfred Nzo Municipality & the South African Government
There is a big problem with the water supply in Matatiele, Mpharane village and surrounding areas. This area is under the Alfred Nzo Municipality. Residents were given Jojo tanks, however the tanks have never been filled with water and their taps never have running water, this is unacceptable. We are in the middle of a pandemic and it is disappointing that villagers are still getting no water supply from the government and they are still expected to survive. This has been an ongoing problem for years now and it is very unfair that nothing is being done about it. May something please be done in this area as many people are suffering because of the incompetence of officials that are meant to ensure that the people are well taken are of and their basic needs are met. The few that can afford, are able to buy water and each water tank is R500 minimum. The rest who cannot afford are at a big disadvantage. The Bill of Rights states that everyone has a right to health care, food, water and social security. This is a violation of that right because residents do not have access to water. They are human beings and they are not being given a basic right, which needs attention immediately. We just want to ensure that the villagers are well taken care of and we are concerned about their well being.  We are demanding change. Read more

Takatso MSouth Africa
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Created Jul 28, 2020
Petition to Governor Hogan, The Maryland HGO Committee, The Maryland EHEA Committee
supplied by their place of work, without any repercussions. The healthcare workers shall not beRead more

Kara DouglasReisterstown, MD, United States
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Created Mar 21, 2020
Respected PMO India, Chief Minister of Haryana, CMO Haryana, Health Minister of Haryana, National Green Tribunal (NGT), This petition is in reference to the allocation of a 5-Acre land in general area Basai, Gurugram for setting up of 250-Ton Capacity Solid Waste Management Plant. Please refer Times of India article dated 22 Sept 2022: Municipal-corporation-of-gurugram-earmarks-land-for-fresh-waste-processing-in-basai We, the residents of Gurugram and in particular, those of Basai and adjoining residential sectors along Dwarka Expressway, are deeply concerned because of the following factors: 1. Close Vicinity of Proposed Solid Waste Treatment Plant With Existing Water Storage, Treatment & Supply Facility: The area earmarked for establishing the said Solid Waste Management Plant is just within 500-800 metres of an already existing Water Storage, Treatment & Supply Facility which serves potable water requirement of entire Gurugram city. 2. Very High Water Table of the Area: Further, there is a Very High Water Table / Level in the said area. The Water table /level in this general area, extending up to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, is as high as 1-3 feet during summers. While during monsoons, entire area is mostly submerged. Due to very high water table and very close vicinity of existing Water Treatment Plant, spread of contaminant is extremely likely and any such occurrence, even if unintentional or accidental, will have the following serious consequences: a. Pose extremely serious health hazard for all inhabitants of entire Gurugram b. Once polluted, the existing Water Treatment Facility itself will become non-functional and will need to be decontaminated or relocated. This will deprive all Gurugram residents of potable water for a very long, unexpected duration until decontamination/ relocation is completed with laying of fresh water pipeline network c. Decontamination or relocation of existing Water Treatment Facility will be extremely costly both in terms of finances as well as time Hence, I plead to withdraw the said sanctioned land for setting up Solid Waste Processing & Management Plant near Basai and kindly allocate to any other area which is reasonably far away from any such Water Treatment & Potable Supply Facility, where possible contamination due to accidental & unintentional breach of NGT Norms, can be arrested without causing serious health hazard to residents of Gurugram.P.S. Guidelines to read the picture:The blue highlighting is the Water storage, treatment & supply infrastructure for entire GurugramThe red circle is the proposed Solid Waste Management Plant, which is within 500 meters The green highlighting is a multi-specialty hospital which caters to the residents of Basai and adjoining residential sectors along Dwarka Expressway, which is within 50 meters The purple highlighting is the Dwarka Expressway which was granted a National Highway status by Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Sh Nitin Gadkari in 2017, which is within 100 meters - Thanking you in anticipation of due consideration, A 'extremely' concerned resident of GurugramRead more

Amit BakshiGURGAON, India
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Created Oct 11, 2022
Petition to Mike Neggar mnegar@citycouncil.org , Maryann Edwards marryann.edwards@citycouncil.org, Matt Rahn matt.rahn@citycouncil.org, James Stewart, Jeff Comerchero jcomerchero@citycouncil.org
We request that a Law be enacted to end the retail sale of Companion Animals - Dogs (Puppies), Cats (Kittens) and Rabbits (Bunnies) in the city Pet Stores unless those animals are obtained from an Animal Shelter, Humane Society or a 501(c)(3) Rescue Organization. Animals sold in Retail Stores come from Pet Mills (Large Commercial Breeders) and they are NOT Spayed or Neutered adding to the Shelter Pet Over-Population Problem and the Needless Killing of Healthy Animals every day in this country. California alone Kills 500,000 healthy Animals each year. That is one (1) Tenth of the Animals Murdered Annually in this country.  The parents of the animals sold in retail stores are left in horrific conditions at the Mills and Bred to Death never knowing LOVE <3 Reputable Breeders DO NOT Sell to Retail Stores, they are similar to Rescues in that they want the Pet to have the best chance at life possible. It is NOT just about money to them! It should also be Illegal to sell Companion Animals On-Line "Sight Unseen" - meaning without the buyer visually seeing the animal first and interacting with it in person. Buyers should be required to meet the new addition to their family first and at the very least the animals mother. They should see how the animal was raised for the first few months of it life. For more information about this petition or to learn more about "Puppy or Companion Animal Mills" Please go to our Website: www.SCCAnimalDefenders.org Many  cities in San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties have already ended the sale of pet mill animals. Temecula will be the gateway to a ban in Riverside County, the 4th most populous county in the state. Should this ban occur, Temecula will be sending a powerful message to the County, State, and the whole of this country. We care about animal rights and the humane treatment of all animals. The senseless suffering of animals for the greed of human beings needs to STOP.  Thank you and a big "Paws Up" for doing the RIGHT and Humane thing Temecula.Read more

Robert MichaelEscondido, CA, United States
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Created Sep 13, 2016
Petition to Grace Grace MP
they must independently apply their own supplied sunscreen when going outside. They are not equipped harsh sun. Schools were very quick to be able to be supplied sanitiser when Covid occurred, however supplied to them.  Help to protect our children’s futures and encourage safe sun play. Read more

Kate HillAustralia
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Created Sep 24, 2020
Petition to New Zealand Government, Women in NZ, women organizations
What is ‘Period Poverty'? Period Poverty is the inability or lack of access to sanitary products for women. The average price of a packet of tampons is $5.50 found in a study by stuff.co.nz, though this information may be slightly different today due to the article being released in 2017. By looking at this information though we can see how period poverty is a thing due to such a high price for a packet of tampons which won't last you your entire period. It really shows why many women around the world suffer from period poverty and have to prioritise putting food on the table rather than purchase necessary sanitary products as described in this quote from CBSNews "The average mother will put food on that table for their children with the last five in your pocket and she will find other ways to get the other necessities that she needs,".  Period Poverty has forced countless women to miss out on important school or work as they are unable to afford these products. In fact, a quote from the New Zealand Government states this “We know that nearly 95,000 9-to-18-year-olds may stay at home during their periods due to not being able to afford period products. By making them freely available, we support these young people to continue learning at school,”. From this quote, we find that the New Zealand government is fully aware of the situation and what Period Poverty is and have made action to stop it from giving free access to sanitary products in schools in order to stop the inability or lack of access to sanitary products to students.  Many women have to resort to tactics such as selling their bodies to be able to afford to both feed their children and have access to sanitary products. As seen in this quote from CBSNews "I've seen and I've heard mothers do all types of things… going out onto the streets with their babies, in and out of trucks. What's to say you're gonna come back? What's to say your child is gonna come back?" --- “That sort of thing may seem unfathomable to a lot of people selling your body just to be able to afford a tampon.” This is a huge example of period poverty. Period Poverty is the inability or lack of access to sanitary products which results in women having to choose between putting food on the table or buying necessary products for a bodily function that happens monthly. Period Poverty is women feeling forced to tactics such as selling their body because the world functions in a way which results in millions of women being unable to afford necessities for them and their children each and every month.Read more

Tyler BradleyAuckland, New Zealand
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Created Jun 2, 2021
Petition to Theo Spierings
good reason wine and spirits are stored in glass: purity of taste.  Milk supplied in glass bottlesRead more

Drew CopestakeTauranga, New Zealand
80,564 supporters
Created Aug 9, 2018
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