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Petition to Minister Paschal Donohoe
Applying 23% VAT to all vitamins, minerals & food supplements would be completely inconsistent for the preservation of 0% VAT on vitamins and food supplementsRead more

Health Stores IrelandIreland
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Created October 3, 2018
Petition to Katharine Viner
a knock-on effect is that The Saturday Guardian supplements - Weekend, Review, The Guide and Travel supplements! Sign if you do so too, and pledge your commitment to The Guardian offering alternative subscription models available that permit these supplements to remain print and digital entities.   SourceRead more

Camilla DUnited Kingdom
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Created July 16, 2020
Petition to Federal Trade Commission, Food and Drug Administration
Celebrities have a huge influence over young people, particularly those things they advertise and claim helps them lose weight. When in reality they have plastic surgery, personal trainers and private chefs. The person buying the advertised product will not achieve the same result as they dont have what is listed above. This is going to make them feel inadequate and wonder why it doesn't work for them, which could result in major body issues and eating disorders. Many of us know the "fit tummy tea"  type products do not work but these "celebrities" and "instagram models" keep promoting it to line their pockets and force bad body images onto our young people.Read more

jas wNew York, United States
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Created May 16, 2018
feeding of Wildlife illegal. This includes corn, supplements and minerals. Along with this they alsoRead more

Donald KrallJonestown, PA, United States
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Created April 28, 2020
Petition to Food and Drug Administration, US Commissioner of Food and Drugs Stephen M. Hahn
supplements. This happened to Sue Golder, a 51 year old hairdresser living in Hertfordshire. She was, death. The FDA treats diet pills and other weight loss supplements like food, which means they are considered "safe until proven otherwise." However, I believe weight loss supplements need to be needs to be implemented that requires the FDA to approve and regulate weight loss supplements in order to protect the safety of US citizens.Read more

Anna R.Maple Grove, MN, United States
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Created January 17, 2021
Petition to All travel companies
When you go to buy anything in life such as your weekly shop or clothing for instance are you charged more often 1/3 more or above just because your single no of course not so why are you charged more for you holiday it makes no sense . A number of hotels do the right thing and charge no single supplement to holidaymakers but then holiday companies put a single supplement on anyway just to profiter from single travels often well over £150 extra even though they don't have to pass even 1p on to the hotel . The reason for a supplement when hotels  put it on is also crazy as most single rooms are small and cannot accommodate a double bed anyway so infact your giving extra income to the hotel by using the room and often a single person will use the bar area for instance at night where as some couples go to bed early depriving the bar area of revenue. The main area of exploitation I've found though is with the travel companies selling a package holiday, including trips ect as stated and not hotels so the next time you book your single traveler holiday check with the hotel and you may be surprised to find as I was that they say no we do not charge a single supplement only to find you holiday company is yet again profitering!    Read more

Michael WilsonNorth Lincolnshire, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created February 4, 2017
Petition to Josh Frydenberg, Scott Morrison
The Federal Government plan to reduce the current Pandemic support payments for Job Seeker & Job Keeper across the country from 28 September 2020, as a step back process, due to the Covid19 Pandemic lockdowns be lifted. However, in Victoria, the State Government has had to extend the lockdown period till potentially November 23 or longer for the majority of industries (dependant on infection numbers), to ensure that there is not a "Third Wave", endangering more lives.We ask that the Prime Minister and Treasurer, immediately change their view that all of the country should be treated the same, in terms of support payments. It is very clear that Victorians are in need of more support than the rest of the country, so we ask that they postpone the date for a reduction in these support payments till December 31, 2020 or whenever Victoria is able to move to Covid Normal (as represented in the Victorian Government's Coronavirus (COVID-19) reopening roadmap).This approach should then be then extended to any other states that also experience a second wave of infection, resulting in lockdowns similar to what is being experienced in Victoria.We are all in this together, and the sacrifices that Victorians are making, in complying with these lockdowns, are to protect the spread throughout the country and save lives. It is cruel and unfair to impose these financial support package cuts on Victorians, which will undoubtedly seriously impact their mental health on top of the stresses they are already experiencing. Please do the right thing, and continue supporting Victorians over this difficult time.Read more

Jen GaySkye, Australia
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Created September 5, 2020
Petition to UK Parliament, Theresa May MP
buying essentials like Food or Supplements! It is disgraceful that 20% extra of our own money goes to supplements! The inability of the government to look after our soil  and air has allowed companies like supplements , not because they want them but they need to take  eg. B12 or D3 or Zinc  or and as much awareness we can create! Drop VAT on food and supplementsRead more

Chantal Di Donatolondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created August 25, 2017
Petition to Eric Holcomb, Indiana State Senate, Indiana State House, United States Department of Health and Human Services
Currently, in Indiana and 19 other states I as a kidney dialysis patient who is disabled and under the age of 65 am not eligible to buy  a Medicare Supplement policy. Though I have traditional Medicare, current parameters force me to go broke and possibly to Medicaid to cover all of my healthcare cost. I am simply wanting an equal field to offset my cost. I am 56 years old and have worked and paid my fair share of taxes my whole life. Time for these 20 states to make things right.Read more

Jim WierciakUnited States
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Created October 18, 2017
Petition to The recipients of south Australia, Government
I’ve put this together to put to the government re Centrelink debts and supplements  as we are all repayments every fortnight  I do not believe Centrelink should  be able to keep our supplements  weRead more

Karen PickenAustralia
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Created June 27, 2019
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