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Petition to Prime Minister Scott Morrison
Please sign to support our Aged Care Pensioners to receive the SAME ongoing financial supplementRead more

Stephanie BrownAustralia
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Created March 24, 2020
Petition to Drug Enforcement Agency, Food and Drug Administration, President of the United States
We are petitioning today in regards to the FDA’s public health advisory related to their mounting concerns regarding the alleged risks associated with the use of kratom, a traditional tealeaf in the same family as the coffee plant. The agency’s two main concerns that this advisory focuses on are poison control center calls, increasing 10-fold from 2010 to 2015, and 36 deaths “associated” with kratom. This letter considers these concerns, puts them in perspective to other commonly used substances like energy drinks, and presents sound scientific evidence that was submitted to the DEA, FDA, as well as members of Congress and the U.S. Senate in 2016 showing that kratom tea is safe and poses little to no health risk to Americans nationwide. We will also cover mutually beneficial manufacturing practices and standards that have been adopted by the kratom industry that would alleviate any compliance issues, and ensure continued safe use for the millions of Americans that enjoy this celebrated traditional tea. As recent as the Fall of 2016 the DEA brought up the same concerns that the FDA has now, but sought a much more aggressive approach by attempting to emergency schedule kratom tea through the Controlled Substances Act. This was the first time a natural tea was targeted in this fashion, and Senator Orin Hatch along with 8 other U.S. Senators and 51 U.S. Representatives advised the DEA to consider consumers, researchers, health professionals, law enforcement officials, and other stakeholders to allow a more fulsome decision. This opened a six-week public comment period that resulted in an overwhelming 23,023 Americans (99.1%) submitting comments during the DEA’s 6-week comment period favoring to keep kratom legal. Only 113 people (0.49%) were for banning kratom. If it were as “deadly” as the FDA says it is, wouldn’t at least 1% comment to ban it? The FDA claims Poison Control Center calls increased 10 fold from 2010 to 2015 but neglected to report the actual call numbers or put them in perspective. The agency is citing a July 2016 study by the CDC that states the calls were at 26 in 2010 then 263 in 2015. Out of 323.1 million Americans only 263 calls were made to poison control centers while in 2014 energy drinks received 5,156 calls with more than 40% of those calls involving children younger than 6, with some suffering cardiac and neurological symptoms. Scientific research, expert testimony, and Poison Control data have shown that kratom tea is far less dangerous than these common substances that pose serious health risks to Americans and our nation’s youth. The agency uses the term “associated” when describing the 36 deaths because kratom was not the sole cause of death when in fact no deaths have ever been attributed to kratom alone. This numbers pales in comparison to 34 deaths attributed to energy drinks in 2014 alone. In all kratom cases individuals died while taking prescription drugs and other substances, some even of natural causes, but happened to have been taking kratom at the same time. This issue was of great concern to the state of Florida and was addressed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Rick Swearingen with the Office of Statewide Intelligence in 2015. Their investigation concluded, “A review of available law enforcement and laboratory sources in Florida demonstrates that Kratom does not currently constitute a significant risk to the safety and welfare of Florida residents. According to the Florida Department of Health (DOH), no pervasive health issues have been attributed to the ingestion of Kratom products in Florida.” This subject has also forced independent studies by revered scientists like Jack Henningfield PhD of Pinney & Associates, one the world’s leading experts on addiction and safety. He states, “This is a remarkable record of safety and low abuse risk for any substance used by millions of Americans, as described by other witnesses in this hearing, and it is especially remarkable for a substance with some opiate-like pharmacological activity.” The beneficial potential, safety, and efficacy of kratom tea has been discussed, studied, even clinically researched and found to be as safe as coffee, its close relative, with several NIH funded studies conducted, some of which are still ongoing within the last few years. In recent years the kratom industry has labeled all products for adults 18 years of age and up, adopted FDA labeling standards, analytically tests kratom leaf with state of the art technology, as well as recommending reasonable and safe dosage, while manufacturing in American made GMP facilities. Given the facts there is more than enough research and evidence in support of kratom being a safe herb that millions of Americans use to support their health and overall well-being. Please urge the FDA to reconsider their stance and take a closer look at the facts and science that is still fresh from last year. We sincerely appreciate Commissioner Gottlieb’s concern but we need not repeat that past so quickly.Read more

David Derianrichmond, VA, United States
25,834 supporters
Created November 15, 2017
Petition to Rick Snyder
! We could solve our opioid problems with a simple, no high enducing supplement. Cancer patients are show our governor that CBD oil needs to be classified as a dietary supplement and available for anyone to use with out a prescription. Read more

Samantha WaltersUnited States
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Created May 19, 2018
Petition to Studylink New Zealand
accommodation supplement rate as they do Christchurch and Nelson. Students in Auckland get more, but rent while studying by increasing the accommodation supplement for Wellington Students to better reflect the current rental prices and market.  Read more

Al TeeWellington, New Zealand
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Created February 4, 2022
Petition to Hon Anthony Albanese , Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk
Student Financial Supplement Scheme GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY AND REDUCE EXISTING DEBTS FOR DISADVANTAGED PARTICIPANTS OF THIS SCHEME The Student Financial Supplement Scheme was introduced from January 1993. It was initially referred to as the AUSTUDY/ABSTUDY Supplement debt. The supplement and Austudy were administered as part of the education portfolio until the introduction of Youth Allowance in July 1998. At that time responsibility for the supplement passed toRead more

CJ ThomsonAustralia
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Created October 12, 2016
Petition to Scott Morrison, Daniel Andrews, Josh Frydenberg
The $550 per fortnight Coronavirus Supplement, currently a lifeline for many, is due to be cut to current Coronavirus supplement rates for those residing in metropolitan Melbourne, in light of recent announcements. Read more

Anna JacobsMelbourne, Australia
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Created September 6, 2020
Petition to Département fédéral intérieur de Suisse
taking a supplement, because reducing the number of tablets consumed per year significantly reduces confirm that vegans need to be able to supplement their diet with vitamin B12 without restriction, toRead more

Constantin IMBSFrance
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Created October 20, 2017
Petition to Australian Government, Senator the Hon Anne Ruston
Those with disabilities, and their carers if they require them, are one of the most at risk communities during this current COVID-19 pandemic, yet the support and care offered to this community appears to be sorely lacking. This has been clearly evident with the purposeful exclusion of people with disabilities and carers from the second coronavirus stimulus package announced this past week. While amendments have been made to all student and Youth Allowance payments, which we are thrilled to see as this support is direly needed for this demographic, when the point was raised to also include those receiving disability support pensions or carer's payments, the decision was made to purposely exclude this community from the second stimulus package even though these individuals are at a much greater risk from both the health and financial consequences of this pandemic.We are urgently calling on the Australian Government, and especially the Minister for Families and Social Services, Senator the Hon. Anne Ruston (whom has been given authority to make additional amendments to the stimulus while the parliament is taking leave until August), to include those on disability support pensions and carer's payments in the second coronavirus stimulus for the same $550 per fortnight rate as everyone else. Those with disabilities are part of the same workforce, the same tax system, the same community and the same Australian way of life that we all are, so why should they be treated as less than. So do the right thing to help your fellow Australians get the support they deserve during this crisis.Read more

James SteggellAustralia
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Created March 25, 2020
Petition to Everyone
HealthDiabetes Treatment Now, why would someone want to ban this amazing natural supplement, possiblyRead more

Jermaine WalkerDesoto, TX, United States
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Created December 6, 2017
for Minimum wage supplement). The change is good, however with the upcoming election there is aRead more

Yashora WeerasingheNew Zealand
141 supporters
Created June 1, 2023
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