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Petition to bandai, ww_gp_seiyazb_ad@net.bandai.co.jp
  Hello, "SAINT SEIYA COSMO FANTASY" BANDAI of the global version, here is a list of improvements, for the management team "SAINT SEIYA COSMO FANTASY" where your attention and understanding will be greatly appreciated.   - Improve game loading time, to leave a game much more fluid. - Refine the game home screen, to get simpler and lighter. - Fix the upgrade errors and install the game, EX: the game crashes with 99% of download and restarts from scratch.   Thank you very much for understanding.Of all your sponsors.Read more

Gustav TreichAparecida, AL, Estados Unidos
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Created May 21, 2019
Petition to CBSE
I wanted you to think about GRACE MARKS. I USED MY 10 MINUTES to solve the lens-water question,but as it was out of the syllabus, all the 10 minutes went in vein. and still i wpuld not get grace marks as i didn't attempt it. so please think about grace marks rules for not attempting an out of syllabus question.Read more

Vansh GargIndia
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Created March 9, 2018
Petition to viki
Lecture en couleurs avec Gdoc/ Read this with colors here/ Leer con colores:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_RRq5rQ1d6-NGhPUNyVrqD3SoQA8pL2g2R97kumwsU0/edit?usp=sharing Bonjour à toutes et à tous, Hola a tod@s! Hello everybody ! actuellement Viki propose un Viki pass pour une somme modeste ($4.99-4€99 ) qui permet au plus grand nombre des dramaddicts de pouvoir visionner les derniers dramas sortis et de les regarder sans publicité. Cet abonnement n'est pas très cher surtout si on le compare à un abonnement de chaîne type Canal +. Actualmente Viki propone un Viki pass por un monto modesto  ($4.99-4€99 ), que permite a la mayor parte de “dramadictos” de poder ver los últimos dramas en la cartelera y de verlos sin publicidad alguna. Este costo no es muy caro, sobre todo si lo comparamos a la tarifa de un canal de tipo Canal+ Currently Viki offers Viki pass for a modest price  ($4.99-4€99 ), allowing most of dramaddicts to watch newly released dramas without any ads. This pass is cheap compared to others like Canal+ one. Toutefois, certains font le choix de ne pas suivre les dramas en cours (pour ne pas être frustrés ou pour ne pas vouloir/pouvoir payer cet abonnement, même modeste,  chacun ses moyens) et donc ne ressentent pas le besoin de prendre un Viki pass. De todos modos, algunos toman la decisión de no continuar de ver los dramas que siguen actualmente (con el fin de no tener frustración, o por no querer/poder pagar este abono, igual sea muy pequeño, no todos tienen la posibilidad de pagarlo) y pues no tienen la necesidad de abonarse al Viki pass. However, some choose to avoid recent dramas because they don't want to or can't afford the pass. Some other prefers to watch the complete series in one go, and doesn't even need a Viki pass. Sans Viki Pass, les dramaddicts sont confrontés depuis quelques temps à une augmentation de la publicité AVANT et PENDANT les dramas (ceux qui ne nécessitent pas l'accès Viki pass). Sin el Viki pass, los dramadictos se encuentran desde hace algun tiempo, con un aumento de la publicidad ANTES y DURANTE los dramas (los cuales no necesitan del Viki pass). Without Viki pass, dramaddicts are seeing advertising BEFORE and DURING their watching (for those who are available for watching without pass). Exemple AVANT / Ejemplo ANTES / Exemple BEFORE a drama:  http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=550329Capture.png Exemple PENDANT le drama (points en jaunes = pub) /Ejemplo DURANTE el drama (puntos amarillos = publicidad) / Exemple DURING a drama (yellow points = advertising): http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=575791Capture.png Ce n'est pas nouveau ni tabou, certains utilisaient certaines extensions afin de les éviter mais ce n'est plus possible pour beaucoup aujourd'hui a priori. No es una novedad ni tampoco un tabú, algunos utilizan algunas extensiones con el fin de evitarlo, pero ya no es posible actualmente para muchos al parecer. This is not a secret, some people use extensions to remove advertising. Nevertheless, it seems to be harder than ever to avoid ads using this method now. Il est évident que c'est pour pousser à prendre un VIki pass mais pour ceux qui ne regardent que les dramas plus "vieux" et qui ne sont pas en cours sous viki pass obligatoire, payer plus de 4€ pour enlever les pubs peut paraître un peu beaucoup. Es una evidencia todo esto es para obligar a tomar el Viki pass, pero para aquellos que ven los dramas más “antiguos” y que no cuentan con el viki pass obligatorio, pagas mas de 4€ para no tener publicidad, pues puede ser demasiado caro. It is obviously to incite people to buy a Viki pass that such a system has been set up. But, for those who only watch older dramas, pay almost $5 per month to simply remove ads may seems expensive. Je vous PROPOSE donc la chose suivante / Les hago la propuesta siguiente / So I suggest that : Créer un Viki pass special Pub à 1€ symbolique pour juste enlever les pubs sur les dramas quitte à avoir 3 pubs au DEBUT SEULEMENT du drama (mais pas pendant car cela casse le rythme du drama!) Crear un Viki pass especial Publicidad a 1€ simbolico solo para quitar la publicidad en los dramas, teniendo quizas 3 publicidades al COMIENZO SOLAMENTE del drama (pero no durante ya que aquello rompe con el ritmo del drama). Create a cheaper formula (like $1) to only remove ads during dramas. Even if ads AT THE BEGINNING stays, at least there will be no more things that disrupt the rhythm of the show!          2.  Et en parallèle du premier Viki pass special pub, garder le viki pass actuel qui permet de visionner les nouveautés sans pub (et au même prix). Y en paralelo del primer viki pass especial Publicidad, continuar con el viki pass actual que permite de ver las novedades sin publicidad (y al mismo precio). And keep the current formula that allow fans to watch new dramas without advertising at all. Grâce à cette alternative, Viki n'y serait pas perdant financièrement, pourrait conserver ses partenariats et contenter un plus grand nombre encore de Viki fans dans le monde ! ;) Gracias a esta alternativa, Viki no saldria perdiendo, puede conservar sus auspiciadores y contentar aun mas a un gran numero de Viki fans en el mundo entero! ;) And keep the current formula that allow fans to watch new dramas without advertising at all. Si vous aussi, vous êtes pour l'alternative et donc POUR avoir deux formules Viki pass, s’il vous plaît, SIGNEZ ET PARTAGEZ ! Si ustedes también, están de acuerdo con esta alternativa, y con ello, tener 2 formulas de Viki pass, FIRME Y COMPARTA por favor! If you like this alternative, and you also want to have a second subscription formula, then please SIGN and SHARE this petition!   Thanks Viki, we love you! ♥   Thank you for your attention and thank Trisha.O (spanish translation) and Zadie’s snuggle bunny oO (english translation) for your time ! =) Read more

Zadie GAEDIGFrance
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Created April 9, 2017
Petition to T.K.S Elangovan
Tamilnadu being a leading state in Renewable energy & the cost of which is falling rapidly & with a serious threat of severe air pollution & global warming, I would like DMK to have a strong policy of electric mobility in Public transport. With the AIADMK announcing about 1000 electric buses for the state recently, it would be good if all the new public transport buses to be bought is only electric for intra city purpose. Alternatively a strong electric bus strategy could be thought on in PPP mode. This could be  coupled with a strong  e rickshaw & e scooter strategy for last mile connectivityRead more

Ruben ThomasIndia
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Created February 22, 2019
Petition to Airbnb
The star-rating system used by both hosts and guests is intended to rate the descriptions and expectations for them being met, not some golden luxury paradigm. Many hosts have older properties, humble but certainly habitable. These are even preferred by some over the boring sterility of commercial hotels. Guests have hurt many hosts and provided no usable information by giving 1-star reviews in every category, sometimes putting a host out of business. A current display of average ratings GIVEN BY a guest would be a great indicator for a potential host to evaluate their risk. It is fair and self-regulating. A guest abusing the system will be turned away more often and quickly realize they must be fair and honest too. There is a third party app out there that does this but it can only search for the hosts that received reviews from their hosts. These are rare because the host may not really have anything useful to say about someone they never met who came and went and didn't cause problems. We hosts would like to see an average star rating GIVEN BY the prospective guest prior to booking. Airbnb has taken steps to avoid discrimination but this is different and we need to see it before approving their request.Read more

Chris ClementPalm Harbor, FL, United States
195 supporters
Created August 7, 2021
Top is a person in the Shippuden Generation 2 Discord Server. His @ is “Top The Real One” and has written some terrible, terrible things in #suggestions. These “suggestions” (which in my opinion are absolute abominations, have ruined peoples day countless times. @Trexxy, @Xelo?, @Kag, and @TOA$TED have experienced an unneeded amount of cringe due to Top’s suggestions. Many people don’t understand why he writes such garbage, but the why doesn’t matter. What we want is more important that anything, and YOU can change the fate of SG2 suggestions. Please, sign this petition and get rid of Top “The Real One” for good. -With love and care for the SG2 monkeys   Hagon#2006Read more

Hagon SG2 SweatWashington, United States
6 supporters
Created September 3, 2022
Petition to Jerma985 , Holy Mackerel the Third
Handsome, skilled editor Holy Mackerel the Third has promised to release a new video on Jerma985's second channel every day through the month of February. "Welcome to F*ck it February! 28 days! 28 videos! 28 gorillas? Yes - HM" However, February has a finite number of days. This will not stand. We must unite to make February the only month of the year. By doing so, Holy Mackerel the Third is contractually obligated to deliver delicious Jerma content to his adoring viewers until the heat death of the universe.Read more

Serving SuggestionUnited States
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Created February 18, 2017
Petition to The American People and the International Community
President Trump just suggested that Egypt attack and "blow up" the sovereign nation of Ethiopia dam. He said he did everything he can to stop Ethiopia from building a dam over the Nile river and now he is calling for a war between two peaceful nations. https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20201023-trump-suggests-egypt-may-blow-up-ethiopia-damRead more

Artist SurafelRichmond, VA, United States
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Created October 23, 2020
Petition to BBMP, Bangalore citizens, Bangalore Mayor, Animal rights activists, dog lovers
STRAY DOG MENACE IN BANGALORE - An Effective Solution Along With Guidelines To Implement For BBMP. What is the problem? Stray dogs menace have been single largest problem facing every resident in the area & have been total out of control. There has been cases of dog bites being reported almost every other day & has become a plight for everybody in the area. Why is it a problem? Parents cant let kids play on the streets in one peace, as dogs are every where. Inspite of living with in corporation limits, people are not able to fully utilise them for early morning jogging or walking just due to stray dogs menace. Everyday we hear people screaming when dogs chase them while they come to fetch milk early in the morning. For those residents who come home late night after work, they have to pass through horror everyday as they are being chased by group of dogs. Senior citizens are not able to go outdoor peacefully either. Lastly even people with pet dogs cant peacefully take their dogs out for a walk, due to stray dogs all over the roads. Over all it is an apathy for all parents & family members to go through the experience of their loved ones being chased & bit by these dogs. Where is the problem? There is one section of people who hate dogs as they would have had a scary chasing experience with either themselves or their kids. On the other side - there are handful section of people in every street who loves dogs & they feed them. Dogs being a loyal creature it shows it’s loyalty towards houses it feeds & they stay around those houses & streets. What has been done till now? Every time an issue raised through ‘BBMP Fix My Street’ Or ‘BBMP Sahaya’ - Animal & Husbandry department says we are doing our job of sterilising the dogs periodically. But this is definitely not effective & not being done strategically. Dogs go running when they come to the area & they are going back doing nothing.  Proposed Solution: Solution 1: BBMP to enforce provisions to override CUPA restrictions & move dogs out of the area limits. Implementation: BBMP can check data collected by ‘Animal Husbandry’ to know how many dogs are in each area & have a tolerance level for dogs based on sq.km of the residential area. (excluding commercial space). When it breaches a certain tolerance level, BBMP should enforce restrictions to enable Animal Husbandry to override CUPA provisions & move the dogs out of the area limits. Solution 2: BBMP to put caution boards & ban public feeding stray dogs in public places. Implementation: Dogs being a loyal creature it shows it’s loyalty towards houses it feeds & they stay around those houses & streets. And BBMP is the only competent authority who can put these caution boards & get a ban on public feeding stray dogs. Residents or welfare associations alone cannot drive this behavioural aspects in the area - as dog feeders will not oblige unless & until a competent authority bans them from doing an act of feeding. Solution 3: Allow Dog Lovers to adopt stray dogs. Implementation: All dog lovers must be given chance to adopt street dogs & show their undivided love & care - restricted to within their house premises. A notification can be circulated in the area with the help of ‘Resident Welfare Associations’ or by BBMP themselves announcing increase in stray dogs beyond limits prescribed for the area. During such time, dog lovers can adopt dogs by signing an under taking as mentioned in schedule 1. If do not comply with agreement mentioned in the schedule they should be made liable to pay hefty fines with warnings. After 3 warnings dog lover/care taker should oblige with BBMP move away those dogs to dog reserve shelter areas as decided by BBMP.   Schedule 1: Rules governing Dog Undertaking to be followed by Dog lovers/Dog Care takers.   If anybody in the area wishes to caretake a stray dog - they must sign an undertaking with BBMP authorities - that they or their family will care take that dog personally, by implementing these measures. Dog lover/family - To tie the dog, keep it restricted to their compound vicinity. Instances when Dog lover/Family - choose to let them out in open - they will need to make sure it’s tagged with chain, its vaccinated, undergone dog training & dog lover assumes complete responsibility for its nuisances on the road as mentioned in Schedule 1  & be responsible to get people treated either in kind as agreed upon or by cash for treatment. Dog nuances include - Biting, scratching, damage to personal property of individuals, bear damages of psychological trauma under influence of dog chasing those individuals. BBMP to maintain Dog Lover registry, which people need to register their membership & re-new it periodically by agreeing to rules that may change from time to time. This is one of the single largest problem almost in entire of Bangalore. I would urge citizens of Bangalore to take a moment, look around your streets, just re-count your horrible experiences - either you or your loved ones have had with stray dogs. Even if you are dog lover, find a way to shower your love by making your streets safer for you, your family & your dogs as well. Sign this petition for yourself & share it with your loved ones living in Bangalore to make Bangalore better for good.Read more

Suman RaoBangalore, India
1,126 supporters
Created October 3, 2019
Petition to Telecom Authority of India, Ravi Shankar Prasad
force them them to act on the complaints and provide better Services to the customers. A suggestion to TRAI made in Public InterestRead more

Jimmy ShahiIndia
232 supporters
Created May 8, 2020
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