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Water and electricity play an integral part in our daily lives. We cant live without its presence. Technologies are very essential in doing chores effortlessly. Scientifically speaking, some technologies wont work unless electricity runs off of its electrical components therefore, it will not operate according to its usage. Water is a big matter when talking to its purpose universally. From a small specie of plant to the largest animal alive needs water to drink accordingly. So heres the problem: Insufficient water and electricity annoys everyone. Try waking up in the morning to prepare for schools and work and theres no water. Try to charge your phone because you barely need it and theres no current. Try to sleep comfortably at night with a very hot humidity and tons of mosquitoes swirling around your skin when its blackout. As a monopoly corporation, you should do your job to give your consumers the primary services they deserve from you. You are the ones whom we can only ask to solve these irregularities. So please do your obligations rightfully for the sake of all the people in our community. If you have a question please visit this site: https://fosteringsuffecientelectricityandwater.wordpress.com/Read more

Eugene BanzagalesPhilippines
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Created Sep 30, 2018
Petition to UK Government
When the UK lockdown is relaxed, it is inevitable that there will be another spike in cases of Covid-19. Currently the NHS does not have enough PPE for NHS staff to protect themselves and other patients from the disease. This should be rectified before the situation is allowed to worsen.Read more

Sally SpringettOxford, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Apr 19, 2020
Petition to UK Parliament, Theresa May MP, Sadiq Khan, Boris Johnson
In 2012, the government pledged to treat mental and physical health equally with the Health and Social Care act. The government said they hoped to achieve this by 2020. However, it is now 2019, and the bridge between physical health and mental health has never been wider.  For years, the NHS has been underfunded for its mental health department, given only £115M per year for mental health services up and down the country. This means each adult patient who is being treated for mental health is given a budget of only £9.75. At 16 years old, I have already had my fair share of experiences with mental illness, and I can safely say, the state our mental health services are in is disgraceful. From lack of funding for medication, to placing young people in units miles from home, the government needs to step up in regards to supporting those who suffer with their mental health, which is 1 in 4 of us, according to a 2007 survey conducted by the NHS. With such a high number of us affected, almost everyone reading this will know someone who has been, or is currently, suffering from a mental illness. This means that our loved ones, our friends and our family members are not being supported. I ask that the British government take this issue seriously, and to give us the funding that was promised before more lives are altered forever due to this appalling lack of care.Read more

Kira DillonMaida Vale, United Kingdom
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Created Apr 25, 2019
Petition to Prof Adendorff, Prof Mosia, The President and Secretaries of the SRC
In 2019 the University of Pretoria spent hundreds of thousands (more likely millions) on “renovations” to the formerly popular “Oom Gert’s”, despite petitions signed by thousands of students asking UP to refrain from doing so. This is one of many cases where UP ignores the needs of the students. In the aforementioned situation, the students voiced their satisfaction with “Oom Gert’s”, but the issue of parking was still evident - yet UP decided to ignore this. The money spent on such renovations could have been put aside to later develop existing parking spaces into multi-story parking. The parking facilities available near campus can be seen each day to be full to such an extent that students wait in lines outside the gates to get a parking. The parking offered at LC is problematic as LC itself is far (which means students have to carry all their belongings with them), the bus shuttles are less than efficient (often late) and drop-off on campus is the furthest point away from the venues used by most students.  Students are subjected to fines by the TMPD, lateness, unsafe parking, etc.With the arrival of the new students, parking has become even more scarce. We want UP to acknowledge the problems related to parking.Read more

Christoff BarnardtPretoria, South Africa
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Created Feb 4, 2020
STOP: Selling your eggs illegally START: Becoming more self-sufficient! NOW: Add your name to aRead more

Ashley WeissPark Hills, MO, United States
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Created May 21, 2023
Petition to Nancy Pelosi
eligible for unemployment benefits or sufficient paid sick leave. This dilemma is particularly severe unemployment payments and sufficient sick leave for farm workers, regardless of immigration status, in theRead more

Alexander V PowellCalifornia, Estados Unidos
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Created Apr 1, 2020
Petition to AFL
The AFL Is about to launch the first season of the women's AFL league and there is a serious issue that needs to be raised before the league starts so that the women's teams are treated fairly and equally.  Firstly, for the competition to be successful the women must be paid well, this is an absolute must if the competition is going to get off the ground and live up to the enormous potential which it holds.  For example, the Australian National Women's Soccer team was paid just $500 in match fees compared to their male counterparts who received $7500 for doing the same thing. That means that just because they were women they received 15 times less than the males. This is obviously not fair and the women should earn an equal wage to the men, especially if they are making it further on the international stage than the men. We question if people consider women's sport as serious and important and men's sport. Cricket is another sport where women are severely underpaid compared to their male equivalents. The top female players earn up to $100,000 while the top ranked male players announced earn over $2m a season. Another example is tennis. This sport is widely regarded as having the most equality between genders yet during the Southern Open in Ohio, Roger Federer received $731,000  for defending his title last year. Hours later Serena Williams was awarded $495,000 for defending hers. While that still stacks up extremely favourably with most other major sports, it’s clear tennis still has a way to go to be completely equal.  We have to ensure that the women's AFL competition doesn’t go down this path. Mark Fitzpatrick the AFL chairman says that "the game is changed forever" which it is in our opinion, but we believe that all the hard work could come undone if the female footballers are not looked after financially. The more money that the AFL puts into the game, the more success it will result in. If the players are paid more, they can afford to train more which will lead to them developing their skills to a higher level. People go to watch sport to see professionals play at a high level, if the women's competition is of a high standard the more recognition it will receive whilst also making a greater profit.  We are simply asking for the AFL to pave the way in women's sports and allow the women's AFL league the best chance to succeed. Please sign our petition to give women footballers the chance to be paid fairly.Read more

Nathan MaprockAustralia
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Created Aug 30, 2016
Petition to The Province of British Columbia
deadly crash. This road is no longer sufficient to provide adequate access to Victoria to the south andRead more

Paul RussellDuncan, Canada
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Created Jul 23, 2018
Petition to Vijay Rupani, Kunwarjibhai Bavaliya, Bhupendrasinh chudasama
salt pan workers do heavy manual labour in the harsh sun without sufficient drinking water. They don’t even get sufficient water for their daily needs. This is the dark side of our white salt. More workers receive a sufficient amount of water to drink and for their daily use. Sign my petition askingRead more

Nishita PatelAnand, भारत
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Created Jun 29, 2019
Petition to Mahatma Gandhi University Kerala
request you to ensure sufficient working days to complete the semester. Please consider this as aRead more

ABHIJITH PAroor, India
4,256 supporters
Created Oct 29, 2019
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