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Petition to Shirine Khoury-Haq, Ken Murphy, Tarsem Dhaliwal, Christian Härtnagel, David Potts, Giles Hurley, Roger Burnley, Simon Roberts
Many of the UK’s leading supermarkets are selling suffering. Suppliers for Morrisons, Sainsbury'sRead more

Chris PackhamUnited Kingdom
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Created March 16, 2021
Petition to Ed Williams, Board of County Commissioners, Silvia Torres, Sheriff Sadie Darnell, Gina Peeples, Tony Jones
end her suffering.  However, County staff and commissioners have all failed Chloe, allowing her to hoarder are not suffering in similar circumstances. This cannot continue.  Florida Statute section should have to suffer like this.  Please do the right thing and end Chloe's suffering now.Read more

Priscilla CaplanARCHER, FL, United States
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Created May 30, 2018
Petition to Neal's Lodges
The Frio River Fest is a festival in Concan, TX that takes place in March and involves concerts and activities. Some of the activities involve abusing live animals for entertainment sake, most notably the wild hog sacking event that takes place at the Joe Jimmy's part of Neal's Lodges, which is scheduled for March 18th, 2023 at 1 PM.  Wild pigs are trapped and trafficked to the event. After facing the trauma of being trapped and transported (and probably much more), the very young pigs are forced into this event. Teams of two willing humans (children and adults) enter the arena and then two pigs are forced into the arena. When the participants get the signal from the flagger they attempt to capture the two pigs by any ways they can (no abusive and painful behavior is prohibited).  The goal is to get both pigs into just one burlap feed sack and drop the sack in a circle in the center of the arena in the fastest time possible (a minute or under). At the end there is a free-for-all where all the pigs are forced into the ring together and a bunch of participants aim to capture them simultaneously and dump all of them on top of each other into one burlap feed sack. As if it wasn't bad enough for the pigs to already have one other pig dumped on top of them, at the end pigs can have numerous pigs squishing and injuring them from above. At the end of each event they have a free-for-all where participants throw as many live pigs into one bag as they can in a given amount of time. The pigs are extremely traumatized before, during and after the event. Photo and video evidence clearly shows the people who run this event and participate in it don’t have any regard whatsoever for the pigs. The pigs never harm the humans in any way and they clearly demonstrate that they want no part in this event by: Being trapped in the wild to even make it to the Frio River Fest Huddling together in fear in their pen Resisting going into the arena (they are often thrown, dragged, or even picked up by their ears to get into the arena) Continuously looking for ways out of the arena Avoiding all physical contact with the humans by running away from them before and after they are grabbed and picked up Screaming as they are picked up or dragged, often at the top of their lungs In February 2019 Joe Jimmy’s announced on social media that they were canceling the wild hog sacking event (after all the backlash that resulted from having their event exposed). However, they had been lying and in March they announced the wild hog sacking event was part of the schedule. They’ve continued on with this event ever since. All of the pigs are killed at some point after the event. There are festivals taking place all over the world where humans can have a good time without having to resort to abusing animals. We'd like for Neal's Lodges and Joe Jimmy's to get rid of their wild hog sacking event, which is nothing but blatant abuse and discrimination. Traditions of separating families and abusing individuals all for the sake of entertainment need to end. Please ask Neal's Lodges, Jimmy Joe's, House Pasture Cattle to discontinue this violent and egregious wild hog sacking event. Contact Details For Those Who Are Involved With And Affiliated With This Event: Joe Jimmyshttps://www.facebook.com/joejimmys/ / 830-232-6118 Neal’s Lodgeshttps://www.facebook.com/nealslodges / 830)-232-6118 reserve@nealslodges.com / Instagram: @nealslodges House Pasture Cattle CompanyThis is the part of the Neal’s Lodges that hosts the musical acts 830-232-6580 / housepasturecattleco@gmail.com www.housepasture.com Roadhouse TicketsThis is the ticket supplier for the festival 512-774-2900 / info@roadhousetickets.com https://www.roadhousetickets.com/ticket/detail/1050 Visit Uvalde County TexasVisit Uvalde promotes this event on their website and they may be a sponsor (unconfirmed) 830-232-4310 / info@visituvaldecounty.com https://www.visituvaldecounty.com/events/2020/frio-river-music-fest(2) To view and share more footage from this event please head to the Stop Hog Bagging Now channel. For a full list of who you can contact to put pressure on ending this event once and for all please go here.Read more

Unparalleled SufferingWyoming, United States
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Created February 13, 2019
Petition to The Government, Boris Johnson
, barren wire cages on fur farms, many suffering from untreated wounds and slipping into mental these things are unutterably immoral. So too is causing animals enormous pain and suffering forRead more

Chris PackhamUnited Kingdom
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Created February 21, 2022
Petition to UK Government, Minister of State for Defra, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Minister of State for Trade Policy
cruelty of fur farms in Finland. Nothing could have prepared me for the suffering I witnessed there. It floors, dead mink,  and animals suffering from untreated wounds including a live mink whose head wasRead more

Pete WicksLondon, United Kingdom
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Created September 11, 2020
Petition to Animal Plant and Health Agency, Kent Trading Standards
The animals at Oaks Farm have been suffering inhumane acts of cruelty for years, although theRead more

Kia LeeKent, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created February 17, 2020
Petition to The owner of Ashtaraki Dzor Restaurant
help us set these helpless bears free. They are suffering mentally and physically from theirRead more

Nicola GrinhamHaywards Heath, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created May 14, 2019
Petition to Minister of Agriculture for the 46th Parliament of Australia, State Ministers of Agriculture
suffering of Merino sheep for wool. We have decided to act and need your support: Help us to stop from screaming sheep on our skin.We want wool without suffering and pain!Read more

Joanna MichnaDeutschland
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Created May 8, 2019
Petition to Steve DeSutter, Kat Cole, Bruce Schroder, Richard Kamph, Michelle Crum Longo
Did your chicken come from a house of horrors? If you eat at Moe's, the answer is probably yes. Moe's has failed to publicly commit to a meaningful chicken welfare policy. Without a comprehensive policy, Moe's leaves room for its suppliers to abuse chickens in ways other chains have banned for being too cruel. Chickens may be raised in near total darkness, many bred to grow so large and fast they collapse under their own weight. Many may suffer from constant leg pain so severe they can’t stand and spend almost all their time sitting in their own waste. At slaughter, they may be shackled upside down and shocked with electricity before their throats are cut open—all while fully conscious. Many may even be scalded alive. Unlike other restaurant chains, Moe's has failed to publish a chicken welfare policy addressing abuses inflicted on chickens in its supply chain. Moe's has already fallen behind Qdoba, Burger King, Chipotle, Panera Bread, and Pret A Manger, chains with detailed public commitments for improving the welfare of chickens in their supply chains, and other massive food companies, including Aramark, Compass Group, and Sodexo, which have done the same. If current CEO Steve DeSutter can't meet consumers’ urgent demands for transparency and accountability, it’s time for Moe's to find a new CEO who can. Please join Mercy For Animals in asking Moe's leaders to adopt the same comprehensive chicken welfare commitments as their competitors. And let’s boycott their restaurants until they do. Moe's should agree to comply with Global Animal Partnership’s standards, which require companies to source only chickens from farms that use higher-welfare breeds; provide enrichments, including improved litter and lighting; and reduce stocking density. Additionally, Moe's should agree to stop using chickens who have been processed using live-shackle slaughter. The company should also commit to third-party auditing to demonstrate compliance with these standards.Read more

Mercy For AnimalsWest Hollywood, CA, United States
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Created April 10, 2017
Petition to Village of Crivitz, Caldron Falls Bar & Grill, Crivitz Police Department
in front of a little girl and he never even had to register as a child sex offender. The suffering ofRead more

Unparalleled SufferingWyoming, United States
8,580 supporters
Created May 24, 2019
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