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Today (17th September 2022), In Chandigarh University, which claims to be an NAAC+ grade university, has seen a suicide (not confirmed but there are suicide attempts) of a girl who was recorded while taking a bath by another girl from her hostel. One girl has made videos of Many other girls and has sent/sold them to boys and has also posted them on adult sites. There are 3-4 girls who are in the hospital due to this incident. The wardens are breaking phones of students who have videos of proof just to protect the image of the university. Students are protesting for justice and there has not been any support from the Department of Student Welfare or Punjab Government. They are deleting tweets on twitter within 5 minutes of posting just for the sake of their reputation. The wardens are blaming girls for wearing short or appealing clothes and are saying that this is what they deserve. This petition is for providing justice to the girls who have suffered. This petition is to put the culprits behind the bars, including the Management of  Chandigarh University.  Update : click hereRead more

Student of CUPunjab, India
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Created September 17, 2022
Petition to Matt Hancock
My 13 year old daughter Edie suffers with Irlen Syndrome - a condition that affects how her brain processes the things she sees. It makes words move around on the page when she’s reading and makes her very sensitive to natural light meaning she can’t go outside for long. She needs special coloured lenses to help her live a normal life - but the NHS won’t fund it. Edie was also previously diagnosed with dyslexia in 2017. Children with dyslexia are entitled to certain support throughout their education - but because Irlens is not recognised by the NHS there is no mandatory support and everything has to be funded by parents. Her school has tried to be accommodating. They have provided her with filtered overlays that she puts over books to help her read, and they give her exams on rose-tinted paper. But this is not a long-term solution. The price of special glasses is around £400 and this is not something we can currently afford. Irlens UK say as much as 15% of people could be affected by the syndrome. This means that there are many children across the country just like my Edie who need support and probably aren’t getting it. My daughter is now in year 8 and really struggling, and I’m worried about her future and whether we’ll be able to afford new lenses for her every year. That’s why it’s so important for us and families like ours that the NHS recognises Irlen syndrome and provides us support. Please sign my petition telling the NHS to support Edie and children like her.Read more

amy pilkingtonBradford, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created March 18, 2019
Petition to Greg Hunt MP, The Hon. Alan Tudge, The Hon. John Day, Paul Papalia MP, Premier Mark McGowan , Christian Porter MP, Greg Hunt MP
disability at last so that sufferers are able to get the Disability Support Pension and to gain betterRead more

Michelle GreenwoodPort Kennedy, Australia
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Created February 17, 2017
Petition to Annastacia Palaszczuk, Annastacia Palaszczuk
My pop has stage 4 brain cancer and was operated on in Sydney last week to have the tumours removed. He now has to face chemoradiotherapy in Queensland but is not being exempted from hotel quarantine. He will have to go through his treatment while living in a small room with just a bed and no balcony for 2 weeks. We are pushing for him to be allowed to quarantine in the comfort of his own home.  Not only does the hotel quarantine impose unnecessary costs on top of the costs he has already endured, but it will play a huge effect on his mental health and potentially effect his further treatment.  Please sign this petition in support for my Pop to home quarantine!! My family is desperate for something to be done to help him.  We love him so much and want his treatment to go as well as possible to give us more time with him.  Thank you so much for your time. Read more

Jessica RalphAustralia
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Created October 5, 2020
Petition to The honourable Mark Butler
protect against Long Covid, which can develop from even mild infections. Long Covid sufferers have noRead more

Michelle AnswerthAustralia
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Created July 15, 2022
Petition to NHS, UK Parliament, Theresa May MP, Jeremy Hunt
illnesses, not enough is known about the condition for sufferers to be treated properly. In Debbie's sufferers. Instead she must raise £60,000 so that the operation can be carried out by an EDS specialistRead more

Katy ClinchLONDON, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created March 1, 2017
Petition to United States Congress
chronic pain sufferers. We can help ease patient suffering while safeguarding against prescriptionRead more

Dan EgeltonBrownstown, MI, United States
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Created March 26, 2017
Petition to UK Parliament, Boris Johnson MP, Ann Coffey MP, Lucy Powell MP, Andy Burnham Mayor, BBC, ITV, Sky
I am writing this petition as a newly diagnosed Fibromyalgia sufferer. This auto-immune disease has taken over my life for the last 8 months. In turn, this means that I am not able to work, do normal daily activities or look after myself in the capacity that a normal adult woman should be able to. The consequence of this is that I am in a financial position that I have never been in in my life, with the possibility of losing my home due to financial constraints. I am in the process of going through the rigorous benefits system in the UK, which is endless paperwork and very long waiting times. Most of which are negative outcomes.  I have been a UK tax payer since I was 15 years old and I strongly believe that with a disability like this that falls under the Equality Act 2010 we should be entitled to more financial help. The benefits system makes it almost impossible for many people like me to get any help as most claims are joint, which I strongly believe should not be in these circumstances. People in my position will end up losing everything that they have achieved in their lifetime due to this disease. And I believe that we need to fight this with everything that we have.  So please sign this petition so that the government will have to rethink their strategies and how benefits money is distributed to the disabled.Read more

Taryn VorsterManchester, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created September 25, 2019
Petition to Government
pain and suffering resulting in lengthy hospital stays Sufferers should have free prescription drugsRead more

Sandra StevensonDerby, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created July 20, 2019
Petition to United States Department of Health and Human Services
(Pictured is Christina Elizabeth Bohn Rudd, who lost her life to PMDD in November 2021.) The purpose of this petition is to respectfully push the Department of Health and Human Services for more funding to research a cure for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). It is also an effort to encourage universities to direct more focus into learning about the intricacies of the female hormonal system and its impact on mental health.   I am just one member of a large community of people who experience an array of symptoms every month including: fatigue, anger, anxiety, crushing depression, irritability, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, the list goes on. PMDD is a debilitating condition that affects an estimated 5% of women during their reproductive years. While it may not seem like a large percentage, we have over 169 million women living in the United States. This means that well over 8 million women in this country suffer, often in silence, every single month. Women like myself live in fear of their next period because they know well the onslaught of unbearable emotions and physical sensations it brings. While every case is different, many women report feeling the symptoms creeping in when ovulation begins. Ovulation occurs approximately 14 days before the period starts. If we consider that the average cycle is only 28 days, this is half a month before the menstrual cycle begins. That means that women with PMDD are in psychological agony for up to 2 weeks before they find relief.  Sadly, not all women experience relief with the start of their period. Some continue to feel worse until their period is over. This leaves them only one week a month feeling some semblance of normalcy. Women have lost their marriages, friendships, careers, and their overall well-being due to this disorder. There is no waiting it out and the outlook is bleak. In fact, the closer we inch to menopause, the worse it gets. This is a life sentence.  This. Is. Not. Living. This is surviving, and to date, the only real "solutions" we have are to remove our reproductive organs or take psychotropic drugs that may or may not mask the symptoms effectively. In an effort to find more information on PMDD and research that could provide answers, I scoured through scholarly journal articles. I was dismayed to find that the studies are incredibly limited and the conclusions are theoretical and propose SSRIs as a solution. Currently, the "gold standard" of treatment for treating PMDD are SSRIs. Some women, myself included, do not respond to PMDD treatment using SSRIs. This is not a cure, only a bandaid.  We need more answers. We need more research. This is for your mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and friends. Please help us join the fight in finding a cure for this.  Read more

Adriane WalshTexas, United States
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Created April 9, 2022
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