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Petition to Thanks!
As of 1/7/2015, I have contacted all of the pools and confirmed they will open and swim classes begin February 9th, with registration beginning after January 12, 2015.  Olive-Harvey's pool is added to the list, opening February 14th, enrollment at any time. A special thanks to all of the swim clubs and their directors, and to Chicagoans whose heartfelt comments so moved this petition into a count of over 1,700 signatures -- unheard of! Now I ask that you get back into your swim gear or keep that New Year's promise to learn to swim this year.  You will learn lifelong skills, meet great pals, have fun. Best wishes, happy new year! -- Phyllis CRead more

ReOpen City PoolsUnited States
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Created December 17, 2014
Petition to Mr. Amrit Tripathi, IAS
We updated you yesterday on Mohan's newfound freedom as he was on the road to his new life at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura. Now he's arrived -- and your support helped us get him there immensely. Thank you again.  At this point we are officially closing the petition. If you would like to continue your support for Mohan -- and he really needs it, suffering from a host of health issues based on decades of neglect and abuse -- please see our donate page, here:  http://bit.ly/2bcH6kd And if you want mobile updates on Mohan and all of our elephant rescues, please text WILD to 51555 on your phone.  Thank you again, Mohan supporters! Together we did it.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imagine being ripped away from your mother’s side as a baby and spending the next 50 years of your life in chains. That is the story of Mohan, a 56-year-old bull elephant who has spent almost his entire life in captivity. Mohan has been worked, tortured, and abused by his owner. Having lost custody of Mohan in a recent court case, his owner, Mr. Bhupendar Mishra, has now filed an appeal that threatens to delay his release and could even keep him chained up for the rest of his life. We are asking District Magistrate Amrit Tripathi to throw out Mr. Mishra’s appeal to reclaim his elephant  and release the elephant to our rescue center. We are Wildlife SOS, an organization dedicated to saving India’s wildlife. We previously started a petition to keep Raju the “crying elephant” from being returned to his cruel owners. And, after nearly half a million signatures, we won that battle! However, the story wasn’t all good news. We couldn’t rescue Mohan, Raju’s companion who also endured the same horrible treatment. Mysteriously, Mohan disappeared during our final rescue attempt and we were unable to locate him till recently. Now we need your help. The court has already stripped Mr. Mishra’s right to keep him, but he has appealed the judge's ruling and wants to keep Mohan living a life of misery. But there is still hope. The judge can throw out his case and order Mohan into our custody. That’s where all of you come in! We need your support to help ensure Mohan’s release. As a young elephant Mohan lost the freedom that every wild animal deserves. And for 50 years he has endured injuries, beatings, malnourishment, dehydration and even been forced to eat plastic. This is not how life should be for such a majestic creature. Join Wildlife SOS and ask District Magistrate Amrit Tripathi to throw out Mr. Mishra’s case and allow Mohan to enjoy the rest of his life in peace.Read more

Nikki SharpSLC, UT, United States
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Created March 22, 2015
Petition to Lagos State Governor
A young boy named Sylvester junior attended Dowen College Lagos in Nigeria before he died. He was only 12 years old.  His death was indeed a painful one, before he died he told his parent  he was beaten and fed a deadly substance because he refused to become a cult member. He mentioned clearly the names of the boys that did that to him  The devastating situation of this little boy was captured in a video before he died. His mouth was Swollen, his limps, arms, legs, were all norm. He had blood coming out of his mouth. Yet the Authorities of Dowen College reluctantly released a statement that Sylvester sustained injury from a football match. This statement is misleading, false, and evil. we need answers. All Sylvester did was pursue his right to education. He had a bright future. We need his killers to face the wrath of law, and the school shutdown for attempting to cover this evil.  Read more

Success ChichiNigeria
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Created December 3, 2021
Petition to Success Academy Board of Directors, Department of Education, Success Academy Charter Schools
Success Academy Charter Schools is a large charter school network located in New York City that countless other Black people has profoundly affected members of the Success Academy community. As of May 28, 2020 there was no communication sent out to the Success Academy community addressing and this, a teacher employed by Success Academy reached out to the network's CEO, Eva Moskowitz Success Academy serves.   **************************************************************** The emailRead more

Fabiola St HilaireBrooklyn, NY, United States
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Created June 9, 2020
Petition to Students and family
Success academy students are drowning in summer homework. All this homework is causing panicRead more

Justice For UsN/A, NY, United States
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Created July 18, 2019
Panel for Educational Policy to approve Success Academy co-locations in Queens. You will directly help create more access for Queens children. Thank you!Read more

Success Academy AdvocacyUnited States
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Created December 7, 2022
Petition to Københavns Kommune
Københavns Sprogcenter, Studieskolen and IA Sprog recently lost the bid to remain offering Danish classes to adult foreigners. The Kommune has decided to close these three well-established language schools, so that a cheaper (and therefore substandard) education can be provided by two remaining language schools. The discontinuation of module classes at these three schools, as well as introducing a charge - a deposit and a fee per module - to all self-supporting foreigners will mean far less people have access to Danish lessons. Countless students - both current and prospective students - will no longer have access to the high quality of free education that Copenhagen has been offering for years. From 1 August 2018, the Kommune have decided that they will support module classes being offered at only two schools - the two who won the bid to offer education as cheaply as possible. Cheap education is not quality education. Shamefully, this also means nearly 300 teachers, administrative staff, managerial staff, and other staff members have, and will, lose their jobs. The teachers, many who have amounted years and years of experience, teaching face to face and online, are being treated like their value and contribution is not at all appreciated by the Kommune. Københavns Sprogcenter comes with over 25 years of quality experience, while Studieskolen has 40 years experience. With this, the future of Danish language education, as well as Danish society, looks bleak: not only will staff and students be negatively affected now, but many thousands in the future will, too. THE CURRENT RESULT: It is clear to us that the effect of this decision will lead to disaster. An obvious prediction, for staff members and students alike, is mass unemployment. Teaching jobs in Copenhagen are few and far between, and for immigrants to Denmark, jobs are not offered to anyone without a strong grasp of the Danish language. Choosing ‘cheap’ over ‘quality’ also has an obvious result: cheap products and services do not last, and it will therefore be more expensive in the long run. The result of closing three language schools, forcing the two ‘cheapest’ schools to overflow with students, and forcing many not to take lessons at all, will result in a lack of integration. This will surely be the downfall of Copenhagen. To reduce education of language to the cheapest is insulting to the culture of Denmark. By choosing the two cheapest schools, they will be forced to offer substandard education as a result, and be bursting at the seams with all the new students they are about to receive. Waiting lists will be lengthy, forcing many students to take unwanted breaks in their Danish language lessons. In order to learn a new language efficiently, continuous lessons are the most the most effective method. Pauses and breaks in students’ Danish education will delay their progression. On top of that, the two ‘cheap’ schools have little experience in offering online teaching. Online classes are a necessity for many students. It will take a long time before the two remaining schools can build up the experience the other schools have in this area, and before they will be able to offer as thorough, and as tried-and-tested online courses as, for example, Københavns Sprogcenter can. Even in the short term, the transition period can only be fraught with problems, with uncertainty and confusion rife amongst staff and immigrants. Two overflowing schools with lengthy waiting lists and substandard education is, clearly, utterly inefficient and will have severe long term consequences. Access to the most important means of social integration - language - should be accessible to all. The consequences of a lack of social integration are only negative, especially in the long-term. A fast-track way to integrate is to learn the language of the country one has moved to. This, in turn, also helps with identity integration, which will lead to social and economic integration. A lack of social integration will lead to social exclusion and social fragmentation. Without being able to speak the language, a social network cannot be formed, employment cannot be found and an understanding of the culture may not be fully understood. We must all speak the same language in order to understand one another - and to coexist peacefully as a collective, harmonious culture. The decision, as it stands, carries with it a feeling of social exclusion. Shutting down language schools suggests immigrants to Denmark are not wanted. Clearly, nobody wins in the current situation - to think only of money over the consequences to Danes and foreigners alike is simply appalling. We think the most important problem is that Københavns Kommune focussed mainly on price during the tender process and not much on quality. We think it’s incorrect that they ended up giving tender to two schools that had been offering an extremely low price, with all the negative consequences this might have for the students and the field of study as such. This decision hereby destroyed three well-established schools with lots of professional experience and infrastructure. THE SOLUTION: If politicians and kommune personnel value the Danish language as much as we, the staff and students, do, surely they want to keep it alive and well? Immigrants integrating and contributing to Danish society works in both the immigrants’ favour as well as Denmark’s favour. The more welcome we are, the easier it is to accomplish. Therefore the solution is save our schools, so that there is space for everyone to access Danish language classes, at a high standard everyone can be proud of, and therefore immigrants can integrate into Danish society so much more easily. During the competition period, the three schools facing unjust closure have proved that they are able to provide a high quality of education despite cutting down hugely on costs. Reward their efforts by letting them continue to do so. Once the schools close there is no going back. Please note that there will be a meeting at Copenhagen town hall, on Thursday 5 April at 4 o’clock. All political parties will be invited to participate in a discussion about this problem. Students from each language school, friends, dogs, children and parents are invited to come along.Read more

Kate ThorsenCopenhagen, Denmark
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Created April 3, 2018
Petition to Bill de Blasio
As the proud parent of a student at Success Academy Harlem Central, I was absolutely heartbroken to. Michael has been thriving in Success Academy for the past 5 years. He has excelled academically and calling on Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Fariña to let Success Academy Harlem Central stay openRead more

Maria RodriguezNew York, NY, United States
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Created March 5, 2014
Petition to Nursing And Midwifery Council Uk
Ghana is a multilingual country in which about eighty languages are spoken. Of these, English, which was inherited from the colonial era, is the official language and lingua franca. Language: The sole official language of instruction throughout the Ghanaian educational system is English. Students may study in any of eleven local languages for much of the first three years, after which English becomes the medium.  Alltextbooks and materials are otherwise in English. Nurses for that matter are trained in English both theory and clinical practicals, our training certificates are awarded in English. All subjects thought in all educational levels are done so in English. It is therefore humiliating for the country Ghana's name to be taken out from the UK NMC list of majority English country. Overseas nurses from Ghana are subjected to the pain of sitting for IELTS or OET English requirements examination before one qualifies to work in the UK as a nurse.  None of these approved  exams measures our skills in nursing nor our ability to perform the work as nurses. Most examination questions has nothing related to nursing, time frame for this exams is so dispeakable, which ends most of us failing the exams and robbing us off the little money we have worked hard to save. This is so heartbreaking and unbearable to us NMC UK please we are appealing to you to come to our aid, kindly take a second look at our educational system and the medium of language used officially and update your list accordingly. We are counting on you  Thank you  Read more

Brownberry SuccessGhana
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Created June 15, 2020
Petition to Mayor Bill de Blasio
Blasio would honor his word to support all NYC children. My younger daughter attends Success Academy love. Success first made a request for a middle school location back in January 2017. They even four elementary schools feeding into only one existing middle school, Success knew that even with. Because of Success Academy, my three children are succeeding beyond my dreams, and I refuse to give Blasio tried to evict kids from their Harlem middle school and close two other Success schools. SARead more

Whanda T.New York, United States
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Created August 13, 2019
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