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in the right place always. I am under threat of forced relocation of the business & subsequentRead more

Shane StevensAustralia
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Created November 14, 2022
Petition to SPCA Montérégie
(s) responsible for the neglect, cruelty, and/or subsequent death of the dog, Becky. NousRead more

Charlene MyersKamloops, Canada
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Created February 26, 2015
Petition to Congress
We as Americans have seen the horrific handling of our political and military leaders in regards to the most recent events in Afghanistan, to include the entirety of the Afghanistan war as a whole. The American people deserve to know what their military is being utilized for, and our military deserves to have a clear, defined mission and mission goal. When the evacuation first began, the defense military officials stated that the ground commander had air assets he can utilize in defense of troops on the ground should he choose that option. Those were their words, a week prior to the bombing. Why were those assets not utilIzed in unison to strike a threat they knew existed? - Sill the government provide any and all treatment to our returning warfighters as well as the families affected? - Why were the troops ordered to remain outside the gate and continue the evacuation when there was solid intelligence that there was an imminent attack impending, specifically one related to an IED. - Was there actionable intelligence that could have led to threat mitigation? Why is it that 36 hours after the bombing, all of a sudden we have the capability of striking? - Why were American troops ordered to clean feces, blood and trash around HKIA before handing it over to the Taliban whom we had fought for 20 years? - What were the overall objectives in the Afghanistan War?  - Was there proper planning on the withdrawal of American citizens?Read more

Northern ProvisionsVirginia, United States
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Created September 3, 2021
Petition to Donald J. Trump, Congress
In 1993, the implementation of Army Regulation 90-114 effectively rendered military bases as gun free zones. Despite undergoing extensive firearms proficiency and safety training, United States service members are subjected to the same gun free policies that have attracted over 98% of all mass shooters to date. These service members, unable to exercise their second amendment rights as well as having their ability to uphold their oath to defend the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic are increasingly becoming the target of mass shooters and terrorists. As of this date, in 2019 alone, there has now been four mass shooting incidents on American military bases. The number of shootings on military bases targeting unarmed soldiers and civilians since 1993 is now in excess of 20.  The purpose of this petition is to humbly request that President Trump as well as Congress carefully consider implementing legislation that: -Repeals Regulation 90-114 -Recognizes government issued sidearms as an official component of all appropriate military uniforms.  -Implements a replacement for Regulation 90-114 that effectively details appropriate use of force, transportation of firearm practices and firearm storage procedures currently outlined in Regulation 90-114 chapters 1,3,4. Read more

d hCoralville, IA, United States
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Created December 15, 2019
Petition to Mark Swan is the Director Safety and Airspace Regulation at the CAA. Their Head Office is 45-59 King
Have you noticed more aircraft noise over your house and estate? Are you unable to hear friends and family while in the garden chatting or walking the dog over the field?  Has this affected you, annoyed you?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, please sign our petition. At times aircraft are over St. Albans every three minutes departing from Luton Airport.  Having lived in the area for 28 years aircraft noise has never been a problem until August 2015 when they changed the flightpath.  We have only a few months left to attempt to revert this flightpath back to its original route. What can we do?  You can help:  Sign petition. Write to e.mail info@stalbanssky.org to keep us informed so we know numbers of complaints.  Facebook St. Albans Sky. Write to Civil Aviation Authority e.mail airspace.policy@caa.co.uk and object to the change of airspace.  Write to e.mail noise@ltn.aero.  If you have been affected by noise during this time period.  Luton have been testing this new flight path over the last 2-3 years.  Write to Anne Main, St. Albans Councillor, e.mail maina@parliament.uk Write to Julian Daly, Head of St. Albans Council e.mail cllr.j.daly@st.albans.gov.uk If you would like to volunteer to distribute leaflets please contact us at info@stalbanssky.org WE ONLY HAVE A FEW MONTHS LEFT TO ATTEMPT TO REVERT THIS FLIGHTPATH BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL ROUTE.Read more

Petra SavageSt. Albans, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created August 10, 2016
Petition to District Court, Sh. Balaji Srivastava IPS, Shri Joseph Lalchhuana, Sh. Lalbiakthanga Khiangte IPS, Sh. Zosangliana MPS, Sh. C. Lalzahngoa MPS, Smt. A. Mathumma IAS, Sh. Neihchungnunga IPS, Justice ...
ProblemThere hasn't been any satisfactory reports, investigations, proceedings, and actions taken regarding the reported atrocity committed to Mr. Zothansanga on 7th September 2018. We fear that the gravity of the incident be dampened, swept under the rug, and result in deplorable resolution.   SolutionIt is in the interest of the people that the voices of those who had been trampled upon be heard, empathised, consoled, and reciprocated with justice.We do not wish that our strive for justice be muffled by lack of compliance, incompetence, influence, or bias. We do not wish for mob justice, but justice served in the confines of the law. We yearn and strive for judiciary that is firm and does not discriminate. We want the truth to prevail! Join us in strengthening our voice. #justiceforzothansangaPersonal storyFollowing the night of 7th September 2018, two groups clashed at a karaoke bar in Zarkawt, Mizoram. The commotion was dismissed and Zothansanga (Whom shall be addressed as "the victim" in the following) declined to file an FIR to the police that arrived at the scene. However, Zodinliana (Whom shall be referred as "the accused/perpetrator" henceforth) returned with a friend in a car, abducted the victim to a secluded place. The victim was then harassed, abused physically, psychologically, and sexually by the perpetrator. The accused then deserted the scene and drove away, leaving the victim in ruins. [No pictures of accused nor victim shall be provided on this petition to safeguard privacy and avoid unwarranted defamation.] https://www.eastmojo.com/news/2018/11/22/mizoram-youth-sexually-harassed-by-ex-cm-sailos-grandson https://www.sentinelassam.com/news/youth-alleges-former-mizoram-cms-grandson-of-sexual-harassment/ https://thenortheasttoday.com/mizoram-former-cms-grandson-accused-of-sexual-harassment-by-youth-demand-for-justice-grows-louder/amp/ {Coverage of news in English}http://mizoramimages.com/brig-thenphunga-tupa-zodinliana-sailo-leh-a-thiante-chu-zothansanga-rapthlak-taka-sawisaah-puh-an-ni/{Two sides of the coin and medical report.}https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-compassion-chronicles/201711/why-dont-victims-sexual-harassment-come-forward-sooner?amp{Understanding victims of sexual abuse}http://www.northeasttoday.in/mizoram-records-highest-rate-of-child-abuse-in-india/{Carrying that weight}Read more

Alkaianti Nom-de-plumeIndia
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Created November 22, 2018
Petition to Chief of Police Scott Hyatt
Kattie Hammond was trying to flee her abuser. This abuser was a stranger. No one in Kattie's family ever harmed her. This was a stranger. He had beaten her all night. When she could escape she did. She fled. She had been beaten with bruises, swollen eyes blood covering her hair and head. She took her car and fled. Her car wrecked. She was brain dead at hospital. My cousin Kattie Hammond died. Her mother is devastated. Her children, husband and family are devastated. Please help us petition for an investigation into her abuse and death. She deserves justice. No one's life should be taken from them. She was scared, beaten and fleeing her abuser. He deserves to be punished.  Read more

juanita cayerwaynesville, NC, United States
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Created May 11, 2020
Petition to Ted Winterer, Sue Himmelrich, Gleam Davis, Greg Morena, Ana Maria Jara, Lane Dilg, Karen Ginsberg, Andy Agle, George Cardona, Gigi Decavalles-Hughes
Many of us have witnessed firsthand the deterioration of the Santa Monica police force’s ability to maintain order and decency on our streets over the last few years - from record numbers of burglaries and violent crimes to willfully allowing rampant vagrancy. Based on NeighborhoodScout analytics, as of 2019, Santa Monica is only safer than 2% of all US cities on a per population basis for both violent and property crimes. After seeing the widespread looting and vandalism of our city and local businesses, we can do better. After seeing our brave law enforcement officers stand by without strong leadership or overarching strategy to protect themselves, our city, and its citizens, we have to do better. After seeing SMPD Chief Cynthia Renaud conduct a blundering press conference that was completely misaligned with the current realities, we must do better. We need and deserve strong, resounding leadership in Santa Monica’s police force, particularly during today’s volatile times. SMPD Chief Cynthia Renaud has proven incapable of responding to that call effectively. For the sake of our community and public safety, we need to remove Cynthia Renaud from her position immediately.Read more

Oliver GreeneUnited States
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Created May 31, 2020
Petition to Dr. Atul Chauhan (Chancellor- Amity University), University Grants Commission of India, Dr. Balvinder Shukla
Entire economy has fell due to covid - 19 while subsequent monetary hardships are on rise, so isRead more

Students amityIndia
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Created May 29, 2020
Petition to State of Nebraska Board of Pardons
-defendants Cooperrider and Chillous were tried in separate, subsequent trials. With his trial occurring Cooperrider confessed. Subsequent appeals that were denied, Jackson was still convicted for a crime thatRead more

Tracy JacksonWahoo, NE, United States
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Created June 16, 2020
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