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Petition to RGPV
The paper of discrete structure code CS-301 held on 18the Nov caught everyone's eye from studentsRead more

Manisha GuptaIndia
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Created November 18, 2019
Petition to Queensland Industrial Relations Commission
Health Practitioner – Here to Stay The Health Practitioner classification structure was established vital to all Queenslanders and an integral part of the Health system. The classification structure for Queensland that impacted on the delivery of health services to Queenslanders. This structure is Medical Officer classification structures. The Health Practitioner classification structure must also be retained.  We cannot let the HP structure disappear. We must have a strong showing of support  - HP here to stay! Add your name.Read more

Chris O'ReganHighgate Hill, Australia
2,807 supporters
Created March 6, 2014
Petition to Kevin Rountree
Yesterday, we got these items at one price, but with the click of a button, and no actual physical effort or outlay to justify it, every price has now shot up thanks to "buying in your currency". Spartan up $50, now $260 instead of $210. Scoria up $50, now $190 instead of $140. Perturabo up $50, now $170 instead of $120. Leviathan body up $30, now $110 instead of $80. I take no joy in this, the 'told you so' only goes so far. This hurts the hobby, less people will get into it, less people into it means less support from the company, and less support leads to games dying. That's why bad pricing structures hurt, not because of what they do to your wallet, but for what they do to your community.This is a chance for the hobbyists of the world to stand together on this issue, to stand up for others and make their voices heard to the company when the rest of us cannot. We are being charged more for the mere fact of our location on the globe. A decal sheet is now $40, and costs $20 to ship. $20 for an A4 slip of paper to be moved by mail, it has come to this point.Will they fight for us, or throw us to the wolves and tell us to "get over it" as they have for so long? United Kingdom, show us your character, will you fight for your fellow gamers, or debase yourselves on the alter of Games Workshop?Read more

James McKenzieAustralia
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Created August 22, 2018
Petition to Snyder-Lance"Campbell Snacks"
With the cost of living increasing every day,Example:Gas,Repairs on trucks,Insurance ,living expense Etc,Snyder-Lance AKA “Campbell Snacks”has lowered our margin as independent Contractors with no Negotiation.From 18-21% to 15-16.5%.With no increase in price to the Account,Ex Walmart’s,Kroger,Racetrac’s Etc,Not only did they lower or margin but now they have every Independent Operator paying a different cost for product from there warehouses.Snyder demands are becoming more and more demanding by the day,More like we’re Employees from telling us when to service the accounts to telling the IO’s what product to put in the accounts.Giving us no stale credits,it’s a win-win for Snyder cause once the product is sold to the IO’s,Snyder is paid and have no risk on if it sells or don’t,All Us IO’s is asking is to be treated like the partners Snyder’s claim we are,and give us a fair Margin of 20% across the board.No other Independent DSD service is being paid less,Bimbo/flowers 18-20% Martin Bread 24% Mission tortillas 24%,Little Debbie Snacks 20%.So I’m asking for all Independent Operators to sign this petition,Cause today it’s Snyder-Lance tomorrow it could be you.Thanks for Taking the Time to Read & Sign Read more

Michael BarberGeorgia, United States
40 supporters
Created January 27, 2020
Petition to Bega valley shire council
Reasons to protect Cuttagee Bridge: The bridge  * is heritage listed and considered “iconic”. Cuttagee, with the Murrah and Wallaga Lake bridges, are unique along the NSW coast.  * is historic, and gives an insight into what life on the coast was like before modernisation destroyed so much. * is aesthetic. The bridge is featured in books, movies, tourism promotions . * makes people slow down to appreciate the area.  * makes the Cuttagee lake/estuary area safer as drivers have to slow down for the single lane bridge. Reasons to not replace Cuttagee Bridge: * A two lane bridge will allow drivers to travel much faster across the water body, endangering lake and beach users who park along the road. This area is heavily used by many people especially over summer and other peak tourist times, and even 40 kph is considered too fast by some. * The Tathra-Bermagui Road along Cuttagee Beach is considered to be in the “almost certain” Erosion and Recession Hazards zone under Bega Valley Shire Council’s Coastal Processes and Hazards Definition Study. * Building a new bridge, in the long term, would be a waste of money due to predicted sea level rise, erosion and coastal inundation. * Funds would be better spent determining an alternative inland route to withstand sea level rise and extreme events (Option 4 for the Council agenda on Wednesday 10.3.21) * The bridges give a unique, laid back, historic character to the area, and if Cuttagee Bridge  is replaced, the area will be one more step towards the homogenous, predicable, hurried character typical of the rest of the NSW coast.Read more

Karen JoynesAustralia
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Created March 4, 2021
Petition to Thawar Chand Gehlot
structure for the students of general category when compared to the SC/ST category students. The fee must be made which benefits all, when it comes to deciding the fee structure of a particular exam. I want the fee structure to be based on the economic status of an individual, rather than pooling allRead more

Vinay JoshiChandigarh, India
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Created May 11, 2017
Petition to The parliament of India, The Prime Minister
the poor from other caste and religion who do not have reservations. If this structure of be removed completely as of now i request and appeal for a change in the structure of reservationsRead more

ravula venkat ranga reddyThorrur, India
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Created December 11, 2017
Petition to chief minister devendra fadanvis
Dear parents, This is an appeal to all parents of all unaided private schools in state of maharashtra to sign this petition sent to CM. Respected Chief Minister, we the undersigned affected parents appeal to you to look into our following  grievances  1. Schools avoid  formation of PTA as per law 2. No school has followed procedure as prescribed in the act for fixationof fees 3. For reasons best known to them (or should we say for obvious reasons) government officials are reluctant to implement fees regulation act.  4. schools are raising fee EVERY YEAR which is against law 5 In various court cases government is not defending the law strongly, Timely submissions can reduce the plight of parents,  In view of above we request you to take note of above and ACT immediately for implementation of MAHARASHTRA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES (REGULATION OF FEE) ACT, 2011.  We request you to direct education department to inspect data of all such 200+ schools and submit report within next 15 days,  whoever has broken the legal provisions action must be initiated against them.  Report of "Rajnor committee " can be used for reference . Sad to note that no action has been taken against the schools mentioned in the report,  Hope you shall act swiftly and parents will get relief ,         Read more

Rajan ApteIndia
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Created March 2, 2017
Petition to Bensalem Township School District
We are parents or guardians of children who attend or attended Struble Elementary School. Struble has implemented a system of rotating or departmentalizing math, science and social studies for children in 5th grade for several years. This has been a successful model and it was implemented in 4th grade this past year. We have learned that there has been a District wide decision that this system is now only permitted for 6th grade classes. Departmentalizing allows teacher to specialize. While elementary school teachers may certainly be capable of teaching all subjects, upper elementary school children benefit from specialization. Teacher enthusiasm for their subject passes onto the children. Prepping only one subject allows the teacher to spend more time prepping to differentiate within the subject. This has been particularly useful as the District has chosen to experiment with different curricula for the past few years in subjects like math. Exposure to more than one teacher during the school day helps children develop organizational skills and allows them to experience more than one teaching style and personality. One teacher per subject also ensures that children are advancing through the curriculum at the same pace, not some weeks ahead or behind others. In a building like Struble there is not lost time due to changing classrooms as Struble has a pod classroom design per grade. Struble students also score comparatively well on standardized testing within the District, one indicator that the model works well. We ask that the District reverse its uniform policy and allow each building to decide what system works best in light of its unique student population, teacher staff, and physical layout. Please sign to show your support. Stephanie Gonzalez Ferrandez and Leann HartRead more

Struble ParentsBensalem, PA, United States
269 supporters
Created August 24, 2017
Petition to Ike Leggett
smaller households. We, the signers of this petition, urge WSSC to transition to a rate structure that isRead more

Susan LaCourseLaurel, MD, United States
659 supporters
Created September 2, 2015
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