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Petition to Japanes
Japanese are about to continue killing thousands of innocent whales in the summer of 2019, and we need to stop them. In Japan, whale meat is even used in pet foods but Japanese people barely eat whales, but they still hunt them. Japan says the whale population has recovered enough to resume commercial hunting, and the IWC has become more like an opponent of whaling than an organization aiming for sustainability. Astrid Fuchs, program manager for Whale and Dolphin Conservation told National Geographic Japan's decision could have global ramifications.  Ms. Fuchs says Japan carries great influence in other whaling countries, and its withdrawal from the IWC could encourage South Korea and Russia to make the same move. The IWC imposed a commercial moratorium in 1986 due to a dwindling whale population, which Japan was a part of. To combat the loss of whale meat, Japan switched to what it calls research whaling. The research program was criticized as a cover for commercial hunting as the meat was still sold in stores. Please sign and share this petition and help stop Japan.Read more

Rob GrovesCrawley, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Dec 26, 2018
Petition to American Medical Association, Denise Adams, Donald J. Trump, Joe Biden, U​.​S. Senate, U​.​S. House of Representatives, NCDOI , United Healthcare, Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield
I am 36 with stage 4 breast cancer. I was diagnosed with stage 3 when I was only 33. I went to my Dr. With concerns and was told I was too young and it was nothing to worry about. Now I sit here with stage 4 with no cure. I did everything I was supposed to do as far as exams and was told I was too young. I hear doctors today say how the age needs to be lowered. So I am asking to get the age of preventative and diagnostic Mammograms to be covered by insurance at the age of 30. I hope this can save more lives. Today 40 is such a late age to find out about cancer, almost deadly. I hope I can create this legacy. I need people to sign this petition for your mom, sister, aunt, grandmother, wife, girlfriend etc. I really feel like my life, and a lot of others would have been saved had I had a mammogram earlier. With all the things we use and eat daily becoming more toxic, cancer is at an all time high. Let's really try hard to get change for women. We deserve to live life past 40. Please join me in creating change so that more mothers can be here to raise their children. Sign the petition! U do not have to donate! It does not go to me.Read more

taneisha gistWinston-Salem, NC, United States
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Created Dec 14, 2020
Petition to Indonesian government, Indonesian Society
Background Written by Christhopher Wilson Do you know that there are some exotic fruits that come from Indonesia, and even their names are named by Indonesian, for example: Durian, Rambutan, Jackfruit, Mangosteen, etc. But we harvest too much of the fruit, and the fruit, sometimes it doesn't mean that consumers buy the same amount that was harvested. So the fruit that is left is sometimes wasted because it is rotten. The target of our petition this time is to tell the public to harvest enough fruit, so that unsold fruit is not wasted and extinct. The Problem Written by Callista Prameyta As a tropical country, Indonesia is blessed with a wide variety of fruits that thrive in Indonesia. There are many fruit varieties that only grow in Indonesia, such as mangosteen, durian, rambutan, star fruit, semanggi, kemang and menteng. However, it is unfortunate that the existence of a number of local fruit commodities is currently threatened with extinction, this is because local fruit has a bad image in the eyes of the Indonesian people. So far, people have underestimated local fruits. The community assessed that local fruit has a less attractive colour, small size, and a price that is not much different from imported fruit which they think are of higher quality. In addition, the large market share in Indonesia and the low competitiveness of local fruits make imported fruit more prevalent and easy to find in supermarkets and traditional markets in Indonesia. Based on the National Socio-Economic Survey, local fruit consumption has decreased drastically compared to consumption of imported fruit. People tend to prefer to consume imported fruit which they think are of better quality. When people (consumers) prefer imported fruit, traders tend to choose to sell imported fruit to get more profit, so do farmers. When sellers and buyers prefer imported fruit, farmers tend to be reluctant to plant local fruit for fear that no one will buy their crops and lose money. This will affect the scarcity and difficulty of finding local Indonesian fruits. The Impact Written by Audrey Thalia  Indonesia is a big fruit market for Asian countries. Indonesian fruits have difficulty facing foreign markets, because the quality of our local fruits has not yet been able to match export standards. The quality problem is related to the fact that the fruit is produced by smallholders, most of whom do not have sufficient capital to buy fertilizers and modern agricultural equipment. The agricultural sector deserves equal government treatment given its enormous potential. Local fruit production not only has an impact on the economy in Indonesia, but also has an impact on the lives of farmers and their families. If the quality of local fruit in Indonesia is not maintained continuously, more and more people will not want to buy local fruit in Indonesia anymore. The longer it takes, the economy in Indonesia will decline drastically. So that many people will be affected by this economic downturn, including farmers, because the main livelihood of farmers is only farming and cultivating fruit and vegetables in Indonesia, unless they have other jobs. If this happens continuously and there is no solution whatsoever, then over time local fruit in Indonesia will become extinct and replaced with imported fruit from abroad. So, we can't enjoy it anymore. Moreover, the villagers whose income is not much, cannot buy fruit anymore. Our Suggestion Written by Andrea Michella Our country must increase fruit production by developing technology in agriculture. If farmers have more capital to plant fruit, the fruit will grow better and the yield will increase so that the price of fruit is more affordable to the community. The government must also strive to raise people's interest in consuming fruit, especially local fruit, by empowering teacher and doctor education institutions to be able to develop ideas so that fruit can be served as a snack or as a staple food. Closure Written by Christian Sensantio In conclusion, let us all work hard together to preserve Indonesia's local fruit from extinction. It's not easy, but we are sure TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT. We can start from ourselves by changing our lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle by consuming lots of fruits, especially local fruit, so that indirectly we also help increase the income of local fruit traders and farmers so that they have enough capital to develop trading businesses and their farm. When their income increases, our country's economy will also get better. To make this happen we also need your support to sign this petition. We created this petition with the aim of inviting the Indonesian people to prefer consuming local fruit and we also ask for government support to help and pay attention to fruit farmers in conserving and developing local fruit.  Read more

Callista Sarah Ayu Nanda Prameyta stubsd9Indonesia
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Created Nov 21, 2020
Petition to President Donald Trump , President of the United States
To bring greater awareness to Heroin overdose deaths. We are losing an entire generation of young men and women. My only child Rachael, at the tender age of 23 died of a heroin overdose. Heroin is the leading cause of death in America, more than car accidents. Every 4 minutes we lose a son or daughter to this Disease. We need to share with the country what an epidemic this truly is. We need to educate our children before we lose more. There needs to be an affordable long-term care program for addicts to break away from this disease. 30 days is not enough. A day we should pray for an end of heroin in America.Read more

Sharon SchlingmannRochester, MN, United States
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Created Jun 24, 2017
Petition to Board of directors of the school of motion picture arts, Capilano University, couches galore, furniture liberation
All of us, passionate students and loyal members of the MOPA program have known for some time that the program we have dedicated our entire lives to, our home and soon-to-be "alma mater" that we've given so much money and personal time, to has been led astray. The interests of the students are of no concern of the faculty anymore and we are treated like a problem to get out of the way rather than clients in need of leadership and proper treatment.  The cherry on top came with a notice to remove all personal imagery, posters, memes and memorabilia from our own computer laboratory. They also ordered the immediate removal of our local lab couch. This couch is important to all of us. Mopa students are forced to stay overnight often and the lab's cold concrete floor doesn't welcome naps. This couch is clean, out of the way, and no one has had a problem with it. This is where we make out stand, this couch is a student necessity, and it's fallen victim of bureaucratic and office politics. Help us save this couch and the future of filmmaking with it.  Furniture liberation for all!Read more

gumbo 1 forrestCanadá
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Created Oct 21, 2019
Petition to Justin Trudeau, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Marco E. L. Mendicino, Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC)
Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, countries (including Canada) have limited non-essential international travel. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) states that until further notice, you might not be able to travel to Canada, even if you have a valid visitor visa or electronic travel authorization. However, some travelers are eligible to travel to Canada if they are: exempt from the travel restrictions and traveling for an essential (non-discretionary) purpose Currently, the exemptions for international students stand as follows: “If you’re an international student who has a valid study permit, or were approved for a study permit on or before March 18, 2020, you’re exempt from the travel restrictions.”  However, we urge the Canadian government to open its doors to all international students, including those who were approved for a study permit after March 18, 2020, into the country for the Fall 2020 semester as their purpose of travel is essential/ non-discretionary. For some students, not being in Canada may limit our learning experiences for several reasons, namely: Students may not have access to proper resources in order to begin or continue their education (ie: high-speed Internet, labs, research libraries, censorship of certain information in some countries, etc.).  Time zone differences may affect the ability of students to actively participate in classes.  Research/ Graduate students may not be able to conduct their research or have access to resources that allow them to conduct said research. Additionally, it will be impossible for students to participate in select experiential activities that are not easily adaptable to a remote delivery format such as labs, studios, and clinical placements offered in-person. Some students risk losing their funding if they are unable to begin their degree studies in the Fall. Under Canadian law, universities are not able to provide any employment wages until students are able to be present in Canada with their TRV, study permit, resident social insurance number, address, and bank account. However, if travel restrictions are lifted and a student is able to arrive in Canada for the Fall term, then they will be eligible to begin employment as a Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, or Graduate Assistant as their Program has designated.  Some students feel unsafe in their homes and/or countries. Such places may not be conducive to learning. Being away at school grants them that safety and security, be it physical safety or mental health. Feeling unsafe may limit one’s ability to learn.  All students arriving in Canada must follow the emergency order under the Quarantine Act, which includes a 14-day self-isolation requirement. Canada is well-known for welcoming immigrants, international students, foreign workers, and visitors from some 200 countries each year. We hope that in this difficult time, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Marco E. L. Mendicino, remain committed to serving the needs of all international students.Read more

Phiwa Shongwe-TsabCanton, NY, United States
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Created Jul 16, 2020
                    We are demanding that the government step in regulate the brokers in the transportation industry. At a time When operating costs are 3 times more And the freight rates are less than the Cost of fuel in most cases to move said load but everybody is paying more for everything. we're is the money going? We demand answers If you agree with this don't just sign this petition get ahold of your local official and Ask them where the money is going? #whereisthemoneygoing              Read more

Michael JohnsonSalt Lake City, UT, United States
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Created Feb 9, 2023
Petition to National Parks Board, Louis Ng Kok Kwang, Singapore Police Force
On 3rd Feb 2021, the beloved community dog “Kopi-O'' was killed after being struck near the small town of Pulau Ubin by a van outside NParks’ main office. A Chinese newspaper, Wanbao, reported the suspect was a middle aged driver taking the vehicle at approximately 40km/h (4th Feb). According to Singapore's Road Traffic Act, Section 84, regulations regarding accidents with an animal are: to provide personal details if requested by an eyewitness; inform its owner in 24 hours - within reason; and move the stricken so as not to cause an obstruction. The suspected driver has reached a settlement with the dog’s alleged owner, however, Kopi-O has independently ventured out to the Ubin community and its visitors. We, the signatories, believe a personal settlement should not discharge the culprit from inattentive driving or failure to slow down at the small town area. This incident is especially concerning since he was speeding on a narrow lane where student trek or children play nearby. With no statement and an investigation still ongoing, blame has been placed on local taxi-van servicemen. Based on accounts of visitors however, van PU160X assigned to take visitors to Kopi-O's grave (Mothership.sg, 10th Feb) was parked outside NParks office and may be a Singapore contract driver for other agencies. This was also where the hit-and-run happened. Hence it is plausible that Ubin locals weren't involved. According to local villagers (as of Monday 15th Feb), the suspect continues to drive the van that killed Kopi-O. A number of them shared their concerns for the safety of other community dogs, including Kopi-O's pups and his brother "Teh-C". For these reasons we humbly request NParks to publish a statement to absolve blame on Ubin’s local taxi drivers and announce its suspension of Kopi-O's hit-and-run driver. Kopi-O was unique in that he was a community dog who enjoyed guiding visitors, campers, and trekkers on Ubin, whether till the western end on Outward Bound School, Puaka Hill, the Wei Tuo Temple, or the eastern end at Chek Jawa. The hundreds of stories, memories, photos, and videos about his coming to people’s aid or befriending them is a reminder that pets are not simply property to their owners, but have sentient, independent lives as well. As owners of pets and advocates for animal road safety, we ask that NParks takes the lead in improving traffic laws regarding animal safety. (i) It is unlikely that bystanders or pet owners can catch up with the driver without further endangering themselves or the stricken; (ii) Not all domesticated animals have a singular owner, e.g. community cats or dogs; (iii) the law doesn't protect the needs of a struck animal, i.e. immediate medical attention and updating its owner(s) immediately. A suspension or the appropriate penalties will help assure people of theirs and animal safety, deter animal roadkills on Pulau Ubin, and call for greater balance and respect between humans and animals in Singapore. As more visitors come to Pulau Ubin in light of COVID-19, we hope they'll get to enjoy engaging Ubin's community pets. We see more news of wildlife encroaching our places of living and commuting, and believe we, and drivers, need to be more attentive to the creatures we share our islands with. With this action, NParks will set a precedent for animal rights in Singapore and assure the many friends and fans of Kopi-O his death would not be in vain. Other suggestions are:a. To reconsider the make of this particular van and whether it is appropriate for forested roads and places of interest such as Pulau Ubin;b. For outcomes of the investigation to be published on NParks’ social media page(s) so the many befrienders of Kopi-O may find closure;c. That NParks provides first aid veterinary support on Pulau Ubin; andd. In time, for an MP of Parliament to propose amendments to the Road Traffic Act for greater accountability and deterrence for drivers involved in roadkills and animal hit-and-runs. Sincerely,In Honor of Kopi-ORead more

In Honor of Kopi-OSingapore
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Created Feb 20, 2021
Petition to The Premier of WA Mark McGowan
country on school starting age. Please sign my petition calling on WA Premier Mark McGowan to step inRead more

Maggie DentAustralia
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Created Nov 23, 2020
Petition to Federation of Syndicates of Banks' employees in Lebanon, Banks Employees
Covit-19 (Corona Virus) is NOT a joke!! It’s not a flu! The WHO has announced it a pandemic! Banks, are a dangerous place, to catch and transmit the virus! Our health and lives, and that of our families and surroundings are not a bargain! WE SHOULD CLOSE BANKS , STAY HOME!  THIS IS NOT A JOKE!  Read more

Hayat bou karroumBeirut, Lebanon
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Created Mar 12, 2020
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