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Petition to Instacart
fellow shoppers have uncovered now and researched enough to see that instacart is hiring so many more shoppers due to high demand, that shoppers are using bots (third party apps) to screw other shoppers out of getting orders. In layman's terms, shoppers are paying to get ahead to have all the high paying batches available to them before regular shoppers have a chance to take a batch and make money.  From personal as well as many other shoppers experience, this is what's happening. You open yourRead more

Melanie IbarraEverett, WA, United States
11,223 supporters
Created April 25, 2020
Petition to Woolworths
online shopping: The 10% offer will no longer apply for online shoppers (Woolworths Mobile unable to physically visit stores. I urge Woolworths to undo the changes for online shoppers to support shoppers, address the price hike for the Everyday Extra program, and review the threshold increase for the Delivery Unlimited service. Read more

April LAustralia
12,606 supporters
Created May 29, 2023
Petition to Tesco, Sainsbury, Mike Coupe, asda, aldi, Lidl, 10 Downing Street, Boris Johnson, Woking Borough Council, Surrey County Council, MORRISONS, House of Parliment
is putting NHS Staff and Supermarket staff at risk! Please change the legislation to allow shoppersRead more

Sam RadfordUnited Kingdom
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Created March 22, 2020
Petition to Instacart, , Instacart , Apoorva Metha, gavin newson, Apoorva Metha,
enraged shoppers have attempted to organize against all of these manipulations, and they have proven customer tipping page and rating system with approval of elected shoppers by US.Full and complete shoppers with the proper insurance and resources can deliver.The installation of a clear deactivation and appeals process for contractors.The creation and installation of a real Shoppers United Council that will provide input on all future decisions affecting contractors elected by US, the shoppersRead more

William FreelandSacramento, CA, United States
4,020 supporters
Created November 17, 2018
Petition to Tina Kotek, Janelle Bynum, Farrah Chaichi, Senator Floyd Prozanski, Paul Holvey
company has had an exceptional profit margin at the cost of lower base pay for the shoppers and logistical nightmare having to provide and relabel shoppers and drivers from “Independent Contractors responsibilities under the definition of employee. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! There are 130,000 shoppers in California shoppers alone. Instacart has more than 600,000 Instacart Shoppers according to Influencer Marketing Hub. Now take the remaining numbers. If there are 600,000 shoppers minus 130,000 inRead more

Tommy ThompsonEugene, OR, United States
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Created August 13, 2023
not know, is how poorly Instacart shoppers are paid. If you have used the app as a customer, you your own gas to deliver customer orders. I’ve read that once upon a time shoppers were paid decently except the shoppers, but every working person deserves fair pay. Please help us shoppers get what we deserve, because this is a tough job!Read more

Brit GraceCanada
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Created February 27, 2023
Petition to ashburton district council
provide free parking for shoppers to revive their CBD. They are leading the charge for regionalRead more

Heart PRAustralia
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Created June 8, 2016
Petition to Instacart
past, small bands of enraged shoppers have attempted to organize against all of these manipulations shoppers by US.-Full and complete customer addresses for every order BEFORE BATCH ACCEPTANCE.-Full and Instacart XL for large orders that shoppers with the proper insurance and resources can deliver.-The installation of a real Shoppers United Council that will provide input on all future decisions affecting contractors elected by US, the shoppers. We shoppers, united under a sacred goal, a living wage with theRead more

Jennifer MooneyJacksonville, FL, United States
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Created November 2, 2018
Petition to Solihull Council
car parking in Shirley shoppers car parks from the current 3 hours to just 30 minutes, to match new as in the private Parkgate shoppers car park (which will not change). Reducing the free parkingRead more

Tim HodgsonSolihull, ENG, United Kingdom
1,703 supporters
Created January 14, 2019
Petition to Target, Amazon, Whole Foods, Costco Wholesale, Costco, Trader Joe's, Kroger, Walmart, Publix Super Markets, CVS Pharmacy, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Donald J. Trump
and pharmacy stores starting early in the mornings. Those at-risk shoppers should not have to wait at-risk shoppers still show up at stores not realizing what it has come to (long lines and shortages). Those at-risk shoppers cannot compete with people able to wait in line for hours at a time to get first dibs. Moreover, many at-risk shoppers have a fixed income and may not be able to stock pile as store delivery, drive through shopping, or dedicated (or volunteer) shoppers. Companies shouldRead more

A ConnoyUnited States
1,042 supporters
Created March 15, 2020
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