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Petition to Procter & Gamble, Pantene, L'Oréal
important, as many shampoo and cosmetic companies test their products on animals such as rabbits, and. Unless the label on your shampoo or cosmetic product says "Not tested on animals," or "PETA approved," unfortunately, the shampoo you are about to use has been used tested several times on innocentRead more

C DBerkeley, CA, United States
95,774 supporters
Created March 9, 2021
Petition to Bundesministerium für Umwelt Naturschutz Bau und Reaktorsicherheit, Europäische Umweltagentur, The new climate economy commission on the economy and climate, Deutschlands Bundesumweltministerin Bar...
, dass Nagellackentferner,- Kämmbarkeitsspray,- Shampoo,- Körpercreme,- Haarspülungsflaschen undRead more

Ariane HohDeutschland
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Created June 2, 2017
Petition to SC Johnson
I, along with MANY other people would buy cases of your original Agree Shampoo and Conditioner!  It was the best smelling shampoo ever and the fragrance lasted all day!  Please, please bring it backRead more

Tina McClearnmiddletown, PA, United States
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Created June 19, 2021
Neutrogena has discontinued their product: The Anti-Residue Shampoo. This is a big upset to many-medical reasons. Sign and help us get our favorite shampoo back on the market!Read more

Kristina HyderLawrenceburg, TN, United States
678 supporters
Created June 2, 2022
We all want the original formula OUTRAGEOUS shampoo back! Please Revlon! Can we do a “throwback” ?? Read more

Brittany HarperStockbridge, GA, United States
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Created September 23, 2022
Petition to Tesco’s
Tesco’s have a really lovely 80p range of shampoos and conditioners in a range of great scents. They have now discontinued the range much to the disappointment of the nation. Please sign this petition so that Tesco’s realise they need to bring it back Read more

June BindleUnited Kingdom
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Created July 31, 2019
Petition to Woolworths and Coles supermarkets
The upset, distress and anxiety that it causes to bald people when they have to walk down these aisles in the supermarkets.  Personally my anxiety goes through the roof when I have to walk down this aisle, ny cjeat goea tight and begin to feel so ill, I have friends who also suffer from this also, we need to make a stand and show some lovr, care and respect to those members of the community who aew folically challenged. These should be covered up in a similar manner to the tobacco, where as if you know where they are it's fine, and the  bald fragile members of the public do not have to tolerate these awful feelings when they see the images of people with their beautiful, shiny full bodied locks of hair.  I appreciate you time and understanding, I do not.want it to get to a point where somebody gets pushed so far that they have only one option and feel like there is only one way out of this uncomfortable and extremely distressing situation.    Thank you very much.   Read more

Martin JohnstonAdelaide, Australia
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Created March 24, 2021
Petition to Olivia Crierie
We are attempting to create regulations that pet shampoo companies will have to  follow with signatures we will take this to Canadian parliament in hope to add the same legislation to pet shampoo that we have for human shampoo. Thank you!Read more

Olivia CrierieCochrane, Canada
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Created February 20, 2019
Petition to Jeff LeRoy
® shampoo to eliminate 1,4-dioxane. Unfortunately, Dirty Secrets test results show that the company hasRead more

lori alperBedford, MA, United States
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Created February 6, 2012
Petition to ShopRite Supermarkets, Wakefern Food Corporation
Palm oil is the commonly used oil in many commercial goods like cookies, ice cream, shampoo, cupRead more

Cindy DangUnited States
128,926 supporters
Created May 28, 2018
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