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Petition to Cardiff Council
We need to protect the Norwegian Church's iconic setting on the waterfront of Cardiff Bay from the development would overshadow and overcrowd the Norwegian Church and its waterfront setting Waterfront Park setting would be gone forever. We call upon Cardiff Council to reject this application Park setting of the Norwegian Church for residents and visitors alike.Read more

Karen AllenCardiff, WLS, United Kingdom
9,952 supporters
Created August 24, 2017
Petition to Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia
This is a call for change, to stop the oppression of women of color, within the doors of The Catholic High School of Baltimore. Many accounts and stories have been shared detailing events that have left many hurt and others damaged by the lack of resources presented to us. Throughout our findings, a lot stems from Barbara Nazelrod, the current acting president. Leadership is exemplified from the top down. The horrific examples of racism and the innumerable examples of alumna attempting to engage staff and their voices falling on deaf ears is a failure of leadership. Due to Dr. Nazelrod’s negligence and her failure to act, it sent the signal to students and staff that black lives do not matter. It gave implicit permission for employees and white students to continue engaging in racist behavior.  We ask that Dr. Nazelrod resigns from her position as president. Moreover, we humbly ask that a task force or working group be created to craft a strategic plan. This task force should include black alumni and POC’s, black parents of alumna, and any current students.  Please assist us in our goal to hold our school accountable, and to send a new signal for all to see: Black Lives Matter at TCHS. Read more

Ashley BinnsBaltimore, MD, United States
1,260 supporters
Created June 5, 2020
Petition to Hon. Larry Mitchell
known as Justice, the man reportedly responsible for setting him on fire, 18-year-old Darius EwingRead more

Hand 4PawsPortland, OR, United States
36,939 supporters
Created April 21, 2012
Petition to Labour Party, Jacinda Ardern, Grant Robertson
The move to the 'Red' setting in New Zealand's Covid-19 Protection Framework has left thousands ofRead more

NZ Music IndustryAuckland, New Zealand
30,355 supporters
Created January 23, 2022
Petition to Pendle Borough Council
Douglas Hall Kennels of Burnley are not content with operating as Lancashire's largest dealer of commercially bred pups, they now want to subject those puppies to being used in a Puppy Petting Zoo! Douglas Hall Kennels have submitted a planning application to extend their infamous establishment to include a Puppy Petting Zoo. They believe that Puppy Petting is a tourist attraction and an acceptable form of public entertainment. In light of the fact Pendle Council have ignored an array of breaches including welfare breaches, microchipping breaches and trading standards breaches, there is huge concern that Pendle Council will grant this 'Puppy Petting Zoo' planning application. We cannot allow this abomination to happen. Puppies are not a tourist attraction and they are not public entertainment. If you agree, please tell Pendle Council that a Puppy Petting Zoo is not acceptable by signing this petition. You can also object to this Puppy Petting Zoo (planning application 18/0818/FUL) by contacting Mr Alex Cameron, Senior Planning Officer, at: planning@pendle.gov.ukFull details of the planning application can be viewed at: https://publicaccess.pendle.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?previousCaseType=Property&keyVal=PIHTI6MIJYR00&previousCaseNumber=O6R1Q1MI01R00&previousCaseUprn=010090963440&activeTab=summary&previousKeyVal=O6R1QOMI01R00Read more

J MageeBurnley, ENG, United Kingdom
8,258 supporters
Created December 29, 2018
Petition to Snap Inc.
somehow make a setting that replaces the bright white background with a more darker color (blackRead more

Xavier FuentesLebanon, PA, United States
2,332 supporters
Created February 4, 2019
Petition to HDTV Manufacturers/ Broadcasters, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, LG, Phillips, Hitachi, Loewe, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Vizio, Insignia, Consumer Electronics Trade Group
this is a default setting on all HDTVs because essentially what it is doing, is taking the artistic be aware of this and help stop it from being a default setting.  At this stage, the majority of the interpolation to be a default setting.  The Ideal: Manufacturers working together with broadcasters to createRead more

Reed MoranoBrooklyn, NY, United States
13,473 supporters
Created October 26, 2014
Petition to Newcastle Upon Tyne City Counsil
application that parents are only outside of the setting for a matter of minutes when they are dropping the day. Also a lot of parents live in close proximity to the setting and walk to collect at pick up and drop off times. We are a small setting and provide care mainly for families of vital keyRead more

Oxana JordanUnited Kingdom
213 supporters
Created March 4, 2021
Petition to Governor Ron DeSantis
 A 19-year-old Florida man is accused of setting a caged cat on fire and feeding the animal’sRead more

Pete StergiouBoynton Beach, FL, United States
20,168 supporters
Created March 12, 2019
Petition to Ubisoft
A simple star wars day joke has made this game better, please keep this in the game as a separate settingRead more

Gabe AyalaTennessee, United States
4,570 supporters
Created May 4, 2019
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