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everyone not a kingdom of a few  we want freedom. Session from central Kenya republic . This electric stormRead more

KEVIN NJERUnairobi, Kenya
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Created Aug 15, 2022
Petition to United Nations Security Council, United Nations, United Nations Human Rights Council
To: The United Nations and its Member States Re: UNHRC's 46th Session & The New Resolution on session of the United Nations Human Rights Council mandating an international, impartial andRead more

Alaigal WavesUnited States
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Created Jan 8, 2021
Petition to Dennis Daugaard, South Dakota State Legislature, South Dakota State Senate, South Dakota State House
state legislatures and call for a special session to be held in 2017. This session is in regards to of an immediate response to this serious matter through a legislature special session in 2017Read more

Derek garnerSioux Falls, SD, United States
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Created Apr 10, 2017
Petition to prakash javedkar, Shri Narendra modi, CBSE, medication ministry of India
Since, we’ve no definite solution to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no sense in opening up education institutions. The government is really acting foolish by declaring exam dates and stuff, will they take responsibility or the financial load after any of the student suffers from this dangerous disease after attending school or giving exam? No they won’t. So why are they experimenting their social distancing on students rather than declaring this year? We the students and parents should raise the voice for cancelling the school/college for this year. We all know this won’t cause any loss rather the government should think over curing, stopping this pandemic instead continuously stupidly emphasising over opening of schools and other institutions. I won’t go to school until a proper solution comes out and hope y’ll also won’t risk your life. Read more

Tanya TiwariJabalpur, India
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Created Jun 3, 2020
Petition to Parliament Of India, President of India, Narendra Modi, Ramesh pokhriyal, Smriti Irani, Amit Shah, Alka Lamba
organize two days annual session focused on the prevailing issues of Indian women. A focusedRead more

Yogita BhayanaNew Delhi, भारत
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Created Feb 13, 2020
Petition to IB students
Due to the health crisis around the world, we feel that it is unethical to have the ib exam session in November Read more

Lara ELIASPerú
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Created Jun 5, 2020
Petition to Private schools of Kolkata
fees be reduced for the remaining months/academic year of 2020-2021, waive of session fees for academic introduce online initiatives for the new session. While this is a smart, logical decision in the whole session. Points to be noted- -We really appreciate an effort taken by West BengalRead more

Surajit GoswamiKolkata, India
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Created Apr 9, 2020
Petition to Government of Malaysia, Ahli Dewan Negara, Yang DiPertuan Agong
No one is considered ignorant of the law.The Guardian reports that Malaysia will be one of the 19 nation that shall destroyed. This is an administration disaster in our country where our country is on the verge of real destruction. COVID-19 has taken 9000+ lives to date signifies that the government has failed and as the country enters a state of uncertainty with a total lockdown, it is best to find a non-partisan formula to govern the country. Because of an incompetant government, the people are miserable. Because the government is greedy for power, Parliament is closed, the role of check and balance is gone. Because cronyism, the rich get richer, the poor becomes poorer. UNTIL WHEN, O PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA , ARE WE GOING TO SUFFER ON THIS? Under the current state of emergency which lasts till August 1, sittings in both the lower and upper houses are suspended. One of the Senator, YB Yusmadi Yusoff said that the Dewan Negara is not a heated platform like the Dewan Rakyat, where there is speculation that the government under Perikatan Nasional lacks the simple majority to govern. The Dewan Negara should be allowed to resume next month to discuss the growing seriousness of the Covid-19 crises in Malaysia. If the current government failed to hear the voice of the people, let the Senators discuss the matter in a very detailed, holitistic  approach in apolitical manner.   People of Malaysia, be the voice of change. Sign the petition NOW! Do not let democracy dies in the darkness!************   Tidak ada individu yang dianggap tidak mengetahui undang-undang. The Guardian melaporkan bahawa Malaysia akan menjadi salah satu daripada 19 negara yang akan musnah. Ini adalah bencana pentadbiran di negara kita di mana negara kita berada di ambang kehancuran sebenar. COVID-19 telah meragut 9000+ nyawa sehingga hari ini menunjukkan bahawa kerajaanPerikatan Nasional telah gagal dan ketika ekonomi negara itu dalam keadaan nyawa-nyawa ikan dengan penguncian total, adalah terbaik adalah mencari resolusi dengan mengenepikan ideologi parti politik untuk mentadbir negara ini. Kerana pemerintahan yang tidak kompeten, rakyatnya sengsara. Kerana kerajaan yang tamakkan kuasalah, Parlimen ditutup, peranan semak dan imbang tiada. Kerana kronilah, yang kaya semakin kaya, yang miskin semakin miskin. SAMPAI BILA, WAHAI RAKYAT MALAYSIA, KITA HENDAK MENDERITA? Dalam keadaan darurat semasa yang berlangsung hingga 1 Ogos, persidangan di kedua-dua rumah bawah dan atas ditangguhkan. Salah seorang Senator, YB Yusmadi Yusoff mengatakan bahawa Dewan Negara bukanlah platform yang "panas" seperti Dewan Rakyat, di mana terdapat spekulasi bahawa pemerintah di bawah Perikatan Nasional kekurangan majoriti sederhana untuk memerintah. Dewan Negara dibolehkan beroperasi semula bulan depan untuk membincangkan betapa seriusnya krisis Covid-19 yang semakin meningkat di Malaysia. Sekiranya pemerintah sekarang gagal mendengar suara rakyat, biarkan Senator membincangkan perkara itu dengan pendekatan holistik yang sangat terperinci dengan cara apolitis.   Rakyat Malaysia, jadilah suara perubahan. Tandatangani petisyen SEKARANG! Jangan biarkan demokrasi mati dalam kegelapan!  Read more

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Created May 30, 2021
Petition to Representative Scott K. Saiki, Representative Nadine K. Nakamura
We believe access to Midwifery care improves health outcomes for all Birthing people and their children. Indigenous, Black and Women of Color have provided and maintained Traditional Midwifery as a practice for centuries. We support continuation of the Birth Attendant exemption in HRS 457-J. Exemptions to HRS 457-J allows options for the profession of Midwifery to grow in equitable ways and allowing accessibility, diversity, cultural and religious freedom for Hawai’i. After July 2023 the current exemption is set to expire, criminalizing Midwifery practitioners who are filling a vital need in our communities.  Many Birth Attendants in Hawai’i are cultural practitioners who serve our most rural and under-resourced communities. The Birth Attendant exemption to HRS 457-J allows for the sovereignty of Midwifery to continue. This exemption supports a pregnant persons right to autonomy over their bodies and a pathway for local people to learn traditional practices of health. Keeping the birth attendant exception to HRS 457-J allows for the legal cross cultural  collaboration with Midwives globally. We unite to bring Maternal Health Care out of the current public health crisis we are in. Midwifery in all forms is essential to protect and we must stop the criminalization of Midwives in Hawaiʻi. We stand for a better future and support Midwifery in Hawaiʻi.  Read more

Sisterhood MidwiferyHawaii, United States
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Created Sep 3, 2022
Petition to MHRD, State Governments
Without any guidelines for the start of Academic Session, students are all frustrated. FacultiesRead more

Krishna ChaitanyaIndia
4,324 supporters
Created Aug 4, 2020
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