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Petition to Justin Trudeau
Canada don't have the resources to access mental health services. Hospitals and medical staff are mental health services as part of our medical system.  The cost of suicide has larger and deeper affects with mental health burdens that provoke more tragedy. Increasing mental health services benefit allRead more

Lual AkolWinnipeg, Canada
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Created May 25, 2020
Petition to Welcome Break, Roadchef , Moto
buildings. I would love to be able to stop at motorway services with the peace of mind about the welfare of outside the services and vulnerable to being stolen. 60 dogs are stolen every week in the UK, 12% of these owners like me feel that the ‘no dogs inside’ policy prevents us from using the services at all. IfRead more

Libby CarterNapsbury, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jul 16, 2018
Petition to Brian Kemp, GEOFF DUNCAN, Renee Unterman, Tim Fleming, John Porter, David Ralston, Katie Dempsey, Dean Burke, Tom Kirby, Alyssa Lee, Charlie Miller, Cecil T. "Butch" Miller, Chuck Hufstetler, Horac...
lives, SAVE OUR SERVICES”.   Georgia Lawmakers are Cutting the Following from the State Budget: No New. He is still waiting for a NOW or COMP waiver. He qualified for home-based services but before we & Ken Hammett This petition is going to lawmakers. Please sign it and share your family’s story! SAVE OUR SERVICES!Read more

Katie McKoyMORELAND, GA, United States
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Created Jun 1, 2020
Petition to Blue Pearl Emregency Vet
Mars Inc. owns a great majority of pet care services and other pet related brands like PedigreeRead more

Joanna PattersonVirginia Beach, VA, United States
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Created Oct 21, 2016
Petition to New York Times
services which is in the same building will be forced to close its doors as well. There is already a huge NEED TO SAVE MARYHAVENS CHILDREN SERVICES!!!  Please contact Congressman Lee M Zeldin  Washington, DCRead more

Elizabeth BirchwellNew York, United States
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Created Mar 9, 2019
Petition to Netflix, HBO, Walt Disney, Amazon
proposed to enable free access to the online services so that the people stay in their homes! como medidaRead more

Fidel FilioNuevo Laredo, México
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Created Mar 20, 2020
Petition to South Carolina State Senate, South Carolina State House, Bill Chumley
14 2021 emergency services were called to the adoptive home by the adoptive parents and Victoria wasRead more

Michelle UrpsWoodruff, SC, United States
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Created Jan 25, 2021
Petition to HCPS Board, Sandy Murman, Bill Galvano
Hillsborough County School Board  took away busing for children who live within two miles of their school. The issue is that these children are being forced to walk down dark narrow roads with NO SIDEWALKS OR LIGHTING. Many of these routes have already been deamed hazardous by the Hillsborough County Transportation Safety office in June of 2017. According to Florida Statue 1006.23, ·There must be a space of at least 4 feet wide adjacent to the road. ·The posted speed limit must be below 50mph. ·The road can not have more than 5 lanes.   Most of the walking routes to the schools in the Ruskin area do NOT meets these requirements. Please HELP US by signing this petition. Thank you!   Read more

Noelle LicorRuskin, FL, United States
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Created Aug 23, 2017
Petition to Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
MIDWIVES MATTER Maternity services are currently in crisis. With an estimated shortage of 2,000 full time midwives by the Royal College of Midwives, maternity services are suffering chronic staff address staffing shortfalls in maternity services, along with an increase in budget for maternity services by a minimum of £200 - £350 million per year. https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm5802/cmselect/cmhealth/19/1902.htm  The Ockenden publication of the Independent Review of maternity servicesRead more

Cheryl SamuelsChelmsford, United Kingdom
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Created Sep 18, 2021
Petition to Govenor Pat Quinn, Illinois
Healthcare and Family Services. The care provided by these nurses keeps Patrick alive. Without themRead more

Mary Jo HarteNorthfield, IL, United States
104,450 supporters
Created Jun 20, 2013
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