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Petition to National Weather Service
 I made this petition to make sure that National Weather Service gets the funds that they need for better technology. This issue affects The National Weather Service, the Broadcast Meteorologists!   The National Weather Service helps brings reliable weather information towards millions of people Weather Service has helped protect and save lives over 100 years and they have gave people theRead more

Andre BrooksHammond, LA, United States
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Created Mar 30, 2021
Petition to John Tory
essential service. Most people don't know that. And those who hear it, cannot believe it. That is to say that while TTC bus drivers are an essential service, the paramedics that have the medications bluntly, make it at all. How are paramedics not granted essential service status? Ask yourself, readerRead more

C. H.Canada
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Created Mar 19, 2020
Petition to U​.​S. House of Representatives, U​.​S. Senate
Canine Companions® was selected as a provider of service and emotional support dogs for a study by the Department of Veteran Affairs examining the effects of task-trained service dogs for veterans. The results are staggering: Veterans placed with trained service dogs have reduced suicidal debating ways in which trained service dogs can support veterans living with PTSD. This research provides a new opportunity to show proven benefits of connecting veterans with PTSD with trained service dogsRead more

Canine CompanionsCalifornia, United States
50,023 supporters
Created Feb 1, 2021
Petition to Doug McMillon, Walmart
Walmart has started selling service dog jackets and ID registration cards. This is affecting every disabled person with a legitimate task trained service dog. It puts our lives more at risk. ADA make a dog a service dog.   Extensive training makes a dog a service dog. The fake service dog trend people in the US who own service animals have to worry more about going to Walmart and having our $20,000 dogs attacked by pets in the store. That’s 500,000 service dogs lives and safety on the line. TaskRead more

Dominique WeemsChildersburg, AL, United States
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Created Jan 12, 2022
Petition to President Cyril Ramaphosa, Summit Secretariat - Pastor Giet Khosa, COGTA Ministry - Office of the Minister Ms. Ingrid, COGTA Ministry - PA to Minister: Ms. Mandisa Mbele, COGTA Parliamentary Portfo...
Essential Service Providers, even during a State of Disaster, such as was declared in South Africa to be Essential Service Providers, while strictly adhering to all the necessary restrictions andRead more

David HortonSouth Africa
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Created Apr 28, 2020
Petition to Carlisle city council
barrier to shelter. Design a Response Service which does not automatically lead to criminalisation/arrest, but which provides welfare assistance and advocacy. Ensure that this response service homelessness service for the city that understands the obstacles people experience. Often, the only people homelessness service that values those it seeks to assist and refuses to exclude them.Read more

Fiona GoldieCarlisle, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Sep 27, 2021
Petition to ministère de la santé, DGOS , ARS Île de France, ARS Créteil, Olivier Véran
Georges (94190), service ayant la capacité d’accueillir 18 patients. Nous nous occupons de patients.   NOS ARGUMENTS :    Nos qualifications :  - Service spécifique qui nécessite des compétences techniques et des connaissances théoriques détenues uniquement par les agents du service de réanimation    Problèmes institutionnels :  - Activité du service doublée en 6 ans sans ressource humaine supplémentaire une attractivité moindre, turn over important, auto remplacement (Service de pool non formé à laRead more

Aurelien MORISFrance
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Created Feb 18, 2020
Petition to David Cameron PM
of national service for young persons.  We the undersigned do not want our children and grandchildren to be forced to undertake mandatory conscription or service in to any system that requires them training that has mandatory residential elements, military training and or actual service in the, The National Service Bill 2013-14 Presented by Mr Philip Hollobone be rejected in its entirety and that our government reassure us that non voluntary service and any residential or military styleRead more

Debbie SayersFalmouth, ENG, United Kingdom
38,163 supporters
Created Jul 21, 2013
Petition to Jeff Bezos, Amazon, Amazon.com
streaming service with 22 original series that promote the NRA's propaganda, and there’s even anRead more

Brad ChasePortland, OR, United States
348,862 supporters
Created Feb 22, 2018
Petition to Delta Air Lines
Delta Airlines has announced they will be banning "pit bull type" service and support dogs from from all backgrounds. The ADA allows for any breed of service dog to accompany their handler anywhere the general public is allowed. Service dogs are a disabled person's eyes, ears, mobility and sometimes their lifeline. Sometimes these highly trained service dogs are pit bulls or "bully" breedsRead more

Lexa Van Hel BluSan Francisco, CA, United States
85,250 supporters
Created Jun 23, 2018
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