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Petition to British Gymnastics
. We need the selection process to be fair and as such I believe that the selection committee should unbiased judges. At the very least, British Gymnastics should make their selection process transparent to the public to ensure it is fair. Read more

Sarah douganDingwall, SCT, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 7, 2021
Petition to Sachin Bansal
Sex selection publications are being sold on Flipkart! In India the practice of sex selection that promote sex selection. Yet these publications are available for purchase on Flipkart.   If promoting sex selection will not be tolerated. Sign this petition and make Flipkart remove the offending promoting sex selection fuels the illegal practice of sex selection. Recently, the Supreme Court of India has ordered online search engines to remove all advertisements on sex-selection techniques. It isRead more

Girls CountNew Delhi, India
11,846 supporters
Created Feb 5, 2015
Petition to Alan Tudge, Australian Government
the gender selection category. Given to Australian school students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9, NAPLAN is a selection category, which currently only lists boy/girl as options to include a "non-binary" or "otherRead more

@Inclusivityau .Melbourne, Australia
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Created May 12, 2021
Petition to Railway Ministry, Pmo, Ashwini Vaishnaw, Department of Personal and Training, UPSC
● Ministry of railways(MoR) has terminated/stopped the recruitment of 'Group A Engineers' (hypocrisy is that MoR has kick-started to adopt modern technology and automation that too without engineers) ◆ As per Gazette of India CG-DL-E-10022022-233287 future recruitment of IRMS will be made through UPSC (Civil Services) and with same qualification of CSE.By this decision; professional & specialised Engineering degrees like BTech/Mtech has lost its glitter and dreams of lakhs of engineers(graduated from IITs, NITs and other prestigious institutions) got shattered. After deduction of more than 250 seats of  Group A posts (of MoR) from ESE, It's really heart wrenching & appalling when highly qualified & well deserving engineers are living with depression & distress due to not having justifying & good profile job.   ◆ As Ministry of railways(Engineering led ministry) being run and managed by Engineers, So we demand:   1. IRMS through ESE  (Because Engineers can do management work). or2. IRMS through separate exam like IFoS with technical paper (because engineers are the core of Railway) or 3. Follow the erstwhile recruitment process for seats sharing which were being practiced untill 2019 i.e.  75% seats for technical officers( of 5 cadres recruited through UPSC ESE) and 25% seats for Non-tech officers ( of 3 cadres recruited through UPSC CSE).  If Engineers are not getting good opportunities then either close all the IITs, NITs and other prestigious Engg colleges  or give us Group A posts. All the engineers are depressed & devastated and strongly resist this futile decision, hence we engineers are requesting govt. to fullfill our demand by our folding hands.   Details:  Ministry of railways halted/suspended recruitment in Indian Railways for its class-A officers since 2019. The well practiced system for the recruitment of young Class A officers for Indian Railways was functioning appropriately until 2019. * Technical officers were being recruited through UPSC ESE( Engineering Services Examination) and Non-technical officers through UPSC CSE(Civil Services Examination).  *Union govt has proposed a new cadre named IRMS(Indian Railway Management Service) i.e. unification of eight existing services of Indian Railways which are listed below:- (a)Engineering Services Examination for 1. Indian Railway Service of Engineers (IRSE)  2.Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers(IRSME) 3.Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers(IRSEE) • Indian Railway Service of Signal Engineers(IRSSE) • Indian Railway Stores Service (IRSS) (Total 273 seats notified in ESE 2019 ) (b) Civil Services Examination for 1. Indian Railway Traffic Service(IRTS)  2.Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS) 3. Indian Railway Accounts Service (IRAS) (Total 100 Seats approximately ) Railways (Group A) is a dream Job for engineers. IITs and NITs students have this governement job in their mind. Technical  Aspirants are prepared and preparing for this prestigious organization but their dreams seems too be faded day by day .   Read more

Ram TeerathIndia
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Created Feb 14, 2022
Petition to Orthodox community of Australia
As a progressive and inclusive country, the Australian Bureau of Statistics needs to recognise citizens who idendentify as Orthodox should not have to select their religion as 'Greek Orthodox'.  The Orthodox religion is widespread amongst many countries. Thousands of people have migrated to Australia from these countries. The Orthodox religion does not belong to a single nation. You would never have to select 'Australian Christian' and this is no different. We request that in the future, the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) and other Australian Government agencies will replace 'Greek Orthodox' with 'Orthodox' as to include the 10's of thousands of immigrants and Australian citizens who observe the Orthodox religion that are not of Greek ancestry/heritage.     Read more

Diana DibenedettoAustralia
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Created Jul 31, 2021
Petition to Netflix, Haifaa Al-Mansour, Margaret French Isaac, Denise Di Novi, Pouya Shahbazian
Dear "The Selection" fans,   as most of you probably know (obviously, because how else would you reading this right now, who have the same dream. Moreover, the world described in "The Selection" has be casted in the upcoming "The Selection" movie, may it even be a tiny role. And I am sure I am not "The Selection" movie will commence. Thus, we need to use the time until then to convince them of your friends, whatever. EVERY SIGNATURE MATTERS!   Be safe and take care, Katharina, "The SelectionRead more

Katharina WurmVienna, Austria
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Created Apr 17, 2020
Petition to Poultry Industry
practice is badly deficient. Most alarmingly, it totally fails to address genetic selection for rapid poultry industry to end genetic selection for rapid growth. Then visit our site to find out what elseRead more

Anna PippusVancouver, Canada
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Created Oct 15, 2015
Petition to University of Colorado Boulder
The housing process has continued to be inaccurate and untimely, as incoming freshman have been forced to undergo multiple accommodation requests in order to get a simple question answered. A task that is much easier to fulfill than the university is going forth with. The class of 2020 has been through enough during this pandemic and the least we can be offered and outright deserve is the chance to have some autonomy and fairness towards our living situations. Sign this petition if you would like a revision and accuracy to be placed upon the CU Boulder housing services as this “new” system has not aligned with the majority of students request. That being said if you are dissatisfied please sign this petition. Read more

Caitlin CoonCarbondale, CO, United States
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Created Jun 20, 2020
Petition to NCAA
I'm all for postponing the tournament, but that doesn't mean that we can't have Selection Sunday tournament, these kids can at least say they were good enough to make it. So, if you're all in on keeping Selection Sunday alive, please sign this petition!Read more

Fuller HiltonNew Jersey, United States
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Created Mar 12, 2020
Petition to Carlos Migoya, Marcell Felipe, Michael Bileca, Nicole Washington, Anay Abraham
The Miami Dade College Presidency should not be hijacked. The transparent selection process must selection process that has been in place for months and to select a new president from among the transparent selection process and honor the principles of the academic and higher education communityRead more

SOS Miami Dade CollegeMiami, FL, United States
11,391 supporters
Created Jul 31, 2019
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