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Petition to Jerry Brown
the families and communities who have been harmed, we solemnly make this request. We are seekingRead more

F.U.E.L. - Families United to End LWOPCalifornia, United States
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Created March 4, 2018
Petition to Missouri Board of Probation and Parole, Michael L. Parson
In 1983, Eric Clemmons, 20 years old was convicted for capital murder and sentenced to a 50-years imprisonment without the possibility of parole which followed an incident when Eric had gone to his brother's aid as he believed that his brother had been robbed by two men .  A fight ensued which resulted in the death of a 21 year old man.  When Eric Clemmons learnt of the death he turned himself into the police, as a man of good character with no criminal record and capital charges were brought.  In 1999 Justice Myron H Bright of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals expressed the view in the decision in 177 F.3d 680 Eric D Clemmons v Paul K Delo (8th Circuit) that: This is an unusual case.  The evidence indicates that Clemmons acted with some justification for his conduct, and evidence which surfaced in a different trial casts grave doubt on whether Clemmons struck the blows that killed the victim. The facts of this case do not warrant a capital murder conviction and the severe sentence which was imposed.  On the facts of this case it was open to the Court to have charged Eric Clemmons with second degree murder or manslaughter.  Of particular importance is the assertion of Justice Myron H Bright that 'the conviction for capital murder and consequent life sentence......as imposed in this case may amount to a great injustice'. Former St. Louis Circuit Attorney Dee Joyce Hayes wrote to Eric's mother: “I am somewhat surprised that Eric was charged with capital murder.” If the overcharging is not troubling enough, in 1985 Eric was wrongfully accused of the murder of a fellow inmate. When he was eventually granted a trial, it took a jury only one hour to find him not guilty of the murder. By this time, he had spent 13 years on death row.  Eric is nearly 59 years old and has spent 38 years in prison which have been spent productively - he has stayed out of trouble, taken advantage of education classes and in 2012 graduated with a distinction from Blackstone Career Institute allowing him to work as a paralegal when released and worked in various capacities within the prison.   Eric is remorseful for the events that unfolded when he went to his brother's aid and has written to the parents of the deceased to seek their mercy and forgiveness.  Eric has served a significant period of time behind bars for his actions and justice has been served.  A psychiatrist has stated that his “positive attitude and desire to contribute to society bodes well for a good future prognosis.”  There is no risk to the public if he were to be released and everything to suggest that he would successfully reintegrate into society.  He has a loving family who are waiting for positive news.   I urge you to please sign this petition to respectfully request that thorough consideration is given to this exceptional case by the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office Conviction Integrity Unit.Read more

Caroline HaywardHarrow, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created April 17, 2020
Petition to Tamil Nadu Government
Veterinary Doctors are working hardly for farmers through treatment and production of their livestocks. They also contribute in socio economic growth of an individual and a state too.  But they not even get respect in the field. Today(23.09.2019) a Temporary Veterinary Assistant Surgeon got beaten by a Subordinate Livestock Inspector in Paramakudi Division, Ramnad for enquiring on his work. There is no respect given for the profession. If such activities continued, we will not get any respect for our honourable profession. So, we need to take step to stop this type of activities from those fools. We as a veterinarian must help our coveterinarian, by making that L.I. pay sorry to his Veterinary Doctor and he should resign his L.I. job for his foolish activities and we should make him get jailed. If now we don't take any step just because we are safe, surely one day this incidence may happen to any of us anywhere. We just want people to pay respect for our profession and keep supporting us to do our job. So we have to make this petition reach to our TN Government, who has responsibility to take action toward this cruel activities. So sign this petition, share as much as possible and we will wait for a good newsRead more

Kavin KamalIndia
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Created September 23, 2019
Petition to United Nations, Antonio Gutteres, Pinarayi Vijayan
water, food, health facility and shelter. We the people of Kerala are seeking international aid fromRead more

Dr.Itticheria AlexKochi, India
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Created August 16, 2018
Petition to Governor Tom Wolf, PA Pardon Board, PA Board of Pardons, PA Board of Pardons & Governor Wolf
This petition is a plea to Governor Tom Wolf and to the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons to free John Brookins, inmate BW7444, who has been incarcerated for thirty years. He is currently incarcerated in SCI Phoenix.  To know John is to know someone spiritual, someone who has spent thirty years behind bars aiding the spiritual and physical development of others. To know John is to know someone with nothing but love in his heart for all and a spirit of forgiveness. To know John Brookins, quite simply, is to know a friend. Spirituality is hugely important to John, and it is through meditation and yoga that he gets through his days in prison. John has become a certified yoga instructor with Transformation Yoga, who speak very highly of John and his expertise as an instructor. John holds a number of certificates and qualifications from his time in prison. John has worked in the prison kitchen and helped to maintain the horticultural nursery in the prison. John worked in the activities department for twenty years, designing and conducting fitness, yoga and meditation programs for residents and people outside the prison. Before Covid hit John was asked by the activities Administration to conduct the Health and Wellness Re-entry Program. John has also been involved in the creation of a PA Department of Corrections Yoga Manual to be used statewide. John also designs fitness programs to help his fellow inmates, tailoring them to suit the needs of each person, even those who are elderly, sick, or disabled. John welcomes the opportunity to work directly for the PA Department of Corrections as an instructor for the incarcerated in all of PA. The focus would be to teach practices for stress management, minimizing anxiety, and the treatment of PTSD symptoms which are now much more prevalent since the onset of Covid 19. John wants to help people to work on themselves, as he says, from the physical to the spiritual by opening and running his own studio. Upon his release, John plans to get an RV and drive across America to meet the people who have supported him over the years. He wants to stop along the way in towns and national parks and see as much of the country as he can. John wishes to travel all around the world and see all that he can. He doesn’t want to squander any more time, and wishes to soak up as many valuable experiences as he can, with his loving wife, Karen, by his side. John's kindness and his love for all has had a profound effect on his supporters throughout the years. Everyone who has ever met John agrees that society needs more John Brookins. The above reflects the impact that John has had inside prison - just imagine what he could accomplish outside. For more information about John and his case visit www.bringbrookinshome.comRead more

Karen BrookinsLanghorne, PA, United States
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Created October 2, 2016
Petition to Prime Minister of India, Home Minister of India
Dear Sirs, Namaste As you must be aware by now, We, Hindu believers of Lord Ayyappa are facing severe harassment from the present state government of Kerala. Ever since and even before the Supreme Court Hearing took place, there has been flip-flop in the stand of the Kerala Government on the issue of restricted entry of Women in Sabarimala. They clearly were targetting to disturb the peaceful way Pilgrimage was being conducted over the years and provoked the peaceful Devotee community. Thankfully, as you must be aware, the demonstrations has been limited to Sharanaghoshams and Namajapams.  There has been very serious attempts made by the Government to desecrate the temple by providing commando escorts to known Non-Believers who have evidently abused this temple and the Deity. On the other hand, genuine devotees have been subjected to undue and severe harassment by denying even a decent trek up the Holy Sabarimala and a Darshan and subsequently to complete the associated rituals. Police have been let loose all along and devotees have been arrested and detained on trumped up Non-bailable charges and we have witnessed live coverages where the only offence was Chanting Lord's name in front of Lord Ayyappa. Last night (18th November 2018) about 200 devotees were arrested and assaulted in full media glare, Irumudikettu was thrown and trampled upon, devotees kicked and finally remanded to 14 days custody (non-bailable) Their only offence was Chanting Lord Ayyappa's Sharanaghoshams. Despite availability of pilgrim centre/guest houses which was available for pilgrims in rental basis, it has been locked up and keys deposited with Police, denying this to devotees. These are absolutely flabbergasting and sacrilegious developments under this reign of terror. You must have noticed children and elderly ladies resting (and getting chased away by police) in appalling conditionsm, with wild pigs roaming around, with pigs dropping and adding to the misery, rains that makes things worse. They have imposed conditions that food will not be served when needed and Annadanam seva has to be stopped as soon as Harivarasanam is sung. It is after that the devotees head to have their refreshments. They stay over to complete other rituals like Neyyabhishkam which also is made impossible by forcing Pilgrims to vacate and descend to Pampa. Situation is worse for Hindus of Kerala who are being picked up during midnights from their houses and arrested on trumped up charges. Prior to this, they already arrested more than 5000 Hindu Pilgrims to Ayyappa temple who took nama japa peacefully during last one month. Now  from yesterday onwards they are arresting and harassing Hindu Organization leaders, and  is attempting to prevent Ayyappa devotees entering and offering poojas at Sabarimla temple. We cannot sleep peacefully, only because we believe in Lord Ayyappa. Hindus are under strict surveillance here. Kindly interfere as soon as possible, save Hindus, especially those from Kerala. As a devotee and an ardent supporter, the least we expect is use of your good offices or even intervention to remedy this scary situation in Kerala and most importantly in Sabarimala. Please instruct the Kerala Government to also release all leaders and Devotees arrested on trumped up charges, when they actually only were peacefully chanting Lord Ayyappa's name. We hope there would be a positive response and action from your end and restoration of Dharmic order in one of the Holiest Shrines of Bharat. Pranaams and GreetingsRead more

Suresh NBangalore, India
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Created November 19, 2018
Petition to New leaf rehabilitation Centre
Hello all,  We are totally against the dialogue from "Aarya" web series, which is degrading our nobel profession of physiotherapy and we want leagal action against the makers. Read more

Deepesh SharmaIndia
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Created June 20, 2020
Petition to Secretary Alex Azar, Secretary Kevin McAleenan, Governor Greg Abbott
all ages seeking refuge and asylum in the United States.  In the words of former First Lady Laura safe living conditions for those detained while seeking asylum in the United States. This mustRead more

Maya UppaluruWashington D.C., DC, United States
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Created June 28, 2019
Petition to Chief Minister, West Bengal
To, The Honourable Chief Minister Government of West Bengal Respected Madam, Junior Doctors are asking for open discussion in front of live media to solve the impasse in health sector since last few days. A lot of senior doctors are also of the same opinion. This has been a national issue and all the stake holders notably the junior doctors, the doctors, the patients,  the people of West Bengal and supporting organisations to Save the Saviour Movement has the right to know the deliberations.  On expectation of your allowance of the same in public interestRead more

Dr Amit Shankar JanaKolkata, India
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Created June 16, 2019
Petition to Government of Ontario, Ontario Nurses Association, Registered Nurses Association Ontario, Ontario Hospital association
displayed as heroes, and yet little has been done to support them. The Nurses of Ontario are seekingRead more

19,192 supporters
Created May 6, 2021
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