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Petition to JABATAN PERDANA MENTERI, DBKL , Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, pdrm, malaysia government
) Pasar malam pasar pagi can open but why our sectors can’t open.. 7) People in this sector how to surviveRead more

Gunasekaran MuniandyMalaysia
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Created June 7, 2020
Petition to Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson, MelJStride
worst hit sectors such as hospitality, hair, barbering beauty and travel, due to the increase in impacted and the worst-impacted sectors still face huge disruption due to Covid cases remaining high.  If the Government does not extend the furlough scheme for the sectors most impacted, we will see theRead more

Collette OsborneBeeston, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created July 18, 2021
Petition to Prime Minister of Pakistan
30 yrs stalled sectors including E-12/1-4 and handover them to their owners for construction. DueRead more

Amira IqbalVienna, VA, United States
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Created July 7, 2020
Petition to White House
We the people and concerned citizens of the city of _____________ ( sign your name and title) example ; home maker , teacher , church leaders, associations , movements , fraternities , parent , school official etc , social worker ) hereby petitioned the Office of the President of the United States , House of Congress and Senate ( Lawmakers ) to stop the flow of Pornography in the Media, books , magazines as well as DVD ( hard porn ) that  degradate the dignity of a man or a woman , families , societies and nations . Pornography   divides families where a perpetuator or perpetuators  commit(s) a crime  that seeks violence on women , families and children , human trafficking and kidnapping  therefore it must be stopped . We seek justice for all the victims of human trafficking men . , women and children alike that had been the victims of the crimes of pornography  . We must stop pornography now ! Elena M. Starr Therapist for children and families  ( Educator )    Read more

Elena Starrst. Petersburg, FL, United States
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Created March 28, 2017
Petition to Anyone willing to support this petition to help the industries, Ministers pay cut 40% till next GE
There has been unreasonable price hikes by the government:  petrol tax hikes rental of hawkers If there is need to up the prices I think the ministers should also chip in with part of their salaries. Propose ministers take pay cut and bonus freeze till next GE in view of the economic uncertainties. Note/ Disclaimer : Any donations is send to Change.org to promote the Petition. (not to the petition itself)  Your signing up and/or sharing with fellow like minded Singaporeans would be more powerful. CheersRead more

cheok weiSingapore, Singapore
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Created June 25, 2021
Petition to Ministry of MICRO , SMALL & MEDIUM, Central Government of India
financial package to MSME sectors for the sake of their employees.Read more

Soubhik DasKolkata, India
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Created April 5, 2020
Help us to balance the agriculture and industrialization in our beloved municipality of Amadeo, cavite.   By signing this petition, we will help our environment to maintain balance the agriculture and industrialization and also to take care our environment. We are the future, let's be one for all, all for one let our voice heard and convince everyone to give importance in our earth! These are the advantage of agriculture or some explanation on how the agriculture may help us and also the reason why we need to maintain it:   •Increase profitable farm income. Promote environmental stewardship. Enhance quality of life for farm families and communities. Increase production for human food and fiber needs. While these are the advantage of industrialization or some explanation on how the industrialization may help us and also the reason why we need to maintain it:   •industrial growth of industries leads to increase in production of goods and services which are available to people at cheaper rates. In conclusion we need to balance agriculture and industrialization due to the following reasons:   • Developing competitive agro-industries is crucial for generating employment and income opportunities. It also contributes to enhancing the quality of, and the demand for, farm products.Read more

rhea cortezPhilippines
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Created January 4, 2023
Petition to Government
attend office and get exposed to the infection. Such  sectors should be  closed down to avoid further spread of infection at least for a week .Read more

Priya guptaIndia
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Created March 20, 2020
Petition to Annastacia Palaszczuk
“IT’S called fraud. There’s no other name for it.” Behind the more than 7000 subcontractors and suppliers left owed in excess of $500m by Queensland construction industry insolvency in the past five years are real people. Some lose everything - homes, businesses and livelihoods and never recover. Read some of the personal stories recently featured in the media in the links below; Couple nailed to the wall by builders gone bad Life left in tatters after collapse Subcontractor’s desperate bid to claw back $330k from JM Kelly No criminal charges have been laid against any of the major companies in that time despite industry figures estimating $500m has been left owing to subcontractors. There is also evidence supporting allegations of some builders submitting false statutory declarations they have paid their subcontractors. That is a crime under Queensland law. The flow on affects are experienced by tens of thousands of home owners, who have problems with completion of their homes, caused by these crimes. They are left battling to recover whatever they can, with an ineffective building regulator who's failure to act in many cases allowed the crimes to occur.   a number of specific complaints about individual failed companies have been lodged with the Australian Federal Police, Queensland Police and the Crime and Corruption Commission. All have been referred on to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission from whom  no contact has been received. The Financial Services Royal Commission shows how ASIC has dropped the ball and let the Australian people down. The Banking Industry Facilitates These Crimes. In many cases, these "restructures" or "workouts" as the banking industry refers to them, are completed with the knowledge and support of Australia's major banks.  In December, Justice Derrington found arrangements between Walton director Craig Walton and business advisor Mawson with the full knowledge of the National Australia Bank “were directed to the purposes of extricating the NAB and relieving Mr Walton and his associated companies from potential liability under guarantees to the NAB”. Judge's damning assessment of NAB's role in Walton collapse Walton traded while insolvent between April and October 2013, during which time the bank recovered $15.9m in exposure to the builder. During the period of insolvency, before its planned liquidation, secured creditor debt went down while unsecured debt rose from the $26.2 million showing on the company’s books at March 2013, to around $90m impacting more than 1300 subcontractors More than 600 Queensland subcontractors and suppliers were ultimately left unpaid $23.6 million. What is the Solution? The public needs the Queensland Premier to take this problem seriously, and ensure that these white collar crimes are properly investigated with the people and organisations responsible prosecuted to the full extend of the law.  This will see justice properly served for the victims, and act as a proper deterrent against the people who will otherwise seek to continue these white collar crimes.  There are existing laws which are clearly being broken including; Fraud Conspiracy to commit fraud The uttering of false statutory declarations The recent Banking Royal Commission shone a light on some of the crimes being committed by Australia's biggest banks, with no proper action being taken to enforce the laws being broken.  This needs to stop, and the crimes committed need to be prosecuted. The Police and Regulators need to properly investigate and prosecute these crimes, and our elected representatives, the Politicians, need to ensure that this happens without further delay. Enforcement of the law should not be selective.  These crimes devastate people's lives and should be properly punished.Read more

Subcontractors AllianceAustralia
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Created February 5, 2019
governing the above four sectors in line with International guidelines, including, but not limited to, the holding of an operating license.  Anyone engaged in these sectors needs to apply for a licenseRead more

Claire BorgMalta, Malta
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Created September 4, 2023
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