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Petition to SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Theresa May MP, Donald Trump, California Governor, People for the
SeaWorld is an organization which thrives off taking baby calves away from their homes and families Tilikum frustrated and aggressive, which caused him to kill 3 people in the 90's, yet SeaWorldRead more

Mesi ParrishUnited Kingdom
83,342 supporters
Created August 2, 2018
Petition to Martina McBride
performances at SeaWorld after becoming aware of the animal cruelty that takes place there. Martina McBride is, who recently viewed Blackfish, I feel it's important to make sure each of the performers SeaWorld.  Martina McBride is an amazing artist who works diligently to end domestic violence.   SeaWorld been involved in three human deaths including that of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau right there in proper exercise, and are a risk to other animals and people. SeaWorld also has also been fighting toRead more

Rochelle CoreyIpswich, MA, United States
26,712 supporters
Created December 6, 2013
Petition to SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment
For years we have let the harm that Seaworld has caused go unnoticed. We turn a blind eye andRead more

Laurann HerringtonBrunswick, GA, United States
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Created January 7, 2017
Petition to Humane society, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Seaworld sexually abuses dolphins, dolphins are intelligent, self aware, and sensitive beings. They are being imprisoned, and abused in seaworld. Dolphins are sometimes drugged, and dragged out of the water raped, and forcefully inseminated. Seaworld sees dolphins as breeding objects and not until they ejaculated. Seaworld is still forcefully raping, and breeding dolphins right now. Please sign this petition we need to boycott seaworld and save these animals!Read more

Harley SmithUnited States
1,348 supporters
Created August 5, 2020
Petition to Brad Andrews
It is time to end the orca captive breeding programs at SeaWorld Parks. This program has resulted start in 1985. SeaWorld announced plans to expand overseas and plans to increase captive breeding to fill these parks and their upcoming Blue World Project. SeaWorld seems to be going backwards in these at SeaWorld: The pain must have been unearthly. Gudrun began to hemorrhage severely. Her dorsal fin SWF (SeaWorld Florida), Taima was a notoriously poor mother as well. She died from a prolapsed uterusRead more

Alexandra LewisKennesaw, GA, United States
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Created June 3, 2013
Petition to Queensland Government
to 45m, an impossible thing to do if in captivity. I’m calling out SeaWorld, and urging them to do appreciate these magnificent animals is to let them be wild and free. If SeaWorld cares about their animalsRead more

Jasmine McManusSydney, Australia
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Created August 18, 2017
Petition to the president of the united states / the people of the world
SeaWorld is a horrible place for orcas, who endure stress, boredom, and depression in captivity. In intelligent animals who are meant to swim up to 140 miles a day, but at SeaWorld, they're confined to tanks. SeaWorld is a company whose first priority is making money, over $120 million in 2013. They use quality of care as much as they want because SeaWorld does not focus on providing the Orcas with aRead more

Ellis CampbellEpsom, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created July 31, 2018
Petition to SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment
How would you feel if you were held in captivity for your entire life? SeaWorld has held various species of marine mammals in captivity for years, and it is time we do something about it. As SeaWorldRead more

Katherine SalisburyUnited States
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Created November 18, 2016
Petition to Ed Robertson
that BNL is scheduled to play an upcoming show at Seaworld in Orlando, Florida on February 15, 2014. In light of all the horrific information we're learning about places like Seaworld and Marineland-loving fans, to reconsider performing there.   It is well documented that parks like Seaworld have in concrete bathtubs for the rest of their lives. The USDA has even issued a warning to Seaworld hope that they choose not to support cruel captivity by immediately cancelling their SeaworldRead more

Mike Garrettst. catharines, ON, Canada
11,557 supporters
Created November 23, 2013
Petition to Kevin Krone
If you've seen the film Blackfish, you already know that SeaWorld has a long history of abusing this cruelty by partnering with SeaWorld for 25 years -- offering deals on flights and promotions to customers who attend SeaWorld. Now that SeaWorld's inhumane practices are in the spotlight, I'm asking the airline to stop partnering with SeaWorld immediately.There are so many problems including orca at SeaWorld in San Diego had "a dinner plate-sized chunk" injury that many believe came from anRead more

Robin MerrittEdwardsville, IL, United States
31,890 supporters
Created October 30, 2013
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