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Petition to All Anti-Lock Down Advocates Who Believe In Reasonable Measures Not Totalitarian Lock Downs!, Rand Paul, Small Business Associations, small business owners, Freedom loving Americans
We The People are now subject to unreasonable and disproportionate lock downs due to the Covid-19 plandemic.  We do not feel we are being represented or recognized by our so called elected REPRESENTATIVES.  This includes Mayors, Governors, House Of Representatives and Senators.  To this end we feel a sharing of burden is required to proportionately impact those not hurt by the blunt force tyranny the lock downs have forced onto We The People against our will.  This burden share must come in the way of Government payroll elimination to help offset the massive level of spending authorized to fight the 'invisible' and misreported threat caused by Covid-19.  These reductions must be proportionate and never be re-paid so that our Elected REPRESENTATIVES better understand the hardships they have placed on We The People.  We are asking for no less than one month of back pay to be refunded and all pay moving forward halted until we are no longer locked down for a period of no less than 2 months.  We The People feel this is a fair burden to share so that you again understand and feel the pain of your people.  NO REPAYMENT EFFORTS CAN BE INITIATED.  This is OUR WILL and we expect it to be carried out immediately and announced by the President Trump immediately.Read more

Restricted RepublicArizona, United States
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Created Apr 23, 2020
Petition to Alan Joyce & Qantas Board of Directors
placed it on a restricted list which means pure bred and cross bred Amstaff can’t be transported by interesting that both United Airlines and American Airlines removed Amstaff from their Restricted: - Review their existing policy and remove American Staffordshire Terriers from their Restricted list, andRead more

Pauline SteeleNorth Sydney, Australia
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Created Dec 22, 2012
Petition to Digital Creators
, noticed that their content was being blocked in Restricted Mode, a setting often used by schools restricted. We understand and appreciate the value of the Restricted Mode. But we make the their videos have been blocked in restricted mode. The current method suggested by YouTube to see if content is blocked is "turn on Restricted Mode and search to see if the videos appears or go who may have only just found out about Restricted Mode's existence and may have hundreds, orRead more

Jazza JohnOxford, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Mar 22, 2017
Petition to Google, Inc, YouTube
TV has always been scorned as brain washing technique by pouring controlled supply of censored content with shallow diversity. On the contrary, YouTube has evolved into socially significant resource to express and entertain yourself, and is also becoming a preferred way to learn and study, among other things. What differs YouTube from old-school television is choice, freedom and diversity. No wonder so many users upload hours upon hours of new content daily, and YouTube in-house team is obviously overwhelmed by the amount of content to provide any human filtering beside automated algorithms. This is where YouTube community steps in. Anyone watching any YouTube video has the option to flag and report if the viewer finds the video inappropriate. YouTube will immediately take action by limiting or taking down the video, and issuing a warning (strike) to the channel that posted the video. Each strike limits the channel functions, i.e. 1 strike strips the channel ability to live stream, 2 strikes disable the ability to upload new content, and 3 strikes take down the entire channel with all of the videos. The strikes are issued automatically, without any human intervention from YouTube staff. No human personnel reviews the flagged video, despite what YouTube may state, as YouTube is an automated system, and it takes down videos by any YouTube creator regardless of the subscriber count, view, uploads count or channel age. This is done just in case, and looks like sacrificing a creator to bring the heat away from YouTube as a company is an acceptable collateral damage. Such attitude is very demotivating to core YouTube creators who literally live to make new YouTube content, only to have it flagged and removed just because a generic soccer mom finds it inappropriate, or the viewer disagrees with the presented opinion, or simply doesn't like the YouTuber. Moreover, the practice is abused, as anyone can report a YouTube video with high chance of succeeding in taking down the entire channel and do it just because they can do it so easily. There is no penalty for false accusation. The reports are completely anonymous. The practice is also heavily abused by competing YouTube channels in the same niche to get a gain over the disabled YouTube channel. While these reports may be useful to take down one-time uploaders of genuinely inappropriate content (porn, brutal, etc.), in reality true YouTube creators who comply with YouTube Guidelines suffer the most, as the flagging is mostly done for bogus reasons by mean people who find making other people suffer fun and entertaining. Especially when it's anonymous and there is no repercussion.  And yet, most claims are satisfied automatically and put penalties on innocent YouTube creators. Sometimes the flagging is done by accident, especially by minors who tend to click all over the interface at random. As no hard evidence of why the video violates the Guidelines is required to flag it, the reports do not contain any specifics, of what aspect of the video was dimmed inappropriate exactly, and YouTube is a notoriously mute company never giving any explanation of the violation or anything whatsoever. Strikes last at least three months to expire, which is a ridiculously long time for a fast-paced place such as YouTube. YouTube creators can dispute the claim by filing an appeal, which will go to review by human personnel, but YouTube Creator Support is a small team overwhelmed by hours upon hours of new video content each day, and it takes weeks and months for the appeal to go through. Sometimes strikes expire on their own before the appeal was reviewed. Three months without new content sends even the most popular YouTube channel into oblivion, but small to medium channels suffer the most. This puts YouTube creators, the core of YouTube, in a particularly disadvantaged position as there is nothing they can do to protect their channels from malicious viewers abusing YouTube Community Guidelines flagging system and taking down videos which do not violate Community Guidelines in the first place. They cannot fight back or bring the offender to justice, since the reports are anonymous. So while the inappropriate video reporting option is intended to make YouTube better, in fact it's making it worse and hurting YouTube users on a personal level. This is hurting the entire YouTube community, both YouTube creators and their audience, as bringing down videos and entire channels makes video creation and viewing impossible, and YouTube is an online video service. Here's where YouTube should step in and amend the YouTube Community Guidelines flagging system to make legal action possible, i.e.: 1) Disable anonymous flagging - the user must complete a verification including real name and address to file a report 2) Prevent minor from flagging - the individual must be of legal age before filing a report 3) Grant at least some immunity to established YouTube creators, i.e. for channels with certain amount of subscribers (i.e. 10.000), views (i.e. 100000 a month), age (i.e. at least a year), activity, etc. - flagged videos are online and disable no channel functions until the dispute is checked by a human YouTube employee and results in channel strike. Also, a video must be flagged several times (i.e. at least 100 users flag it) to count the report genuine.    Read more

Izzy LaifRussia
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Created Nov 28, 2017
Petition to YouTube, Susan Wojcicki
'Restricted Mode' disabling YouTube viewers to discover videos covering LGBTQ+ related topics and isRead more

Daniel JamesReading, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Mar 19, 2017
Petition to Gochang-gun Mayor Yoo Key-Sang, Council member Cho Min-Kyu, Council member Jin Nam-Pyo, Council member Lee Kyung-Shin, Council member Choi In-Kyu, Council member Lee Bong-Hee, Council member Im Jeo...
livestock within the area restricted for livestock raising is a violation of the Management and Use ofRead more

KoreanDogs​.​org TeamSunnyvale, CA, United States
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Created Apr 25, 2019
Petition to Youtube, Google, Inc
list of "Restricted" uploads. This means that the educational and wholesome videos generated by videos to the restricted list was made regardless of the actual content of the videos, many videos adult content, such as swearing, sexual references, and actual violence, are not restricted. Although if you're on restricted mode, you won't be able to see most of the videos. Demolition RanchRead more

Ian MillsAnchorage, AK, United States
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Created Apr 10, 2017
Petition to Clr Dr Michelle Byrne
local primary school. Upon impounding it was found that Ruby had been declared a Restricted Dog (a notified him of their intention to declare her restricted, which meant that Ruby was automatically declared a 'Restricted Dog' without further assessment or any appeal. Under this same legislation, a Restricted Dog cannot be rehomed. When Ruby's owners took her on they had no idea of this declaration and. Under the New South Wales Guidelines, the declaring Council can revoke the Restricted Dog declarationRead more

Melanie IsaacsParkerville, Australia
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Created Feb 23, 2014
Petition to Club de tir, Tireurs sportifs, Armes restreintes
restricted weapons for target shooting. Let's keep this discipline, this sport like the IPSC andRead more

Simon DUFRESNETrois-Rivières, Canada
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Created Nov 20, 2019
Petition to Dublin City Council
Innocent animals are suffering unnecessarily, some may even face death, due to Dublin City council and their breed restriction laws! We need to take a stand as a county, Dublin, and change these unjust laws that are complete nonsense! An animals temperament can not be judged because of their breed, and like every human, every dog is different. As an animal care professional, I know this is true. This law is extremely unfair and can not continue. Please support this petition to have our voices heard and make a stand for the innocent dogs of Dublin. Read more

Marie MarkeyIreland
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Created Sep 16, 2019
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