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Petition to Congress
This is a petition arguing for stricter requirements to become a police officer. This is not a become a hairstylist; requirements include an associate's degree in cosmetology and additional training recklessness, we need proper restrictions and requirements on how one can be qualified to get to this enforce it.  Therefore, the United States' requirements to become a police officer should be raised toRead more

Zarwa JamalGaithersburg, MD, United States
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Created Jun 2, 2020
Petition to Teofilo S. Pilando, Jr.,, Rodrigo Roa Duterte
passing the country's board examination. These are the original requirements to gain access to stateRead more

Junzen LavapieSan Mateo, Philippines
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Created Jul 8, 2017
Petition to Food and Drug Administration, Rep. Maria Salazar, Janet Woodcock, M​.​D.
Outdated U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations are slowing the search for a cure to COVID-19 and other illnesses by forcing drug makers to conduct unscientific and extremely cruel drug safety tests on puppies.As a pathologist with expertise diagnosing human disease, I can say with certainty that dosing puppies with drugs designed for humans is not just inhumane, but wasteful and unnecessary. It also will not make people safer—in fact, the FDA's dog testing mandate harms human health and wastes precious resources.I hope you will join me and White Coat Waste Project to help #CutFDARedTape, and abolish the FDA's wasteful and cruel dog testing mandate!The government’s own data shows that over 90 percent of drugs that are effective in animal testing, fail in humans—because they are ineffective, or because they show dangerous side effects not predicted by the animal trials.Yet, the FDA continues to require that companies waste millions of dollars to force beagle puppies to swallow or breathe doses of experimental drugs daily for up to a year, after which they’re killed. At least 20,000 dogs per year are experimented on and killed to comply with U.S. government regulations like these, and that number may be even higher.Even when companies want to use superior alternatives to dog testing, which FDA rules allow, the agency often refuses to permit it and punishes them for challenging the requirement.Please sign my petition and join me and White Coat Waste Project in urging the FDA to spare dogs, stop waste, and save lives by cutting FDA red tape!Sincerely,Dr. Tiffani MillessRead more

Justin GoodmanWashington, DC, United States
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Created Jul 20, 2020
Petition to University of Cape Town (UCT) Council
UCT Students and Staff Collective September 17, 2021 To the UCT Council Petition against the UCT Senate Motion on Mandatory Vaccinations 1.       We, the undersigned, hereby append our names to this petition to record our total and complete rejection of the UCT Senate motion that: ·         Recommends to Council that Council resolves, at its October 2021 meeting or sooner, to institute a mandate from 1 January 2022 requiring that all staff (as a condition of being able to perform their duties) and students (as a condition of registration to UCT) provide acceptable proof of having been vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2; ·         Recommends to Council that Council mandates the executive officers of the University and the Senate, by no later than 1 November 2021, to constitute a panel comprising of eminent domain-specialists and members of the general staff and student bodies to establish the logistical and operational features required to implement this mandate, including access to vaccination facilities as well as communications to staff, students and the wider University community;  establish systematic principles, rules, and guidance relating to the permissible grounds for exemption from, or specification of alternatives to, the COVID-19 vaccination mandate; and thereafter to act as the body that receives and adjudicates with compassion applications for exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination mandate; monitor the effectiveness of compliance with and outcomes of this mandate, both at baseline and on an on-going basis; continue to review the evolving medical evidence with regards to COVID-19 vaccination risks and benefits, and to revise and revisit this mandate should it prove necessary; and 2.       Notwithstanding our rejection of the Senate motions as listed in Paragraph 1 above, we nonetheless accept the common-sense appeal to the UCT community that: Calls on all members of the University community to promote voluntary uptake of vaccination, through carefully-crafted public health messaging in the case of the Executive, and awareness-raising by both them as well as other members of the community. 3.       In our rejection of the Senate motions as listed in Paragraph 1 above, we note that: 3.1   Senate does not have the authority, in terms of the provisions of the Higher Education Act 101 of 1997 (HEA) as well as the related provisions in the UCT Institutional Statute to make such binding recommendations to the UCT Council on matters that must otherwise be consulted widely within the university community say via the Institutional Forum. 3.2   Senate must, in line with the provisions of the HEA, stick to its mandate on accountability for academic and research functions of the University, and unless requested to “perform such other functions as may be delegated or assigned to it by the council” desist from making binding recommendations on matters that otherwise affect every member and every function of the University. 3.3   Following from Paragraph 3.2 above, the UCT residences Community has (in line with the powers delegated to them by Council via the University Student Affairs Committee (USAC) and the Residences Committee) formally rejected mandatory vaccinations as a condition for residence admissions in 2022! USAC and the Residences Committee are not accountable to Senate and hence the Senate mandate would infringe on the autonomy of these and other UCT governance structures! 3.4   It should be noted, for example, that the UCT Council, during its June 19, 2021 meeting; “Approved the [Student Housing Admissions] policy and also confirmed a directive to the Registrar to bring to Council a proposal to amend the Terms of Reference for the Senate Admissions Committee to make this committee’s delegated responsibilities, in terms of the Higher Education Act, clear and unambiguous.” This after the Senate Admissions Committee had un-procedurally frustrated and blocked the approval of the Student Housing Admissions Policy for over two years since early 2019. 3.5   It can therefore not be acceptable that the Senate continues to appropriate broad powers to itself outside of the provisions of the HEA or the Statute of the university. 3.6   Vaccine uptake (especially regarding vaccines that are only currently approved for emergency use) remains an individual decision, in line with the constitutional provisions. 3.7   Even the possibility of mandatory testing of unvaccinated persons may be untenable and discriminatory given that none of the vaccines, currently under emergency use authorization, are 100% effective and that it is accepted that vaccinated persons would still contract COVID-19. 3.8   It is clear that under the present circumstances, the only viable option is for the University community to strongly and collectively promote voluntary uptake of vaccines via consistent, persuasive, and ethical messaging. 3.9   It is accepted that the UCT Council may request an institution wide discussion on the matter of vaccine mandates leading to a formal recommendation to Council on the matter, say via the Institutional Forum. 4.       The senate motion as summarized in Paragraph 1 is therefore strongly and totally rejected for the reasons given in Paragraph 3 above. 5.       We instead request that the UCT Council explore the directions as summarized in Paragraphs 2, 3.8, and 3.9 above. The Senate otherwise does not speak for, nor does it represent the UCT Community #SenateDoesNotSpeakForMe #NothingForUsWithoutUsRead more

tiri chinyokaSouth Africa
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Created Sep 13, 2021
Petition to Massachusetts Department of Early Education & Care, Return to Work School Group, Massachusetts Department of Education, Victoria Celano, Charlie Baker, Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, Timothy Whelan
revise their requirements for reopening child care and daycare centers. We want to allow providers toRead more

Nicole DeiCicchiFalmouth, MA, United States
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Created Jun 3, 2020
Petition to UK Parliament, Department of Education
so that everyone knows the exact requirements to put on a performance in a local theatre or similar.Read more

Harriet GingellUnited Kingdom
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Created Aug 16, 2016
Petition to Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, U​.​S. Senate, U​.​S. House of Representatives
Currently in USA there are no federal laws when it comes to marriage & age. In some states children as young as 12 can marry full grown adults with parents consent as long as 1 party is pregnant.  These cases should be rape charges not a license to wed. In some states like California there is no age requirement at all.  In most States it only takes 1 parent to agree and children extremely young can get married.  This is not only outrageous it is a pedophiles & child traffickers dream come true! In many cases parents can sell their children & predators can legally own their victims.  Furthermore a legal loop hole allows very young children to marry adults from other countries as a way to get citizenship.   These children are not of legal age to consent to sex,  they can not drive,  they can not vote,  they have no legal rights as decision makers,  some can not even be home alone without a babysitter,  yet they can marry FULL grown adults!  The legal age of marriage must be 18 years old nationwide to not only protect the sanctity of marriage but to protect children from legal rape & traffickers.  While this is typically in the hands of the States it is clear that some States simply do not take this seriously.  The only way to make sure this happens and sticks is a blanket law from the Federal Government.  There should be absolutely no legal loop holes & no exceptions.  All of this information is very public, please be the one to step up!Read more

Theresa stevensTucson, AZ, United States
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Created Aug 13, 2020
Petition to Kings Island
There have been numerous studies showing the ineffectiveness of masks on healthy people. If we aren’t required to wear a mask while grocery shopping in Ohio, we shouldn’t be required to wear one while OUTSIDE. If you choose to wear a mask, great! But don’t force healthy individuals to do so!  The heat and humidity alone will make this very difficult to do. Dont force your children to do this! Stand up for our rights! Many people have paid for passes and now won’t get to use them! Sign this petition and let King’s Island know what their guests want! Read more

stevi kurzUnited States
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Created Jun 9, 2020
Petition to Dayton Board of Education
. Up until November of this year we were under the assumption that our graduation requirements dealt were certain requirements that needed to be done before graduation, and I know a lot us made sure those requirements were met, and now this was thrown up in our face. it just thrown a lot of us off track.Read more

Jainesha PoolerUnited States
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Created Feb 21, 2018
Petition to parents of children, mothers, FATHERS, Students, highschools students, Guardians, Elementary students, Teachers
May 5, 2021; this is the morning that my child finally broke down. I knew it was coming, as her typical excitement and love for school has begun to fade. My daughter, a 7 year old 1st grader, along with thousands of other elementary school students have shown incredible strength and resilience this past year. That morning as I entered the school drop off line, she started to cry. For anyone who knows my daughter, they know she is tough and that tears are incredibly uncommon. Together, we spent 20 minutes sitting outside. During that time, she cried so hysterically that she struggled to catch her breath. While hyperventilating and sobbing, she begged me not to send her to school, finally admitting that she “feels suffocated while she wears a mask all day”. She described “I can't breathe when I am playing soccer because it feels like there is a blanket over my mouth.” The image of my daughter playing outdoors, exerting herself during a game of soccer, while feeling as if she’s being suffocated by a blanket is an image that breaks my heart. My daughter is not the only child who is suffering through these mandates. There needs to be a change; a healthy balance. Per CDC guidelines, masks are not required in restaurants, movie theaters or even strip clubs. Why can’t we expect the same guidelines for our children attending class? Join us as we fight for this basic freedom on behalf of our children. Join us in protecting their mental and physical wellbeing. As parents, this is our duty.Read more

YOUR CHILDRENCalifornia, United States
17,113 supporters
Created May 5, 2021
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