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Petition to United States Department of Education, Every State's Secretary of Education, Local School Boards
The current election has shown that many Americans (including some elected officials) have no idea how our government works.  I am proposing that every high school curriculum include at minimum the test and study materials given to new United States citizens.  I believe passing the citizenship test should be a graduation requirement.  Students educated in our country should know as much or more than what is required of new citizens.  Our schools should prepare students to be informed and engaged citizens. Schools can choose to copy the available materials given to those applying for citizenship or they can go further in developing their own courses.  Civic education will help to provide a less contentious future for all Americans.Read more

Fred BlockLakewood, WA, United States
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Created Nov 7, 2020
Petition to Starbucks
As a long time partner at Starbucks, I have put in years of dedicated work towards this company. Now it is their turn to support their employees. Our customers are being allowed to go through our drive thrus without masks. We are NOT six feet apart. We are required to wear masks, go through safety and sanitation procedures, and work in a very public space. They are putting every barista and partner at risk of contracting Covid, when all we want to do is support ourselves. We cannot work from home, and our managers are not allowing us to enforce the mask MANDATE.  If you care about your local baristas, your local fast food employees, your servers and waitstaff, WEAR A MASK IN THE ESTABLISHMENT AND DRIVE THRU.  Please. Help us stay safe. Starbucks, please allow us to enforce the mask mandate. Our literal lives depend on us to take every precaution. Show us that you care. Read more

Kiki AndongPuyallup, WA, United States
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Created Sep 9, 2020
Petition to Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph
We, Chinese community, hereby strongly require  sincere apologies publicly from both Herald Sun andRead more

Wendy WongAustralia
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Created Jan 29, 2020
Petition to Governor Tom Wolf
Antwon Rose was an honor student and senior this year who was shot in the back and killed by a police officer who was only sworn in less than 24 hours before the incident happened. According to NBC News, the Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough says that the East Pittsburgh Police Department doesn't have to wear body cameras or have police car cameras.  Body cameras have been adopted by many police departments around the country and they have been shown to reduce the number of complaints filed against officers and also the use of force by officers. Please sign my petition requiring the East Side Police Department to wear body cameras at all times.Read more

Jennifer GlazerPittsburgh, PA, United States
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Created Jun 21, 2018
Petition to U.S. Senate
 In 2016 the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) approved regulations that required Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to get consumer consent in order to sell your private browsing data and information. On March 23rd, the Senate voted to sell your privacy without your consent.  The vote went along party lines, 50 - 48, to eliminate FCC privacy rules requiring ISPs to get your consent before selling or sharing browsing data and private information.  This bill would allow your personal information to be sold to advertisers and other companies.  Additionally, the Senate used its power under the Congressional Review Act to keep the FCC from issuing similar rules going forward. If this bill becomes law, it will allow your internet provider to turn your privacy into a commodity. This information could be used to track your personal habits, health, opinions, sexual preferences, and so much more.  This is a dangerous bill that could have countless terrible consequences. If the Senators that voted for this bill truly don’t feel this is a serious violation of privacy, then they need to back it up.  Are they willing to release their full internet browsing history for the public to see? Senators who voted for the passage of this bill that need to show the American people their browser history: Alexander (R-TN)Barrasso (R-WY)Blunt (R-MO)Boozman (R-AR)Burr (R-NC)Capito (R-WV)Cassidy (R-LA)Cochran (R-MS)Collins (R-ME)Corker (R-TN)Cornyn (R-TX)Cotton (R-AR)Crapo (R-ID)Cruz (R-TX)Daines (R-MT)Enzi (R-WY)Ernst (R-IA)Fischer (R-NE)Flake (R-AZ)Gardner (R-CO)Graham (R-SC)Grassley (R-IA)Hatch (R-UT)Heller (R-NV)Hoeven (R-ND)Inhofe (R-OK)Johnson (R-WI)Kennedy (R-LA)Lankford (R-OK)Lee (R-UT)McCain (R-AZ)McConnell (R-KY)Moran (R-KS)Murkowski (R-AK)Perdue (R-GA)Portman (R-OH)Risch (R-ID)Roberts (R-KS)Rounds (R-SD)Rubio (R-FL)Sasse (R-NE)Scott (R-SC)Shelby (R-AL)Strange (R-AL)Sullivan (R-AK)Thune (R-SD)Tillis (R-NC)Toomey (R-PA)Wicker (R-MS)Young (R-IN)Read more

Kyle LeFevreUnited States
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Created Mar 24, 2017
Petition to Gaston County Board of Commissioners
: humanesociety.org) We are asking commissioners to require the following for Gaston County's dogs: SHELTER: (1) AnRead more

Project Safe PetNorth Carolina, United States
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Created Jul 10, 2020
Petition to Charles Schumer
My 10 year old son Luca suffered severe Anaphylactic Symptons after eating 1 cashew on our flight home on American Airlines. We were not aware of any allergies. Allergies can develop at any time, unfortunately for Luca it was in the skies. We are forever grateful for the staff , the nurse on board & the 2 passengers who came forward with their Epi-pens. My son Luca is alive because of them all. This would have been fatal if he did not receive the epi-pen injection. Together let’s make Airline carriers safe for all passengers who have allergies & for those who are unaware of an unknown allergy like Luca. This will make everyone feel a level of comfort when traveling on aircrafts. Read more

Francine IngrassiaGarden City, NY, United States
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Created Mar 9, 2018
Petition to United States Access Board
maximum bed heights Address clearance under bed in ADA Standards to require minimum clearance to ensure access for lifts Require lodging facilities to provide bed height and under bed clearance in room with disabilities can travel independently and seamlessly. At a very minimum require lodging facilities to provide bed height and clearance in their room descriptions or require they have theRead more

Gina SchuhGilbert, AZ, United States
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Created Feb 20, 2019
Petition to DOE
require buses to have routes that do not force children to walk across the street to board. I’ve neverRead more

Jessica ChambersRochester, IN, United States
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Created Oct 31, 2018
Petition to British Columbia Solicitor General, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
In 2019, the office of the BC Solicitor General created guidelines around RCMP members wearing and using body cameras. However, it was decided that the cost of outfitting every officer with body cameras was too high, and so officers do not wear body cameras. Currently, events in the U.S.A are demonstrating why body cameras are so important. While police are supposed to be protectors, they are also human, and are not always able to separate their beliefs from their actions. This can lead to the death of minority members at the hands of those that have promised to protect us. While there is less documentation of racially-motivated police incidents in Canada, they occur all the time. These incidents may not be as extreme as what happened to George Floyd earlier this month, but racist incidents have been increasing in Canada - now, we have the chance to prevent the increase of racist behaviours of on duty officers. Is money more Important than the lives of our citizens? Are RCMP officers allowed to do as they please with no accountability? Do we want to continue he-said-she-said arguments when we could have video evidence? The goal of this petition is to have the Solicitor General of BC (and other provinces) change the requirements around body cameras to protect those most at risk of police mistreatment. You can also send an email to the Solicitor General, and the BC government. Please check out the links below for more information. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/canada/british-columbia/article-bc-establishes-standards-for-police-body-cameras-but-forces-balk-at/ https://www.nfb.ca/film/two_worlds_colliding/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/canada/article-family-of-colten-boushie-files-lawsuit-against-rcmp-gerald-stanley/ https://www.pyriscence.ca/home/2020/5/29/cdnpoliceRead more

Melanie BanmanWest Kelowna, Canada
26,110 supporters
Created May 31, 2020
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