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Petition to United Nations
, political and social upheavals, the remaining jungle must be placed under special protection worldwide de la selva en el mundo!Quarantine the remaining jungle worldwide!Para evitar pandemias en elRead more

Raik WagnerBerlin, Deutschland
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Created May 13, 2020
Petition to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Nebraska Public Power District
Sutherland are some of the best remaining sites in Nebraska, with the braided ruts on the Mormon Trail being the only remaining remenants of the Mormon Trail in Nebraska.  In addition to the damages toRead more

Amanda GibbsUnited States
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Created Jun 20, 2018
Petition to Reaching out to the DENR, Local and National Goverment of Boracay Island,
Help us protect the last remaining pristine beach, forest and wildlife in Boracay, as its now againRead more

Julia LervikBoracay, Philippines
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Created Mar 23, 2015
Petition to US Soccer for Women's Professional Soccer
Women's Professional Soccer faces a serious threat to its existence in the United States due to the latest decision by US Soccer which is requiring the league to have six teams in the next 14 days for the 2012 season. The league currently has 5 teams and is in danger of losing its sanctioning from US Soccer despite the fact that the league already has strong indications of expansion for the 2013 season. Like any league, WPS has certainly had its growing pains but is looking ahead to a bright future. The league had a great 2011 season with many positives as several WPS Clubs broke attendance records. Women's Soccer has gained unbelievable awareness and interest all across America after the success of the US National Team at the World Cup and the high level of play throughout the WPS. Every player on the 2011 World Cup Roster has played in the WPS and benefited from the day in day out training and weekly competitive games in what has been up until now, the best women's soccer league in the world. Some players would have never been in the National Team frame if it weren't for the WPS. The WPS brought them the exposure and the platform that they needed to push to the forefront and represent their country at the biggest stage in world soccer. Without the support and Division 1 sanctioning of the league, the league will not be able to uphold and retain its Top domestic and National Team players as well as International Stars. And what does this mean for your daughter? Or for your little sister? Your cousin? Your friend? WUSA has folded and we have recovered. But to see Women's Professional Soccer fail twice would surely mean the end. The opportunity for the millions of young girls that dream of being the next Hope Solo or Alex Morgan will never get the chance. All because US Soccer did not back the league that is playing in their back yard. That is producing and bettering their players for not just today, but for the future. The league and owners cannot be forced with their backs up against the wall to bring someone into the league who is not the right fit. This has become very clear. These 5 owners are committed and have fought tooth and nail, putting in millions of dollars to see the league succeed. The players have sacrificed their whole lives to become a professional athlete and live out their dream-the dream that could be crushed in just a matter of days. Growing a new league takes time and patience, especially a women's professional league. Time and Patience to grow the fan base and build each market. Time and Patience to tweak business models, and find their niche in their respective markets. Rome wasn't built in a day; neither will the WPS be. The WPS needs full support and backing from US Soccer to make this go. The league would simply need an exemption from US Soccer for one year of the 6 Team Requirement. Please help us, and sign this petition to put pressure onto US Soccer to support their OWN players in their OWN country for the development of Women's Soccer not just for today, but for tomorrow and years to come.Read more

Alexandra SahlenBuffalo, NY, United States
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Created Nov 27, 2011
Petition to Ing. Rodrigo Velez Valarezo
** See below for Spanish translationAlthough over 30 “ex- gay clinics” have been closed this year, hundreds still remain open.  These clinics which claim to “cure” homosexuality have decreased in popularity in recent years yet still remain a horrific reality for many.  Escaping patients report cases of physical and psychological abuse including verbal threats, shackling, days without food, sexual abuse, and physical torture.  Paula Ziritti, 24, spent two years in one such facility and for three months was shackled in handcuffs while guards threw water and urine on her.  She describes numerous accounts of physical and sexual abuse.  Ziritti says, “The closure of the first clinics by the government is good, but not good enough. Why is the clinic where I suffered still open?” Since Zirittu’s public disclosure, many others have been inspired to step forward and file formal complaints against these treatment centers.  Please join Fundacion Causana and a coalition of other Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender groups in calling on Ecuador’s Minister of Health to immediately investigate and close the 200 “ex- gay clinics” that still remain open despite public support for their closing and reported accounts of torture and abuse.  http://www.advocate.com/News/Daily_News/2011/10/07/Lesbians_Escape_From_Ecuadors_ExGay_Torture_Centers/De mi consideración:Acabo de firmar la siguiente petición dirigida al: Ministro de Salud de Ecuador.---------------- Únanse a las acciones que la Fundación Causana, el Taller de Comunicación Mujer y Artikulación Esporádika están llevando a cabo para presionar al Ministro de Salud de Ecuador y a la Fiscalía que investigue y cierre inmediatamente las clínicas de rehabilitación que todavía siguen abiertas a pesar del apoyo público a su cierre y de las historias informadas acerca de torturas y abusos. Ecuador es el hogar de más de 200 clínicas para lesbianas y gays que matan de hambre, abusan y torturan a los pacientes en un esfuerzo por volverlos heterosexuales.   A pesar de que este año se cerraron más de 30 “clínicas”, todavía permanecen abiertas cientos de ellas. Estas clínicas que proclaman que “curan” la homosexualidad disminuyeron su popularidad en años recientes, pero todavía siguen siendo una realidad horrorosa para muchos. Los pacientes que escapan informan casos de abuso físico y psicológico que incluye amenazas verbales, encadenamientos, días sin comida, abuso sexual y tortura física. Paola Ziritt, 24, pasó dos años en una de esas instalaciones y estuvo encadenada durante tres meses con esposas mientras que los guardias le tiraban agua y le orinaban encima. Ella describe numerosas historias de abuso físico y sexual. Ziritt agrega: “El cierre de las primeras clínicas por parte del gobierno es bueno, pero no lo suficientemente bueno. ¿Por qué todavía está abierta la clínica donde sufrí?”   Desde la revelación pública de Ziritt, muchos otros se inspiraron para dar un paso al frente y presentar demandas formales contra estos centros de tratamiento. Por favor, únete a los grupos de activistas ecuatorianas para apelar al Ministro de Salud ecuatoriano inicie una investigación seria acerca de la degradación y abusos ilegales y que cierre todas estas clínicas.    Read more

Emilia GutierrezWashington, DC, United States
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Created Oct 27, 2011
Petition to Miss America Volunteers, Miss America, Miss America State Titleholders, Public, General public
control. The majority of remaining board members plan to stay on, and expect to nominate and electRead more

Mallory HaganOpelika, AL, United States
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Created Dec 28, 2017
Petition to Parliament, Rt Hon Home Secretary, Boris Johnson
Following the Panama Papers leak in 2016, published by the Guardian and others, The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) of Pakistan convicted its former Prime Minster Mr Nawaz Sharif in Dec 2018, on charges of corruption and money laundering. Mr Sharif very cleverly, under the pretence of health, obtained leniency from the Judicial system of Pakistan and fled to the United Kingdom, to seek medical attention. He is now refusing to return to the country to serve the remainder of his sentence, desptie having defrauded the country over three consecutive, Parliamentary terms. We, like most law abiding British Citizens therefore believe, at the Pakistan Patriotic Front, that no-one is above the law and therefore he should be extradited to Pakistan to serve his sentence and ultimately pay his debt to society. Especially, as he is becoming a burden to us UK Taxpayers, in view of the endless protests that have taken place outside his residence, here in the UK, requiring police, security and other public funded services., which drain our public purse. Please SIGN THIS PETITION and SHARE WITH OTHERS, to help us to raise 10,000 signatures to ensure that justice is served. Chaudhary TariqPakistan Patriotic Frontgreenwich786@hotmail.comTel: 07514 786786Read more

Imran BashirEssex, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Oct 5, 2020
Petition to Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt
Our 5 year old girl, usually such a happy soul, is suffering immeasurably due to the restrictions imposed on her age group. She’s had everything taken away from her. School, teachers, friends, playtime, Grandparents, cousins, Uncles and Aunts, weekly activities such as ballet and swimming lessons. She cries uncontrollably every night. She has done for nearly a month. She won’t sleep and as a result she suffers frombehavioural issues during the day. The effect it is having on our family is huge. We know of many families experiencing the same issues. There must be millions of families across the country suffering. Please consider the mental wellbeing of this age group. No one has ever had to go through isolation on this scale and young school-age children are bearing the brunt. Adults are able to meet with one other person. Pre-schoolers are able to play at nursery and meet outdoors. Cleaners are allowed to come into houses, builders are able to work, nannies are allowed to work. All to keep the economy going. But what about the mental health of our children? Our little girl isn’t able to play with a friend. She is lonely, isolated and really struggling, something needs to be done to help this age group before it has a lasting effect on them. Please consider letting school age children play outdoors with a friend (1:1) + parents/guardian. Let them go for a bike ride. Let them run around a park. Let them play imaginary games under some trees. It will give them the mental boost that they need so much and will, in years to come, help to alleviate the mental health crisis in our young which is evidently on the horizon. Furthermore, it will help to release ever mounting mental strain and stress facing parents who are trying to cope with childcare, schooling, and work - a combination that is pushing many families to breaking point.Read more

M TUnited Kingdom
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Created Jan 31, 2021
Petition to Circular Head Council
the last remaining healthy population of devils in the wild, yet to be affected by the deadly facialRead more

Alice CarsonAustralia
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Created Jan 11, 2022
Petition to Pat Roberts, Debbie Stabenow, Mike Conaway, Collin Peterson
REMAINING DAIRY FARMS.    1)    Congress must immediately place a $20 per cwt. FLOOR PRICE under milkRead more

Katie KuzmaUnited States
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Created Apr 12, 2018
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