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Petition to UK Parliament
It's regarding the events last week in the Indian parliament on the abrogation of Article 370 that provided temporary special status to the state of Jammu & Kashmir and the creation of two union territories (J&K and Ladakh). Since this is a sensitive matter, some misinformation is being spread (largely by elements within Pakistan).  Also we have been reading the BBC news,  it’s only providing one side of the story.  We wanted to take the opportunity to list out some facts to help you address this issue as and when necessary. - Article 370 was a temporary provision incorporated in the Indian constitution in 1949 giving special status to the state of J&K. It was supposed to be a temporary provision and its applicability was projected to last till the formulation and adoption of the State's constitution. However, the State's constituent assembly dissolved itself on 25 January 1957 without recommending either abrogation or amendment of Article 370, leaving the status of the provision on a cliff-hanger. The provision was later held to have acquired permanent status by way of rulings of the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir - The special status had for a long period of time, hindered the development of J&K and had created gender inequality, lack of diversity and poor economic progress - The abrogation of the article now ensures equality for all citizens of Jammu & Kashmir. e.g. A Muslim teacher who migrated from U.P to teach in J&K three decades ago has now the constitutional right to purchase a home - J&K can now join the other states of India in reaping the economic benefits of one of the worlds fastest-growing economies. Employment will get a boost by the massive investment which shall be coming in all sectors i.e. Agriculture, Manufacturing & Services. - Students of J&K will finally realize their demands of IITs and IIMs which are the top Universities in India being rolled out in J&K too - Minorities will now get the same rights as elsewhere in India as enshrined in the constitution - J&K is now rid of the gender discriminatory provisions in Article 370 against women. E.g., in the past if a woman from J&K married someone who is not from J&K, she/her children automatically lost rights to inheritance. - The concept of sub-citizenship and therefore ensuring One Nation, One Constitution and One Citizenship remains supreme The whole of India and the people of J&K, in particular, have welcomed the action and there is a sense of excitement. Yes, there are troops on the ground and certain temporary restrictions to ensure that Pakistan backed terror elements do not succeed in taking any undue advantage from the situation to advance their terror agenda. Thank you for your time reading this and your support!Read more

Chandra SekharUnited Kingdom
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Created August 9, 2019
Petition to foodpanda.in , Saurabh Kochhar, zomato.com , Mohit Gupta, swiggy.com , Sriharsha Majety, box8.in , Anshul Gupta
Be it ordering a burger, sandwich, pizza, or a plethora of food items, ketchup is a steady and basic requirement for many of these. As much as the restaurant or the food outlet is willing to make sure that ketchup sachets/pouches are provided in enough number to the customer, so much so is the customer willing to have it while having his/her food.But what is a major concern is the below cases :1. What if the customer already has a ketchup of his/her choice at his home/place-of-order which he is willing to consume, instead of the one provided by the food outlet ?2. What if the customer does not even want to have any ketchup just because he/she wants to enjoy the stand-alone taste of the dish ?3. What if the customer has an estimate of the sachets/pouches he/she needs and uses few instead of all that were provided/sent in the order ?Now in all the above 3 conditions, the obvious step that the customer takes is to throw the sachets in the dustbin without using them. Its bothersome and close-to-impossible to stack/save those sachets and use it next time, all the more less because even the next time, more unasked sachets would be coming with the ordered food.On a minute scale, and for a single restaurant or an individual customer, this might seem like a diminutive issue. But when considered with the number of unused, unopened sachets reaching the dustbin and hence the dumping ground, it scales to a good enough environmentally degrading issue per se. Moreover, unopened/unused sachets are neither recycled, nor are in a condition to recycle. It just adds to the plastic pile at the garbage dump.Preventing this is not a major workout, or a policy change, or even a major structural change in the working process of the online-food-industry. It hardly requires "adding an option for the customer to specify the number of sachets/pouches of ketchup he/she requires in relevance to a dish he/she is ordering".Major advantages of adding this option are :1. Restaurant saves money, that is otherwise spent in sending extra ketchup, and sends only the number specified by the customer.2. Customer knows and has an idea about how many ketchup sachets he/she wants, and consumes only from them.3. Wastage of Ketchup is prevented.4. A CONTROLLED number of plastic sachets reach the garbage dump, instead of an uncontrolled/unknown/vast number.Hence, its a request made to all the online food-ordering-platform owners including foodpanda.in, zomato.com, swiggy.com, and box8.in to kindly heed to this little yet high-impact-creating change that can really prove to be a contributory drop in the ocean of changes required to save the Mother Nature.Read more

Gitesh GouravIndia
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Created August 27, 2018
Petition to Anurag Thakur, Nirmala Sitharaman, Disney Hotstar, Monika Shergill
OTT platforms. Adding this number as a message during relevant scenes, and before a show starts, willRead more

Pranaadhika Sinha DevburmanKolkata, India
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Created March 14, 2022
Petition to Coinbase
Title: Help us get Cashaa on Coinbase!  Be a Part of the movement. Dear Cashaa Family, It's December 2017 and Cashaa has just closed out it's Token Sale.  2018 is about to be a big year for all of us, but we need your help!  While Cashaa is already in partnerships with Airbitz and a few soon to be announced Exchanges, The next step we need to do as a community is to get Cashaa on Coinbase. This partnership will help increase Cashaa's quest of Global Adoption to the world by tenfold, and by this partnership in turn will  help solidify Coinbase as the leading exchange in the industry. To Coinbase, As we are part of the Cashaa Community, I am one of many proud to ask for your consideration with regards to helping Cashaa place CAS on your exchange for the Crypto Currency Community. Their Solid blockchain technology, amazing partnerships, and vision for future services is essential to the space and will change the future of banking forever. Please consider working alongside Cashaa to becoming the leaders in this industry together. If this is your first time hearing about Cashaa please go to the website www.Cashaa.com and see why Cashaa will be the #1 Banking solution in the world.  Currently #12 in the 100 most influential BlockChain Companies, Cashaa is set to be on exchanges Jan 15th. , so be apart of the journey and Together make Cashaa on Coinbase a reality. #TeamworkmakestheDreamwork #Cashaa2018 #Coinbase   P.S: For those of us in the Cashaa community who really want this to happen, Please take a moment to Contact Coinbase here: https://support.coinbase.com/customer/portal/emails/new Read more

Jon HuiCalifornia, United States
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Created December 14, 2017
Petition to Department for Education
these courses are failing to notify students that the course is NOT a recognised, full and relevantRead more

Nicol GrayRugby, United Kingdom
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Created March 5, 2022
Petition to WordPress
I'm starting this to bring Mikes name into every household across the world he has been at rock bottom since July 25th of 2018 with 0 monthly searches and is the laughing stock of the High Low game. Lets make a change and change this mans life!!!Read more

Nicholas ForliniCranston, RI, United States
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Created February 13, 2020
some relevant facts:1. According to a study conducted by The World Economic Forum (WEF), 65% of our youth with relevant knowledge and skills. Let us ensure that future generations are not leftRead more

scott hipkissUnited Kingdom
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Created September 7, 2023
each day were topically relevant for right now! Like, imagine that on Dec 25th the word is SANTA. OrRead more

David BekAustralia
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Created December 30, 2022
Petition to MLB, Facebook
We are losing our beloved Cleveland Indians. We need to retain some Cleveland heritage with OUR team. We need a new name...but not a new identity. Cleveland has and will continue to ROCK. With this in mind...let’s bring the BUZZARDS to roost in the NEST. Read more

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Created December 17, 2020
Petition to Public, Singaporean , Parents, Environmentalist, Naturalist , nature lover, Educators, Teachers
Objective: Make a stand to protect and conserve the elements, space and heritage which gives us life and connection. In light of the news reported in The Straits Times on 22 April 2017. “Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs and National Development Desmond Lee opened (Windsor Nature Park) and also announced plans for Rifle Range Nature Park, a buffer park to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, that will open in 2020. Plans for the 67-hectare park include a freshwater habitat for wetland fauna. The park will also link Beauty World to the former Sin Seng Quarry, once one of the deepest quarries in Singapore at 55m.” Said Mr Lee: “Our network of nature parks is part of our commitment in this city in a garden towards conserving our natural heritage.” http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/windsor-nature-park-opens-new-park-near-rifle-range-road-announced It is being known that, the Rifle Range Forest will be closed from October 2018 for renovation till 2020. https://www.nparks.gov.sg/news/2017/4/nparks-opens-windsor-nature-park We hence present 5 areas of motivation, together some solutions/actions we can take together as a community.   Motivation 1: Ecology The ecology of the Rifle Range Forest is rich and diverse. It has an array of rare and even endangered species of plants and animals which deserve to be protected. We found fire flies lighting up the trees, in the evening between 7.30pm to 8.15pm daily. They are less active in dry weather. These fire flies only stay in unpolluted places, where bio-luminous materials and elements are available for them. We also found glow-in-the-dark mushrooms and other glowing bugs. All these show that we have a clean and unpolluted environment in the Rifle Range Forest. Different species of Pitcher plants are also found in the Sin Seng Quarry area. These Pitcher plants are said to be extinct in Singapore, but look where it has grown. We also spotted an endangered species of Fresh Water Crab, which moved from the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to be housed in Mandy’s Creek in Rifle Range Forest. These animals move here because the space is pure, available for human engagement just as it is, without additional manicure. If we “renovate” the space haphazardly, we are very sure that the above-mentioned plants and creatures would disappear, and for some, it may even be their last viable habitat. We might well be driving them to extinction with the choices we make.   Motivation 2: History The Rifle Range Forest used to house a Kampung, named Kampung Chantek. It was bustling until 1987, when the government relocated the residents to other areas around Singapore. Some of them, though, still stay close by in the Mayfair Park area. The architecture and lifestyle remains of the Kampung are evident till today. Some days, we would come across photo albums, cutleries and household materials in the forest, with the plants and trees growing all over them. So many stories could be learned of the place. We once met an old lady who used to stay there, and she mentioned how some of the villagers would make rice wine and opium in the old days in the Kampung. The 400 durian trees were planted so that the villagers could get a better payoff from the relocation by the government. The Rifle Range Forest is a place where the history of Kampung Chantek illustrates our peculiar Singaporean identity. With the ever-changing world and globalisation, Singaporeans are losing their sense of identity that is unique to us. A site like the Rifle Range Forest, with its richness of history and nature, would be the place where our stories can be found. If we “renovate” the space ignorantly, and take away such rich culture and heritage, we will lose a place where Singaporeans can truly understand themselves through an organic platform, which is remarkably different from that of watching documentaries or visiting a museum. The forest presents actual living remains, as embraced by nature.   Motivation 3: Community The community that lives, exercises and works in the Rifle Range Forest is one that showcases the spirit of kindness in humans, when touched and awakened by the wilderness of nature. There is a true kampong spirit among the residents living behind the Rifle Range Forest (Mayfair Park). Even the people in the shophouses show the same kindness and trust to each other. This community spirit is supported by the lush and wild green areas that lay behind us. The natural forest space is itself a platform for recovering and healing our mind and body. Ever heard of forest bathing? Natural spaces enable holistic and complementary healing from soaking in nature and absorbing stillness and clarity. This could help reduce the amount of medical care for highly stressed city dwellers, as they retreat into the calming presence of the forest. Based on our experience, there are no other green spaces in Singapore that provide such rootedness and kindness among the people that enter them. Parks and gardens are man-made, which leads to a sense of entitlement, unlike the natural forest, which inspires a sense of reverence and respect. If we “renovate” the space arrogantly, we would affect the community spirit of the space. A manicured environment is also not as healing as a natural forest. We love the forest that lies behind us. The connection between the people and the natural forest is real.   Motivation 4: Spirituality In this Rifle Range Forest, there are 5 guardians who host themselves on 5 trees in the forest. 3 of them are situated outside, along the trail, and 2 of them are situated in the middle of Sin Seng Quarry. They are the protectors of the space in the woods. They are the ones who allow us to interact with the space safely. They ensure that no elements hurt others. These spirits are there in the forest. If we “renovate” the space disrespectfully, and remove the trees, then replant new trees, how sure are we that these guardians will stay? And how sure are we that in the process of this “renovation” without the guardians, the people working in them will not be hurt? Who is going to pay the price for these losses? In all woodlands around the world, the civilisations and people living near them recognise the mystical presence of these guardians and other elements. That is how we live in harmony with them, with their permission. If we only use science as a measurement of our action, without the respect and spiritual understanding of our connection with nature, we will eventually destroy the only bio-sphere that protects us. And when they are gone, so are we.   Motivation 5: Personal Agenda I will be up front here. I have a vested interest in protecting the Rifle Range Forest. And it is not because I run the Forest School Singapore in the Rifle Range Forest. I can do it at another location anytime. Rifle Range Forest is like home to me. For the past 3 years, it is the place I cry, felt angry, loved, felt disappointed, rested, was reprimanded, led, and got through the challenges in life. The place has become part of my life. It is my life. I will lay my life down, to ensure that for all the protection that she has given us, we will do likewise for her. If we “renovate” the space blindly, and take this part of my life away, I would be devastated. All the years hoping that humans would realise our deep connection with nature instead of our self-created laws would go down the drain. I would give up on people, as many in nature would.   Action / Resolve to explore: To have a more spiritual approach to the re-design of the space.To have maintenance on the areas where human foot load is higher, but leave the wild forest untouched.To not cut down any trees, nor clear paths anymore.We volunteer to be observers and eyes to the going-ons in the forest, and to ensure the safety of people in the woods, through nature.Read more

Zhongwen YangSingapore
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Created September 5, 2018
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