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Petition to facebook users, Nick Tighe, Tony Stowell
I post these photos with the full consent of my dear grandmothers family who through the dark days of my childhood was there for me. Nearly 12 months ago she was sexually assaulted and beaten by another resident whilst being cared for by Braeside Nursing Home in Rochdale. At the time I couldn’t talk about it as it was a joint police and safe guarding investigation and that then due to the mental capacity of the man in question couldn’t go any further with the police, I then hoped the safe guarding team of Rochdale Council and joint investigation with Rochdale Social Services that they might hold to account this nursing home, and unfortunately after an horrendous meeting at the Royal Oldham with Oldham Social services as my grandmother was partially funded by them at the time and police and safe guarding and the finance department all sat around a table they all held there heads in shame and said no case to answer that this home this horrendous home that had allowed my gran to be assualted in the worst unimaginable way ever a lady that was being kept bed bound against her will and could not fight back was beaten held down and sexually assaulted and the following day of the incident I got a call to say there had been a minor incident only on a full examination from her G.P. After my insistence one be called At the time showed further assault and I was informed she was being taken to the hospital and I had to get there.I would share further pictures of the state of what she actually was like at the early hours of the morning when I was called back during the night because we were told she didn’t have long left, but they are to distressing. Needless to say this lady found the courage to survive & healed and was moved to another home for her safety after a very lengthy stay in hospital. I am posting this now because it’s come to my attention that it’s happened again at the said home and only brought to the family’s atttention because they asked for a windowVisit due to COVID, again it’s an on going police/ joint investigation. #rochdalecouncil#rochdalesafeguarding#Rochdalesocialservices#shame#absue#neglect#answers#riskassesments#fightforjustice#elderly#oldhamcouncil#supporttonystowellRead more

Nicholas TigheUnited Kingdom
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Created Oct 21, 2020
Petition to Matt Hancock
of relatives would allow this cruel and mentally damaging heartache for residents and relatives to be managed.Read more

Lesley Lightfootlondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Aug 24, 2020
Petition to British government
I have not seen my 92 year old mum who suffers from Lewy Body dementia for over 6 months. Like so many others, I’m not allowed to go visit her because she lives in a care home. I’ve been told I may only visit my mum in her room when ‘it is deemed that she is dying’. This is so upsetting. I’m calling on the Government to improve visit rights for care homes now, before it’s too late. When she was diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia we were told she had four years to live - that was seven years ago. Time is incredibly precious at her age and we’ve already lost 6 months. When I Skype with her, she repeatedly asks me where I am and why I have not visited her - it is heartbreaking. Current Government policy dictates that only 1 relative may be the designated visitor. Many care homes also state the visits can only last for 15 minutes. In our case, my sister is the designated visitor, so as it stands I can only visit my mother if she is dying. Carers are allowed to sit with residents like my mum, wearing PPE and then go home to their families. Why can’t I do the same? The Government must let care home residents have different visitors, and allow them longer visits. My friend's father died at the age of 99 in his care home 2 weeks ago. She did not get to visit him. This is urgent. Please sign my petition to get the Government to act now before it is too late.Read more

Angela McIntyreNorthampton, United Kingdom
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Created Aug 18, 2020
Petition to The Government of Trinidad and Tobago
There are 80 Trinidadians currently trapped in Al-Hol camp in NE Syria. 60 of them are children, mostly under the age of 5.  We are asking the Trinidad and Tobago Government to bring our kids and their mothers home! Conditions in the camp are horrific. The camp is overcrowded, unhygienic and is extremely lacking in water and food supply. Medical aid is almost non-existent, at a time when it is more crucial than ever before.  They’ve suffered acute deprivation, witnessed violence and bombardment. They are traumatised and need to be moved to safety. The International Rescue Committee has reported the camp to be “one of the most vulnerable places on earth to a Covid-19 outbreak”. Due to these extremely harsh conditions it is only a matter of time before an Trinidadian child dies. The Trinidad and Tobago Government has run out of excuses. These children are running out of time.They are Trinis and need to be brought home! Security experts around the world have all said the same thing: it is safer for everyone for countries to bring home their citizens. All children are innocent; our Trinidadian Children trapped in the camps are innocent and need to be brought home. Many other countries have rescued their children, or are gathering more information in order to do so.   MAKE A DIFFERENCE Read more

Trinidadian RelativesTrinidad and Tobago
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Created Aug 3, 2020
Petition to Sajid Javid, NHS, Braintree District Council
are not practical. Please sign and share this petition to allow extended family to visit their relatives in care homes. Read more

Esther HillHinckley, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Dec 16, 2021
Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was a six year old child that died on 17th June after sustaining many months of abuse and torture at the hands of Emma Tustin and Thomas Hughes. Concerned family members raised the alarm to Social Services and were ignored.  His Grandmother took photographs of his bruising. Social Services visited they recorded "no concerns", and simply put the marks down to "child's play". This petition has two aims: 1. ENABLE CONCERNED FAMILY MEMBERS TO TAKE AN ABUSED CHILD INTO THEIR CARE THAT DAY. - At the moment an emergency protection order is ONLY used in exceptionally serious situations - this means that a child that is clearly being neglected or abused is left with their abuser unless in immediate danger.  2. RAISE THE QUALITY OF ASSESSMENTS CARRIED OUT BY SOCIAL CARE.  Arthur was emaciated, malnourished and covered in bruises. The Ambulance Technician described Arthur's appearance at the scene. “Generally in ill-health. He appeared malnourished. His teeth were in poor condition. There seemed to be lots of bruises in various places. The one I noticed as I was putting the pads on, I noticed what could have been grab marks to the arm.” Ms Haddada added: “We knew the age of the patient was six. He appeared very petite. The size of him compared to an average six-year-old was very, very small. He didn’t appear well-nutritioned.” How in the world could a Social Worker see him just weeks before and report, 'there was no cause for concern'? Like so many of us I saw the CCTV footage of little Arthur with his blanket on the living room floor, crying that no one loved him. This petition aims to save the lives of all children in similar situations.Read more

fortuna burkeUnited Kingdom
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Created Nov 27, 2021
Petition to Central Government, The Department for Health and Social Care, Care Quality Commission
lockdown the policy has been to deny any visits from relatives at all apart from at the very end ofRead more

Amy RichLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Apr 19, 2020
close family members, relatives and friends in Belgium who are ready to help them. Therefore, weRead more

Tuba BircanBoutersem, Belçika
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Created Feb 10, 2023
Petition to Local Authorities
At present relatives are not given access to visit inside care homes because of risk of infectionRead more

jane youngBilton, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Oct 25, 2020
Petition to Bereaved relatives of loved ones at Hey Lane Cemetery
Kirkless Council, who have failed to maintain our loved ones' graves, insists that relatives have to remove all pebbles, borders, and decorations from on top of the graves. The relatives who have myself and other relatives even more, we want the graves leaving just the way they are, they are beautiful and individual to our loved ones.Read more

Carolyn BranfordUnited Kingdom
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Created Jun 24, 2021
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