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Petition to Suparna Singh
‘PUBG 'Addiction' drives Mumbai Teen to Commit Suicide,’ was the “BREAKING NEWS” this week. The news report was about a 17 year old boy who "allegedly" took his life after his mother reprimanded him for playing PUBG too much. The young boy had given up studies the previous year, had ample time at his disposal and played the game for hours on end, the report said. It also added that his family disapproved of his behavior and admonished him frequently. This news report made me look back & think of the time I went through depression. I would binge-watch Netflix non-stop, be locked in my room for hours on end and the mere idea of facing the world outside was a horrible & unwelcome prospect. If I had fallen prey to my suicidal thoughts, would the media have blamed Netflix? Instead of speculating & blaming the likes of PUBG, the Blue Whale Game and the Momo Challenge, why does the media refuse to acknowledge the elephant in the room? Nearly 120 MILLION Indians are battling mental health problems without seeking help and it will stay that way unless we remove the stigma surrounding mental illness. It’s time the media played its role as the 4th pillar of democracy and used its powers for the greater good. Instead of sensationalizing suicides and leaving the audience altogether more distraught, the news channels must: Start educating the audience about mental health issues, Provide information on where one can seek help, Steer clear of graphic imagery & over-the-top reporting (so that vulnerable minds are not influenced) These and many other powerful guidelines have been suggested by the World Health Organization, in their resource to media professionals for suicide prevention. Numerous countries in the developed world like USA, UK, Canada, Austria and Australia have already implemented guidelines for media to report suicide responsibly. The Indian media, unfortunately, remains far far behind. As TV news networks are self regulated in India - I look to the best of them to start this trend. NDTV is deemed one of the most receptive & responsible television media companies in India & I want their news channels to take the lead in setting a positive example for others to follow. This is my petition to NDTV: Adopt the WHO recommended guidelines for suicide reporting in your news channels by World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October.  Help start the conversation about mental health in every household. Help save lives. Please sign my petition. Let’s get NDTV to #SpareTheSansani & #SaveLivesRead more

Srushti and JeetIndia
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Created June 29, 2019
Petition to Change​.​org
Change.org recently deleted a petition calling for women not to be called menstruaters, a word not in my phones dictionary. This shows an alarming bias against women. There is now a Twitter thread with the original petition text in it.Read more

John ImrieSutton, United Kingdom
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Created June 21, 2020
Petition to Senator Espero, Senator Harimoto, Senator Green, CPH, Housing Committee, Senator Kahele, Senator Nishihara
: Relating to Home Inspectors. The manner that this bill is written is unethical, biased, and would uniform standards of practice, the way SB2403: Relating to Home Inspectors is being represented wouldRead more

Daniel SmithHonolulu, HI, United States
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Created February 7, 2018
Petition to DEFRA, RSPCA, whw , BHS, Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers
Every year thousands of horses are bred in the uk for export to the European meat industry. These horses are kept on road side verges on waste ground and sometimes with the permission of greedy landowners. The horses are not chipped or passported as per the law and the owners are hard to identify and often move from place to place. Animal welfare charities do not get involved if the horses have access to water and grass but don’t check their other conditions such as parasites and disease. Horses are dying in flood water and through infection from grazing infected pasture. Foals  are born with little or no intervention and carcasses are left to rot near water sources. This petition should make stricter laws on the protection of these animals and make mass breeding and live export completely illegal including to Southern Ireland as a loophole. An outside of the uk license should be applied for with a recordable destination. Abattoirs should be checked for horses details. All horses should be chipped by law. Police and animal welfare charities should be given better powers and anyone making contact with the horses should be liable to prosecution even if they are not the owner. They must be banned from horse ownership and contact. There are better powers for dealing with failing to tax your car than a horse dying in a flooded field. Stop this disgusting mistreatment of horses and ponies by signing this petition. Please stop their suffering and eradicate this business from the Uk. Visit this page https://youtu.be/vvnhSxXqaHo or look at this FB page Help for Wellingborough Horses.  if we can get legislation through it will be a start to stop this! If we lose then 100s 1000s of poor horses and ponies destined for slaughter for the European meat market and your pet food will continue. shelters and sanctities are at breaking point. if you were a farmer and you did this to your animals you would be prosecuted. As an owner of a single horse I would be visited by the Welfare organisations and prosecuted. We are out of Europe now we must, must stamp it out. Read more

Lisa StanhopeNewport Pagnell, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created February 17, 2020
We are a group of 8th-grade students at Curtis Middle School in Sudbury who are working on a civics action project to help address food insecurity in our town. As part of our project, we have researched the needs of the Sudbury Community Food Pantry (SCFP), a non-profit organization that distributes food to people in need who live in Sudbury and surrounding towns like Framingham, Wayland, and others. Each day, the SCFP provides food to 60-80 families. Some days, as many as 100 families are served. In 2022, the Sudbury Community Food Pantry served 30,450 bags of food to 969 unique families in 73 cities and towns.  Unfortunately, the SCFP currently works in a small space that has been leased from a local church in Sudbury, which also limits its ability to operate to just a few days each week. In the fall, further changes within the church may further restrict the Pantry's ability to operate during the day and offer perishable food such as fresh vegetables, milk, meat, and fish.  The food pantry desperately needs to buy a new building to perform its services for the thousands of people who are suffering from food insecurity. Recently, the SCFP began the process of buying a new building that provides a much larger workspace and the ability to remain open throughout the week. Private donations will help, but the SCFP needs more funding to complete and sustain its move to a new location. To help with the purchase and outfitting of the new building, $1 million has been earmarked for the SCFP for "food security infrastructure" within a General Obligation Bond (Chapter 140 of the Acts of 2022), approved by the Massachusetts Legislature. The Bond is currently sitting on Governor Maura Healey's desk, waiting for her approval to release the funds. If Governor Healey decides to release the funds, the SCPF will be able to follow through with the purchase and renovation of its new building and direct private donations to the urgent needs of people who are struggling without enough food to eat. By signing this petition, you can join our effort to support the Sudbury Community Food Pantry and urge Governor Healey to release funding contained within the General Obligation Bond. We will share the petition with Governor Healey. Thank you - Megan Cope, Claire Mabli  Read more

Copme 27United States
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Created May 9, 2023
Petition to Unilever, L'Oréal
As a teenager with a dark skin tone I was always made to believe that I could never be considered beautiful which always made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Most of my friends had a light skin tone and with that confidence, the one thing I didn't have for a very long time. Growing up children in my class often called me names and passed nasty remarks because of my skin color so I turned to fairness creams. I started applying them to my face everyday in excessive amounts not knowing all the harmful chemicals it contained that later caused my skin to break out. Eventually I started to observe how women outside of this country were proud of their complexion even if they were dark skinned. Looking at these strong, confident women made me think, why standardize beauty, instead why not try to alter the way people think about it and about themselves. Why don't these big brands feature dark skinned women in their advertisements and stop adding harmful chemicals like steroids, mercury and lead to their products. I want a change not just in the chemical composition of the beauty products or changing the name from fair and lovely to glow and lovely but a genuine attempt to change the mindset of people. Read more

Tamanna ThawaniIndia
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Created October 24, 2020
Petition to Knysna Municipality
In June 2020, Knysna Animal Welfare Society asked the Knysna Municipality to change this By-Law. All requirements prescribed by the Knysna Municipality were complied with, but since then the Knysna Municipality has ignored all enquiries and requests to make the requested changes to the By-law. Knysna Animal Welfare Society also indicated that it is willing to act as an “Authorised Agent” to the By-Law, as it recognises the Municipality’s shortage of manpower to enforce these additions to the By-Law. An “Authorised Agent” means an authorised official of the Municipality or any other person who is appointed or authorised by the Municipality thereto to perform any act, function or duty related to the provisions of this By-Law, or exercise any power in terms of this By-Law. ACTION 1:  STERILISATION OF DOGS OVER THE AGE OF 6 MONTHS UNLESS THE OWNER CAN PROVIDE PROOF THAT HE/SHE IS A REGISTERED BREEDER AT KUSA (KENNEL UNION OF SOUTHERN AFRICA) OR THE SPECIFIC DOG BREED’S FEDERATION ACTION 2: THAT NO DOG MAY BE TETHERED BY CHAIN OR ANY OTHER MEANS AND/OR THAT NO DOG MAY BE KEPT IN A CAGE AND THAT THE PROPERTY WHERE A DOG IS KEPT MUST BE FENCED ACTION 3: THAT NO DOG OR PUPPY MAY BE HAWKED/SOLD IN A STREET, PUBLIC PLACE, FROM A MOVABLE STRUCTURE, VEHICLE OR AT A PUBLIC MARKETRead more

Elaine LevitteSliema, Malta
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Created October 13, 2021
Petition to Ca. Gov Gavin Newsom
Hold veterinarians accountable for malpractice. Our 15 month old dog was recently killed due to veterinary malpractice. This has left our family in total devastation. Our dog animal was prescribed a potentially lethal medication  with disasterous side effects.  In an attempt to save him we had taken him to what we believed was a reputable animal hospital. He was taken there for 2 days and subsequently died the evening he was discharged. Currently, veterinarians escape harsh punishment because our archaic laws stll view pets as property. If you think of your pets like family, as we do we need to change this . Hold negligent veterinarians accountable in a court of law. currently emotional distress is not taken into account suing a veterinarian and it should be. No amount will ever replace our beloved shihtzu "Animal"but vets should not be above the law to due to pets being viewed as a piece of furniture.  Veterinarians need to kmow there are serious consequences for negligence, malpractice, behaving unethically and unprofessionally in the very least.Read more

Katie LogerotCastaic, CA, United States
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Created May 25, 2020
Petition to Senator Mike Gabbard, Senator Gil Riviere, Senator Karl Rhoads, Senator Clarence Nishihara, Senator Russell Ruderman
Environment committee member at AENTestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov stating "Opposition for SB3055 Relating toRead more

Christina LeosHawaii, United States
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Created January 30, 2018
Petition to State Government
                                   Chithsabesaya mangalam Aani thirumanjanam and Arudhra festival at Chidambaram are traditional festivals done for the last 5,000 years where the presiding deity Lord Nataraja and his consort Sivakamasundari come around the temple car and bless this whole universe. Due to Covid-19 Cuddalore collector has issued orders restraining the temple car festival, as lakhs of devotees throng this place all over the world during this time. This is understandable to prevent mast gathering.. However, as the temple is a private property sprawling in 50 acres of land and managed by Dheekshidhars it is requested to allow the festival to continue without a hitch within the temple premises. Prayers will be very effective in controlling the spread of disease. It is believed that any interruption to the 5,000 year old tradition will earn the displeasure and wrath of 33 crore Devatas as per Hindu mythology. This is a 10 day festival and last 8 days have happened as per the directives of the local administration and govt orders to not allow general public.   In the interest of well being of this universe and 7 billion people in this universe. a request or plea is made to TN Govt and Central Govt to do the following: a. non interference in the administration of temple i.e. Cuddalore  Collector / Superintendent of Police have to withdraw orders and police force from the temple immediately, as long as all tradition is observed within the temple premises. b. allow Dheekshidhars and their family members to partake in the 5,000 year old tradition inside the temple premises. as per Shastras, Please note that Dheekshidhars are trustees of this private temple. c. Police and govt to extend necessary support to allow delivery of milk, curd, honey, sacred ash and other Dhreviams  at the temple for the aani Thirumanjam which is conducted for the well being of the whole universe and also respect spiritual sentiments of public Hope Government will  respect common public sentiments and feelings of Hindu devotees. Seeking Nataraja's blessings for everyone. Loka samastha Sukino Bhavanthu Sincerely In the service of Lord Nataraja!Read more

Karthik LakshmananIndia
1,000 supporters
Created June 26, 2020
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