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Petition to Government of Ghana
some shame and decency and set up rules and regulations for safer filling stations away fromRead more

Abena AwukuAmsterdam, Netherlands
15,322 supporters
Created Oct 7, 2017
Petition to Bodaboda Safety association of Kenya, Ministry of Transportation, National Police service, National Transport and Safety Authority
On 4th March 2022, a lady driving along Forest was involved in a Traffic Accident with a Bodaboda ( motorcycle). In no time her motor vehicle was surrounded by other Bodaboda riders. The lady was attacked physically, her dress was stripped off her, she was sexually assaulted as she screamed in sheer terror in futility. This is just one of the many incidents that have faced numerous motorists who have been in the same situation leaving them traumatized with little to no recourse. Bodaboda riders have recently been linked to a wave of criminal activity in Kenya ranging from Robbery with violence to Sexual assaults. This is why we are calling on the concerned institutions and government agencies to look into: Requirements for a licensed boda boda rider 1. Licensing of boda boda should be implemented immediately, renewable yearly upon vetting.. 2. A license should be strictly issued to 18 years and above. 3. They must submit a current good conduct certificate 4. They must have undergone the road safety training and first aid training 5. They must be a Member of a Registered Association 6. The license must be revoked indefinitely upon involvement in any criminal activities. 7. Create an app for rogue boda boda riders accessible to the public 8. They must have a tag indicating their full name and license number. The change will; 1. Create safety to the vulnerable in the society. 2. Make it easy to trace rogue riders. 3. Equip them with skills to ride safely on the roads. 4. Help them maintain and follow due process on matters accident 5. An app listing rogue riders will help the boda boda transport apps to select and sign in their riders. 6. Each transport app with boda boda riders will be required to take their riders through reporting procedures and Rule of Law.Read more

jacqueline omolKenya
220,200 supporters
Created Mar 7, 2022
Petition to Australian Parliament
there no food safety regulations for the food we give our pets? It gets worse: the global company regulations that would ensure the food we give our beloved pets is safe for them to eat. Please joinRead more

Christine and Peter FryDoreen, Australia
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Created May 14, 2018
Petition to Cookeville tn, Putnam county rescue squad
place when it’s raining or has been raining. We need regulations put on this hike, people that aren’tRead more

Stacy ReedHarriman, TN, United States
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Created Jun 10, 2019
Petition to UK Parliament, Helen Whately, Michael Gove MP, Boris Johnson
***We have hit a small road bump, parliament for the most part will not hear petitions that aren't made on the government website, but there have been some occasions this has happened! To make sure your voices are heard i need you to share your concerns and this petition with your local MP, the more support we recieve from Local MPs and media outlets the more chance we have of being heard! It shouldn't matter the platform you give your voice too!!!! Its your VOICE that should matter!!!!! If it takes a million signatures i have EVERY faith we will get it done!!!!!! ******     As many of you have seen on a post now going viral, regarding two dogs. On seemingly one meter length chains, in sub zero temperature/ snow outside. Many of us have spoken to RSPCA England/Wales. Only to be told, that as much as the conditions are no way ideal, they aren't breaking the law. As the animal has a wooden shelter and a water bowl and food.  PLEASE BE AWARE THE CHARITIES ARE DOING ALL THEY CAN WITHIN THE LAW  I now believe its about time we become the voice for the voiceless and fight for better living rights for all dogs living in such atrocious conditions.  Im now calling upon Parliament, and requesting new animal abuse laws be put in place, similar to Americas Libre's law, ensuring no animal is left outside in extreme temperatures (0 degrees or below and 32 degrees or above for any longer than half an hour, and cannot be kept long term outside in these conditions regardless of outside kennel shelter. im also asking them to make laws on tethering more specific, currently there is no rule to the length of a chain somone may keep an animal on, this needs to he changed. Dogs should either be in a secure garden, or if teather temporarily for exercise the teather should be at least 4/5 times the length of the animal it is being used for, and only used in the need of supervised exercise as shown by the incident of a dog tethered in the garden of UK home died after accidentally hanging himself over wall, prompting calls to never leave dogs tethered and unsupervised. I also call for punishement of animal abuse to be stricter, animal ownership bans are not providing enough consequence, and have on multiple occasions lead to the banned owner being found to simply replace the animal unlawfully. Any animal cruelty should be met with a consequence that ensures the crime is not only taken seriously, but sets the precedent to all UK residents that animal cruelty and neglect is no longer going to be over looked and accepted as it has been, all animal abuse should be met with a permanent ownership ban, and at minimum a suspended sentence.  Please stop overlooking the welfare rights of animals. Read more

Bee M​.​hUnited Kingdom
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Created Jan 8, 2021
Petition to United States Access Board
description Currently there are no regulations that apply to beds in wheelchair accessible rooms. ForRead more

Gina SchuhGilbert, AZ, United States
87,531 supporters
Created Feb 20, 2019
Petition to Boris Johnson
I am calling on the government to make urgent changes to building and planning regulations toRead more

Lorna FillinghamScunthorpe, ENG, United Kingdom
58,096 supporters
Created Jul 12, 2015
Petition to NZ Government
Zealand. Enough is enough. After two crippling years under covid rules and regulations and theRead more

Sarah RileyNew Zealand
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Created Jan 27, 2022
Petition to Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter
As it appears social media platforms such as Instagram will not view this as a problem and want to fix it, I and many others want to. It's often that images such as self-harm, suicide, death, rape etc are posted quite frequently on social media. I want to stop this, I want to protect vulnerable children and adults from the images as well as support the people who are uploading them so they can receive the help they need. This doesn't only affect us but them too. I have seen things I cannot begin to describe, and children as young as 8 can see these even by accident. I have reported, blocked and tried to contact these social media platforms and nothing. Apparently, this is okay, and it is NOT okay. Help me to get the word out to social media platforms so we begin the change and keep vulnerable children and adults safe.Read more

Jasmin ProctorIpswich, ENG, United Kingdom
16,328 supporters
Created Apr 24, 2018
Petition to The Executive Members.
regulations are either inadequately enforced or widely flouted. Treasury says it is investigating 33 cases investors, sidestepping FIRB regulations to buy established property is driving a backlash from would-be testing of foreign buyers and purchases and a toughening of regulations by the Foreign Investment Review Board. Thank you for your support... Read more

Simon HoskingAustralia
33,069 supporters
Created Oct 13, 2014
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