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Petition to Doug Ford and the Ontario PC Party
We respectfully ask that Ontario Premier Doug Ford, his Cabinet, and his Government return OSAP to its 2017-2018 structure until a more permanent solution is found that can properly balance their desire for fiscal responsibility with student need for tuition and expense relief. Background On January 17 2019, the governing Ontario Progressive Conservative Party (PC) announced changes to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), leaving countless current, past, and future post-secondary students worried about their financial health.  In a press release, the PCs correctly state that students in Ontario face high tuition costs compared to the rest of Canada. The average Ontario resident must pay $9000 in tuition expenses for one year of a university program, while college counterparts must pay an average of $3400. However, these costs exclude major living expenses such as monthly rent, groceries, school supplies, technology and software, books, entertainment, transportation, insurance, activity fees, and other unexpected costs. Depending on the program and the location of the institution, these expenses can add devastating amounts of debt to students. Though the PCs have also announced legislation that will make non-essential student fees optional, this new legislation fails to address the key issue at hand: students continue to face increasing costs for education, and the most robust support available to them has just been revoked. Many of these additional costs were not addressed at all in the PC Government's press release. The Ford Administration's solution to this intimidating price tag for education is to cut tuition at schools by 10% and freeze tuition rates for the academic year starting in 2020. Further, the PCs have raised the minimum time to be considered a financially independent student from four to six years. The PC Government has also done away with grace periods for loan interest, allowing loans to accumulate interest much earlier than the former Liberal Government would have allowed. They claim that this will save college students roughly $340 in tuition, undergraduate students roughly $660, and professional/graduate degree students over $1000. While these claims are true, the fact remains that the overall amount of support that many students need has been reduced drastically in the name of "fiscal responsibility". Impact on Ontario Students  The PCs have overlooked several very important realities that students face every single year. First, many students from high income families do not receive financial support for a variety of reasons (e.g. moral opposition, lack of resources/high household expenses, child's desire for independence). The PC reform of OSAP will cost these students thousands of dollars in tuition and living expenses, which could have easily been covered under the previous iteration of OSAP. These students will be forced to turn to private institutions such as banks and credit unions with notoriously high interest and strict repayment rules.  Second, these reforms will cripple the ability of second-entry students (e.g. medicine, law, health studies) to cover high tuition and living costs. More first-generation law and medicine students than ever before are chasing their dream careers, and these students have suffered a devastating financial blow. Many students, upon graduation, have been forced to live at home with their parents to make ends meet.The PCs have cleverly disguised this as an excuse to cut funding for these students, several of whom must now take out a Student Line of Credit and incur even more debt. This particular decision was also based on the assumption that students living at home do not require assistance. Third, the reforms will greatly reduce grants from middle income families. While assistance for low-income families is greatly welcomed, this fails to recognize the above challenges that students face in paying for school that are unrelated to familial income.  Fourth, the Ontario PC Government assumes that a 1% increase for university and 2% increase for college enrollment is sufficient to maintain low-cost tuition for low income families. However, this blatantly ignores the fact that prospective students from low-income families are often discouraged through other means, including career expectations, quality of life, and lack of quality primary/secondary education. Coincidentally, these are other arenas of Ontario life that the PCs have either ignored or inadequately addressed for fiscal reasons.  Comments from impacted students "At my last placement, I was talking to one of my Grade 6 students. He said he wanted to come to Queen's [University] and play basketball, but he would never be able to afford to go to university. I was so excited to tell him that he could go to post-secondary for free because of OSAP. No debt, no loans. His household income shouldn't define his future. His dreams just became less attainable due to this decision. This is really disheartening news" - Jessica, Education Student "Those who know me well are aware that I have been self-sufficient since 2014 (yes, I have paid all my school fees and living expenses on my own), other than a few highly appreciated gifts from my grandparents. How I did it? I’ve been working since I was 13 years old, and have worked throughout university. I am currently working three jobs in a desperate attempt to decrease the amount of loans I owe and lower the interest (it started at $6/day)... My OSAP estimate prior to this change jumped dramatically from previous years, the only difference that I was now an ‘independent student’ - despite that I am making more money this year than previously. This means when I was going to be getting $20,000 in September, I am now looking at getting $7000 a year again (and less grant, more loan)" - Blake, Psychology Graduate What do we want to see change? We do not ask for handouts and we do not ask for a free ride. We just ask that Doug Ford, his Cabinet, and his Government acknowledge that a simple fix to OSAP is not the answer to the unfair financial struggle that the majority of students face everyday, and to spend more time determining exactly why the Liberal Government felt the need to reform OSAP to begin with. We invite the PCs to survey the affected students who will feel this pinch instead of hiding behind improperly used statistics. We respectfully ask that Ontario Premier Doug Ford, his Cabinet, and his Government return OSAP to its 2017-2018 structure until a more permanent solution is found that can properly balance their desire for fiscal responsibility with student need for tuition and expense relief.Read more

David WestcottCanada
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Created January 17, 2019
Petition to Scott Morrison
as hand carwash owner we have lost 95% of our business in just 3 weeks the rent is dew in few days. as the Mortgage. one of the most Difficult time in my entire life.  i hope the landlord understand our Situation  stay save we are together in this �Read more

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Created March 28, 2020
Petition to NAG
Further to the negotiations and talks with management and thereafter coming to a conclusion to reduce CRC allowance for FY 17-18 to Rs.50000, I would like to share my personal thought in regards to the same. As per my understanding, the CRC allowance review for FY 17-18 which was commenced to happen in March was not to reduce from existing amount of Rs.70000, to my belief the same has been conveyed in Delhi open house meeting and confirmed by Capt Tyagi and Capt Cheema. A reduction in CRC allowance is not only a hit to our salaries but also approximately half the Senior P2 allowance which other airlines are paying in the industry. It is totally unacceptable as it was never meant to be reduced than existing amount. I DO NOT accept the clause of CRC allowance Rs.50000 for FY 17-18 as I also believe some credibility needs to be given for serving so many years for the company. Kindly request you to look into the matter and anticipating a prompt reply.Read more

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Petition to South West Florida Water Management District Governing Board
("SWFWMD") Governing Board approves reductions in flow proposed in the Minimum Flows and Levels on October devastating reductions, even though both of these spring-fed coastal rivers are legally designated as of Florida to deny any further reductions in flow to Chassahowitzka and Homosassa's Rivers review of the proposed Minimum Flows and Levels have warned that the proposed reductions of fresh waterRead more

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Petition to HISD Board of Education, Senator Ted Cruz, Superintendent Grenita Lathan, Principal Agnes Perry of Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions
         Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions has been recognized as the number one high school in Houston (Children at Risk 2017-2018). It ranks in the top 20 high schools in America (U.S. News and World Report), and was the world’s first high school to specialize in medical professions. As it did for those before us, DeBakey High School serves as a safe, enriching environment where we are able to challenge ourselves academically as well as creatively, through our UIL competitions and clubs.  Despite all this, the Houston Independent School District plans to cut our funding by $1,250,000, approximately 23% of DeBakey’s current budget. This reduction is the highest among all high schools in the district by a large margin. In the past, DeBakey has been assured by the board that the district supported our endeavors, a promise that allowed DeBakey to become a nationally recognized school. The HISD Board of Education’s continued support now, more than ever, is vital to maintaining our high academic standards. The students of DeBakey High School have recognized the risks of the proposed budget cuts and write to prevent these changes from occurring. Potential Losses: Staff and faculty - 4 teachers, 1 police officer, 2 clerks, 3 graduate students workers Advanced Placement (AP) Classes - statistics, computer science, psychology, Spanish, art, environmental science, seminar, research, human geography Fine Arts electives - dance, orchestra, music appreciation, gymnastics Field lessons Before and after school tutorials Club activities (all UIL competitions included)              The current budget could force DeBakey to lose 4 teachers, 6 other faculty members, before and after school tutorials, 10 of our valued college-level Advanced Placement courses, all UIL competitions, and more. The complete DeBakey experience not only involves the health science courses, hospital rotations, and the rigor of core classes, but also advanced placement elective courses and liberal arts classes. These courses not only expose students to a greater variety of subject matters and challenges, but also enhance their learning experiences by simulating college rigor. In fact, several graduates of DeBakey suggest that while core classes encouraged them to pursue a career strictly within the medical field, elective classes helped to narrow down their interests, encourage a disciplined work schedule, and even direct them towards a different career path - one which proved to be more promising for the student. These classes encourage students to go beyond what is expected of them and allow them to delve into relatively foreign material. The tremendous budget cuts the board is proposing would force DeBakey High School to let go of many of these AP electives, removing the very courses that give our school national recognition. Such efforts to equalize the financial and educational playing field for all schools only serve as a detriment to high performing schools such as our own. The “Elective” AP Classes           It should not come as a surprise that America fails to rank in the top ten countries with proficient educations when school districts belittle courses that are not considered core to a students’ education. Essentially, the budget cut leaves DeBakey with only enough funding to support the AP “core classes” like sciences, math, English, and social studies. AP classes that are considered simply “electives” (statistics, computer science, psychology, Spanish, art, environmental science, research, human geography) are being cut.         While HISD may see these classes as “just electives,” the students of DeBakey certainly do not. Ajani Smith-Washington, from the Class of 2017, reflects how without electives and AP offerings, such as AP Statistics, he would not have been able to “conduct medical research, co-found a refugee assistance organization, and participate in national debate competitions.” He also exclaims that he certainly would not have been able to receive over $2,000,000 in merit scholarships and get accepted into prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, Georgetown, Duke, Rice, and John Hopkins, just to name a few. He is not alone in students who have realized that these elective courses molded them into who they are today. Many students and alumni have raised their concern about the situation and have shared their thoughts, some of which can be viewed in the link provided.   Testimonies of students, teachers, and alumni:  https://goo.gl/1BKnEM            Moreover, certain colleges (including but not limited to Vanderbilt University, Rice University, University of Notre Dame) will award as many as 4 credits for certain AP courses, such as psychology (an elective course to be removed at Debakey). Psychology is either required by many medical schools, such as Brown University, or recommended as a behavioral science course. Moreover, psychology is a considerable portion of the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), constituting a third of one of the 4 sections. Thus, AP Psychology is one of several valuable courses which we have been given the privilege to take that not only benefits students in their undergraduate years but also in the following 4 years in medical school, which is a track many of us at DeBakey High School for Health Professions are pursuing. In addition, if students take this course in high school for free (or having paid the dues for AP tests - $94), then they would not need to pay upwards to $4,000 per course in college, according to Business Insider. Fine Arts           DeBakey is somewhat of an extracurricular desert, with a significant relief from the curriculum being the fine arts available. This budget cut will remove both dance and orchestra as electives, leaving only art and theatre. The facility built for orchestra will sit abandoned, just like us, if the budget cuts are imposed. These are the classes that offer more creativity and personal expression than any English or math class could ever allow for, and removing these programs would greatly decrease the quality of education. More importantly, these classes make school enjoyable for students who are endlessly inundated by the rigorous demands of their core classes. If we want to create leaders and contributors to society, and not test-taking robots, then we have to overturn this budget cut. Before and After School Tutorials            Another significant activity which is scheduled to be cut due to the deficit is our afterschool programs. No longer will students be able to stay past school hours to meet for clubs or get extra help from teachers. This will now, instead, be crammed into our study hall and lunch periods, which amount to 80 minutes total. Tutorials allow teachers to offer one-on-one help to students in need. After-school tutorials can reach as many as 30 students on certain days for the classes HISD seems to support, core classes like Pre-AP Chemistry and Calculus. Many students rely on tutorials because DeBakey is a Title One school with a vast majority of low-income students who cannot afford private tutors.              The after school tutorials are essential in ensuring the success of students as they allow a chance for students struggling to catch up on the curriculum. The funding cuts affect every person in our student body, not only those who are aiming to take the APs slated to be removed. This equity of DeBakey allows several disadvantaged students to perform at such high levels because of the programs in place now. Without after school tutorials, students will perform at a lower standard. Club Activities               Furthermore, our clubs allow students to go beyond the curriculum and explore hobbies, volunteer, or simply bond with a group of like-minded people. In a vocational high school such as DeBakey, we are limited to our range of activities outside of the medical field. The after school activities and UIL competitions give us the opportunity to expound our interests and truly discover what it is we are passionate about.             The issue resonates in our courses and activities, but it also resonates far beyond the classes we are scheduled to take next year. It reveals the continuous fault in American society. We have been restricted from our right to education. We have excelled beyond the standards, yet now, we are being told to stop, settle for the norm, settle for average. In our generation, it has been engraved in our minds to innovate, to be the best- yet if not given the chance to do so, the future of our school lies in pieces. It is not only the students and staff affected by these cuts. We are educated to prepare to lead the future. The future of the world lies in the palms of those holding pencils, sitting behind desks, and fighting for our rights to an education.           The one word that moved a family, “DeBakey”. Tenth grader Amelia Pham and her family moved their entire lives to take advantage of the opportunities reputable of DeBakey. They heard of the classes available, the rigor and challenge, and they took a chance. The reputation of DeBakey has stood strong for many years, and we hope it is able to continue to do so. However, if classes such as AP Statistics, AP Psychology, and AP Research are gone, where will we stand?           We understand that there is a district-wide deficit and that schools unfortunately must lose some funding. If DeBakey were to lose the magnitude of money proposed, it would be a loss for not only our education, but the district as well. We have already been cut on magnet funds and now we are losing even more money. We propose that the district decrease the cuts for the reasons stated above.           Students have moved over 500 miles, spent over 12 hours in transport and in school, and woken up before the sun rises to get the education and experience that DeBakey has provided. The teachers at DeBakey truly care about the well-being and success of their students, leading the students to do so as well. By signing, you advocate for the students, the faculty members, and the future of America. The student body of Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions greatly appreciates your support.  Written and edited by Chloe Nguyen, Neeharika Venturupalli, Lisa Lin, Desi Griffin, and Nithya Erabelli  Read more

Chloe NguyenUnited States
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Created April 25, 2018
Petition to Sekolah Lentera Indonesia
concerned that reductions in school fee are applied again this year. We urge you to sincerelyRead more

Petition SLIJakarta, Indonesia
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Created January 14, 2021
Petition to Everyone
Help Free Big Meech sign this petition to help him get Immediate Release under the CovId 19 ActDemetrius Flenory{AKA BIG MEECH, AKA MEECH} he was sentenced to 30 years in Federal Prison and is to be released in October 2032. He was sentenced t0 30 years for CCE (Continuing Criminal Enterprise) law and Money Laundering. This man has been in Federal Prison for 15 years. He has filed for early release but continues to get denied by the Federal Government. His brother has be granted early release due to the Covid 19 compassion for release that was passed for inmates who suffer health issues and are high risk to catch covid. Demetrius Flenory also has health issues and he as well is more susceptible to falling victim to COVID-19 due to his age and health conditions, which include hypertension and heart trouble. Facebook Meech needs 100,000 likes and shares to submit on his behalf. I need you all to come together and show compassion and willingness to stand in support for African American Inmates who continue to be over sentenced due to the color of our skin. This is cruel punishment. He is a Father a black Father who needs to be reunited with his children. Incarceration breaks up families and creates empty voids in the lives of the children affected. Please help Meech reach this goal. In order to show appreciation. At Home Alone and Breaking Bondage will do a random live drawing with South West T and give away $1,000 cash live as well as a special surprise that will blow your mind......Please lets join together and stand for a cause ad support one another and incarcerated inmates.......We also need anyone who has done any prison time or who has a family memeber or friend who is incarerated to drop there names below. There names will be added to the 2241 reduction of sentgence documentation filing to reduce excessive sentences.......Like, Share, and drop those names.Once we get 100,000 likes and shares we will do the live drawing for the $1,000 and the winner will recieve a personal letter from Meech and Terry>AKA "South West T". You have to type your name below in the comments. This is not a fake post.......Tag a friend and share it to a friends page. Thank You and God BlessRead more

sade cannoncharlotte, NC, United States
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Petition to https://www.sa.gov.au/directories/government/premier-and-ministers/hon-geoff-brock-mp , Geoff Brock
Thanks to the sell off of the  ETSA Power Utility in South Australia. South Australia has the 2nd highest cost of electricity in the world. Pensioners, Poor, unemployed, Single Parent and Low income familes are really struggling with the cost of Electricity costs. Even to the point of having to choose between Power and food. The charities have been pushed over their limits to help.This really needs to be reversed at the source of the problem, the power companies themselves and their greed in raising prices and gold-plating the network. The network upgrades should been paid BY the companies themselves out of the income they derive off said networks, just like other businesses like farmers have too pay for farm improvements out of their own incomes.Over the last 10 power has gone from being affordable to being totally UNAFFORDABLE by those who are forced to live on much reduced incomes. Companies  should have a  special rate for those on low incomes, that is substantially reduced from their retail rate of at least 40% off the total bill, whether its paid "on time" or not. If there is a reasonable effort being made  to pay the bill, there should be no disconnection allowed.                                             Disconnections should only be allowed if there is no money being paid off the bill. If NOTHING happens  Power costs will force electricity to be out of reach for most low income people and families. People will then start to DIE.  Read more

Michael RussellMarryatville, Australia
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Created July 11, 2016
Petition to UK Parliament
A government consultation is currently underway which will decide on funding amounts for north Lincolnshire. I attended a meeting with the North Lincolnshire sufficiency Team last week where we were informed that North Lincolnshire could get £3.80 base rate per hour for all 3 and 4 year olds. The previous base rate was before supplements such as quality and deprivation. (This made our average £4.25), however the new base rate will include all supplements. All providers who are not entitled to supplements may get as low as £3.74 per hour. It is proposed all settings will lose their quality supplement. This is a massive drop and very worrying. (At least 10% drop) I also understand this is affecting other Authorities particularily within Yorkshire,and could be a national crisis. This could have a detrimental affect on young children's learning and development. As discussed in the north lincolnshire local authority meeting last week, if these funding rates do go ahead then it will almost certainly shut some providers down, and my main concern is this will seriously affect quality. When we have 98% of providers with good or outstanding Ofsted ratings this would be such a shame.   We must work together as an Early Years Sector to ensure the reduce in funding rates does not have a negative impact on our communities.    Read more

Julie CarlingScunthorpe, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created September 20, 2016
SHORT TERM RENTALSYOUR BUSINESS In Tillamook County we welcome visitors and we recognize tourism to be a vital source of income for local businesses and their employees. Short Term Rentals are a vital source of accommodations for those visitors. Preserve our Economy: Short Term Rentals are a huge factor in our local economy with Tourism being one of the top local industries and job creators. Preserve Property Rights:  Homes were purchased with the right to rent. Reasonable regulations like safety inspections and code-enforcement make sure that our local vacation homes maintain higher standards than non-STRs.  Preserve Accessibility to Oregon's Beaches: Our beaches should not only be accessible to wealthy homeowners who can afford not to share their home. STRs provide affordable family vacations and everyone benefits from adding some nature to their lives.  In 2021, STR’s represented 70% ($5,299,507*) of the transient lodging taxes generated by B&B’s, RVs, Campgrounds and Hotels (there are only 748 hotel rooms in the entire county**). In addition to STRs providing a large share of accommodations, their share of taxes significantly contribute to grants for nonprofits, development of tourism facilities, road improvements, outdoor recreation accessibility, and so much more. We believe such a valuable income source for your business, your wallet, and your county should not be reduced or eliminated. On July 1st of 2022, the three Tillamook County Commissioners imposed a moratorium, a ‘pause’, on all new STR permits in the unincorporated areas of TC.  The County has now proposed an Ordinance that could significantly reduce the number of STRs that are currently permitted. Measures proposed include location percentage caps and density limits which could eliminate more than half of the current STRs after 5 years regardless of how long the home has been legally and successfully rented. According to the County, in 2021 there were just 5 calls to 911 regarding STRs. We propose the County does not institute new restrictions which will further limit the number of STRs by owners who have followed the rules agreed upon when they purchased their home.  We propose they use their energy and resourcefulness to enforce the regulations that are already in place. Tillamook County REALTORS,Business Owners andConcerned CitizensRead more

Oregon Coast HostsUnited States
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Created April 3, 2023
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