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Petition to Gavin Newsom
later and he is recommended for parole. The violent rage and nature of this crime and the prisonersRead more

claudia sinkuleCathedral City, CA, United States
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Created November 30, 2021
Petition to State Governor, Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States
  Good Afternoon, My name is Jamar Williams, I am writing to appeal the dismissal/reversal of my conviction for murder (Life Sentence). I admitted, to my wrongdoing during this event trying to escape death just to have my life taken away from my children & I although my ex and I were only trying to be great citizens by providing an unknown individual with transportation/help. At the time I was in a vulnerable state, to include being unaware of his intentions with my back turned when this act occurred against me. In the mist of this I was brutally attacked by this individual, which caused me to defend myself. It was never my intentions this particular night to hurt/murder anyone, to include this individual. I have learned from this incident/experience. I truly believe the facts were overlooked to include SLED testifying that an agency insisted that their agency should not test the hammer that I was hit with. This would have been credible evidence. The individual had violent/impulsive behaviors from the beginning, and his intentions were out of control due to the objects he was carrying. In the light of these facts, I’m requesting that you please reconsider your decision about my sentence. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this, I will follow up via letter within a few weeks. Respectfully, Jamar WilliamsRead more

Jamela JollyMyrtle Beach, SC, United States
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Created January 1, 2022
Petition to Scott Morrison
In July 2019 the independent Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal unanimously recommended to tribunal has recommended the award of a VC. But on 13 May 2020 the federal government decided not toRead more

Kevin O’BrienParadise Point, Australia
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Created May 21, 2020
Petition to Lucy McBath, Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff
soon as possible. His doctor recommended proton therapy, as he believed it would offer my father the doctors. "Surely they wouldn't deny a patient life-saving treatment recommended by their doctor," we won't be denied coverage for doctor-recommended, life-saving treatment. I believe it is safe toRead more

Linseigh GreenJohns Creek, GA, United States
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Created February 18, 2021
Petition to SC Governor and General Assembly
appropriate legislation to permit marijuana to be recommended by licensed physicians and to ensure a safeRead more

Todd ChasCharleston, SC, United States
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Created November 17, 2012
For amendment in Fee Regulation Act, the Government of Maharashtra has formed a committee headed by Shri Palshikar, a retired High Court Judge, two parents' representatives, two school management representatives and other learned members. The recommendations given by this committee do not contain any specific percentage of parents without which parents can't approach Divisional Fee Regulatory Committee if aggrieved by the decision of EPTA or school management in respect of fee hike. The recommendation says a group of parents aggrieved and not minimum 25% of total parents of the school. Where from the education minister derived this unrealistic minimum percentage of parents who can only approach? If a school has 3000 students, is it possible to bring more than 750 parents together to file a complaint? The affected parents will be refrained from their fundamental right of lodging their grievances. Most of the parents opposes the illegal & undue fee hike but can't unite against the school management for number of reasons. Every parent , even though, not in agreement with illegal fee hike pays the fee in coercive way for the reasons being emotional and having fear about his child harassment, lack of time to come forward etc. That doesn't mean those having no fear about their child and can spare time for the fight against illegal fee shall be prevented from complaining just because they are not more than 25% in number. One more illegal proposal put up by education minister - If 2/3rd parents pay fees, remaining 1/3rd are bound to pay, why? Why the committee is formed for? The committee is a group of expert and the amendments shall be made only out of recommendations given by such committee and not by the discretion of the Education Minister. All of you are requested to sign this petition for preventing education mafias to make the education business, to prevent the discretion of such useless education minister and to build a strong fundamental right of every parent to fight in a democratic country. Thank you all for your immense support.Read more

Satish MundadaIndia
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Created March 21, 2018
Petition to Petco
This petition was started when Petco's recommended minimum betta fish tank size was 1/4 gallon in 2021. Petco should raise the recommended minimum tank size from 1 gallon to 5 gallons. PetSmartRead more

Betta World For BettasCalifornia, United States
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Created November 28, 2020
Petition to Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Haji Muhammad Yassin, Pejabat Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Prime minister office malaysia
etc. US, Europe , China , Singapore, with some RECOMMENDED GUIDELINES. 1.    Cuts are by appointmentRead more

Ab WongMalaysia
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Created May 10, 2020
Petition to The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), Robert Otto Valdez, Carol M. Mangione
are not listened to until it’s too late. Because the screening guideline is recommended for those currently the recommended screening guidelines are not favorable for young adults. The United States screening recommended age at age 45.  It takes about 10 years for a colon polyp to turn cancerous and increased in their 30s which is still under the recommended guideline, if someone develops a polyp inRead more

Natosha AshGilbert, AZ, United States
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Created January 17, 2023
Petition to United States
is recommended that you are screened for colorectal cancer. Symptoms are often unnoticeable until you cancer". As our lifestyles have changed over the past decades, we believe that the recommended guidelines of time as ever, with the health care in our country being reassessed, to change the recommended that with a recommended screening age younger than 50, both of their lives could have been saved. We signing our petition and helping us in our attempt to lower the recommended age of screening below 50Read more

Juliana RiordanAuburn, NY, United States
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Created February 28, 2017
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