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Petition to UNHCR, United Nations, Justin Trudeau
This petition is to urge the UNHCR to declare a state of crisis in Lebanon, following the recent life threatening events that have been happening, especially since October of 2019, and give its recommendation to the Government-Assisted Refugees (GAR) Program of Canada. This is to aid and facilitate the resettlement of affected lebanese people. Noting that there are a lot of laws and specifics involved, the purpose of this petition is to convey the emergency of the situation, hoping to get the attention and mobilization of the concerned parties.Read more

K BCanada
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Created Aug 5, 2020
Petition to Members of Norwegian Nobel Committee, Members of Ethiopian House of Representatives, President Barack Obama
Abiy for The Nobel Peace PrizeAbiy Ahmed Ali (PhD) is The Prime Minister of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, a country that is Africa’s oldest independent country with the second largest population in the continent. It is a land of ethnic and cultural diversity and symbol of independence.Contrary to our rich history, Ethiopia has been a land of uncertainty, distrust, and hate in the past in general and over the last 27 years in particular. It has been land of rulers and the ruled, winners and losers, the wealthy and poorest of the poor, the superiors and subordinates/inferiors, etc.The situation got worse since November 12, 2015 when the famous #OromoProtests erupted in a small town of Ginchi of Oromia Region, west of Addis Ababa. Many feared the situation might lead to civil war and disintegration of the nation that in turn may result in chaos in the horn of Africa. In the contrary, the protests have resulted in the removal of the dictators, the looters of the country’s economy, the instigators of hate and conflicts, and state terrorists. Their removal was then followed by a dawn of hope for Ethiopia, with Abiy Ahmed (PhD) coming to lead a country hardest hit by internal conflict and artificially inflated but empty economy.In just three months the country regained hope and started to foresee growth and development, peace and prosperity, and democracy in the corners. Ethiopians from all corners have already shown spirit of commitment to be someone who the country would count on in the efforts of change. Unity, peace and love have been preached in the country and beyond. Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Egypt, Uganda, Rwanda, and most remarkably Eritrea have been brought onboard to discuss beyond the imaginary boundaries and become one strong community in the East and Horn of Africa.The achievement to reconcile the two, formerly one, nations Ethiopia and Eritrea is just extra ordinary. It is evident that the infamous war between the two claimed close to 100,000 lives. The political, economic and diplomatic losses in connection to this are obvious to anyone.The achievements are just too much for the time Abiy has been in office. The rescinding of repressive laws, the release of political prisoners, call of peace and love for political parties and individuals in exile are a few of the successes. We all know that this is just a start, but a marvelous start. Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia are very much optimistic that we will be successful at building a country that is a welcoming home for all of us. The signs are already happening, and it is up to us to nurture them.It is given that best achievements are recognized, that promising efforts are encouraged, and that best performers are rewarded. With that regard, we urge the Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Committee consider the African reconciler, peace maker and democratizer. And that person is Abiy Ahmed. Thank you#Abiy4NobelPrize Campaigners  Read more

Benti GeletaFinfinnee, Ethiopia
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Created Jul 9, 2018
Petition to Alberta Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley, SPCA, RCMP, Crown Counsel, Honourable Judge
April Dawn Irving has been the subject of the seizure of 319 dogs in 3 separate incidents in 2 different provinces over the past 8 years. In the most recent case, 201 dogs were seized from a farm near Milk River, Alberta in January, 2015. The dogs were suffering from numerous injuries and ailments, including “gaping wounds, broken bones and malnutrition.” As if this story wasn’t horrific enough, according to an article by Michael Platt of QMI Agency, in 2007 the Alberta SPCA seized 36 Huskies and Wolfhounds from a northern Alberta kennel run by Irving. In 2010, officers from the Saskatchewan SPCA seized 82 dogs from a property near the town of Leslie, Saskatchewan. In the 2010 case, Irving was charged and convicted under the Saskatchewan Animal Protection Act. She was found guilty of “non-criminal neglect” and fined $5,000, the highest penalty available at the time. She was also banned from owning more than two dogs at a time for a period of 10 years. Unfortunately, prohibitions on animal ownership instituted under provincial legislation are only enforceable in the province in which the prohibition was ordered. Thus, despite the fact that Ms. Irving was banned from owning animals for 10 years in Saskatchewan in 2010, she simply moved to Alberta and was LEGALLY able to own more than 2 dogs in that province. Had she been charged under the Criminal Code of Canada rather than provincial legislation, if convicted, Ms. Irving could have been prohibited from owning animals and that prohibition would have applied across Canada. This is a serious gap in Canada’s animal cruelty and neglect legislation which needs to be addressed. Unfortunately the best that can be done at this time to address situations like this is to charge someone under the federal Criminal Code animal cruelty legislation and, if convicted, order a prohibition under that legislation that can then be enforced across the country. Given April Irving’s previous history and conviction for animal neglect, we respectfully request that decision-makers charge her under the Alberta Animal Protection Act and the Criminal Code of Canada legislation and, if convicted, that they enforce the maximum penalty available, including a prohibition on owning, having the custody or control of or residing in the same premises as an animal or a bird for the rest of her life in accordance with Section 447.1(1)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada. PETITION FACEBOOK PAGE:https://www.facebook.com/CaptainsLegacy.EndingAnimalAbuse/ TO DONATE TO THE CARE OF THE DOGS: http://aarcs.ca/donate/ LINKS TO NEWS ARTICLES: http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/straighttalk/archives/2015/01/20150128-194818.html http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/april-dawn-irving-accused-alberta-dog-hoarder-has-history-of-animal-neglect-1.2936432 http://www.winnipegsun.com/2015/01/28/200-badly-neglected-dogs-seized-from-rural-alberta-property http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/april-irving-suspect-in-alberta-dog-neglect-case-1.2936615 http://ckom.com/story/accused-alta-dog-seizure-previously-convicted-sask/527965 http://globalnews.ca/news/91847/court-allows-siezed-dogs-to-be-adopted/ http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/sask-dog-breeder-slams-spca-after-seizure-1.964523Read more

Charlene MyersKamloops, Canada
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Created Jan 29, 2015
Petition to Effingham Co. P&Z and Commissioners
Ogeechee Riverkeeper (ORK) is opposed the new proposed landfill development due to its proximity to the Ogeechee River and likelihood of it becoming a pollution source in the future. Landfills last forever, but liners fail. Municipalities and citizens are forced to deal with for toxin-leaking pits, groundwater contamination, and out-gassing -- potentially for centuries. This proposed landfill could be a threat to our drinking water and the waters we use for fishing and recreation. This site’s proximity to wetlands and the river itself only exacerbates the threat of an eventual liner failure. If this landfill is built, this region will bear the burden of its contamination long after the 30 years’ post-closure requirement, posing a very real threat to the health, safety, quality of life, and the environmental wellbeing of this community.Read more

Ogeechee RiverkeeperSavannah, GA, United States
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Created Apr 12, 2021
Petition to Crown Counsel and the honourable sentencing judge in the province of Alberta, Canada
this dog and/or cat’s death, Crown Counsel recommend, and the honourable sentencing judge apply, theRead more

Charlene MyersKamloops, Canada
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Created May 5, 2014
Petition to Scott Morrison
In July 2019 the independent Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal unanimously recommended to the federal government the award of Australia's highest military honour to Tasmanian Teddy Sheean - the Victoria Cross, also known as the VC. This was the very first time in its history that the tribunal has recommended the award of a VC. But on 13 May 2020 the federal government decided not to accept the recommendation.  This is a travesty. Teddy Sheean is a hero and the government should accept the recommendation of its own panel of experts. Sheean was just 18 years old when he left his home in north-west Tasmania to join the Navy and fight in World War II. He died defending HMAS Armidale from Japanese warplanes off the coast of what is now known as East Timor, only one year after he enlisted. With the ship going down, the wounded young sailor strapped himself to an anti-aircraft cannon and fired at the attacking planes. He is credited with helping save 49 of his ship's crew before he went down with the ship. The Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal was established to independently consider honours and awards outside of the Australian Defence Force. Its members include lawyers, historian and veterans. It is unacceptable and un-Australian that the government would ignore its own panel of experts and deny a young hero the recognition he deserves. Brigadier (retired) Kevin O'Brien, CSC Read more

Kevin O’BrienParadise Point, Australia
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Created May 21, 2020
Petition to SPCA Montérégie
pertinent decision-makers, recommend or lay animal neglect and/or cruelty charges against the person Food, and any other pertinent decision-makers, to recommend or lay animal neglect and/or crueltyRead more

Charlene MyersKamloops, Canada
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Created Feb 27, 2015
Petition to The Center for Disease Control, Rima F. Khabbaz, MD, Jay C. Butler, MD, Coleen A. Boyle, PhD, MSHyg, Robert R. Redfield, MD, Anne Schuchat, MD (RADM, USPHS, RET), Jonathan Mermin, MD
why didn’t they test her…   Why doesn't the medical community recommend testing for Herpes? Many? Remaining silent is a terrible thing... Directly from the CDC website: "The CDC does not recommend you should be tested for any STDs, including Herpes." Although the CDC does not recommend thatRead more

Rich MancusoBrick, NJ, United States
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Created Jan 22, 2020
Petition to United Nations, Dujarric@un.org, haqf@un.org , United Nations Development Program, United Nations Environment Program
We are urging the Secretary-General to make a statement on the need for smaller, more sustainable families and cooperative family planning models to protect the future of the planet and improve human rights for children across the world.  Circumstances have changed since former Secretaries General have issued family planning statements; a revised statement is urgently needed. Several studies confirm that smaller families are the best way to confront climate change, as well as other and related environmental crises. If we take climate change seriously, we must laud the benefits of a global family planning ethic that promotes smaller families. The science of early childhood development shows the disproportionate impact the beginning of our lives has on the rest of our lives. This holds true, among other things, for economic inequity. Better family planning is now understood to be an effective way to prevent the conditions that give rise to terrorism and other conflict-based threats to human rights and democracy. Read our full letter here. A statement by the Secretary General on the need for sustainable family planning is essential for impelling governments to overcome the taboo on family size and recognize the need for better family planning policies - ones that protect the needs of all children and future generations. Smaller families are the path to a sustainable, fairer, and more equitable world.  Read more

Ashley BerkeMelbourne, FL, United States
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Created Jul 10, 2018
Petition to Cassidy Martin
On Monday December 18th the Dissolution Committee will vote on whether to recommend dissolution of Regional District 11. If they vote NOT to recommend dissolution the process stops here and thereRead more

Cassidy MartinUnited States
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Created Dec 15, 2017
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