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Petition to CCSD
CCSD HAS FAILED. As a student who looks foward to learn in a classroom, why should a lesson get interrupted cause of my/ or a fellow classmate’s shoulders being shown? If a young child’s body distracts you, you should not be working with children. Our education is more important than what we wear. When teachers interrupt our school day to make us change out of our clothes or SEND US HOME, they are teaching us that it’s more important for males to have a distraction free learning environment, than our education. No one should be able to feel in control of another person’s body. What we wear should not have any correlation to what happens to us. I’d like to touch up more on the fact that they care more about how a student that is FEMALE dresses than to acknowledge the amount of rapes, police brutality, and assaults happening on school campuses. CCSD has rapists playing in highschool football games. School has killed the very souls of our individualism. They claim they are preparing us for the future. But nothing has changed. We’re preparing for the past, we need better. Apparently it takes two police officers to take down a teenage girl. The school police, pushed a young girls head into the ground, she spoke up and claimed she was being hurt by such action, it was as if she never even spoke, and got pushed harder. JUSTICE FOR STUDENTS IS NEEDED. We need better, we must do better. Read more

Thayley LopezUnited States
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Created Aug 23, 2021
Petition to Lawton Public Schools
From the 2015-2016 school year to the 2017-2018 school year, sexual assault in school increased more than 50%. Students K-12 sexual violence reports increased from 9,600 to over 15,000 in one year and the number of reports only continue to escalate. It is reported that 1 in 9 girls and 1 in 53 boys are subjected to sexual abuse. Though the thought of sexual crimes happening to students isn’t very prominent, it happens more often than many people want to believe. Lawton High School student, Hannah Warner is one of many students whom have been exposed to such attacks those of which were implemented by fellow LHS student. Warner took her statement, along with evidence to her high school where she was made the “laughing stock” and was turned away by multiple teachers, school police officers and staff including Mrs. Oates. The school principal is claimed to say something along the lines of “we know him and he’d never do something like that.” Imagine being in the place of a high school student, working up the courage to speak up about sexual assault and not being taken seriously. Predators are everywhere and can be ordinary everyday people, regardless of who they are speak up for yourself or others. No sexual violence should be tolerated.Read more

Margaret WhiteLawton, OK, United States
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Created Nov 26, 2020
Petition to Eurepean Parliament, United States Congress, Russian Parliament, Parliament of Armenia
On September 27, 2020, Azerbaijan initiated a pre -orchestrated massive offensive against Nagorno Karabakh. Nagorno Karabakh (also called Rrepublic of Artsakh) is a small region between Armenia and Azerbaijan, inhabited by ethnical Armenians. Now, Ilham Aliev (the president of Azerbaijan) supported by the Turkish president Erdogan started to kill civilians  there in an attempt to conquer this land. In order to understand the urgency for independence of Artsakh it is important to mention the history. Nagorno Karabakh or the Republic of Artsakh is historically Armenian land where Armenians have lived for thousands of years (e.g. in 189 BC it became the tenth province of the Kingdom of Armenia). But after the World War I when communists Russia re-conquered the Caucusus, the Bolshevikc party decided to make it a part of newly established Azerbaijan republic realizing the so-called "divide and conquer" approach. For 75 years, the people of Artsakh felt oppressed in Azerbaijan not being allowed to use their own language, to practisce their religion etc. When the Soviet Union was about to collapse the people of Artsakh voted to become independent from Azerbaijan and to join Armenia, which was absolutely legal according to the constitution of that time. The Azerbaijani government responded by initiating  a punitive operation against civilians which led to a war between Azerbaijan and Artsakh backed by Armenia. As a result of the war, Artsakh became de-facto an independent republic however not recognized by the international community.  This war was not finished, only a cease fire agreement was signed, after which regular skirmishes initiated by Azerbaijan afflicted the border. But this time it is much worse. The Azerbaijani army uses military drones to target the civilians of Artsakh. Furthermore, Azerbaijan uses  cluster munition which is internationally prohibited, and bombs churches. On top of that, Turkey sends mercenaries from Syria and Libya to fight with the people of Artsakh. All this makes us realize: 1. This is no longer a war for territory. This is a war between civilization and international terrorism. 2. Ilham Aliev and Erdogan try to finish the Armenian Genocide which was started 100 years ago. 3. When Aliev promises that he wants people of Artsakh to live in piece in Azerbaijan it is a lie. From all these facts we see only one solution: Artsakh must me immediately recognized as an independent nation. This is not only the right of these people, this is the only opportunity for them to survive!!! Artsakh must be a free land!Read more

David DavtyanNetherlands
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Created Oct 8, 2020
Petition to The International Criminal Court
Stop Putin! The world must recognize Putin as a war criminal! This petition is on behalf of the rights, and international law, to recognize the mad dictator Putin as a war criminal and stop himRead more

Office Centre for Defence StrategiesKYIV, Ukraine
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Created Feb 26, 2022
Petition to United Nations, European Parliament
political system.I call on United Nations to investigate this and officially recognize the currentRead more

Ігор ДенисенкоУкраина
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Created Feb 26, 2022
Petition to New York City Council
violence against the Indigenous Peoples of this country and all of the Americas.  As such, Recognize October to be Indigenous Peoples Day in order to recognize the sacrifices and contributions of the firstRead more

Recognize Indigenous Peoples Day NYCUnited States
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Created Jun 22, 2017
Petition to President of the United States
to (1) formally recognize and commemorate the Armenian Genocide, (2) reject Turkey’s efforts to candidate, you pledged to recognize the Armenian Genocide if elected. As President, you have vowedRead more

Yes Its GenocideUnited States
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Created Mar 12, 2021
Petition to US State Department
refused to join his "Russian World".  Let's demand that the U.S. State Department recognize that the fulfill its obligation to the UN Charter and the signed 1948 Genocide Convention. Recognize the genocideRead more

Olga PylypovychNew Jersey, United States
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Created Mar 2, 2022
Petition to U​.​S. House of Representatives, U​.​S. Senate, President of the United States, Secretary of State
Visit www.nooneleft.org to learn more. Afghan interpreter Janis Shinwari saved 5 U.S. soldier's lives while serving as an interpreter for 8 years. In Iraq and Afghanistan, translators serve alongside the US military and are essential to keeping us safe and helping us do our mission. And they do so at the risk of being targeted by the Taliban, including their families. Janis is not the exception. There are many translators who have saved American lives on the battlefield. Like Fred, who saved 25 members of the Pennsylvania National Guard. Supporters had to crowdfund the money to fly him and his family to the US before the Taliban killed him. After serving, Steeler's Offensive Tackle and Army Ranger Alejandro Villaneuva worked hard to get his Afghan translator here. After serving alongside our military, many translators received SIV’s or Special Immigrant Visas, so they could relocated to the United States. Unfortunately, they are not considered veterans. We are asking Congress to honor its promise to our wartime allies. We want them to be treated as the heroes they are when they finally come here after years of screening by the State Department, Defense Department, and Department of Homeland Security. We are not asking for VA benefits. This is an innovative idea that comes at no cost to the taxpayer and requires no new regulations.  Best of all, we have bipartisan support!  Yes, people in D.C. can agree on the same thing.   Since at least World War 2, the United States has a very checkered history of honoring our promises to our wartime allies. Yes, big alliances like NATO matter, but it is the friendships and trust at the individual level that is our greatest diplomatic tool. The world knows that we didn't fully take care of the Filipino soldiers that helped us in World War 2, the Koreans during the Korean War, the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, and now the brave men and women from Afghanistan and Iraq who risked everything to stand shoulder to shoulder with us. With your help, we can change this. We need your voice to get this to the Senate floor. It's time the American people demand our representatives to stand shoulder to shoulder with those that saved American lives. Read more

Matt ZellerFairfax, VA, United States
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Created Aug 3, 2017
Petition to UN Secretary General, Chair of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, Heads of government
policies! The UN Secretary-General: Urge Member States of the UN to recognize the human right to a healthyRead more

Alexandra SchiessendopplerHamburg, Deutschland
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Created Oct 27, 2020
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