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Petition to Wu Yee Sun Students
Environmental friendliness has always been a myth. It is so far away from our daily routine as the negative outcomes of not playing our parts have always been too subtle to notice while being green often interrupts our way of living. We only talk the talk while not walking the walk. With 'Go Green, Be Sunny!' being the College's motto, we, a group of Year 1 students, would like to take the initiative to make a change in the subtlest aspect - by encouraging the act of recycling to pave the path of afterlife for recyclables, instead of witnessing their decay and demise.Out of a million reasons why we don't recycle, the most decisive one is we never see why is it worth it. How much does our effort to collect, pile up and weigh worth? What are the return and benefits to all our hard work? What's wrong with not doing so? In a bid to raise the students' awareness of how important recycling means to the environment, the college and themselves, we hope to realize the (seemingly) 'irrelevance' to something relevant to the students - turning recyclables into usable credits, stored in their personal green accounts. In this way, the environmental costs involved and significance of recycling could be visualized to the students in quantified terms and students can in turn picture how do their credits work, harm, or equate when placed in a broader map.Read more

Chung Ying HoKowloon, Hong Kong
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Created Apr 10, 2019
Petition to inviormental scientists
hi, im only 12 but what i know, is that you dont know how much palm oil you eat every day. people cut down trees for palm oil because its all about the money for some of them, i know some of you might not agree with me but consider this... to grow the palms in the right environment, Valuable rainforests have to be cut down, trees provide oxygen which we need, trees also provide homes for animals that only survive in the rainforests because its there natural habitat. palm oil is in some every day items E.G. lipstick, shampoo, packaged items sold at super markets but... there are alternatives that we can use if we take the time to find out about them,Read more

charlotte woodmelbourne, Australia
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Created Sep 21, 2019
Petition to 日本国
*English follows Japanese.   渋谷で誰かと会うとき、ハチ公像の前で待ち合わせ。 六本木ヒルズの大きなクモの下で追いかけっこ。 西新宿、「LOVE」の前で記念写真。   駅のレリーフや広場の彫刻など、よく見渡してみると多くの場所でパブリックアートを発見することができます。 私たちは日頃意識せず通り過ぎていたり、時には待ち合わせの目印として使っています。実はそのひとつひとつがクリエイターが生み出した作品なのです。 わざわざ美術館に足を運ぶのは敷居が高いけれど、公共の場所にある作品はだれでも身近に触れ合うことのできる芸術です。 パブリックアートはその街の「顔」といっても過言ではないでしょう。 なぜならその街・その場所を特長づけているのがこのように点在するアート作品だからです。   現在、オリンピック・パラリンピックを目前に、いたるところで大規模な工事が行われ、急ピッチでインフラの整備が進んでいます。これからの街はより一層使いやすく、機能的になっていくでしょう。しかし都市としての機能性だけを追求すれば、どこへいっても同じ見た目の街ばかりになってしまいます。 1% for Artは、愛着ある自分の街をつくるために、そして日本の経済を盛り上げるために、パブリックアートの普及を目指すプロジェクトです。   すでにアメリカやヨーロッパ、韓国、台湾など各国で実施されている1% for Art。 歴史を振り返ると、1935年大恐慌後のアメリカで仕事のないアーティストに対する救援策として1% for Artの制度が生まれました。 フランスでは「芸術のための1%(1 pourcent artistique)」という呼び名で1951年から学校建築に対して導入され、幼少期から芸術に触れる環境が整備されています。   日本でも、公共建築費の1%をパブリックアートの費用に充てるこの制度導入することで、クリエイティブ産業の活性化を図り、新たな雇用を生み出すことができます。 例えば... 建設費が100億円の場合、パブリックアートの制作に1億円を充てることができます。 これによって日本のアーティストたちの新たな制作機会を創出し、日本全体のクリエイティブ産業・文化が大きく発展する土台となります。   じつは世界のアート市場の規模を比較すると、 米国は2.84兆円 中国は1.42兆円 英国は1.35兆円 それに対して日本のアート市場規模はたったの2437億円なのです。 (「The Art Market 2018」Art Basel and UBS) これは全体の3.6%にしかならず、日本のGDPが世界3位であることを考えると非常に低い値です。 つまり、日本にはこれだけ才能あふれるアーティストがいて、経済的基盤があるにもかかわらずアートの市場規模は各国と比べて大きく遅れをとっているのです。   その大きな理由の一つが公共におけるアートの不在です。 公共建設プロジェクトにおいて最初の段階でパブリックアートが企画されたとしても、計画が進むにつれて予算の関係で真っ先に削られてしまうのがこのアートの部分なのです。   巨大な鏡面の彫刻で知られるアニッシュ・カプーアが屋外で体験型の作品を多く生み出し、国際的アーティストとして高額な値段で取引されているのもその土壌があってこそです。公共の場で作品が実現する機会が担保されていれば、多くの作家が表現を磨き、日本のアート文化を発展させる原動力となるはずです。 今市場規模が小さいということは、つまりこれからどんどん成長する余地があるということ。 1% for Artが実現することにより、 街中に作られたパブリックアートに触れて、子供から大人まで心豊かに生活を楽しむことができます。そしてそれは、作り手側となる日本の伝統工芸やものづくりの文化が、途切れることなく循環する未来を作ることになります。 社会全体がアートの発展を後押しし、その価値を高めることで、ひいては日本経済全体の活性化につながると私たちは信じています。(協力:公益財団法人 日本交通文化協会)   In Shibuya, everyone meets in front of the ever-loyal dog Hachiko. At Roppongi Hills, children chase each other under and around the legs of a giant spider. In Nishi Shinjuku, couples pose for a photo in front of ‘LOVE’. From murals decorating train stations to sculptures in town squares, look around and everywhere you can discover public art.   Every day, without a second thought, we pass by public works of art or use them as meeting places. However, each of these works was carefully made by a creator. Taking the time to go to a museum can be a high hurdle. Artwork in public spaces is art that anyone can enjoy easily.   It’s not an exaggeration to say that public art is the “face” of a community. That’s because that art lends a unique character to that community.   Currently, in preparation for next year’s Olympics/Para-Olympics, large-scale construction projects and infrastructure improvements are occurring all over Tokyo. These projects and improvements will make things more convenient and functional than before. However, pursuing function only leads to everything, everywhere looking the same.   1% for Art is a project that spreads public art with the aim of improving our communities and energizing Japan’s economy.     1% for Art is already happening in the US, Europe, South Korea, and Taiwan. The history of 1% for Art goes back to 1935, shortly after the Great Depression in the US as a way to support artists without work. In France, 1 Pourcent Artistique started in 1951 as a school architecture project with the aim of creating environments where children can interact with art.    In Japan, we believe that 1% for Art could help to revitalize Japan’s creative industry and create new jobs. For example, a 100 billion yen construction project would yield 100 million yen for public art. Let’s compare the world’s art market by country: US 2.84 trillion yen China 1.42 trillion yen UK 1.35 trillion yen Japan’s art market is just 243.7 billion yen (‘The Art Market 2018’ Art Basel and UBS)   This is just 3.6% of the entire art market. Considering that Japan is the third largest economy in the world, this is quite a small percentage.   In other words, Japan’s art market lags behind the other countries despite the country having so much artistic talent and a strong economic foundation.   One big reason is the lack of public art.   Even if public art is planned at the beginning of a public construction project, once a project runs into budget issues, the first thing cut is the art.   Artists such as Anish Kapoor, known for his many outdoor and interactive works such as a giant sculpture of a lens, can command high fees as international artists because of the foundation provided by public art projects. If opportunities for art in public spaces are guaranteed, more artists will have the chance to express themselves, and Japan’s art culture will thrive and develop further.   The market may be small, but that means there is a great opportunity for growth.   The realization of 1% for Art will enrich lives by providing places where everyone from children to adults can encounter and enjoy public art. Furthermore, the culture of art and traditional Japanese handicraft will continue and be passed on to future generations.   When society supports the development of art, it grows in value and that value can play a vital role in revitalizing Japan and its economy.(Support: Japan Traffic Culture Association)Read more

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Created Feb 19, 2019
Petition to Filipino citizens, President Rodrigo Duterte
Changing children’s lives needs the help of everyone, including you. We believe that advocacy should be based on the rights of children. This implies that we acknowledge and emphasize that street children have rights – the same rights as any other child – and that they should be involved in making decisions about what happens in their lives. The Convention outlines the rights that all children have, regardless of their background or circumstances. These include the rights to: 1.Life, survival and development2. Protection from violence, abuse or neglect3. An education that enables them to fulfill their potential4. Be raised by, or have a relationship with, their parents5. Express their opinions and be listened to Advocating for their rights is complex at different levels. As a youth, we have the power to redefine our generation. When we raise our voices together, the words “youth power” become more than just a phrase – they become a movement. With your experience and commitment, you can speak for children. You can support them, their families, and communities to claim their rights. You can also achieve key changes in policies, legislations, and practices. In turn, these changes will have a life-long impact on children’s lives where, we can have an amazing world where negativity cannot grow and prosper, and children will have smiles on their faces.Read more

Macky SisonManila City, Philippines
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Created Jan 5, 2022
Petition to Val Demings, Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Geraldine Thompson, Governor Ron DeSantis, FOX News
I among many others have asthma and am very sensitive to perfumes, colognes, and many other strong scents.  I have had numerous hospitalizations and every time there is a delay in my nursing care as they can not find a nurse to care for me that does not have on perfume or other strong scents.  Nursing Staff, Respiratory Therapists, and Doctors wearing perfumes are counter indicative to patients trying to receive medical care, especially those with pulmonary issues.  There is no medical reason for perfumes and scents would be an attribute to the health care of patients.  This petition would be to ask the for the U.S. and Florida public officials to come up with and pass legislation to prohibit scents in medical facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care organizations.  I have also asked the Joint Commissions of Accreditation for Hospitals to add it to their list when examining these facilities but it really needs to be a law in order to help all patients not just those who are seeking accreditation.  By making these prohibitive, it would make recovery for those with breathing issues avoid reactions and causing alternate breathing issues.  It is not just those with breathing issue but others that have allergies and sensitivity to perfumes, colognes, and strong scents. Read more

Timothy HearnOrlando, FL, United States
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Created Dec 14, 2019
Petition to Apple, The Walt Disney Company, ABC
I Care because me and my dad started walking for cystic fibrosis when i was five. Since then i have been raising money for the cystic fibrosis foundation with bracelets  and i hope i can inspire people with encouragement and that more people will realize how important it is to help.Read more

Addison MynattMilton, GA, United States
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Created Dec 16, 2019
Petition to John Young
from realizing wild burros are there and wild burros are being killed. We want the world to know howRead more

Karen VA LuceMilwaukee, WI, United States
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Created Sep 16, 2011
Petition to President Joseph R. Biden, Martha Williams, Mary Cogliano, Ph​.​D., Rosemarie Gnam, Ph​.​D., Secretary Deb Haaland, Kamala Harris
other wildlife without even realizing it!! Please sign and share this petition to help end trophyRead more

Nicole RojasIllinois, United States
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Created Mar 5, 2020
Petition to Budget
dangerous organization.  Companies are already realizing that consumers will not stand for ties to theRead more

Melissa DavisPaso Robles, CA, United States
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Created Feb 23, 2018
Petition to International Olympic Committee, World Anti-Doping Agency
a race. Sha'Carri Richardson should not be barred from realizing her dream of competing in the 2021Read more

Kayla WrightFort Wayne, OH, United States
107,989 supporters
Created Jul 2, 2021
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