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Petition to Doug Ford
Doug Ford and his Progressive Conservative party are preparing to cut OSAP grants to low income students in favour of a 10% reduction to overall tuition. This takes money out of the hands of those students who need it most as well as the institutions they attend, since the 10% tuition reduction comes straight out of the post secondary institutions' budget. This change will affect every student, even those who are financially stable, as the quality of education will diminish as funding disappears.Read more

Conrad DotzertNew Hamburg, Canada
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Created Jan 18, 2019
Petition to NYU Students
publicly called for an official boycott of Realize Israel and TorchPAC, an unprecedented attack onRead more

Realize IsraelUnited States
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Created Apr 17, 2018
Petition to Assembly Committee on Transportation
                         LIFE CAN CHANGE IN AN INSTANT. On Friday December 5, 2014, I became a widow and my life was forever altered. My husband of more than 20 years Sherman  Richardson was killed in a horrific hit and run crash thirty minutes after leaving home and heading to work.  A man who was drunk and high and speeding 80 miles per hour crashed into my husband's car forcing him off the road into a tree killing him instantly, He then fled the scene leaving my beloved husband to die alone. I found out on the internet before authorities could officially tell me. After fleeing the scene, The offender later paid others to destroy evidence by setting the car he was driving on fire.  He never took responsibility for his inhumane actions. It took law enforcement more than nine months of persistent and diligent detective work to find and bring him to justice. To this day there is not an ounce of remorse.  See link to media story here: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Fatal-Hit-And-Run-Arrest-Mineola-Long-Island-Burned-Car-NY-328849601.html There are thousands of cases just like Sherman’s, where lives have been shattered or families torn apart due to serious injuries and fatalities caused by hit and run drivers.  HOW CAN YOU HELP Help us seek increased penalties for drivers who drive with suspended licenses, drive drunk or while ability impaired or flee the scene of a crash without reporting, leaving helpless pedestrians and motorists severely injured or dead on our streets and roadways.  Often times these offenders spend minimal time behind bars, while victims are impacted for life.  Here is where you can help:  Reach out to your local district leaders, senators and assembly members and tell them to enforce tougher laws on leaving the scene of a crash without reporting. You can also help by signing and sharing this petition.  By doing so you are raising awareness of this serious epidemic. You are an  important part of changing legislation and by giving your support you are giving your voice  for passage of tougher hit-and-run legislation to our lawmakers and  Governor Andrew Cuomo. As the law stands now, the penalties for a driver leaving the scene of an incident he/she has caused are too lenient. It is to the driver’s benefit to leave to cover up reckless driving or DWI.  Some who leave are never caught, leaving a family with no justice and no closure, and if they are caught they are likely to face lower charges and minimal jail time. The current law encourages these reckless offenders to leave. Each year for the past several years there have been numerous legislative bills that met this objective but were stalled  once they reached the Assembly Committee on Transportation in Albany.  This committee is headed by committee chair Assemblyman David Gantt (who apparently does not see the importance or urgency in  moving this critical bill forward) .  LEGISLATIVE BILL A4594 IS UP FOR REVIEW AND ADVOCATED FOR INCREASED ENALTIES FOR REPEAT  TRAFFIC  VIOLENCE OFFENDERS. The 2018 legislative session will be ending in mid June.  TELL OUR LAW MAKERS AND GOVERNOR CUOMO TO SIGN BILL A4594 BEFORE MORE INNOCENT LIVES ARE TAKEN.   We must make it clear to law makers that the residents of New York are fed up and want action taken on these heinous crimes. Again, by supporting this petition you are using your powerful "voice" to support the passage of heightened penalties for those who injure and kill pedestrians and motorists and leave them helpless on our streets and roadways.   If you would like to share thoughts or personal stories, please write us at projectsherman2016@gmail.com NO ONE IS EXEMPT.  TRAFFIC VIOLENCE CAN HAPPEN TO ANY ONE AT ANY TIME  Thank you to all who have signed and to all future supporters.    Read more

Polly KarisStephentown, NY, United States
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Created May 4, 2016
Petition to TRIGGER Inc.
SHARING IMPORTANT: guys we need to focus on Trigger FIRST, make them realize of the potentaility of a KlKRead more

Ax SpCatania, Italia
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Created Apr 6, 2014
We all love our dear maintenance man CJ. He’s the man who really gets stuff done around here. When he knocks on your door you know things are going to get taken care of. He takes the time to make personal connections with each of us. He does not make you feel like an inconvenience, even when you have him out at your house on Dec 23 for a flood! He’s held down the fort while maintenance people came in and out. We appreciate and don’t want to lose him! We are writing to plead with LMH to please, show CJ he is appreciated here. We would love to see more money on his pocket and in a management position. He makes living here pleasant. Please consider signing!.Read more

Dixie Kate NaasUnited States
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Created May 11, 2022
Petition to Greg Abbott, Texas Governor, Texas State Senate, Joseph R. Biden, Kamala Harris
to protect. Well, let these numbers speak for themselves and maybe you will realize that the peopleRead more

Tori MillsTexas, United States
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Created Feb 23, 2022
Petition to University of Ottawa
In 2019, there were four student suicides at the University of Ottawa. Four young people took their lives at an institution that boasts about their mental health resources. With a minimum 4-month wait period to see a counsellor and little to no resources available within a student budget, it is easy to see how mental health issues can take over a student. This is absolutely unacceptable.  I am a student at the University of Ottawa. We don't need another copy and pasted email, we need someone to care. We can't wait 4-10 months to see a counsellor, we need more resources and funding — NOW. We need more support and understanding from faculty around student mental health becoming a priority and not just something to handle on your own. Students need to be mentally well in order to perform well in school. Without adequate mental health resources, prolonged wait times, and consultation rates beginning at $100 to see an external mental health professional, students can end up feeling overlooked and unsupported. Nobody should have to feel alone in their mental health battle. Nobody should ever feel like taking their own life is the answer.  So something needs to change. We need more resources. We need the support of the faculty that upholds this institution. How many more lives do we have to lose for the University of Ottawa to take this seriously? Sign this petition to show the University of Ottawa it’s time to improve mental health services now.Read more

Jordan GushOttawa, Canada
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Created Dec 8, 2019
Petition to FIFA, FIFAWorldCup
. Anyone who watched the match will realize how much unfair it was : Morocco should've had 2 PK but no one bothered to check the Var.Read more

Zainab ~Maroc
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Created Jun 20, 2018
Petition to U​.​S. Embassy in Egypt, U​.​S. Department of State
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, embassies of the United States around the world have been canceling all visa appointments. That affected many people, among them are international students. International students now have no way of getting their visa and attending college in the United States. They had to resort to online classes, which have many problems. For instance, time zone differences pose a serious challenge to an international student taking online classes from their home country. Time zone differences disrupt the biological clock of students, increasing levels of stress and anxiety. This adversely affects the students' time management skills. Furthermore, students may lose their scholarships if they are not present on campus for Spring 2021. That is extremely burdensome for low-income students who cannot afford to go to college without scholarships. Another issue is how certain courses have to be taken in-person, or at least in hybrid mode, a physics lab for example. Moreover, students lose a significant part of their college experience, which is participating in extra-curricular activities and networking, and building teamwork skills. Most students do not join clubs online because they believe they will not feel connected to the activity they are participating in. We are aware that in the current state of the world, it may be difficult to open up all visa appointments. However, we ask that the U.S. Department of State considers the mentioned challenges that international students have been facing since March 2020. We hope that you consider how hard we have worked to get accepted into our dream colleges. Right now, embassies are canceling all appointments for the spring semester. We ask that you seriously consider allowing international students to schedule visa appointments to be present on campus for Spring 2021. If that option is not available, then please add student-visa applicants to the list of applicants who are eligible to apply for emergency visa appointments. Some countries have that option for international students and some do not. For instance, Egypt does not consider international students to be eligible to apply for emergency appointments, while Lebanon does. If appointments cannot open up for all international students, then allow us to apply for emergency appointments in all countries and not just in some. Higher education pursuit should be considered important and students should be considered worthy of emergency appointments during this global pandemic we are facing. International students merely want to have the same college experience as others.Read more

Noureen SaeedCairo, Egypt
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Created Nov 10, 2020
Petition to Jeff Sessions, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Donald Trump
As a disabled Registered Nurse, I am shocked and saddened by the complete lack of humanity that our own government is forcing upon it’s own people. This act of ignoring chronic pain patient’s pleas for relief of the pain that ravages their bodies 24 hours a day is inhumane. If an animal were to be found in this shape, one would euthanasize it. But yet, our government continues to take medication away from suffering people, causing intractable pain.  In nursing school, I learned that pain is subjective. To you with no medical knowledge, it means that one’s pain cannot be measured by another. Pain can only be measured by the person who feels pain; therefore, who are you to take away our pain medication? Our pain medication helps us get up in the morning and get dressed. It may help us get our kids to school or go to work; to maybe live somewhat of a normal life. But without opioid pain medication, chronic pain patients are limited to the house, or worse, in my case, to bed. I even have to ride a scooter. Life is devastating with nothing to look forward to, except more pain.  Please, have compassion for your chronic pain patients. We are out here in numbers, but we are too tired to march or yell very loudly. We are not abusing our opioids. We have taken them for years. We just need them to exist.  Sincerely, Melanie HunterRead more

Melanie HunterHobbs, NM, United States
189 supporters
Created Jul 9, 2018
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