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Petition to UK Parliament
New law: 
When someone has a blood test, no matter what the blood test is regarding, medics must always check for signs of cancer, as 1 in 2 people in the U.K. are diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. Bare in mind that figure suggests only 1 in 2 people that get DIAGNOSED, rather than 1 in 2 that have it but have not been diagnosed!
 So it should be a priority that when a blood test is administered and the results have come back from the lab to automatically check for signs of cancer - calcium levels, complete blood count, etc.
 And if there are any concerning factors, these should be followed up with an immediate scan to detect any possible cancer.
 If a person has blood tests often, it should be mandatory to check for 
cancer once every 2 month period, rather than with every single blood test - for relieving pressure off the medical profession. Doing this so:
 - Higher chance of surviving cancer by earlier diagnosis/prolonged life.
             - Future costs of treatment can be avoided if detected early.  - Reduce family grievance where their close one with cancer cannot be cured.  My amazing grandmother had blood test results come back 'fine' and a month later, due to a fall, got diagnosed with cancer with no possibility of curing it. She passed away a month after. I miss her every day.  Sources: - The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health-topics/blood-tests Accessed December 2016 and August 2018. - Cancer Research UK, https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/health-professional/cancer-statistics/risk Accessed December 2016 and August 2018.Read more

Chantelle HughesManchester, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Dec 24, 2016
Petition to ALH Administrators and staff of assisted living homes, Alaska State Ombudsman
The long wait for hiring new employees due to waiting on provisionals from the background check unit is causing great hardship and staffing issues in assisted living homes and other health care facilities. To support staffing and quality of resident care, we need to shorten the time it takes to receive a provisional status for new hires of health care workers. During the COVID pandemic, the BCU process was adjusted to accommodate the difficulties presented by the pandemic. The adjustments during this time enabled new hires to begin work within a day or two. This was an eye-opening experience for me, as I soon discovered that the shorter process solved the majority of our staffing issues! As an administrator for 11 plus years of two 12-bed facilities, I can say that for the first time in my career we were rarely short staffed and I was not working 60 to 80 hours 7 days a week.  During this time, staff turnover was at the lowest it had ever been, critical incidents were at the lowest they had ever been, staff burn out was at an all-time low, quality of life for residents was at an all-time high. Since the delayed process has started again, we are again having difficulty in maintaining adequate staffing leading to an increase in staff burn out, manager burnout due to the stress of needing to cover shifts, incidents with residents, and overall lower employee morale. Despite the many improvements we’ve tried over the years to better support our staffing, it has been and continues to be the greatest difficulty in our ALHs, EXCEPT when the BCU could clear staff to provisional same day or next. Many state agencies (APS, ombudsman, Cert. and Licensing) have shared over the years that there are widespread issues in staffing and bed shortages in ALHs across the state. I know we can fix this issue IF we make the appropriate changes.  If we don’t make changes now, I believe we will continue to experience staffing issues and even see more assisted living homes close, leading to more loved ones being sent out of their local area or the state for housing. ALL THIS CAN BE PREVENTED!  HERE ARE THE CONFLICTS WE EXPERIENCE WITH LONG HIRE WAITS: ·      Applicants often cannot financially afford to wait 2-3 weeks to start work. As a result, they will find other employment while waiting on the background check clearance.·      Waiting extended periods of time for new hires can and will increase employee burnout when short staffed. Due to the burnout, some staff may quit while new hires are waiting to start, which leaves us even more in a bind.·      When new staff finally arrive, there may be limited staff to train and training can be rushed and not adequate.·      Management step down due to the stress of having to continually pick up shifts and cannot fulfill their managerial responsibilities with so many shift openings.·      Applications may be rushed due to the urgency of staff needed, due to the long waits for new hires.·      Staff may look great on paper and for the interview, but the true interview happens during training.  Many new hires do not work out during training; this results in an additional 2 to 3 weeks wait to find new staff to replace inadequate hires which again further compounds the problem (this one can be one of the worst situations and happens often).  ·      OT increases causing a financial burden on the home.·      Quality care for residents go down due to staff fatigue. Critical incident reports increase for falls, med errors, etc.·      Families (husbands, wives and their children) of staff suffer due to their family member being called upon to help fill shortages (family vacations cancelled, time with loved ones cancelled, etc). Myself, my wife and 5 children feel the stress of this continually.·      New residents are not accepted into homes at times due to low staffing.  With the BCU returning to the “old normal” we have seen the same issues quickly return and even more so with COVID here to stay. I believe we will see an increase in CIR’s, an increase in staff turnover, and possibly more homes closing if we don’t make changes for the future of the healthcare field. An administrator called me just 2 weeks ago, saying “I don’t think I can do this anymore, it’s just too hard to maintain the staffing”. They shared they plan to close their home soon. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, the Fairbanks Pioneer home, and every ALH I know in the interior are currently struggling with low staffing.   This cannot continue.  If we are to be successful in this field of service, I KNOW THE ANSWER.  It was revealed through the tragedy of COVID, and for the first time in 10 years I could easily maintain adequate staffing most of the time. COVID has imposed a “new normal” for many areas of our lives and we need to discover the “new normal” for the BCU process to support better staffing, especially with COVID.  When provisionals are issued through doing checks on courtview, APSIN, Prober, OIG, JOMIS, Alaska Professional Licenses, and the National Sex Offender Registry to determine whether a provisional background clearance can be given, clearance can be given in hours instead of weeks. COVID does not appear to be going away.  It is currently increasing again, and we need to make changes now before it’s too late. If a facility experiences a COVID outbreak, staffing is one of the scariest issues as you may lose a large portion of your workforce and cannot adequately provide for the residents’ needs. We need a system that works with us and not against us. We need decreased wait times for new hires.  We can do this! Only if we work together for a better community and for the future generations of healthcare workers who will carry the torch in the medical field.  We can fix this issue, but we must let our government agencies know what we are struggling with! Read more

Timothy OppermanNorth Pole, AK, United States
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Created Aug 4, 2021
was being coerced. The State of Tennessee and Kentucky need to change these laws to enable quicker amber alerts in situations like the Clare situation.Read more

Joel FinleyLafayette, TN, United States
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Created Nov 18, 2021
When a child goes missing,  we should NOT be waiting for "proof" that danger of serious bodily harm or death has taken place, BEFORE an amber alert is issued!! It takes just a day to get HALF way across the United States!!! Alot of times there is no proof of what may have happened in any crime, let alone a child in possible danger or harms way! So why take the chance, waiting for proof when the original Amber alert was  started from a little girl in Texas by the name of "amber" and she HAD Witnesses of her being abducted in broad  day light and was found 4 days later and it's STILL unsolved!!Read more

Jen BrewerEau Claire, WI, United States
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Created Apr 25, 2022
Petition to NHS and government
I have struggled with my anxiety and depression for most of my adult life, and finally built up enough courage to try and get some help. I spoke to my doctors and they referred me to the nhs. I had to wait 4 weeks to speak to somebody on the Phone to be told I have 20/20 anxiety and 21/27 depression... and I need help. They went on to tell me that’s they have no services to offer me for at least 10 months. So unless you have the money to pay for private therapy you are left in the same situation or getting worse. The service for people with mental health issues big or small should be there when needed. This would go along way to help reduces suicide rates in everyone who struggle to get help, and when they finally seek help it’s not there or not available. We need more funding, more mental health worker, and more people to be more open about  their struggles. Don’t be scared to tell people. it dosen’t help hiding it or bottling it up. We need to start talking!!!Read more

James CrouchUnited Kingdom
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Created Aug 7, 2019
Petition to Polish Government, Andrzej Duda
Polish / Poland Government need to finalize residence permit card application of foreigners quickerRead more

Poland Residence PermitWarsaw, Poland
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Created Jul 26, 2018
Petition to Boulder County Commissioners, commissioners@bouldercounty​.​org , healthinfo@bouldercounty​.​org , planner@bouldercounty​.​org
We want Boulder County and FEMA to move quicker on cleaning up the home site debris from theRead more

Edward FlahertyUnited States
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Created Feb 7, 2022
Petition to UK Government, Norwegian
We all understand these are challenging times and we expect that delays are likely, but its not acceptable for Norwegian to process cash point refunds in 24 hours and real money refunds currently taking over 6 weeks if not longer. People need this money back to survive! The government should step in to make it law that these refunds are processed ASAP, clear time-frames provided by Norwegian and stop using tactics to make people change their refund request to a cash points option or rebook new dates.  #RefundMeansRefund  Please share this link to friends and family after you sign it!Read more

Chris EdeUnited Kingdom
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Created Apr 9, 2020
Petition to Trinidad and Tobago Attorney General, Trinidad and Tobago Chief justice, Trinidad and Tobago National Security Minister, Trinidad and Tobago Office of the President
We are asking that you sign this petition so we can address the matter of gang and gun violence all at once. If criminals know that they stand a chance of being convicted faster and spend more time in prison some reform may be possible. For to long gun violence has plagued our twin island and something needs to be done. This petition should be the first step of many others to force change. Gun violence has become the scourge of our society and we can no longer stand by while people are murdered. The latest death of this innocent 2 year old should be used as a call to arms for all law abiding citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, we need to stand up and tell our government and opposition that we are fed up of living in fear. Gun related matters are dragged on for years in this country while the criminals are allowed bail and continue to wreak havoc on our island until they are either killed or convicted. We need to make a stand. Read more

Stevi SisnettChaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago
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Created Jun 21, 2020
Petition to Scottish Government
My aim is to try and make some noise about the lack of surgeries that are happening, I am waiting for surgery to remove a large tumour from my left ovary. I’ve been left with zero information for a date. I’ve been told it’s “pot luck” who gets picked of the priority list due to Covid and no sign of surgeries happening anytime soon. I’m not alone here, there’s lots of people in the same worrying boat. I have the upmost respect for the NHS and all who work for them, this is in no way an attack, I’m simply at the end of the line of other things I can do so now I need help. I’m not an overly private person I’m pretty much an open book but sharing this has felt very scary and feels unfair that I have to go to such measures just to get the surgery I so desperately need. I’m terrified of the surgery but I’m more terrified of the wait.. the wait can mean so many bad things for me, the spread that could be happening, the tumour getting bigger meaning more pain for me and the obvious getting the big C. My hope is that they can remove it all with no spread and I can go on my Merry way to recovering and this just be a blip in my story. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and offered advice and support it really is massively appreciated more than you will ever know. Read more

Lyndsay FraserInverness, SCT, United Kingdom
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Created Mar 8, 2021
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