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Petition to Bibo Management
Dear BIBO management team, First and foremost, we, teachers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro would like to express our gratitude for selecting us to become a part of the BIBO family. Working as online teachers is not just a job for us, but also a unique opportunity to explore online teaching and to develop the skills necessary to provide high-quality educational service. We find teaching very rewarding, as we get to motivate and introduce our students to all the wonders of the English language. In our humble opinion, we do our best to teach, motivate and make sure students continue to learn. We respect BIBO as a company, investing so much in efforts to improve its service and attract not only new customers but also new teachers. However, although we, as teachers fully understand and value the importance of improving the business model and services, and need to consequently adapt quickly to any and all new teaching materials, policies, rules, etc., there is one issue that leads us to question to what extent BIBO acknowledges our professionalism, potential, motivation, and efforts in general. A major influx of new consultants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro, were offered a salary of only $1.4 per class, which is extremely low considering the cost of living in our countries, especially for teachers and teaching professionals. Undoubtedly, most of us gained a lot of useful experience in the field of online teaching, meeting people from basically all Asian countries and also a truly professional and friendly relationship with Teachers’ Support. Most of us have introduced and recommended the company to our family and friends because of its conditions, a unique system of education and very enjoyable working environment, but with this decrease in compensation, we would no longer recommend anyone to apply. Nonetheless, teachers are expected to react promptly to all newly introduced policies and teaching materials. For us, that is a great challenge which motivates us professionally, but we feel our motivation ought to be roused also by reasonable monetary compensation. The cost of living in our countries is increasing but our wages have not increased to reflect this change. This is why many of us feel that we are not adequately compensated for our service. Take note that teachers from our region are well educated, hardworking and compassionate which all students can confirm. Our effort is the foundation on which this company rests. We would appreciate it if you would take the following under consideration: Teachers’ motivation and productivity are directly impacted by how much our work is valued. It would not be unlikely for teachers who are under the impression that their work and efforts are not respected by the company to seek other schools and thus leave BIBO. BIBO Global Opportunity has built its reputation not only amongst its students but also among teachers. We are not only stipulating that teachers will consider leaving the company but also many potential teachers will be discouraged to join due to poor payment conditions. Teachers’ trust in BIBO is seriously shaken and dissatisfaction could easily lead to measures and actions that would be taken by teachers to express their disappointment openly and directly. Working for BIBO requires a thorough familiarity with various teaching materials, which are constantly changed, updated, and expanded to include new skills and policies. As a result, teachers continually invest efforts in order to keep up with the updates and offer students the highest quality classes. Bearing all the above-mentioned in mind, teachers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro would be most grateful if you would consider our proposal to raise the payment to $3 per lesson, for all teachers, both new and old. As previously mentioned, many teachers have recommended and introduced their friends and families to working at BIBO Global Opportunity. Moreover, teachers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro are communicating and exchanging their experience through various social groups and networks, as well as teachers from other online schools which allows us to compare our experience, company policies and salaries. As stated by Mr. Uesawa, teaching is a ‘valuable service’ and we do our best to inspire our students, to ignite the love of learning and, of course, to transfer the knowledge. However, we also expect our efforts to be recognized and valued. We are aware of the convenience and advantages of teaching from our homes, but it is still a responsible and demanding job. Finally, one of the company’s mottos is: ‘Trust is more valuable than money.’ Even though BIBO as a company has managed to build its reputation as a respectful and honest employer who employs probably several hundreds of teachers from the Balkans, and successfully created an enjoyable working environment, trust of the teachers from this region would be regained if you would kindly recognize the amount of effort and dedication we put in teaching our students and reward it accordingly. We look forward to hearing from you with your decision within one week.The official mail: bibopetition2016@gmail.com Kind regards, The undersigned BIBO teachers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro  Read more

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Created Dec 22, 2016
Petition to Casey Lund
A newly proposed neighborhood development called Lion's Gate, located just north of Lion's Lake on the west side of S. Main Street, threatens property values and raises other concerns for homeowners in the area.The 27-acre site, which is currently wooded and bordered by 20 existing homes, will have to be clear-cut to make way for 86 houses whose lot sizes barely meet the minimum allowable square footage for the city of Warrensburg. The loss of trees combined with closely spaced houses will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the home values for nearby properties.There are two additional issues with the size and location of this development: surface water runoff and traffic. To date, an environmental impact study has not been conducted for this development. With the clear-cutting of this property and the downhill proximity to Lion's Lake, stormwater runoff from an 86 house development will include all debris, chemicals, and other pollutants picked up by rain or snow.S. Main Street currently sees a lot of pedestrian and auto traffic. The street is one of the most direct routes from the university and downtown to Lion's Lake. With 86 houses, S. Main can expect to see nearly 200 additional automobiles from the construction of this development. The city of Warrensburg will have to afford to widen the street, install curbs and sidewalks, relocate power lines, and will likely have to reconfigure the north intersection of W. Clark and S. Main Streets in order to deal with the traffic from Lion's Gate.Investors in the Lion's Gate development want to make a return on their investment. Area homeowners want to protect what they currently have invested in their homes. A possible solution is to reduce the number of houses in Lion's Gate and increase the lot sizes. Doing so would allow for some of the mature trees to be preserved, a proven way to improve the value of the home properties. According to the National Wildlife Federation, "Economic analyses have found that the value of homes near trees is 9 to 15 percent higher than homes without." Please attend the City Council Meeting on May 13, 2019, 7:00 p.m. at the Warrensburg Municipal Center, 200 S. Holden, Warrensburg, MO 64093.  You can also call or email City Council to voice your concerns.  (The item was on the April 8 agenda, but it has been moved to May due to a council member's ability to attend the April meeting.)Read more

Christian CutlerWarrensburg, MO, United States
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Created Apr 3, 2019
Petition to Shytoshi Kusama
Kindly asking the creators of shiba Inu coin to burn excessive coin amount. With so many coins in stock this coin will never reach .01. We as a community of 500 thousand investors kindly ask you to delete the excessive amount of coins and give this coin a chance to compete with other coins and to reach dollar digits .There is no reason to have trillions of coins it is absolutely worthless because there are so many.  Give us a chance just as we as a community have given your coin a chance and have invested our hard earned money. Please help us grow and put Shiba Inu on the map. Please  thank you  Read more

Behrooz SolhjouHumble, TX, United States
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Created Jun 17, 2021
Petition to gurupada
, literally no one likes your food quality or quantity or taste. (Not even south Indians)Read more

Aditya Guptamysuru, India
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Created Oct 21, 2019
Petition to UK Parliament
difference to normal sugar? If food labels contain the quantity of normal sugar in every foodRead more

Rachael WaterfieldCardiff, WLS, United Kingdom
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Created May 17, 2017
Petition to North Tonawanda City School District
The picture enclosed, is an actual picture of breakfast in NT schools. Our children deserve better quality breakfast and lunch at school. Food is the fuel that gives them the energy to learn all the things they need to build a better tomorrow! Recently there have been complaints from not only students of all grades, but also employees that are also noticing the poor quality. People are saying the bread is sometimes still frozen, and if it isn't still frozen, it's soggy from condensation after being frozen. The portions for seniors in high school, often young adults that are 17 and 18, are not large enough. This petition is for North Tonawanda School district's parents only. Read more

KIMBERLY SINONNorth Tonawanda, NY, United States
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Created Apr 3, 2019
Petition to Department of Consumer Affairs (Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, GoI)
FMCG companies reduce the weight of their products and keep the price of the item unchanged without any media coverage. Thus cheating the consumer to believe that they have not increased the price for a long period. But at the same time, they give wide publicity for any reduction in price. For example, Maggi Noodles have gone from 100gm/400gm to 70gm/280gm through different stages.  The companies may be asked to give wide publicity through print and visual media about the reduction in weight whenever it is there. Read more

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Created Feb 4, 2017
Petition to Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States Department of Health and Human Services, United Nations, Cardinal Health, United Healthcare, The Department f...
We all love sugar and we all know that too much sugar is bad for health. It impacts our cardiovascular health and poses great dangers if consumed in high quantities. Fortunately, people have been becoming increasingly aware of their sugar consumption and have been trying to lower it. The food and beverage industry obviously does not love this. While Coca-Cola's recipe might be a well-kept secret, they haven't been able to hide their affinity for sugar. The truth is that the sweeter the product, the more our brain and bodies react pleasantly to it; thus, the more we consume the product. Sugar is great for capitalism. But, what if I told you there's something even better? Hooray! Sugar Substitutes. Artificial and low-calorie sweeteners can be classified as sugar substitutes. Sugar substitutes are sweeteners that contain few to no calories but have a higher intensity of sweetness per gram than sweeteners with calories. They can be used in smaller amounts than traditional sweeteners while producing the same levels of sweetness. Some common examples are Sucralose, Stevia, Aspartame, and Saccharin. These are all about 200-700 times sweeter than sugar. While little-to-no calorie sounds good on paper, it can have a detrimental impact on our general health and well-being. Some of the adverse effects of sugar substitutes include: Promotes a preference for sweetness in diet The brain responds to sweetness by signals to eat more Alter's the food-reward psychology Promotes high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels The gut microbiota changes and leads to weight gain and increased blood glucose levels Reported occurrences of unpleasant after-taste Increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes Potential for brain tumors, bladder cancer, and other health hazards Sugar substitutes can adversely affect our health. This is especially problematic for people who are actively trying to reduce sugar intake in their diet. Currently, their efforts are supported by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA enforces including added sugars on the Nutrition Facts label so that people can make informed choices, based on their individual needs and preferences. However, detailed information on nonnutritive or artificial sweeteners is not provided on nutrition labels. Food manufacturers are only are required by FDA to list sugar substitutes among the ingredients, not the quantities used. This does not allow individuals to make informed choices based on their individual needs and preferences. Thus, in order to advance the goals and interests of the FDA and the food & beverage industry consumers, join us to petition to include artificial sweetener (including any other sugar substitute) quantities in Nutrition Facts.Read more

Aseem AggarwalLos Angeles, CA, United States
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Created Apr 6, 2021
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