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Petition to president Trump, Vice President Pence, Congress of the United States of America
healthcare workers. Healthcare providers cannot care for patients without adequate personal protective healthcare providers will become infected, and patient care will suffer. 3. Urgently increase access to healthcare providers, we cannot fight this pandemic without your help. Help us.Read more

Kathleen SchroederIllinois, United States
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Created Mar 15, 2020
Petition to Gavin Williamson CBE MP, Secretary of State for Education
Charitable and Independent apprenticeship training providers account for 70% of all apprenticeship independent apprenticeship providers offering the same services are being DENIED the same guaranteed watering levels. Without the independent training providers working to help them, their schools and training provider ceases to exist.  All of this can be avoided. Apprenticeship training providers ARE apprenticeships on an equitable basis as colleges.   Please show your support for training providers andRead more

Rachel EavesUnited Kingdom
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Created Apr 3, 2020
Petition to Doug Ford
Healthcare providers are focused on delivering quality care in hospitals and focus on quality care providers also have spouses, who due to the pandemic and mandatory closures for non-essential our loved ones. Please, support and take care of our healthcare providers with no parking fees. ARead more

Leah PerezHamilton, Canada
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Created Mar 25, 2020
Petition to President of the United States, President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, U​.​S. Department of Education, U​.​S. House of Representatives, U​.​S. Senate
    As healthcare providers, we are on the front lines of the Covid19 pandemic. We are putting our territory that could have long term effects on the physical and mental health of healthcare providers, we pandemic, nothing does. Healthcare providers: nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, paramedics, EMTsRead more

Amy HughesLos Angeles, CA, United States
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Created Mar 16, 2020
Petition to Minister Dan Tehan
parent is liable to pay and allow providers to offer families gap free fees during the COVID19 health and economic crisis.  By temporary lifting this law child care providers can offer families gapRead more

Olivia VollbrechtNorth Ipswich, Australia
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Created Mar 23, 2020
Petition to Restaurants, Cafes, Food trucks, bakeries , Grocery Stores
In these tough times, the needy and poor are going to suffer the most. If the virus doesn't kill them, the hunger will!For this purpose, we petition to have all restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, etc. serve as pickup and drop off points for free food for people who cannot afford it or have lost their jobs. Anyone who wants to donate food from home can drop it off by placing it in the chillers that will be provided at the locations. The food will be safely sealed off and distributed amongst the needy while maintaining a safe distance. Anyone who will donate even a piece of bread should be entitled to a discount given by the place. In these dark times we need to act as a society and take care of people around us. Providing the needy with the basic food is the least we can do.  Read more

qaim abassLahore, Pakistan
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Created Mar 22, 2020
Petition to U.S. House of Representatives
We implore the United States Congress to pass legislation forgiving all remaining student debt for the heroes fighting to keep our country alive. Student debt is only one of the many burdens faced by those combating COVID-19 to save as many patients as possible, but it is one Congress has the power to ease.  Healthcare workers are putting their lives and those of their families at risk on the front lines of the international COVID-19 crisis. As a group, nurses, attending physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and resident physicians are working in uncertain, understaffed, dangerous conditions. Some have been redeployed from their usual clinical duties, many without appropriate personal protective equipment and other supplies.  We have been seeing stories of healthcare workers separated from family, depressed, anxious, working extended hours, sick, and dying. On 3/24/2020 a nurse from New York passed away from complications of COVID-19, likely contracted while working with patients, and there are more to come.  The mounting pile of student debt is an enormous weight carried by these workers, especially those who attended college and graduate school for 8+ years. For instance the average medical school graduate’s debt load now exceeds $200,000 (Source: National Center for Education Statistics).  The recently enacted CARES Act mandating a six-month freeze on interest and the option to take a break from payments on federal student loans is helpful, but does not go far enough to give assistance to those providing direct care during this pandemic.   Let’s show our support as a nation by easing the financial burden - allowing them to afford housing away from family, care for their children while they are working, medical care including mental health services, and relief from the many other extraordinary, intangible costs of providing on the front lines during this time.  Thank you for considering supporting this bill. Your constituents, those benefiting from the thankless work done by these healthcare workers every day, want to see this debt forgiven.  Read more

Jamarie GellerAnn Arbor, MI, United States
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Created Mar 28, 2020
Petition to Mt. Sinai Medical Center
During this Coronavirus pandemic, hospitals all over the world are responsible in implementing appropriate care to its patients, staff, and those directly impacted within that hospital’s community. Evidently, healthcare workers are on the frontline of this crisis, honoring their ethical codes to provide the best care to those in need. However, it goes without saying that healthcare workers become a vulnerable group due to direct exposure. Upon shift completion, healthcare workers must return to their homes in hopes that their families and loved ones do not contract the newly identified coronavirus. While this is unfamiliar territory to most, the nursing community here at Mount Sinai Medical Center does not feel adequately prepared with sufficient materials and equipment to protect oneself or those infected, nor is there sufficient financial compensation when considering the risks encompassed. At present, neighboring hospitals are financially providing their healthcare workers with hazardous pay. We invite you to re-evaluate our current financial status during this time and request the same courtesy other employers have extended to their staff. We look forward to a prompt response and sufficient resolution.Read more

Unknown SourceUnited States
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Created Mar 31, 2020
Petition to Hon. Tyler Shandro
during the COVID-19 pandemic. As dental healthcare providers, our teams are exposed to aerosolized. Even with universal precautions in place, healthcare providers around the world are putting cases have been diagnosed with the virus. Dental offices, like other healthcare providers, are at anRead more

Sandon WiedemannCanada
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Created Mar 19, 2020
Petition to Lucy McBath, Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff
Last June, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer--the same disease that killed both his father and his father-in-law. Fortunately, we caught it early, and we assumed he'd begin treatment as soon as possible. His doctor recommended proton therapy, as he believed it would offer my father the highest quality of life and the least likelihood of his cancer returning. Just as we thought we could breathe, his insurance provider, BlueCross BlueShield, told him the treatment was "experimental" and "medically unnecessary."  Like many life-saving medical treatments, proton therapy has an extremely high cost. If we tried to pay for the treatment without coverage, we would lose everything. So we appealed and were rejected multiple times. In January, my dad's case was reviewed by a panel of doctors. "Surely they wouldn't deny a patient life-saving treatment recommended by their doctor," we thought.  They did. We are not allowed to appeal again.  This is not an anomalous case. So many patients have been denied coverage for the cancer treatment they need, despite recommendations from their doctors. See, for instance, groups such as the Alliance for Proton Therapy Access. Several members of the group were denied coverage by BlueCross BlueShield as well. I would also like to point out that my family is relatively privileged in comparison to some others, who may be dealing with a more advanced diagnosis, general financial hardships, or other struggles, yet also cannot access treatment. The fact that this is even possible in such a wealthy nation is unconscionable for many of our international counterparts, whose healthcare programs often ensure needed treatments like these are covered. So why is it acceptable, or even common, to go through this in the United States?  The waiting, the expenses, the rejections--the fact that patients struggle to access the care they need and families must consider going into crushing debt while insurance companies profit is ruining lives. Love is at stake. This is preventable. This is shameful. If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that access to healthcare is crucial for our society. It has made it painfully clear that depriving patients of such care is inhumane.  I am calling on Congresswoman Lucy McBath, Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, and other members of Congress to introduce legislation to ensure patients won't be denied coverage for doctor-recommended, life-saving treatment. I believe it is safe to assume that such treatment is never "medically unnecessary," and lawmakers should ensure patients in this situation are not prevented from accessing it due to prohibitive costs. Part of serving your constituents is keeping us alive. Please save our families.Read more

Linseigh GreenJohns Creek, GA, United States
15,912 supporters
Created Feb 18, 2021
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