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Petition to south African presidency, The City of Cape Town, Democratic Alliance, AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS, economic freedom fighters, MAYCO
Over the past few months, we have watched Economically marginalised people being UNLAWFULLY, UNJUSTLY AND FORCEFULLY REMOVED from their homes in the midst of a Global Pandemic.  Given the findings of Epidemioligist Prof Andrew Boulle pertaining to the affect of the COVID 19 Virus in the Western Cape , some of the most affected subdistricts have mortality of 600-700 deaths per million and that number is still rising. He believes that the eventual mortality rate could easily reach 1,500 per million matching high populated and economically balanced cities like Stockholm and New York.  He also stated that comorbidity burdens in low and middle income communities are most likey to increase as well as the crucial point that the Western Cape is not a homogenous community, micro-epidemics within a country means that we still have extreme uncertainty into how the pandemic will play out. Given the uncertainty in terms of health and economic confidence coupled with the imperative fact that the majority of the low and middle - income communities fall into the historically disadvantaged , the land redistribution crisis , and the high discrepency in wealth in South Africa we can correctly assume that the consequences of the pandemic will overwhelmingly affect the aforementioned communitites.  The protection, comprimise and transformation of policies by the government local and general is therefore an ethical necessity in regard of evictions, housing and rent. The brutality and exposure of our marginalised communities is happening at the hands of government. This is counter to the right to safe and secure living conditions seen in The Constitution and advocated by Government during the pandemic. This coupled with the rise in cases of brutality and abuse by authorities and security forces towards marginalised and evicted communities. We therefore demand : 1. All confiscated material be returned to their owners  2. An Eviction Moratorium as well as a reasonable Rent Cut is implemented for the next 6 months beginning in August ending in January. An extension of this time has to be considered SHOULD the cases of contraction be high.  3. Adequate housing be constructed for the homeless as well as any abandoned and unused spaces that qualify as secure living environment be allocated for those facing homelessness. 4.That these changes come in form of a "Pandemic Permit" that is acessible to all South Africans, Refugees and Asylum Seekers. 5.That any individual, company, landlord, public or private security that goes against this Moratorium and creates a situation of eviction, abuse and confiscation be held criminally responsible as per the PIE act. 6. Local government engage with commuity leaders and organisations concerned with housing, eviction and rentals in transforming policies and regulations that contribute to their economic, social and - in the case of indigenous peoples- ancestral violations. We demand immediate action and a public dialogue around these matters and that all investigations, orders of evictions and confiscation be presented publically available to the awareness of all South Africans. The government must listen and work with it's people in times of great need and potential mortality to improve their lives and circumstances. We face a great duty and responsibility to these communities in light of the devestating apartheid legacy and neocolonial threat that re-oppresses the same commuinities.    Read more

Provide AsPraxisSouth Africa
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Created Jul 2, 2020
Petition to United States Postal Service
Mail carriers are battling the sweltering heat in the summers and are constantly being pushed and demands are high. Parcel volume is at a high level because of the convenience of online shopping, which of course is good for business.  However, the Arizona summers get to be 120 degrees and the LLV's get about 20 degrees hotter than that. It is illegal to leave a child or an animal in a vehicle in these conditions, shouldn't the same be applied to us? I know I don't even have a place to cool down on my lunch break.   The new fleet replacement is supposed to occur at the end of the year so it would be great if the hottest climate areas be replaced first since this may take a few years to be completed.Read more

Dustin BenthagenLake Havasu City, AZ, United States
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Created Jun 25, 2017
Petition to United Parcel Service, Greg Abbott, Texas State Senate, U​.​S. House of Representatives
UPS drivers are battling the sweltering heat. Parcel volume and demands on workers are high, but the summer temperatures are even higher. And there is no A/C in UPS trucks. I used to drive for UPS in Texas and the conditions were so bad that half the time I couldn’t even see because sweat was dripping in my eyes. But I was expected to keep delivering at a fast pace. When I expressed my concern that I might be getting dehydrated, the supervisors told me to eat a banana. Drink pickle juice. More water. Eventually, I just had enough. UPS does not care about our safety. They claim safe work methods all day long and then throw us on a truck with 500,000 miles on it and no A/C. It seems like they’re just trying to save money. Some drivers are hospitalized for dehydration and come within 20 minutes of losing their lives! It is illegal to leave a child or an animal in a vehicle in these conditions, shouldn't the same be applied to us? It's an oven in the back of that truck and looking for the right package at a stop can be very challenging sometimes. I know from experience how miserable and dangerous these working conditions can be. Join me in telling UPS it’s time to put their people before their profits and add air conditioning to their trucks.Read more

Matthew ZanerAustin, TX, United States
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Created Jul 9, 2017
Petition to Randeep D., Manjunath Prasad, Sarfaraz Khan, Sumalatha Ambareesh
working with safety gear, unmindful of the health hazard. This is why it’s important to not only provide clean. Sign my petition to get the BBMP to provide comfortable, durable safety gears to allRead more

Liffy ThomasBengaluru, भारत
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Created Feb 6, 2019
Petition to U​.​S. Senate, U​.​S. House of Representatives, Department of Justice, President of the United States, Kim Schrier, Patty Murray
I made this petition to make sure that my daughter and similar families like mine have the possibility to fight for their lives.  This issue affects US Citizens, families of US immigrants, and/or immigrants with special needs through out the United States of America.  We need a change now!  Please sign and share with others!   It is difficult to protect vulnerable families like mine. We are not popular, we have a lot of needs and we use time and funds from Congress and Senate leaders as they try to make themselves accountable to their constituents. Today we find ourselves desperate to find immigration solutions and lawmakers priorities are based on relevance. Here is a story on how Lawmakers definition of “relevance” can support vulnerable families. We never saw ourselves begging for help. Throughout our lives me and my wife have chosen to educate ourselves, follow the rule of law, eat healthy,… you name it! All of our decisions were initially derived to live “under the radar” in what most of the society calls a “normal life”. Today we found ourselves shouting and imploring for support to anyone that can help. Our profile is rapidly described as follows: two US Citizen girls (our daughters) and Ecuadorian parents. One of our girls is currently a Multivisceral Transplant Candidate for liver, pancreas and small intestine. To support our family and survive in the United States of America we have gone through a series of visas and ultimately when we did not had enough money to sustain a privately funded project we landed in our current status: DEFERRED ACTION (MEDICAL DEFERRED ACTION). It is not DACA; however it seems to be part of a similar defined group were USCIS officials decide our fate based on specific criteria. According to USCIS, the Deferred Action Program is ” a discretionary determination to defer a removal action of an individual as an act of prosecutorial discretion”[1]. The first time I read such definition I wondered: “did I do something wrong?”, “why is the government holding from deporting us?”, “does that mean we could get deported if we do not get our Deferred Actions approved?”, “can I work?”, “can we travel?”. The first time we applied for Deferred Action we where not able to work for one and a half years. Remember, we have a daughter that requires to have daily infusions and constant medical support. We survived by the mercy and grace of our family in Ecuador. But, how long can a family like ours survive until we have depleted our families resources in Ecuador as well? After waiting for 1.5 years we were given a work permit for 6 months. Why? Because it was backdated from the day we applied for Deferred Action. Thus, the government expects that we sustain our sick girl by allowing us (parents) to work for 6 months in a period of 2 years? Ultimately, the horror story became terrifying when in 2019 the Administration in charge contemplated to terminate the program that allowed our daughter to survive. We were told we might have to go back to Ecuador. As a desperate measure I booked the first flight to Washington D.C. My hope was to share my story with as many Congressmen and Congresswomen as I could before the House Committee of Oversight and Reform would open a hearing on “The Administration’s Decision to Deport Critically Ill Children” . Sympathetically, members of Congress exposed my case as shown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM7EJdZMqmM . That day (October 30, 2019) I learned the following: there are approximately 900 people with my current discretionary disposition. However, if we see at the beginning of the hearing (approximately min 10 of the video) ( https://www.c-span.org/video/?465780-1/deporting-critically-ill-immigrant-children ) there is an example where a Congress Representative reveals to what I believe are his views on relevance. In my opinion he viewed the topic of such hearing (“The Administration’s Decision to Deport Critically Ill Children”) to be a less relevant topic based on other problematics being presented at the time. To my recollection, he emphasizes the immigration crisis in the southern border of the United States, which is indeed a relevant topic, but doesn’t make the situation faced by these 900 families less relevant. There is always going to be a major crisis. In fact, on March 15, 2022 when I was writing this document, there is a brutal crisis in Europe and the World when Russia decided to occupy and attack Ukraine. Yes, another crisis and a very RELEVANT topic. So, when is there going to be time for Senators and Congress Representatives to discuss a problematic of 900 people with my current discretionary disposition? After a lot of thought I found myself thinking if I just landed in an empty and dark spiral hole determined to ultimately destroy me and my family. I wont give up; but this is my reality: I do not know if I would be able to work in the next 6 months. If I loose my job, my US CITIZEN daughter’s life is at risk. As I have mentioned before, my daughter is currently a transplant candidate and requires significant attention. There are just a handful of hospitals in the United States to care for my daughter. Not only that, if I do not have a work permit my family is not eligible for health insurance and my daughter will not be transplant candidate anymore. We keep ourselves thankful to this world but we can not travel outside the United States to visit our family in Ecuador because Deferred Action does not grant that “luxury”. If I have a job and it requires to travel I can not take that job. If I loose my work permit and I need to travel to another state I also loose the possibility to drive a car because I can not get a drivers license. As a result, I can not mobilize my family to buy groceries, get my daughters to the doctor, find medical attention for my daughter who is currently a transplant candidate, etc. And the problems continue to pile on and on. Is DEFERRED ACTION a solution or a slow death penalty for vulnerable people that can not scream? While Congress and the Senate are defining relevant topics to discuss in their agendas, my two daughters keep on growing. Soon they are going to be 18 years old and their formal “development” would had culminated. They are US CITIZENS but their childhood freedom has been limited to that of their parents reality of a Deferred Action determination! So how do we make this topic relevant? On March 15, 2022 the Senator from Washington State communicated on Twitter that the Senate approved the “SUNSHINE PROTECTION ACT”. The benefits of this program could be questioned by various groups but ultimately such actions will definitely support millions of individuals in the United States of America. Based on the course of events in the present days, Senator’s Murray’s project could be considered lower priority; however it has an intrinsic added value! Assuming the quantifiable unit sum could be outweighed by another legislation, the fact that the spirit of the legislation was to assist Americans lives in a positive fashion makes it relevant. And if Legislators continue to support constructive programs and laws that ultimately intend to promote the well being of targeted groups, the benefits will continue to extend. In addition, I am sure Senator Patty Murray and Senator Marco Rubio are proud of scratching the project from the TO DO LIST. DONE! In our case we are of a group of 900 individuals that can create change in the world. Legislation to support us will save people lives; including my daughter that is a US CITIZEN. We (as a family) and all families like mine are committed to working for the best of this country. We love USA because it is the country that has allowed my daughter to continue to live and dream for a better future! To any legislator who is reading this. What are we waiting for! Let’s work on crossing this project out of the TO DO LIST. POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS: Julia, is a U.S. Citizen, has become eligible for the life-saving transplant she needs.  This has transformed Julia’s life prospects but only if we (parents) are allowed to legally stay in the United States.  We have been legally present through out this time in the USA.  I’ve consulted with numerous immigration attorneys and they have reached the same conclusion: we need an opportunity to present our case in front of an Immigration Judge.  Specifically, to become eligible to apply for a “Cancellation of Removal” we must first establish a hearing  before an Immigration Judge.  Unfortunately there is no precedent to be heard by a judge unless I commit a crime (break the law).  We can not and will not proceed with a path that involves breaking the law; however, USCIS or ICE can voluntarily add us to DEPORTATION PROCEEDINGS so that we can be eligible for CANCELATION OF REMOVAL.  Could you please help us open the door to schedule such a hearing?   RELEVANT ARTICLES:   https://nicolasjespinosa.com/2022/03/15/scratchit/ https://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ny-immigration-ailing-migrants-deportations-trump-20191030-7mwk62bqgbaxhkwdgnfo6b3fcu-story.html   [1]https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/consideration-of-deferred-action-for-childhood-arrivals-daca/frequently-asked-questions [2]https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/pages/attachments/2015/07/24/eoir42b.pdf   Read more

Nicolas EspinosaWashington, United States
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Created Mar 21, 2022
Petition to Lancashire Care NHS Trust, Chorley and South Ribble CCG
 My daughter Rachael just turned 15. Growing up she has always been a very loving, cheeky young lady with a great sense of humour and an amazing ability to make everybody laugh. Unfortunately when she was 13 she developed severe depression and has been suffering ever since. At a time when she needed her family around her the most, was moved to a specialist unit on the other side of the country. She is now in a medium secure unit 153 miles from home. As her mother it has been unbearable to have Rachael so far away from our family, who live in Lancashire. I can only visit once every two weeks, for 2 hours maximum-- my other children see their sister even less. It costs £200 every time for me, my husband and my children to visit her.  I can’t afford to see her anymore and I am unable to be with my child when she needs me the most. Rachael often calls me up and begs me to visit her. I know this distance is hurting her recovery.  Young people’s mental health care has been overlooked in this country for far too long and thousands of families like mine are being neglected. In Lancashire, particularly, I know people aren’t getting the treatment they deserve. Even our MP, Lindsay Hoyle, has said the care in our area is “simply inadequate”. Something needs to change and high quality local care for Rachael could be the first step. Petitions have helped other families in similar situations. When Phill Wills started his #BringJoshHome campaign to get care for his son, his local authorities started to listen. Public pressure can do the same for us. Please join me in calling on Lancashire NHS Trust to localise Rachael’s care and get her treatment closer to us. Please, bring my daughter home. Thank you   Read more

Tara PalinChorley, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Oct 1, 2015
Petition to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of Refugee Resettlement, Federal Bureau of Prisons, GEO Group, CoreCivic
humiliation by correctional officers. Although federal prisons passed legislation in 2017 to provide free menstrual products, reports indicate that many prisons were failing to provide adequate supplies. ARead more

Cindy NelsonKanab, UT, United States
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Created Sep 1, 2019
Petition to Gladys Berejiklian
Organisations, at this stage, do not provide adequate and practical respiratory protection suitable for the taskRead more

Firefighter Cancer CoalitionAustralia
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Created Dec 9, 2019
Petition to UK Government
government should provide them for all teaching staff. They deserve to have some protection against thisRead more

Lucia CiampaLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created May 3, 2020
Petition to Capezio , Dance Magazine, Pointe Magazine, Dance Spirit Magazine, Discount Dance, American Ballet Theater, New York City Ballet, Alvin Ailey America Dance Theater, Boston Ballet, San Francisco Ball...
Dancers of color are often told to obtain brown pointe ballet shoes (the hard-toed lace-up shoes you probably associate with ballet), and not the traditional pink. But few manufacturers make brown pointe shoes - not only is there very little diversity in ballet itself, but what exacerbates the issue is that there is often zero diversity in shoe shades. If you don’t fit the one shade of shoe color, you automatically feel like you don’t belong. Capezio, one of the largest and most well known suppliers of ballet pointe shoes, needs to start producing pointe shoes that are made for more than those who have a white or tan skin tone. Ballet dancers of color are forced to buy hundreds of tubes of cheap foundation and spend hours caking it on their shoes. Virginia Johnson, the artistic director of the Dance Theater of Harlem, told The New York Times, “This isn’t about shoes, this is about who belongs in ballet and who doesn’t.” But now one of the largest distributors of ballet pointe shoes has announced that it will start producing shoes in bronze and brown to match the skin tones of a more diverse audience. Demand Capezio follow their lead and start making a diverse range of shades for their ballet pointe shoes - every person deserves to feel included in something they love.Read more

Megan WatsonPenn Hills, PA, United States
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Created Jun 7, 2020
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