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Petition to prime, Prime Minister MODI, Office of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Office of the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu
Please save Hindu Dharmik/Temple Properties, these are donated by people, you have no right to sell Hindu Dharmik properties, Free our Temples.If India is a secular country you have no right on Hindu Temple management or Temple Properties, In India Muslims have the freedom to manage their Masjid properties and Masjid funds,Christians have the freedom to manage their Church and church funds/properties.Who are you to manage or sell Hindu temple Properties, this is against Secularism, Else declareRead more

Ramesh ValluriCumming, GA, United States
152,307 supporters
Created May 23, 2020
Petition to Supreme Court of Pakistan, Government of Pakistan, Army of Pakistan
Pakistan. as well as destroying Public Properties  And make them repay the value they destroyedRead more

Abdul Wasay FarooquiIslamabad, Pakistan
95,071 supporters
Created November 2, 2018
Petition to Canadian Government
that the government allows properties to be purchased as investments. A statistics report was just released saying that as of 2020 in the City of Toronto alone, 21.7% of properties were investment properties. This accounts for 112,220 condominium apartments and 52,935 houses used as an investment affordable housing forever. Now is the time to act as Toronto has imposed a Vacant Home Tax and propertiesRead more

Katrina SchramaCanada
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Created February 5, 2023
Petition to Vose Hill Neighborhood Association Admins, Milton Town Administration, State Senator
properties in our town, and appropriate, responsible development. We will submit this petition to the ZoningRead more

VH AssociationMilton, MA, United States
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Created October 26, 2020
Petition to Hon. Home Minister of India, Shri Amit Shah
STOP AUCTIONING OF TTD PROPERTIES To the honorable Home Minister of India The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams[ TTD ] Board has issued notices to auction some of the properties in Tamil Nadu,  which welfare of Hindus . TTD is a custodian of said properties and not absolute owner . TTD is supposed to and expected to spend the money ONLY for Hindus’ welfare and causes,  and maintain the properties under its control to the satisfaction of entire Hindu community. The move of auctioning  any propertiesRead more

Janardhan BhaskaraBengaluru, भारत
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Created May 24, 2020
Petition to madera@lasvegasliving.com , Erica Arthur
Friends and Neighbors, Have you ever watched an animal die in front of your eyes, while it pleaded for help and fought for its life? I did - just yesterday - and I'm asking for your signature to stop this from happening again. I was at the pool here at Madera and heard a pigeon crying out for help as it fought to escape a trap on the roof of the clubhouse. When I called it to management's attention, I was met with indifference -- and a manager even told me "well, some people want that". Not long after this, the bird died - next to the corpses of two other unfortunate birds who baked to death in the same cage. (It's the cage in the picture above.) Nobody wants pigeon poop everywhere - but the Nevada Department of Agriculture clearly states that trapping is an ineffective and expensive method. Avian birth control, people! It's real! Ovation's pigeon traps are placed on the rooftops of our buildings, inviting birds to come inside and be baked alive in the hot Vegas sun, until they finally die of thirst and exposure. This is barbaric and obscene. Not only that, but: It's a health risk, as dead pigeons rotting in cages around our community are both unsightly and a great host for bacteria. It's expensive! According to the pest control company, trapping is one of the most expensive ways to address the pigeon population.  So trapping causes your rent to go up, compared with other methods that are more humane and less expensive. Dead pigeons rotting by the pool are pretty gross. Do you want to smell them, or see them? I don't. It's 2017. We can do better. Tell Ovation to switch to a more humane method of pigeon control. Read more

Jared HansenLas Vegas, NV, United States
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Created October 6, 2017
the bathroom. This means that they have to turn up to inspections for properties that they might not possible to add the word wheelchair into the search as a keyword, most properties don't stateRead more

Tahnee BarnesSydney, Australia
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Created September 27, 2022
Petition to Hon. Brian Gallant, Hon. Stephen Horsman, Pam Lynch MLA
application based, and covers the following properties: Primary residence, business/commercial and non-profit flood waters on areas heavily populated by recreational properties (such as Grand Lake, NB) have been recreational properties are generationally owned, or are owned by aging senior citizens who are on fixedRead more

Nick IngramFredericton, Canada
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Created May 6, 2018
Petition to John Horgan, Jon Stovell, Selina Robinson, Hon. Melanie Mark, Hon. Jenny Kwan, Sandra Singh, Kennedy Stewart, Sam Sullivan
Reliance Properties Vancouver is trying to raise our rent by $1100. They are trying to pressure us Properties and the Vancouver City Mayor Kennedy Stewart know that this is unacceptable and must not beRead more

Kian GrayVancouver, Canada
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Created January 12, 2020
Petition to people of Alaska
There are many animals in Alaska that are belong to someone but being treated unhuman like. They are Chained entire life to one spot. They are Left outside without basics like food, water, house. They freeze till death. They die from a hunger. We ask for basic rights for those animals. When a pet in need is spotted, we ask for a law to provide those animals with basics. And if they are left without basics we request to remove those animals from owners. Fair life for all. Read more

Iveria LorenzAnchorage, AK, United States
5,441 supporters
Created December 9, 2018
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